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  1. Help me Bloom. I have lots of tough decisions this week! standard scoring non PPR, 4 pts per passing TD QB: Brady or Fitzpatrick WR: Pascal or Tate Def: SF or Philly thanks so much!
  2. I’ve had Brees and Brady all season. Won’t be starting Brees this week. Have to decide between Brady and Fitz. Right now I’m leaning Fitz.
  3. I might go after Pascal. Outside of Doyle there is no one left to catch passes.
  4. We spent 8 days in Portugal. Spent 4 days in Lisbon, 2 in Sintra and 2 in Cascais. Wish we had spent more time in Cascais it was a beautiful, laid back beach town.
  5. I still think Carson will get a majority of the carries but he will lose some to Penny. I am thinking it's like a 60/40 split but who knows at this point. That is just my sense of the situation. What gets me afraid is what if Carson puts the ball on the ground on his third carry? Or he gets stuffed a bunch and Penny runs well so Pete goes with the hot hand again? Too many red flags. I think Carson got a gift earlier this year when Penny had his hamstring problems. Pete was forced to go with Carson when maybe Penny would have split more carries. Now that Penny is healthy, has fresh legs, and Carson keeps fumbling this whole situation has turned into a mess.
  6. In a standard non-ppr I need to decide between McLaurin or Pascal i appreciate your help!
  7. That is what I am thinking plus in my league we lose 2 points for every 7 allowed so I need to take points against into account. Josh Gordon possibly playing for Sea is also factoring into my decision. I see a better QB in Seattle with a ton of weapons vs a rookie QB for the Giants with a porous offensive line and two of his offensive weapons out for the game.
  8. I went with the Jets over SF. Not feeling confident about it and maybe it's an overreaction based on how SF D played last week but I am basing my decision on the Giants having a much worse offense than Seattle so there is a greater opportunity for sacks and turnovers.
  9. I am rolling with the Jets this week. Not feeling very confident about it but with the Giants giving up a ton of sacks, and Engram and Shepard out they have potential to play well this week.
  10. He will be back next season. The talent and opportunity is there. The problem is he has been in the league two years and he has suffered season ending injuries both times. So there is a legitimate question as to whether he can stay healthy. He has lots of upside at an overall weak position so if you have room to stash him for next season and have a need at the position I would do it. He was the top TE this season until he got hurt.
  11. It would have been nice if he had scored that TD in the first quarter when he got tackled at the 1 but I will take it. Was hoping for more after his first half start but still a solid game.