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  1. And I'm not counting the game he got 17 coming off the injury. This team has just stunk this year. Can't blame just one thing. Which is even more frustrating
  2. Well to be fair he never had that game where he got a ton of touches. None of the rbs do. Any Reid jr here
  3. need2know

    What do you need on MNF?

    Need seahawks to win the game
  4. The play calling on offense has gone to #### btw. Not sure what is wrong. Probably the fact we can't run the ball to save our lives
  5. need2know

    🦅 EAGLES @ 🤠 COWBOYS: Cowboys win

    That backup te almost won the game but Jerry took care of that for you
  6. He sucks. If he's not out there sucking he's hurt. He needs to be cut or be demoted to like 4th string
  7. need2know

    🦅 EAGLES @ 🤠 COWBOYS: Cowboys win

    And enjoy Garrett for the next few years. That's worth the loss
  8. need2know

    🦅 EAGLES @ 🤠 COWBOYS: Cowboys win

    Everyone has injuries but to discount the injuries on the eagles secondary is laughable. Most of the guys playing wouldn't be on the roster on a normal year. Enjoy your short playoff run cowboys. You know you are not very good
  9. I don't know about the rest of you but I'm surprised we scored any pts on offense. We looked completely inept most of the game
  10. Lose out for a better pick hopefully. I think most of us knew it was over long before today
  11. Man how about those refs. Jerry greased em great today
  12. Would you play Ware over eckler or Justin Jackson?