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  1. Telling they went with Kerryon on fourth down. They are viewing him differently than earlier this season
  2. Painful Link Ugh! The third was the worst. It went right through his alligator arms.
  3. This year, his duds seem to correlate with the games in which the Texans defense holds down the opposing team's offense. Small sample size, but it suggests it is game script based (offense plays conservatively when the defense is playing well). If that is true, it does kind of allow you to predict how he is going to do. For example, I would be surprised if he did poorly this week against KC.
  4. cramps from dehydration. he is fine. just trying to drink lots of liquids
  5. Not sure how you can predict the durability of a RB in their second year. Is it because Chubb had injuries in college? Frank Gore did too.
  6. Bears can win this game even if their offense punts on first down every possession
  7. Fuller had at least two drops. One was a long bomb that hit him in both hands. Frustrating. Link "The passing game depended on Will Fuller who had two costly drops in critical situations but turned to Kenny Stills on a 31-yard strike to set up a field goal."
  8. Not that great. Jets defensive line looked stout.