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  1. Gore is a stud, and a true pro, but his 60 year old butt has absolutely no business being on the Jets right now. Seeing Kallen Ballage thrive in San Diego, albeit against the Jets, upsets me no end and its indicative of this franchise's complete incompetence.
  2. So many Jets moments. 1st drive, the Jets march down the field brimming with confidence. Dominate the line of scrimmage. Easy rushing TD for Perine. Miss the PAT. Sketchy on D, making Herbert look like a franchise QB, but wait, Jets recover a fumble at their own goal line! Flacco then throws a pick 6. Gore, Gore, Gore. Is he running around in black socks? Another missed PAT. Who needs WRs? Gore, Gore, Gore. Herdon caught something and it's not COVID! Who's THAT guy? Well, at least they're not getting totally embarrassed Gore, Gore, Gore. Oh yeah, this is the Chargers - we could win this... Phew - nice underthrow Flacco. That was close. The 0-16 dream remains alive. I am all in for complete and utter humiliation at this point. The #1 is only a bonus. I want this dysfunctional garbage heap of a franchise to feel pain. I want there to be absolutely no doubt that Gase and his entire staff will be fired. No more Frank Gores, Brett Favres, Derrick Masons, or Ronnie Lotts. Tear this thing down and get to work building something that will last.