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  1. Can build it for significantly cheaper with ordering all that stuff prebuilt. Probably around $300 not including TV.
  2. Have built one before. A little different this time as I'm just going to mount a TV to the wall and build the controls right into a bar top.
  3. Ah yes. Misread. Thought he could only get $3k for the Hyundai.
  4. $3k for a car with only 26k miles? Wow.
  5. Good read and breakdown of fighters pay.
  6. MAME cabinet as others have suggested but with Buck Hunter and Golden Tee. Starting a build on one in a month or two.
  7. Wait. I thought all the alphas said you were in the friend zone. How did this happen?
  8. Save it. No animal needs to suffer.
  9. Hope your gave her a great 2 minutes
  10. This. I don't ##### and moan when I have to work a few hours on an evening/weekend. They don't say anything when I have to take time off during the week.
  11. If Eddie plays it smart and grinds him for a couple rounds, he should win. If he gets into a boxing match, his lights will go out.
  12. Poor Stephens Sad ending for Aldo if he does retire. Incredible talent but didn't have the charisma/personality or challengers to make him what he should of been. Wish he would have gone up to LW.
  13. Are we talking about the wife that got trained by a bunch of black guys?
  14. I'd bet they have replacements lined up for all the big fights on 205.