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  1. This sucks. When I was a boy, my grandfather used to take me to McDonald's and he would always get me the orange drink. I loved that stuff. Even after all of these years, I would get the orange drink I it made me think back to those times with him. I am actually surprised it lasted this long but visiting McDonald's won't be the same for me and, to be honest, a lot of time I only went there because I wanted to have the orange drink.
  2. $28 which is actually a bit more than usual. I always use a credit or debit card if I can. Only keep about $20 cash in my wallet to have "just in case."
  3. No kidding. Outstanding work ethic/good character, plus he was coached by PJ Fleck for four years who was a former WR and also coached WRs at Tampa Bay under Schiano. Fleck just raves about Corey.
  4. I get they want to save his arm but Zumaya had a great rookie year out of the pen. His problem was he was too cheap to hire a mover to carry boxes, played too much guitar hero and got too fixated on how fast he could throw on a radar gun.
  5. I am sure there will be other passengers/observers who may try to sue for emotional distress, or some other tort for having to watch a bloodied passenger being dragged off the plane in front of their eyes.
  6. Only way this should be happening is if Miggy's back flared up or there is some other injury going on we don't know about that is causing them to be cautious about playing him every game this weekend. If not, his "rest" should be as the DH for a game.
  7. The Tigers really have a soft stretch in their schedule for the next month. If they can bank some wins now and continue to get out of the gate strong, they should be able to set themselves up good for the remainder of the season - especially since they will (hopefully) be getting JD back by June. After this Minn series, the next month is: @CLE @ TB @MINN SEA CHI CLE @OAK @ARI @LAA Now granted they typically struggle on west coast swings, but they have a lot of winnable series over the next month that they can capitalize on. If the bullpen continues to struggle, I would like to see Brad (won't happen but I can wish I guess) to try to do more of a "hot hand" approach. By that, I mean if a guy has an easy 7th and only throws 12 pitches, bring him back to start the 8th. The backend of the bullpen is so erratic, if someone is throwing and locating well, keep them in and ride that guy instead of going to the next guy and flipping a coin on whether he has his stuff or not for the game. Watching the Tigers bullpen is like watching a Lions game - always waiting for the other shoe to drop and, even when they get the job done, it's never the easy way.
  8. Membership rates are going up as of June 1. I just renewed and heard about that before I did so. I wasn't auto renewed and ended up renewing online when I had to renew. Better than waiting in line at the customer service desk.
  9. I appreciate you guys for doing this challenge. I lurked throughout the challenge for the past three months and used a lot of your stories/progress for motivation as I finally said I had enough and needed to get in better shape. I am 6'2" and got up to 209.5 lbs as of January 1, 2017. I could see a pot belly start forming under my shirt and my clothes started to be more uncomfortable/tighter, particularly suits. I just hated how I looked/felt and I also started to get heartburn/reflux more frequently. It was a trend I wanted to reverse. Figure I had to do it sometime so why not now. I committed to eating healthier this year and took a long range approach by wanting to lose a few pounds per week since the data shows the slower you lose the weight the more likely you will keep it off. (So it was no potato diet for me or whatever Otis' fad diet was to lose a bunch of weight quickly) I had a horrible diet leading up to all this since I would regularly drink Coke, eat fast food, fried food, chocolate, candy, etc. and lots of it. I was always blessed with a slow metabolism but now that I am 41 those days are long gone and the pounds started adding up. I remember many years ago being shocked I had gotten to 190 and now I was near the 210 mark. I put together a list of foods I was able to eat - lots of chicken, eggs, fish, bananas, strawberries, tangerines, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, spinach salads, turkey burgers, pork and I committed to eating that stuff. I would rotate the food so I wouldn't get "bored" eating a certain food. I also cut out the junk food like fast food, and I very rarely eat red meat now. I committed to packing my lunches so I had a healthy option and made sure I had healthy food in the house so I always had something to eat/snack on that was healthy. I started out very well, like most did here, losing 5 pounds the first week. After that it was, at most, about a 1-2 pound loss per week and one week I put on 2 pounds (Super Bowl week). Continuing to make progress each week, albeit slow, was huge motivation since it showed me I was on the right track and I could accomplish my goal if I stuck with my plan. What I found was I didn't miss the prior unhealthy foods I was cutting out and my appetite also got much smaller when I was just eating for need. Over time, I was able to tell myself that I didn't need to eat any more at a meal (the 20 minute rule works great for this) and got good at portion control. Now when I eat I can feel full without nearly as much food as before. I have been able to develop good eating habits, and, at this point, am now able to have an occasional cheat day and not feel guilty and, more importantly, have the willpower to go back to my healthy eating schedule. I ended up getting down to 189.5 after 3 months. My goal was to lose 10-15 pounds and I have surpassed that. At this point I haven't done a ton of exercise, I am just more conscious about getting up and moving around during the day (I got an Apple watch for Christmas which is great for setting exercise goals and keeping me on task) and taking walks with my wife when the weather is decent. I have found that just cutting out useless calories for me has done wonders. Once I have that under control, maybe exercise will be more of a key to my continued weight loss. Right now, I just feel like when I exercise I get real hungry and that tempts me to gorge on foods that I don't really need. I now feel so much better. Clothes feel more comfortable, the gut is gone, and no more heartburn. It's amazing how making better choices for meals can make such a big difference. Anyway, I just wanted to share my experience and wish all of you continued success with your goals. Whether you knew it or not, all of you who participated in this thread really helped me out. It's threads like this, that makes this place so great regardless of all the political bickering that goes on each day.
  10. Nice! This is like flashing the bat signal. I've been a big fan of his since watching him play in West Michigan.
  11. Bullpen already in mid season form. Same story different actors every season.
  12. @Disco Stu
  13. Cabrera may not be ready for opening day either.
  14. Trammell and Leyland were in Lakeland today to throw out the first pitch.