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  1. Just in case anyone is wondering, Trump's original tweet did not include the "####" after "bull". (Though I should state for the record that I'm not offended by president's cursing. I actually wouldn't mind seeing them curse more.)
  2. We need someone who can turnip the heat on Trump and and pepper him with attacks as he tries to spinach his way out of all the scandals that keep leeking out. OK, I'll stop now. This is getting radicchio.
  3. I have some bad news for you ...
  4. Small point of clarification: Russia tried to hack Hillary's server. They did not succeed. They had previously hacked the DNC and Podesta's Gmail account. I remain convinced that an underappreciated aspect of the 2016 campaign was that many voters conflated the Hillary email scandal with Russian hacking, even though the two were completely unrelated.
  5. True, but he also couldn't have been blind to the political consequences of speaking so indirectly. He allowed people (with agendas) to fill in the gaps.
  6. I respect Mueller, but maybe he could have been a little more direct rather then requiring everyone to parse his words like the Delphic ####ing oracle. Congress needs to have him testify stat.
  7. I wonder if Mueller thought a subpoena world lead to Trump firing him and decided it wasn't worth forcing the issue. I generally trust his judgment but would definitely love to hear him explain his reasoning.
  8. Scariest thing about today is that Mueller told us it was the minimal competence of guys like Sessions and McGahn that prevented Trump from more blatantly obstructing justice and now those guys have all been replaced by spineless lickspittles.
  9. Not necessarily. He may have feared Mueller because he thought it would hurt his ability to get legislation passed or damage his legacy or get him bad press coverage on Fox News. That's irrelevant. The point is that he feared him and took steps to obstruct the investigation.
  10. That was my initial reaction, and I agree it's not proof of consciousness of guilt regarding conspiracy or other crimes. However, it does suggest motive for his later attempts to obstruct justice.
  11. Funny thing is I was just congratulating myself on being able to distinguish you and @NCCommish. New goal: Avoid mixing up @stlrams (who I think leans right) and the guy with a Rams helmet as his logo (who leans left; I think it's @dkp993?) There've been a couple times where I did a double take because the answer wasn't what I was expecting, only to realize I was thinking of the other one. I've seen other posters make the same mistake, so at least I know it's not just me. OK, back on topic and no more tagging people, I promise! I just realized this entire digression was the result of a dopey joke I made about a secret liberal cabal.