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  1. This place turned into an unbearable cesspool with all the political bickering. I was coming to the FFA just for this thread but it turns to garbage during playoffs as well. Things better with the political forum?
  2. Mass IP bans of all posters from pages 45-49.
  3. Harden going full Kobe tonight. He pissed at something?
  4. 35 with a 3 year old and another expected in 2 months. $3M would probably be enough. Few acres of land with a modest house would be about $500K in my desired area. Another $200k to get my cabin back. $300-400K for 2 kids education. Could easily live off the $80k @ 4%.
  5. How many total threads ie Freds main point.
  6. How many threads were on the front page in 2011? How many are on the front page now?
  7. They're both useful in the right spots... though those spots are few and far between.
  8. Hey look, they're doing it here now! What a shock!
  9. Pretty much this. I'll check on 5-6 threads here and spend more and more time on Reddit where it is easy to get away from the political crap. The same clowns here over run every thread with there bickering and political slap fighting. An IP ban of about 5-10 people would make this place infinitely better. Sadly, that won't happen and the spiral will continue.
  10. Lowry is going to get very bad, very quick IMO and would be a horrible fit for a Sixers team that is still years away from relevancy. The next two years may be okay, but the Sixers won't be competing for anything so that is kind of useless. The last two years will likely be awful which is when the Sixers might not be an embarrassment. Awful fit.
  11. I, for one, hope the Sixers sign Lowry to a max deal
  12. SPAM or SCAM? Or BOTH?
  13. Long career, never a legit title contender IMO. Bisping would have been the perfect example if he had lost to Silva. Dolloway Boetsch Tom Lawlor Cote (lets not pretend he had a chance vs Silva) Saunders
  14. Dwane Casey. Logic does not apply.
  15. Rose, SG, Melo, Blake and Howard sounds pretty awesome to me. Maybe Phillip can convince Kobe to come back for that dream team.