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  1. Been at a lake cabin all weekend. Driving boats and stuff. Really hung over today.though. stayed up way too late. Getting old I guess
  2. Just disconnected. Was offered to keep my bill the same which is about 60 bucks off per month with no contract extension but still said no. I'm going out of town for the next couple days so will call back on sunday. Apparently my disconnect wont actually take place until august 14 since that's the end of my billing cycle. Not sure if that will effect anything My contract is also up end of month
  3. Kinda surprised att is giving away some good stuff
  4. going to cancel today. my stuff is up at the end of the month
  5. terrible. good cast too. just a total disaster of a story. guess its hard to make a straightforward action movie these days.
  6. yeah i think so too. i got him in the second round of a redraft too. so i would only lose a second round pick and not a first to keep him
  7. gotta keep one melvin gordon or ODB
  8. It's terrible. I watched Wimbledon. Let me say that again. I watched Wimbledon
  9. im not saying paying the players what they deserve/want equates to winning.
  10. If I owned a team I would be about winning not the money. You want to make more money go invest in something else. If you want to win you usually have to have happy players so pay them.