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  1. It's incredibly fascinating to read the posts of people who support this clown. Sad, but still fascinating.
  2. Fat people are jolly
  3. Munich thread overrun by the typical political nut jobs. Same as day one
  4. Extratorrent cc
  5. Almost chalked that one up a little quick. They had an early TH11 attack left. Damn near 3* VA (max TH11) with L2 miners. Would have beat us on %.
  6. W. 83-81. 94.03% for us to their 94.30. Best win yet I believe.
  7. Gonna be a good finish vs a 351 win clan
  8. I'm thinking the USADA knows more about these drugs than us.
  9. Don't think it's illegal but it is on the banned substance list.
  10. We're blessed and privileged to have someone of your genius impart knowledge on us.
  11. Lesnar and Jones both caught using the same estrogen-blocker.