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  1. I went Perine over Collins in non-PPR. Perine is the only mouth to feed so he will get his volume and he did wel with it last week. I think Collins will depend on game flow and there’s others in that backfield that could get touches. Perine seems to be the safer bet this week.
  2. I put a claim in for Perine but doubt I get him. Considering Booker as a fall back. Non-ppr. Seems like he is getting more opportunities and the schedule is favorable down the stretch. I just don't know if I can trust that offense and who knows which RB Musgrave will want to primarily use going forward.
  3. Same thing for me. My buddy has the same issue with his wife. It’s imbedded in the female gene pool apparently.
  4. Saints have definitely transitioned to more of a run first and a short passing team. Kamara gets a ton of screens now. That being said, they did call some plays close to the goal line where Brees had a chance to throw a TD but the play didn't work out. With them running so well it definitely limits his upside. I am just glad he was able to run one in.
  5. I have a similar story. My son was in 6th grade last year so it was his first year of middle school. He gets an instagram message from some girl he never met at the other local middle school. She says he is good looking and wants to be his girlfriend. He tells her no thanks. She then gets all freaked out and says if he doesn't go out with her she is going to kill herself. My son says no thanks and thinks she is joking around. A few minutes later she sends him a pic with ketchup or something all over her wrist to somehow depict that she had slit her wrist for real. He freaks out and calls my ex (his mom) on the phone and tells her what happened. My ex immediately called the cops, gave them the girl's name, and they visited the girl's home. That had to be a wonderful visit for her parents to have the cops show up on a Saturday night asking if their 11 year old daughter is okay because she just sent a pic to a boy she never met claiming she had just slit her wrists.
  6. I’m still wondering why ESPN only has Balt D scoring two touchdowns when they had three.
  7. This.
  8. It's probably to announce he is going back into rehab. He seems about due for a return visit.
  9. I have this same dilemma after losing Carson. I am leaning towards Rawls (non-PPR). He has at least had success in that system whereas Lacy has not.
  10. Number 1 pick baby! I guess if you're gonna have a bad season you might as well do it in style!
  11. I always thought about this too. Like when on an airplane and someone packs a PBJ sandwich in a cabin that recirculates air and the plane is nowhere near a medical facility if a reaction happens.
  12. If they get the number 1 pick is there any prospect that is head and shoulders above the rest of the prospects in the upcoming draft? Let's just hope whatever they do with their high draft pick turns out to be more of a JV type return than a Matt Anderson return.
  13. This is what his brother said: Mike and I talk a lot, so we're generally on the same page here. One thing Mike didn't mention on Jeimer: he's only a 3B/1B defensively. Every tool is a 50 or 55 (average or slightly above) except for his speed. He doesn't move well and he's young, so he only figures to slow down going forward. Still, he draws walks, has a good hit tool, and hits for some power. He's a good-looking, MLB-ready 3B. My beef with Paredes is his body. He's awfully soft for a guy who has been in pro ball for two years already. There's oodles of natural hitting ability but I don't see how he stays up the middle long-term, at which point there's a lot of pressure on his power to emerge. Not a bad second piece here for the Tigers by any stretch as most folks like Paredes a lot more than me.
  14. My co-worker is a huge Cubs fan and a baseball nut. His brother writes about baseball for a publication. Here is what he said about the trade from a Cubs' fan perspective: Here are my thoughts: 1. Candelario - he's one of the few hold overs left in the organization from the Hendry era (pre-Theo). His development has been inconsistent. In part, this has been because he's struggled with his fitness level from time-to-time. He's taken fitness more seriously the past 2.5 years and this seems to have helped his development. He's a switch hitter. I've seen him play a few times and he's got some power from the left side and is a bit more of a gaps hitter from the right side (I don't know if the stats reflect my observation). The hit tool isn't bad. For the last couple of years, he's looked like a major league hitter, albiet one who can produce at a solid, but not spectacular level. His plate discipline has improved substantially since Theo's player development crew took over. This hasn't yet translated in his short trips to the majors but it appears he has the potential to get on base. He looks like the sort of hitter who is good enough to start in the majors but will probably never be much more than the 15-20th best third baseman. He'll put up average, not monster numbers. Fielding wise, he's looked sufficient-to-average since he improved his fitness. He should be a better fielder than Castellanos, although I suppose that's not much of a compliment (Candelario deserves a better compliment than that). He deserved to be a mid-season top 100 prospect this year, as he was by many ranking systems. He's not going to be a star but should be playing in the majors right now. Obviously he was blocked in Chicago with Bryant at 3rd and Rizzo at 1st. He looked great in spring training this year and got out of the gate hot but has struggled since he was passed over for Ian Happ when the Cubs needed to add someone. I assume his acquisition means Castellanos is ticketed for DH or LF. 2. I like Paredes more than Robert does. There's a lot to be interested in. We bought him out of Mexico a couple of years back (using the loophole that He has a nice looking hit tool that projects as at least average and a bit of pop. He also walks incredibly well for a young player. The most important thing to know is he's an 18 year old holding his own in Midwest League. There is plenty of room for projection. He's not naturally quick or fluid in the field and is already getting a bit top heavy. He doesn't look likely to stick at SS and is most likely a 2b or 3b. He's reasonably far away from the majors at this point but was one of the more interesting players left in our system after we gutted it to acquire Chapman and Quintana. Obviously he's far enough away that a lot can go wrong still but he looks like the sort of player who can be an average-to-above average regular at 3b or 2b. Overall, I like this for the Cubs in the our prospect capital is low at this point and it fills our two biggest holes. Its hard to complain about a team that remains all in. I don't think this is a bad deal for the Tigers though. Definitely better than the JD deal, pending how the prospects develop. The price feels a bit steep for a rental catcher so I have to believe that the extra year of control over Wilson is what pushed Theo to include these two.
  15. And then the Goldmans will just go after the money he gets to get paid for their civil judgment. They're not going away.