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  1. Granted ST just started but Brad seems to have already dismissed batting Upton second. For Pete's sake they better not put Iglesias there.
  2. I'm still concerned about how they replace Maybin. The team was far worse without him in the lineup last year and he provided speed at the top of the order. They have no clue at this point who is going to play CF or bat 2nd.
  3. Loved watching this kid play at Western Michigan. Not only is he uber talented but he has a great attitude and work ethic. Whatever team gets him will be real lucky.
  4. I will always remember this guy for his first inning home run vs the Yankees in game 5 of the 2011 ALDS and his walk off sac fly vs Oakland in game 2 of the 2012 ALDS. It's hard playing in spots like he was asked to but he was able to pull it off in some big games/moments for the Tigers.
  5. So did someone claim the yogurt yet or not? The clock is ticking until Zach's established deadline expires.
  6. Yep, in two more episodes!
  7. It would actually be odd to go back and watch Season 1 with no Frank - which is strange for me to say because when they said he was joining for Season 2 I thought his character would mess up the show. Boy was I wrong.
  8. So far I would rank 'em: Hero or Hate Crime Water Park Old Lady House Making a Murderer Wolf Cola Gang Turns Black In the same style of them having a Frank centric episode last season showing one of his days, it also looks like we get an episode later this season of a Day in the Life of Cricket. That should be solid.
  9. Every season has been solid. They definitely haven't mailed in it after all these years. The characters certainly evolve over time. Frank, Dennis and Dee become more depraved people as the show goes on. It's also nice seeing the recurring characters like the waitress, the McPoyle's, Rickety Cricket, Maureen Ponderosa, Charlie's uncle, the moms, Mac's dad, the lawyer guy they always have problems with, etc. The more recent seasons have fewer episodes - ten total. So the product doesn't get diluted down with a ton of episodes each season and they are able to keep content fresh IMO. It is interesting how the show went from being at the pub all the time to barely seeing the pub at all now. We didn't even see the pub last episode yet they still pulled off a fantastic episode. Next week looks good: After finding out she's a male stripper's "rock bottom," Dee goes on a mission to prove she's the best thing that ever happened to him. Dennis takes over for the stripper with the help of his bag boy, Charlie. Meanwhile, Mac and Frank get sucked into a VR war game that causes Mac to develop his own case of PTSD.
  10. I like how they did the build up for the unveiling of Mac's bike. They have them all talking about the bike and then Dennis saying "Ok, I guess we're gonna have to go get Mac's bike" and then they cut to commercial. All I could think about over the commercial was "man, this bike is gonna be messed up" and it didn't disappoint! Wonder where they go with things now in future episodes now that Mac is out of the closet. Lots of potential there...
  11. Says the guy who hasn't weighed himself for two weeks and the last time he weighed in he went UP 1.2 lbs. You better reverse the trend or the wife may start looking for other options, divorce you, and take half your money to be with a younger version of you. So either start hiding money, or start hiding food right now!
  12. Kirk Gibson - he sat at our company's table for dinner during a charity event for which he was the keynote speaker. He was pretty quiet but did tell a story about getting in a fight with a teammate in the locker room while with the Dodgers.
  13. At 10:30 pm tonight ESPN is going to fellate Berman by airing a special about all he's done at the network over the years. Be sure to set your DVR!!!!!!!! #mustseeTV
  14. Interesting season. All episodes had a different approach with a musical, the trip to the water park, and then the focus on the mom's house. I got a kick out of the wall sign in the room where they were watching the TV cameras that said "Charlie Work"