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  1. Pettis vs Holloway @ 206
  2. Where does ratting on teammates rank on the intangible list?
  3. CFL >>> NFL now. Yeah, the talent is far superior in the NFL but the product most definitely is not. Can't believe that... two years ago me would have kicked my ### for saying that.
  4. NFL Research ✔@NFLResearch Brock Osweiler's 3.2 yards per pass attempt vs @Broncos is 3rd-fewest in a single game by a player with 40+ attempts in the Super Bowl era
  5. Catching up on Last Week Tonight
  6. It really isn't. 1) Dial back towers by about 10-15% DPS across the board. 2) If you can't build it, you can't have it donated to you. Game on.
  7. That used to be a viable option when healers could survive to keep valks alive. Now it takes a pretty terrible base for that to happen. What is there to appreciate when a crap attack can get the same 2 stars?
  8. Barely got started using miners. It started going down hill with the healer nerf which pretty much killed valks. Now more D added at TH10 and both bowlers and miners get weakened? What's left?
  9. Any decently designed mid+ 10 cannot be tripled by another 10. Awful. The only way to triple a 10 is with a long walk... But, oops, time. ####, half our max 11s struggle now vs my L1 inferno base.
  10. TH10 is now impossible. No interest in playing a game that I can't succeed at.
  11. Yep. Done warring as well. Will continue to farm and punish people with JR. Hopefully another update comes soon as I won't last long just farming.
  12. Allowing MOP to teach children
  13. No, no it hasn't.