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  1. Move your car. Get your lawn cut. Seems like a great deal to me.
  2. It should be obvious you should just move your car
  3. i see people riding bikes with masks on. or better yet driving a car with no one else in the car wearing one. its hilarious
  4. I liked catch me if you can. Thats about it. He totally wrecked ready player one. It was a great book and he couldn't just tell the story he was given. After that I told myself I'm not watching any new spielberg Also fell asleep with Lincoln. And I love DDL
  5. Steven spielberg has made like one good movie this century
  6. yup. maybe 1-2 new movies a month we care about. I love alot of the shows though. going through sopranos again right now. but now that westworld and larry david is over I doubt Im going to watch much HBO
  7. I already pay for hbo through Amazon. Why would I want this service