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  1. I'm a hard working American. I pay about $900/month for health insurance for my family of 4. I have two kids in college, and their tuition, room and board is about $50k per year - granted it's only 4 years each. When they were little, I had day care costs of close to $1000/month. I took one week off for each kid and my wife quit her job before having #1 and #2. Assuming that $20K figure is not some pie in the sky number some Fox News talking puppet pulled out of his ### (that's a BIG assumption), it sounds like a great deal to me. Sign me up. The free market is anything but free and it has completely failed the middle class.
  2. It was such a beautiful cathedral. Truly sad.
  3. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the next reply....
  4. Bosa deleting his posts just draws more attention to his politics - it doesn't magically make them disappear or make him a Gary Johnson voter. And as for him being a Trump fan, Brady is a Trump fan and nobody seems to care. It only becomes an issue when they get "uppity" and kneel for the national anthem, or speak out on some perceived or real injustice.
  5. I don't think anyone is explaining away Butler's age - it is what it is, and it's a factor to consider. Here's a 2016 article explaining that Butler was more of a basketball kid in a basketball family after he moved to Texas and didn't take up football until his junior year in high school. It also states that in 2016, he played behind Lazard to work on his blocking and consistency. To me, his age knocks him down a peg into the tier below AJ and Harry, who I view as the top 2 WRs, predraft, but I could easily take him WR3, depending upon his landing spot. I think his lack of experience and the presence of strong seniors somewhat explains his late breakout, and his length, hands, and speed will create a mismatch wherever he goes on the field. That automatic mismatch has value IMO, and makes him a safer pick than many other WRs in the consideration for that WR3 spot.
  6. And we can't even have a discussion about it .... Have they banned cars too?
  7. I view Funchess as a solid complementary player and don't ever see him being a true #1 WR. Playing with Luck/Hilton/Ebron, his value just shot up in redraft, but I don't see a similar rise in dynasty because he only signed a one year deal. The possibility that he cashes out this season and is playing as a #1 WR elsewhere in 2020-2021 has me a bit gun shy.