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  1. bumpman

    Waiver Wire Gems - Week 10

    Tweet From this tweet: "Andy Dalton has basically played 13 career games without AJ Green. The Bengals are 5-7-1 in those matches. Dalton has completed 284 of 468 passes (60.7%) for 3,148 yards (6.7) with 12 TDs and 10 INTs. That's all good for an 80.3 passer rating."
  2. bumpman

    Waiver Wire Gems - Week 10

    Dalton has a long history of not doing well when AJ Green doesn’t play. It’s not pretty.
  3. Every carry and target for Chubb against KC: Link
  4. It's strange, but since the bye week, it looks like Stafford is intentionally trying to get the ball more to Tate and Jones. Yesterday, he was forcing the ball to Tate and it ended up biting him with what was effectively a game ending interception.
  5. Duke got hurt in the first series. Looked like it might be a pulled hammy.
  6. Funny thing about the Browns, when they fall behind too far, instead of throwing it every down to catch up, they seem to give up on that front and just run their offense. Also, Chubb got his first two catches of his NFL career yesterday.
  7. bumpman

    Browns vs Steelers - Week 8

    That was hilarious
  8. bumpman

    Gurley and the Fantasy Playoffs

    If the prediction is that Gurley is going to play only one half of week 16, Brown is not going to be any help. I’d rather have a half of Gurley than a half of Brown. If Gurley is going to sit the entire game, that likely means Goff and possibly others will as well. Brown will have opportunity, but surrounded by a crippled offense.
  9. Keke will be good when he plays, just like Will Fuller. The question is whether he will play, and if so, for how long.
  10. bumpman

    Gurley and the Fantasy Playoffs

    I thought this thread was going to be about how Gurley was going to singlehandedly carry teams to a championship again. Would love to relive the euphoria of that!!
  11. Hue Jackson finally talks about the trade of Hyde to Jacksonville (and Chubb's performance yesterday): Browns general manager John Dorsey and coach Hue Jackson talked through the trade prospect before it was executed and agreed that it was the best move for the organization. The decision came a little easier knowing the team was in good hands with Chubb and Johnson. “We made the decision as an organization to trade him, and we did that. That was OK,” Jackson said. “I thought Chubb did well. He had 18 carries for 80 yards and a touchdown. Ran hard, ran strong and did some really good things yesterday. “I thought Chubb did well. I thought he broke tackles, ran the ball well, and did what we asked him to do that way. Along with Duke, I thought all our guys responded. I don’t think we have any lingering effects from that. I think the team gets it. They understand what we are accomplishing. I talked to them about it. They get it. On we go. We had a chance to win this game and we should have done the things we needed to do to win.” Link The quote suggests that Hue was totally on board with moving to Chubb and that the RB situation yesterday was fine.
  12. Snap count for the last game: Chubb: 45/68 Duke: 35/68 Also, in watching the game, Duke is always running routes and part of the play action pass plays. Baker barely looks his direction . . . ever.
  13. I think Hue plans to throw Haley under the bus and absolve himself from the responsibility of the offensive performance in the past games. I doubt the play calling will change all that much unless there is a true coaching change in Cleveland. How about starting with solving all of the penalties on offense? It's crazy.
  14. The best part about today is it shows they are going to give Chubb the Hyde role, plus they had Duke Johnson and Hyde in together with Duke playing as a WR. This won't be some additional split between Chubb and Duke. Chubb is going to get the vast majority of the carries.
  15. Duke listed as the starter.