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  1. I really don't want to buy into conspiracies, so I hope these reports aren't true, but man, it's definitely something we need to keep an eye on. Also, to @The Commish's point, I also really hope that the fact that poorer communities like Belle Glade are getting hit hard allows everyone else to feel like they can ignore it. It would be truly monstrous if we ended up using low-wage workers as cannon fodder in our efforts to reopen the economy, particularly if Congress also gives companies legal impunity.
  2. Yes, but this guy just released a statement that read, "I wrote up a beautiful hydroxycholoquine prescription for the president, which he took very strongly. It was a perfect prescription, just like the Ukraine call was perfect. Many people are saying they've never seen such a prescription. And by the way, I totally wrote this statement by myself, and anyone who says otherwise is Fake News."
  3. I’m starting to wonder if he’s been doing that, too
  4. Hydroxychloroquine is an antimalaria drug that has not been proven to prevent COVID-19. But apparently clinical trials are being conducted on a single rat.
  5. He is literally getting high on his own supply
  6. Thanks. At this point, I'm leaning toward simply buying an eero Pro ($159) and hoping that does the trick. If it doesn't, I can buy a Beacon for an additional $119. I can purchase them together right now for $240, so buying the Pro is basically making a bet that will save me $120 if I'm right and cost me $40 if I'm wrong.
  7. Just discovered this thread. Great timing, since I'm determined to finally solve the dead-zone issues in our condo. Here's my scenario: We have an existing router that we got from the cable company. The whole place is only 1,300 sq ft, so we don't need anything drastic. But multiple people have recommended to me that I use a mesh system so I never have to think about the problem again. My question: If I just buy an eero two-pack and plug one into the router and the other in our back room where the signal is constantly going out, will that solve the problem? Is it really that simple? Do I even need the second one? Could I try starting with just one and seeing if it boosts the signal enough to eliminate the dead zones? Sorry if this has all been covered earlier in the thread. I've been putting this project off long enough and just want to get it taken care of this week.
  8. I keep hearing about how The People are just itching to resume a normal life, and that once the heavy hand of government is lifted they will rush out to the restaurants, bars, tattoo parlors and bowling alleys. But apparently we are all being tyrannized by Big Suggestion. There are plenty of other places to go beside DIsneyland. You could go visit relatives. You could go fly fishing in Montana. You could go to one of the places where the beaches are open and hang out. There are no laws or regulations preventing this. You won't be arrested. No airline will refuse to sell you a ticket. Yet somehow you and 92% of the other people who were traveling regularly before this all started are not doing those things. Occam's Razor suggests it is because people are still terrified of the virus. But I have to admit, I hadn't considered the possibility that it's because your governor gave you a stern look and you were cowed into submission.
  9. LOL. If Democrats had chosen a minority, we would be elevating someone unqualified solely on the basis of their color. If we choose a white guy, we're hypocrites. I'm done here. Go troll someone else.
  10. Have you flown since March? If not, what specifically has prevented you from doing so? I'm not aware of any stay-at-home orders that prohibit people from booking plane tickets.
  11. I was originally going to ask what if the virus had arrived during Obama's presidency, but I thought it would be more interesting to place it in a parallel situation where Obama, like Trump this year, is running for re-election. Also, I don't remember exactly when Romney locked up the nomination in 2012, but for this hypothetical assume that, like BIden, he was the presumptive nominee by the time the pandemic hit. And to remind everyone of the state of play that year: GOP controlled the House, Dems had the Senate. This was after the H1N1 pandemic but before Ebola. Perhaps most importantly, the economy was just crawling out of the Great Recession. Honestly, I put in the poll questions for the hell of it, but I think the more interesting questions are the open-ended ones. Would we see a role reversal compared to right now, with the Democratic administration downplaying the crisis and the GOP hyping it? Or would we see the same dynamic with conservatives protesting shutdown orders? What would have been the political response? Hard to imagine Boehner and McConnell signing on to the trillions Congress has passed over the past few months.
  12. You think you're the only one acknowledging your limitations? Listen, pal, my limitations are way more acknowledged than yours! Seriously, your example makes a lot of sense, and I'm definitely in favor of free flu shots. But do moves like that actually bend the curve? I can't say, and since neither of us knows enough about the subject to really delve into it (plus it's somewhat off-topic), I'll just leave it there. But I do hope it's true, or if it's not currently, we find a way to make it true eventually.
  13. Was reading this article on the post-COVID future of air travel by James Fallows in The Atlantic and was wondering something: For those who think the shutdown has been imposed on us by government, how do you explain the struggles of the airline industry? For the entirety of the pandemic, flights have continued to operate, and as far as I know, any restrictions that have been put in place regarding social distancing, flight capacity, etc. have come from the airlines themselves, not government. And yet, as with so many other industries, volume has fallen off a cliff: If most people aren't flying, it's not because they're being prevented from doing so. The most likely explanation is that they're afraid of the virus. And if that's the case with airlines, wouldn't it also follow that it might be true of other industries as well? And that if restrictions are lifted on those industries, their volume won't increase appreciably from what it's been with lockdowns in place?
  14. Yes, this was it! Thank you for the reminder. And yes, I think preventative care may still be a good thing to do for a host of other reasons, but it's just not the silver bullet in terms of cost control that it intuitively seems like it would be.
  15. If you're a lifelong Republican who registers as a Democrat in a year when the GOP incumbent faces no opposition, solely to vote for the candidate you think would be easiest to beat, I would say that's operating in bad faith. But I'm not sure if there's actually any good way to prevent it. Parties could "close" their primaries to party members only, but that forces them to exclude the loosely attached voters that they will need in November.