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  1. Lions found the formula to defend the Rams last year and the rest of the NFL has followed suit. Seventeen games later and the Rams still have not adjusted.
  2. Johnny Manziel had a few back in the day. It’s a Browns QB thing.
  3. Somehow this guy is not even a top 35 QB in the league this year. There are lots of backups doing better than him.
  4. Telling they went with Kerryon on fourth down. They are viewing him differently than earlier this season
  5. Painful Link Ugh! The third was the worst. It went right through his alligator arms.
  6. This year, his duds seem to correlate with the games in which the Texans defense holds down the opposing team's offense. Small sample size, but it suggests it is game script based (offense plays conservatively when the defense is playing well). If that is true, it does kind of allow you to predict how he is going to do. For example, I would be surprised if he did poorly this week against KC.
  7. cramps from dehydration. he is fine. just trying to drink lots of liquids