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  1. Luke Willson comes back for Hawks it looks this week does that muddy the waters?
  2. Ppr opponent Mahomes, Barkley, Carson, Mixon, Diggs, M Williams, Hooper, Gay, Seahawks me Prescott, Elliott, Ekelor, Hill, Lockett, Moore, Hollister, Gould, Patriots
  3. Probably over Sanders, maybe Lockett and maybe Gordon
  4. Thielen for me, more volume with cook out I think, Peterson probably on metcalf a lot. Thanks
  5. Ppr 6pt td, 2 rb 2 wr, flex Dak/Wentz, was leaning Dak but shoulder? Zeke/Ekelor/M.Gordon/M.Sanders. Plan to start first two, but can flex one of others T.Hill/Lockett/DJ Moore/Perriman. Probably start first two, but can flex one of others Hollister/J.Cook. Leaning Hollister on matchup Ravens/Pats. Trouble getting this one right lately. Opinions? Thanks!
  6. hounder

    Wdis rb

    Tough call for me, lean Hunt on skill
  7. I love Wentz this week, Kyler hamstring questionable tag would be tiebreaker for me
  8. With Lock and first start , I’d roll known quantity with Rudolph. Thanks for mine.
  9. True risk with Ajayi, and Moore has been great lately, hoping all 4 put up similar numbers and i don’t have a wrong choice to make.
  10. With two best qbs I would play best matchup...Mahomes
  11. Depending on league size, if 10 team I'd probably drop Anderson, 12 teamer or more league Howard
  12. Sliding scale for points and yards (negative on yards over 350). 6pt tds. Planned on Pats as Houston doesn't protect Watson much. But flu bug has me worried. Sloppy conditions in Baltimore could cause some turnovers and short fields (for both teams). Stay Pats or can Ravens d stifle 9ers? Thanks
  13. I had same choice, went Wentz, love matchup, team needs win and Cowboys lost so they can make ground.
  14. Slayton and Washington for me. Slayton only has to compete with Shepard for targets I think. Was fan of Washington preseason and glad to see him coming on a bit. Thanks for mine.