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  1. read this off bleacher report a couple minutes ago To-Do List: Jason Peters is 37 years old, so the Philadelphia Eagles need to be serious about a replacement this offseason or it won't end up mattering if the front office picked Carson Wentz or Foles at quarterback. With any luck, the Eagles won't take the same approach with Peters as they did at cornerback. Ronald Darby is a free agent, and middle- to late-round gambles like Avonte Maddox (fourth round) and Jalen Mills (seventh) have face-planted. The Eagles need to treat it like the premium position it is and splurge on a top free agent or get one high in the draft. Running back wasn't much more encouraging with Wendell Smallwood and a hodgepodge of others leading the charge. A proven veteran such as a Mark Ingram II might be a good idea in free agency, though good names should fall on draft day, too. Find a long-term plan at left tackle Upgrade cornerback Nail down running back did these guys not watch us much? how can you talk bad about maddox? he was great as a rookie. thats lazy and just plain wrong
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    The Trent Richardson Thread

    He actually looks worse vs lesser competition.
  3. Sound like he made more money which is nice
  4. Maybe they know he wants more than they are willing to give? We need secondary badly. I'm a little surprised they wouldn't want him.