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  1. You think Americans are on edge about mass shootings and don't feel safe? Motorcycle Backfires in Times Square
  2. Mere words cannot express how sorry I am. Sending endless love to your family.
  3. I think the response has shifted to "God Bless [insert victims' location or some other random location here]"
  4. I miss having someone in the White House who could express what I was feeling so eloquently. Toledo Don just isn't getting the job done.
  5. I voted Toledo. It's all anyone can talk about in my office. Well, that and my assistant's no good daughter in law. So ungrateful and selfish.
  6. Oh come on. Seriously? The guy's reading off the teleprompter! How can he/they get THAT wrong? This is the sort of basic, rudimentary screw up that sends me up the wall with this administration. The lack of precision. The lack of quality. The lack of care. The insensitivity. The lack of respect. The blatant incompetence. And there are STILL a good number of Americans who believe this administration is playing a game of genius level chess on some higher plane than the rest of us? How can people think that? He just screwed up the most fundamental fact in something requiring precision and tact, and made a mockery of the whole thing.
  7. You know, we're thinking about this all wrong - it's not the guns. Perhaps we should just lock up white men between the ages of 18 and 50.
  8. How dare you question my God-given, Constitutional right to own instruments of mass murder despite my being completely incapable of making a rational argument as to why I need such a weapon! What about immigrants? And what about video games? And cars? And hammers? Hey look, a Clinton!
  9. This tool is really, really useful. Thank you. Using that made me realize that I can retire comfortably in 3 years when I'm 55. The idea of being fully retired is a bit scary though as I like the structure that work provides and I'm going to need some small income to bridge me to my IRAs and SS. Not having to grind every single day is very exciting though, and so is not waking up at 3 am stressed about work. I want to take 3 months off, travel some, be more active, and just embrace this freedom before even considering what I want to do next.
  10. I just threw up in my mouth a little.
  11. Headed to southwest Ireland next week for a bike trip with my wife's family. Convinced her to let me and my two sons (23, 21) go early for 5 rounds of golf in 5 days. My kids are lousy golfers and we are on a budget so top tier courses like Ballybunion and Lahinch are off the menu (I'll be scouting for a future buddy trip). We are staying in Killarney and playing Dromoland Castle fresh off the plane, Dooks, Dingle, Killarney-Killeen, and Killarney-Mahony's Point. SwingGolf set up the rental car, accommodations, and all tee times and have all sorts of packages that you can customize. Found an outfit that will rent us clubs by dropping them off at the course before our first round (Dromoland) and picking them up after our last round (Killarney). A bit nervous about driving on the left, but that will be part of the adventure. I'm so excited I'm having trouble focusing on anything other than this trip. I'll report upon my return.
  12. As for playing golf, I am outside in a natural environment. I have a choice of multiple courses, all of which are different and challenging. I have a choice of tees I can play that further customizes my experience. I can play as long or as little as I want. I can exercise heavily (carrying my bag), moderately (push cart), or lightly (riding). I can play alone if I need a reset, play with new people, or play with friends. I can drink, or not. As someone who played nothing but ball sports growing up, it's really the only game with a ball where you don't need someone else to play. I like to hike, but hiking while chasing a ball around is so much more fun. The feel of a perfectly struck mid-iron is pretty sweet, especially when you walk up to the green and sink the putt. It's really several games in one - long game/approach, chipping and pitching near the green, and putting. All are totally different skills and all must be practiced and mastered to be any good. I enjoy the challenge of practicing these skills. When playing with others, I can play games within the game. I can gamble too, which adds to the pressure and fun. At the end of a round, I have a score that precisely reflects how well or poorly I played. Add up/Post those scores and I have a handicaps that tells me how good of an overall player I am. After the round, I can enjoy a beer or 3 with my friends.
  13. It's relaxing - I'm usually good for a 20 minute nap during the telecast. The venue changes every week, weather plays a big factor, and play is not confined within a small playing field. They play beautiful courses. There is always pressure, and it is interesting to see how players handle it or don't. The focus is on multiple different and changing personalities every week - not just one or two stars. It takes an enormous amount of skill. There is very little subjective application of the rules, and referees or rules officials play a very small role. As an avid golfer, I can appreciate and relate to the game. I can also pick up tips and learn from the pros and the analysis.