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  1. Kachinsky is a judge now? Wow. I wonder how he pulled that off. I thought he had been disbarred.
  2. They built two in my area in the last two years and both times people camped out for like a week to get free chick fil a for a year. It was a big deal. One of the openings was in Winter in Michigan too and the people still camped out. Every time I drive by the place it is packed and it's been a year after opening - they even have construction cones out in the parking lot to direct traffic.
  3. Has anyone tried them for home and/or auto insurance?
  4. It doesn't matter what the government agencies do since MSU is already being sued by the victims in court. I think the last count is 150 lawsuits. The plaintiff's lawyers are going to fill any void left by what the DOE or DOJ don't do.
  5. If they put him in the general population he wouldn't be around long.
  6. By an Attorney General who will be running for Governor too. He will have some low hanging fruit to pick and use as part of his gubernatorial campaign.
  7. Did Chrissy have to use the advantage? To me, an advantage is something they can choose to use to get ahead in the game. I wonder if she could have declined to use the advantage she was given and proceed to a vote for final 3. I don’t like how they’ve already tipped off that they are using it again next year although the players for next season probably didn’t know of the advantage at the time their season was taped
  8. Is the general consensus that the Chargers will let him walk and that will open up more opportunities for Mike Williams next season?
  9. Non-ppr I need to pick one of these WRs: Robert Woods Crabtree Westbrook Thanks
  10. And they called back the TD so that is a double whammy
  11. Did Kelce get hurt on his TD? Game cast says ankle injury
  12. My WRs in a non-PPR are a mess due to injuries and suspensions. I am going to try for Westbrook although I don't trust Bortles and he has Seattle next. I am pondering Marquise Goodwin as another option since he gets Hou, has played well recently and has Jimmy G as his QB.
  13. I went Perine over Collins in non-PPR. Perine is the only mouth to feed so he will get his volume and he did wel with it last week. I think Collins will depend on game flow and there’s others in that backfield that could get touches. Perine seems to be the safer bet this week.
  14. I put a claim in for Perine but doubt I get him. Considering Booker as a fall back. Non-ppr. Seems like he is getting more opportunities and the schedule is favorable down the stretch. I just don't know if I can trust that offense and who knows which RB Musgrave will want to primarily use going forward.