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  1. You don't have to buy the gas at a Costco station to get the 4%. It's way cheaper there but the 4% isn't locked into going there.
  2. Payne Stewart is another. That one was odd in that he was flying in the air for a few hours already dead until the plane ran out of fuel and crashed. He had just won the US Open too.
  3. JFK Jr was the first thing that struck me - another young person killed in an aviation crash in his prime in bad weather/poor visibility.
  4. My wife had this happen two weeks ago. Walking to her car after work near a busy road in the dark. Car decided to jump the sidewalk and drive the wrong way down a one way street and missed directly hitting her while she walked on the sidewalk by like two seconds. Crazy how two seconds can be the difference between life and death.
  5. Oops didn't catch that. Thanks for letting me know. Anyone else have thoughts on the Galapagos Islands that they can share?
  6. Wife and I are looking at taking a trip to the Galapagos in late May. Any thoughts or tips? We are looking at possible cruise options?
  7. Will Dissly if he was cut after being injured early in the season. He was the top TE at the time of his injury.
  8. Help me Bloom. I have lots of tough decisions this week! standard scoring non PPR, 4 pts per passing TD QB: Brady or Fitzpatrick WR: Pascal or Tate Def: SF or Philly thanks so much!
  9. I’ve had Brees and Brady all season. Won’t be starting Brees this week. Have to decide between Brady and Fitz. Right now I’m leaning Fitz.
  10. I might go after Pascal. Outside of Doyle there is no one left to catch passes.
  11. We spent 8 days in Portugal. Spent 4 days in Lisbon, 2 in Sintra and 2 in Cascais. Wish we had spent more time in Cascais it was a beautiful, laid back beach town.
  12. I still think Carson will get a majority of the carries but he will lose some to Penny. I am thinking it's like a 60/40 split but who knows at this point. That is just my sense of the situation. What gets me afraid is what if Carson puts the ball on the ground on his third carry? Or he gets stuffed a bunch and Penny runs well so Pete goes with the hot hand again? Too many red flags. I think Carson got a gift earlier this year when Penny had his hamstring problems. Pete was forced to go with Carson when maybe Penny would have split more carries. Now that Penny is healthy, has fresh legs, and Carson keeps fumbling this whole situation has turned into a mess.