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  1. Unfortunately Avila doesn’t seem as committed to that idea even though Nick wants to stay long term.
  2. I have no idea what the team’s record is without Miggy this season but it continues to churn out wins during his DL stint and since he was lost for the season. I like how this team has heart and continues to fight.
  3. Alex Wilson is the bullpen version of Zimmerman. Wasted a great effort by Fulmer today which is too bad.
  4. They put Anibal in the pen so who knows maybe it happens at some point. As JimiT said Zimmerman is not throwing off speed stuff well enough to keep the hitters off balance and they are teeing off. Saw this interesting stat today: Comparing Sanchez's three bad years, 2015-17, with Zimmerman's numbers: JZ: 5.75 ERA, 4.88 FIP, 1.525 WHIP, 6.0 K/9, 1.5 HR/9, 2.3 K/BB AS: 5.67 ERA, 5.01 FIP, 1.427 WHIP, 8.2 K/9, 1.8 HR/9, 2.9 K/BB
  5. Only two more years of Zimmerman’s contract after this season. That’s going to seem like an eternity. I don’t know what happened to him but he’s like Sanchez was from 2015-17.
  6. Granted it’s been a super soft schedule and we are only like 20 games in but I really like the direction of things. We did well on the Cubs trade. Candy is playing well and Lugo is off to a fast start in Toledo. It’s also good to see Jimenez start putting it together - who knows by end of season they may move Greene for more prospects and promote Joe to closer. Gerber and Stewart are also in Toledo now and I’m excited to see how they continue to progress. I’ve followed them since their West Michigan days. We have some great pitching at Double A and then get to look forward to Manning playing a full season now that he’s back playing and Faedo as well. We also will take another pitcher at #1 and hopefully Perez is back as scheduled from injury. Lots to look forward to. Just have to give Al some time. Fulmer’s health still greatly concerns me though. We also need to resign Nick - it’s great he has accepted the leadership role. Even in all the good years it was never entirely clear who the team leader was. Maybe I am just more excited about the youth movement than most since I’ve followed a lot of the players since their days in low A ball but at some point the team has to reboot and it seems to be doing so in a fashion without completely bottoming out like back in the early 2000’s
  7. This pretty much sums up the perils of online dating and why a chic’s profile pics have to be highly scrutinized in offdee like fashion.
  8. Thanks OP for posting this. I had a ####ty day at work yesterday and just saw this. The posts have cheered me up. Between my wife and three girls living in the house I’m grossly outnumbered and try my best. Here are my top two: Definitely not turning off lights is the one that drives me nuts. Happens everyday. When I told my wife to turn the lights off one time she told me she thought that it was cheaper to keep the lights on because turning them off and on uses more electricity than having them constantly on. Thank goodness for LED bulbs. The other is not putting the cordless phone handsets back in the stands. This happens all the time. Not just one but all three of them. Phone will ring and I have no idea where the damn handset is. One time the wife called and I never answered. She asked why I didn’t answer and I said if the handset is where it was supposed to be I would have. She asked me why I didn’t look for it. I told her I shouldn’t have to because it should be in the stand. This past week we found out one is missing - can’t find it and the battery must have died because we have tried listening for it to ring and have heard nothing. Of course I keep telling her we don’t even need a house phone these days but that’s a whole other issue....
  9. Well on a positive note at least they didn't lose any more games this weekend.
  10. I think you need a united front with Logan - you, the wife, and SIL would have to all explain to him that he needs to start doing something with his life and address the girlfriend situation. If he sees a weak link in the chain, such as the SIL, not caring about what he does, I think he's just gonna keep floating through life without a care until something happens that makes him care (pregnancy, bills to pay but no job, etc). The SIL needs to play a role in getting her son to turn his life around, you can help with that but not do it yourself.
  11. Rondon - four hitters, four K’s.
  12. Wife and I both have full time jobs. We have a house cleaner that comes biweekly. College aged girl that others in our neighborhood use. Although we have a house cleaner the wife still has us pick up and tidy up around the house the night before so it isn’t “too dirty” for the house cleaner. . I always tell her that’s the point of paying for the house cleaner. My friends say their wives do the same thing so it has to be embedded in the female genes somehow.
  13. For my 40th my wife asked if she could take me for a long weekend to an unknown location to celebrate my birthday. She did all the planning and I had no clue where we were going until we got to the airport and she handed me a plane ticket and a book she made showing our itinerary. Ended up going to Scottsdale at a time share her parents allowed us to use and we also spent time visiting Sedona and the Grand Canyon over the weekend. She is turning 40 this June and I am doing the same thing for her. She knows we are going away for a long weekend but has no clue where and what is planned. I am going to take her to Nashville. We have never been there - only driven by- so we both wanted to go back someday without kids. She likes country music too. Right now I have her faked out thinking we are going to Las Vegas so the surprise plan is working for now.