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  1. Here is what I know. We won a superbowl in your home stadium after crushing you guys by a million points 2 years ago in the NFC championship. I bet some of the guys there dont like us much That said I agree we are not that great right now. Congrats on the win and you guys have a nice balanced team. Your division is crazy tough.
  2. Tannehill also looked bad. That titans offense is just terrible.
  3. It sure seems like the offense spent alot of time before the season scheming stuff up for DeSean Jackson. Hes been gone for a month and they still look like they miss him. Another strike against groh imo. You have to be able to move on. Definitely starting to look like it was a bad bet to bring DeSean Jackson back and retain groh. I love djax but he just cannot stay healthy. You cannot count on him. I wanted groh fired last year. No way he survives this season unless we go on a serious winning streak.
  4. The atl loss was bad but remember we lost multiple offensive players in that game. And still almost won. Yesterday was a just a good old fashioned ### kicking. It looked like a loss to me before the game even started. Not surprised at all. Mn hates us. That was their superbowl.
  5. I have no choice but to start scary next week due to bye week blues
  6. Is keenum gonna keep starting cause I I hi ink hes easily the best QB for scary