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  1. I carried Pollard all season but finally dropped him Friday when Jamaal Williams was in play. The whole Cowboys offense is a mess and unpredictable so I view Pollard’s value in 2020 to be much less now.
  2. Yep great play. He’s definitely getting targets including deep ones
  3. Yep this was one of those games where the script got away from him early but he weathered it with the receptions. Now it’s 24-21 so hopefully they can get the ground game going in second half. That Burton TD was painful.
  4. I think he looks fine. Minshew is showing a tendency to check down though. On the last drive Chark got a bunch of his targets on some quick throws. Minshew isn’t really airing it out. Cole got a long catch and Chark was open on another and Minshew was way off with the throw. The fact that Chark was able to get open deep was encouraging. The way this game is going Chark may be in line for garbage points
  5. He was open on what would have been a long gain earlier and Minshew horribly underthrew him.
  6. Starting him - Gallup was my other option though. Willing to roll the dice with his matchup
  7. Anyone hearing anything on when he may return? There doesn't seem to be anything out there which leads me to believe it's not anytime soon.
  8. Didn't Reich use a variety of RBs when he was in Philly instead of a single workhorse? I suspect that since it worked for him in Philly he intends to take the same approach in Indy with Taylor and the other backs. Not good for us Taylor owners. I can afford to hold since he is not an every week starter on my roster but no one expected this usage when Mack went down. Maybe he separates himself but he certainly isn't the set it and forget it starter most of were expecting.
  9. Too scared of Dallas. Will go with NE this week. Sounds like Cam may be coming back
  10. Just what I thought - a big mess guessing his touches each week. It’s a three headed monster backfield. Glad I took the guaranteed volume and went Davis this week.
  11. My concern about Taylor is his usage may vary by game plan, or game script. He doesn’t catch many passes - Hines gets those. He also splits carries with Hines and Wilkins. The positive is he’s taking advantage of the goal line carries. I’m thinking of starting Mike Davis instead this week since Chicago will be his toughest matchup yet and it’s still unclear how many of the carries he will get each week.
  12. Me too. It’s either him or Fitzpatrick after drafting Wentz and Jones. What a mess.
  13. What is Hines’ value in non PPR? He’s still somehow on my wire as Brown, Snell, and Robinson got taken instead, I have Kamara as a RB and also Taylor or Mixon to use as my RB2. Thinking of picking up Hines after watching Mixon put up another meh performance. Would have to drop Edmonds or possibly Reagor for him though.
  14. I see it's to the same gal he went climbing with in Free Solo who forgot to hold his rope and he fell and injured his back. At this point, he is safer free climbing the like of El Cap than he is climbing with her while attached to a harness. Good luck to him...