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  1. I call BS on this. Just rewatched and Condit didn't land a damn thing. Closest thing to "significant" was an elbow off his back that at best, was glancing.
  2. You can read 5-10 posts here and get a pretty good idea of someone's intelligence/thought process. Great way to weed out the fools. Had an interview where they gave me a sheet of 30 brain teasers and 30 minutes to do them. Later found out that each position had a minimum benchmark.
  3. Ridiculous. Wish he would have stuck to his BJJ for that stretch where he thought was a boxer.
  4. Great card. Too bad DoBronx lost. Pettis was gassing hard. Maia
  5. Pre-fight show: "Maia has been hit with 12 significant strikes in his last 3 fights combined"
  6. Probably. But only because they'll put him in vs a low level guy. Any mid-tier UFC fighter would likely crush him. Of course no one has ever seen him fight so... Do they have an opponent for him yet?
  7. Didn't even know it was on. Bellator needs to step up their promo game. Have mmafighting and mmamania in my RSS feed and don't recall anything about it.
  8. Navarro back!!! No more Thole!!!! I hope...
  9. 4 or 5 low to mid 30 no inferno 10s. A couple with really weak d. Used all those to make up for the TH8s.
  10. Oh yeah and 19 straight
  11. They game the system by adding a bunch of TH8s and non-xbow 9s. We do it with Shuke, JR and Guam.
  12. They rejected my join request... sore losers! Someone lower trophies to 2800 please.
  13. That show will be big enough. May as well put the star Canadian on a card in Toronto.
  14. Rumours. Sounds like he'll be back for 206 in Toronto which makes a ton of sense. Saw one article saying a rumour about Nick. Yeah but it would still be awesome to see now and a great headliner that doesn't involve a belt.