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  1. Agreed. this would be crucial for many owners.
  2. Heh, Hoping on him toughing it out. Our league has a "use who got you here" policy where our rosters lock before playoffs start. Unfortunately I have brees and dalton as my qbs. I'll have to take an empty QB position if he sits for the finals. Purely speculation at this point, but if they let him play last week the way he looked in the second quarter, I cant imagine the saints tell him he cant go. Gonna have to come down to his own personal decision imo.
  3. question is...for those of us who survived this, is it worth take 2 next week??
  4. I wouldnt call it conservative, I would call it "ball control" they like to work the clock to keep that lousy defense off the field I was surprised that Keenan didnt do better SD being down most of the game. When they targeted him he did well. I doubt they fall way behind Miami this week. agreed...which is why I could see a lot of Woodhead / Matthews chewing up the clock. Have the Chargers shown the ability or desire to just chew up clock by running the ball this year? Legit question, I don't watch many of their games, In the ones I did, they passed. A lot. I cant speak to this, but in my opinion, they rn one of the slowest offenses. By this I mean, each play they seem to use the whole play clock before the snap. Almost the anti-eagles if you will. As a Rivers/Gates/Allen owner in a couple leagues, its frustrating because the plays they do run on offense are efficient, just not enough volume to truly be elite
  5. I see what you did there. hehe. The thread that keeps on giving.
  6. Thompkins is so much better than dobson, not sure why he doesnt get more targets.
  7. So is the play here Hester or Bennett? I think im leaning towards hester but just my opinion...
  8. He's the perfect high upside mid/late draft dynasty stash. Great team, skill set tailored to that offense. I don't think Scott (who was I believe 25 years old entering the league....with a long criminal record) is the best comparison. He's nowhere near as talented either.Bernard Scott is another Adrian Peterson (old Bears version). The majority of RB stashes aren't going to work out for owners (there's only so many starting RB spots)If Dion is adequate in blitz pickup, he'll be playing on Sundays for awhile.OK, but when? And where? Is he more talented than McCoy? I agree that he is younger, and maybe more talented than Scott. But right now, there is less in Scott's way than Dion.I actually went to Pitt and saw both play live during my time at school...After shady left, i was kinda pissed but then Dion LOOKED and PLAYED as good or better without Jeff Otah IIRC who shady had during his time. Dion broke almost all of shadys records that broke Curtis martin's school records the year before. What's scary is that Ray Graham, backup who was behind dion, looked amazing last year too. (He had 200 and 3 yesterday in his first game as a starter). Dion is legit but a bit undersized. I really didnt think shady would have half of the career he has had already in the nfl.If shady can do it, I think dion is able to as well.
  9. ingram most overrated of 2011, give me a break....