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  1. @Disco Stu
  2. Cabrera may not be ready for opening day either.
  3. Trammell and Leyland were in Lakeland today to throw out the first pitch.
  4. Leyland had the whole gang back together. Jeff Jones as pitching coach. Trammell was a coach as well, bench coach I believe.
  5. The key is this. The salary market is what it is. The two years is the problem. Would have been better if we had just signed Pelfrey to a one year innings eater deal like Brad Penny a few years ago. We could have had the money off the books and possibly kept Maybin another year. Oh well. I am just glad the young pitchers have stepped up to take spots in the rotation at a cheap cost.
  6. At least Avila has signaled this by saying he will take the best pitchers north regardless of contract situation. We will just have to see if he follows through. I was hopeful Sanchez would be able to turn things around to some extent this year. I don't know if it's a mental thing with him at this point, a physical thing, or both. He has really fallen off a cliff though.
  7. Lucious hit the shot. Ironically he was only in the game because MSU's best player, Kalin Lucas, blew out his Achilles earlier in the game and Lucious was the backup. If Lucas didn't get injured I don't think that game would have been as close as it was since Lucas would have handled the press much better. Delvon Roe is the one who ducked at the end - a heads up play
  8. I remember DVRing that game and leaving over lunch to go watch it. Started getting a ton of WTF texts from friends. Turned the game on and MSU was immediately in a hole that they never got out of. They never even had the lead that game. That tourney was the complete opposite of the prior year when we got a gift with that team going all the way to the Final 4.
  9. Yes, that one was a rollercoaster. Maryland started pressing after Kalin Lucas got hurt and MSU blew like a 20 point lead. If Lucas doesn't get hurt that tournament I think MSU would have went all the way.
  10. I knew that was coming. That loss still stings a year later.
  11. MSU will get in based on their prior performance in the tourney, tough out of conference schedule, and fact that they were missing Bridges for a chunk of games over the holidays. Problem with MSU in the Big 10 tourney is they are on the wrong side of the bracket. Plus they are awful this season on the road and on neutral floors.
  12. We both work full-time and have 4 kids: We split the dishes (although my tolerance for having a ton in the sink instead of rinsed in the dishwasher is a lot less so I do them more). I do vast majority of the cooking (like 80-90%), and my own laundry. She does her own laundry and the kids'. Lawn service and cleaning lady for the rest although I do snow in the winter and she will handle the flowers/pruning/weeding. Finances are all left to me. This set up works for us. Now what I need is for the kids to get more involved instead of being zombies with their tech devices and the TV in order to take the load off of both our plates.
  13. I was expecting more out of the Cricket episode but maybe my expectations were too high. Interstinf that the actor who played Scut Farkus in Christmas Story is Cricket's brother.
  14. The layoff killed them in 2006 too. They had just swept the A's coming off that Magglio HR and then had to wait around for a week while the NLCS went 7 games. Best part for me concerning Leyland and the 2006 season was when he tore into the team in late April/early May for not giving full effort. That turned the season into a "here we go again" moment to a season that ended up being very special despite them crapping the bed in the WS.