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  1. I think the weapons are a huge part of it. Luck will have Hilton back, but he'll have to face White, who's one of the top shutdown corners left.
  2. This isn't an actual trade that happened, but in a 0.5 PPR redraft league I had an extra QB (Dalton) and was wondering what I could get for him. Then someone happened to drop Lindsay (for Gore), so I dropped Dalton to pick him up, and I realized that if I had done that transaction as a trade, I would have been pretty satisfied.
  3. zftcg

    2018 Elections Thread

    This should go without saying, but it will also matter a lot how the presidential election is going. If Trump is getting his clock cleaned by Warren or Harris or whoever, that will obviously put a lot of seats in play. But if, as I suspect, it ends up being a close race with Trump focusing on riling up his base, that will make it much harder for Dems to win in redder states (similar to the trend we've been seeing over the past few weeks in Senate polls.)
  4. zftcg

    2018 Elections Thread

    Was thinking the exact same thing. Other than CO, there weren't really any big GOP upsets in blue states in '14, which limits the obvious pick-up opportunities. If Collins retires, that's an easy flip, and it's possible Dems can just beat her head-on. But otherwise it will take Dems winning on hostile terrain like IA and GA. Will also be interesting to see if Beto loses this year and decides to try again vs. Cornyn in '20.
  5. Exactly. He's in my lineup as of now. It's the match-up plus his floor (compared to JHoward, whose floor scares me a little)
  6. Yeah, bench factored into my decision as well. In a league where we start two WRs and a WR/TE flex, I drafted Fitz as my WR2 along with Hill and Sanders, but since then I've added Boyd and OJ Howard (also drafted CGodwin), so I'm not sure I'd need him even if he did get his numbers up.
  7. I'm strongly leaning toward sitting him for Lindsay and John Brown in a 0.5 PPR league (also have Breida and Crowell; if I didn't have Lindsay I would lean Howard over both of those guys). Mostly comes down to match-ups; NE isn't a terrible one, but I could easily see gamescript going away from Chicago, and meanwhile Lindsay gets the AZ run D and Brown the NO pass D, both top match-ups. I also worry about Howard's floor if he doesn't score. Not predicting this, but would anyone be totally shocked if he put up a 7/30/0?
  8. I mean, I'd rather see Peterman. That said, Anderson was signed eight days ago. Not sure how familiar he is with Buffalo's system -- McDermott presumably knows him from their time together in Carolina, but has he ever overlapped with Daboll? I still think Indy's a good play, but that may just be me rationalizing the fact that I'm pot committed to them in two leagues.
  9. I've been holding out, but finally pulled the plug today. I wanted to stream a D over the Bears, and I realized that he almost certainly wouldn't get picked up by anyone, which is the second lowest level of big-name fantasy disappointment. (The lowest level is when you realize he will be picked up, and you want that to happen so he can go screw up another team's roster. I had that happen with Antonio Gates a few years back.)
  10. Watched the game in parts. Not sure when he got hurt, but when I was watching he was definitely out there limping around (and getting attended to whenever he went to the sideline). Ankle injuries are in some ways the worst, because guys play through them even though they're unable to perform as they normally would.
  11. Debating Winston vs. Luck. I feel like Luck is probably the safer play, but I figure I might as well keep betting on Winston's weapons until he gives me reason to doubt him.
  12. zftcg

    The Official Kicker (K) Thread

    Not putting in a waiver claim but will wake up first thing tomorrow morning and try to drop Succop for Lutz and Legatron, in that order.
  13. One more thought on LAR: After this week, they don't have a ton of gimmes left this season until Weeks 16-17 (@AZ/SF). So if you haven't used them, this is probably the time.
  14. Hmm. I already used KC but I do have Rams. Divisional foe on the road makes me a little nervous, but not nervous enough to pick Indy or Atlanta. And my rule this year is no getting cute and saving teams for later. BTW, I've already used LAC, but they are also a great pick this week (keep in mind game is in London). Jax vs Houston could also be a good pick. I think they bounce back strong this week.
  15. Not claiming to be an expert, but it sounds like this was a major factor. Which is a little scary since a) it makes you wonder if they were really that good to begin with, and b) this may be a lingering injury. I dropped the Jags last year after they crapped the bed in the Jets game. Following week they picked off Ben five times and were off to the races. As for the Bears, schedule gets way easier after this week: NYJ, @Buf, Det, Min (tougher match-ups but at least at home), @Det, @NYG. Then it gets bad the first two weeks of the playoffs (LAR/GB) before they finish @SF. Pending Mack's health, I think they should be good until Week 14, but definitely plan on having back-up options come playoff time. As for this week, I definitely wouldn't drop them, but it you have the roster space and can get the best of some mediocre options (Indy, maybe Detroit) then it might be worth it. In my case, I'd rather not drop OJ Howard or Dion Lewis in my 14-teamer, so I'll take my chances with the Bears.