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  1. What happened to her passport? Or are they saying they revoked her passport and therefore she doesn't have a valid one?
  2. zftcg

    Reparations for black Americans

    Isn't it more like, "You're a first-time author and we're the only thing standing between you and the discount bin, so if we tell you the title of the book will be Jump your only response should be 'How high?'"
  3. zftcg

    Reparations for black Americans

    Sounds like you are ... not the furthest thing from a Rand scholar. Seriously, awesome post. One day the topic of my undergrad history thesis may come up on this board, and when that day comes, I hope you will return the favor and indulge me. IIRC, Paul Ryan had some line about how he reconciled his support for Rand with his own Catholicism. But yes, she was very emphatic that you had to embrace her entire worldview, which most Republicans obviously do not do.
  4. I wonder if that factored into his determination to stay. This is probably it for him, so maybe he figured if he resigned his career would end in disgrace, but if he hung on, he would at least have a shot to rehabilitate himself. To be clear, I find that logic both selfish and deluded, but I could see how me might convince himself that was the best option.
  5. zftcg

    Reparations for black Americans

    Actually I didn't know that. If I ever poured two years of my life into a book, I'd damn sure want final sign-off on the title. That was why it wouldn't surprise me if The Atlantic editors allowed Coates to have some input. That piece was like a book inside a magazine.
  6. zftcg

    Reparations for black Americans

    I was mostly being flip. I'm the furthest thing from a Rand scholar, but I read an article about her once by Jonathan Chait (who, to be fair, hates her with a burning passion) that included these passages: If you want to argue that those descriptions are unfair, have at it. I don't particularly care about her history; I'm bothered a lot more by the generations of simplistic libertarians who read Atlas Shrugged in college and are convinced it explains the world. I'm even more bothered by the fact that a distressingly large number of those people went on to become Republican office holders.
  7. zftcg

    Reparations for black Americans

    The headline is what made me read it. I have a lot of respect for Coates and I said, "Oh, I want to see him explain how this could work." (Also, just to make sure everyone knows, magazine writers generally don't come up with their own headlines, although it's possible in a case like this Coates had input).
  8. zftcg

    Reparations for black Americans

    I thought the issue with Rand was that she was a crazy cult leader.
  9. I haven't been following this story at all, but I don't see how not letting someone into the country is the same as stripping them of their citizenship. I'm also not sure I agree with the concept of taking away citizenship for committing crimes, even treason. If someone has betrayed their country, then prosecute them for that. I guess I see citizenship as something more immutable. You can renounce it (and must if you serve in a foreign military or government), but I don't think you should have it taken away from you. I also find it weird to think that someone could not be a citizen of any country (although I once knew a woman whose mother had come to the US from Czechoslovakia before the fall of Communism and had stayed ever since on a green card; the only passport she possessed was from a country that no longer existed). Anyway, that's my initial take. I haven't really given this much thought and could certainly be persuaded otherwise.
  10. zftcg

    Reparations for black Americans

    That was where I thought the Coates piece failed. He made a persuasive case for the continuing impact of institutional racism on African Americans, and as I was reading it I kept thinking, "OK, but how would this actually work?" And then I got to the end and he called for ... passage of a House bill that would study the issue. So basically a punt.
  11. In any event, McCready and the Dems seem to be celebrating the call for a new election as a victory, so maybe it was a full capitulation by Harris
  12. VA govs are limited to a single term, so he can't run again. But he will probably end up costing Dems the chance to take the legislature this fall.
  13. Throw out the fraudulent votes and if McCready is now ahead, he's the winner
  14. I'll say the same thing I said in the Northam/Fairfax threads: Can't we just condemn bad behavior without trying to use the incident to nail our opponents on hypocrisy charges? I think most Republicans seem to recognize that what Harris' campaign is accused of doing is beyond the pale, and I haven't heard anyone defending him, especially after the revelations of the past couple days.
  15. Just curious, was a new election the only recourse here? Could they have simply declared McCready the winner? The way Harris quickly came around to the idea made me wonder if it was a strategic retreat to avoid something even worse.