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  1. I have an appraiser heading to my house this afternoon due to a refi. I had 27 years left on my last refi at 3.75%. Got 3.0% on a 15 year so pretty happy. Monthly payment is going up around $800/month but sold some stock to pay off my wife’s car so absent that monthly payment it is close to a wash. No debt outside the house now and would like to pay off the house in 10 years to coincide with my second kid starting college. Not sure I can pull that off but that would be ideal. So we just finished our basement but didn’t pull any permits for it. Is the appraiser going to ask or check on that?
  2. I took the original post to mean the clock is ticking on days she has left alive. If they could get Epstein killed in jail, certainly saying goodbye to her on the outside will be a breeze.
  3. Really? Maxwell is far, far from innocent but way down on my list of people the clock should be ticking on. Below all the rich and powerful men that enjoyed getting erotic massages and more from teen girls for sure.
  4. This happened the day after additional names were released, wondering the particulars on how the “suicide” happened is an exercise in futility. Powerful forces at work here, only surprise was that Epstein wasn’t killed prior to his arrest.
  5. Watch for a couple of guards at the facility in 6-12 months suddenly retire and/or wind up dead. George Mitchell knows some IRA dudes that could have got this done but I suspect it was someone that would get revealed on the next document dump. However, could have been any of the few hundred rich/powerful guys this creep was connected to.
  6. I’m guessing 6-12 months down the road a couple of workers at the Metropolitan Correctional Center suddenly retire and/or wind up dead themselves. George Mitchell got to know some IRA folks real well that could have arranged this suicide but damage was a bit down on him already. I suspect it was someone that would have been revealed on the next document dump but literally could have been any of a few hundred folks with ties to this creep.
  7. Two good links here about how Epstein might have been operating:
  8. You are missing the point I was trying to make, perhaps because I did a poor job of articulating it. This is all about a Huffington Post poll of who finds Ford credible. To me, I find it really hard, frankly darn near impossibile, for someone to make a judgement on her credibility based on a letter written.
  9. Nobody that filled out that poll knows the sound of her voice or has heard from her directly on the subject. Has she released a statement in the last week? I know her lawyer has commented quite a bit but didn’t realize Ford put out a formal statement.
  10. Monica Seles was stabbed on court when she was ranked #1 in women’s tennis. It took her two years of surgeries and rehab before she came back and then she won another major. Lance Armstrong cane back from cancer to win the Tour de France although the PEDs tends to put a cloud over that comeback. Ben Hogan probably has Tiger beat so it probably isn’t even the greatest comeback in his sport. Hogan was in a horrible accident, he had to wait 90 minutes before help arrived. Doctors were unsure if he would walk again, let alone play golf. He came back and won multiple tournaments.
  11. Woke up this morning and put on the Golf Channel, can’t wait until this afternoon and I’m not even rooting for Tiger. I’ve never seen a player in any sport move the dial as much as Tiger does. Going to be an awesome afternoon of golf, rooting for McIlroy but fully acknowledging how good it will be for the game if Tiger wins. Sweet Jesus is it going to be complete bonkers at Augusta in April.
  12. Ford’s friend who was at the party with her has no recollection of the party and states she doesn’t know Kavanaugh. To me, this really brings into question all the rumblings about there being a buzz around school right after the alleged incident.
  13. Tiger has closed out 42 of the 44 leads he has held after 3 rounds in his career. Of course, been a long, long time since he has been in this position. Will be interesting to see how McIlroy plays with him, I can see anything from 62 to 82 out of him.
  14. NBC must be loving this, Tiger in the lead on the final day and paired with Rory
  15. That was a great chip shot, still a two stroke swing though. I’d like to see Rory eagle 18 and be paired with him tomorrow.
  16. Tee shot on 15 not a good omen for him handling the pressure of closing this out tomorrow. However, if he is up 5 or more tomorrow probably doesn’t matter.
  17. 4 of the US Ryder Cup players are in the bottom 5 of the Toue Championship standings right now.
  18. Try rooting for the guy every week. For some reason he is my favorite player but cheering for him drives you nuts.
  19. You brought her up in this thread a few days ago, you mentioned the next Dem President should nominate Hillary and then Obama for the court.