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  1. And then the Goldmans will just go after the money he gets to get paid for their civil judgment. They're not going away.
  2. No, but my high school made swim class mandatory to graduate in order to justify its having a pool in the building.
  3. I don't see why he couldn't do that so long as they don't bill for Jimmy's time.
  4. So you can fly out on the east side of the State without having to drive through tons of Metro Detroit traffic to get to the Detroit airport. Bishop is actually a nice alternative airport.
  5. I am thinking Gus has Nacho killed. He seemed to piece together that Nacho did something with Hector's pills. He is going to view Nacho as being disloyal and as someone he does not want to continue doing business with. Gus is ruthless. The irony will be if he has Mike do it.
  6. Damn I miss Amalfi! I remember that view fondly when the wife and I went last year. My favorite place in Italy.
  7. I hope Avila can make some good trades once this team starts selling.
  8. It's gonna be a bad ending for Chuck. The firm he built doesn't want him back. He either settles for money and leaves the firm, or he returns to a firm that doesn't want him. Plus he is still struggling with his mental illness. Not having any hope of returning to the firm will only exacerbate his demise since he views his true calling in life to be a respected lawyer. That has been taken from him and the lawsuit he is threatening to file won't bring that back for him. Jimmy isn't going to be around to help him either when the firm isn't there to support him any longer.
  9. Kim's check to Howard was dated March 4, 2003. How close is that date to the start of Breaking Bad?
  10. Sans souci is full nude beach too but it is a separated from the traditional beach at a different part of the resort.
  11. Yes went to Couples Sans Souci with my wife three years ago. Very small resort but quiet, the food was good, and the staff was beyond polite. Also had the best coffee. They also have a martini bar that was fantastic. A very relaxing vacation. They had two "festival" events where they had food out almost like a luau vibe. Only downside to the resort was that it is very hilly and depending on where you stay you have a lot of steps to/from your room.
  12. Have they said at all where this season will take place? Last we heard he was with Leon in Paris. It would be funny to have Larry in Europe dealing with the different cultures and ways of doing things. He would be a bull in a China shop.
  13. Otherwise known as the Jose Offerman strategy.
  14. Tigers finally jettisoned Valverde in mid-June maybe the will do the same with K-Rod. Problem is they have no viable bullpen replacement for him anyway.