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  1. hes been on my bench since like week 2. gonna continue to hold
  2. need2know

    Wdis and roster question

    Upside. That's what I have in thanks
  3. need2know

    Unwarranted panic?

    Jones sucks. I would drop him
  4. need2know

    Wdis and roster question

    Drop coutee for Goodwin? Start Winston vs clv over Brees @ Ravens? Which 2 would you start out of these guys? Clement vs car Eckler vs tn Howard vs ne Barber vs clv
  5. need2know

    Board Upgrade - First after upgrade

    Whoever gets paid to test your setup has failed. All the like/reaction buttons are broken on my mobile and laptop. And it just overall has a worse look.
  6. Half those guys were drafted in mine
  7. need2know

    That time again, what do you need on MNF?

    Kittle to score less than 20
  8. looking for a replacement for bears this week. cant play them vs ne. maybe ne @ bears?
  9. Wtf is going on with howard
  10. Gonna drop Mike for Peyton barber
  11. need2know

    Official Jameis Winston - football talk

    Pretty sure I am starting him over drew Brees this week