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  1. Unfortunately, it's about the only way he's going to be able to score this season (at least with Ponder at QB). I disagree, because I feel that Patterson is the kind of player that that could complement Ponder's lack of talent. Get him on short outs, bubble screens, or end arounds, basically high percentage completion plays, and it's obvious to everyone that he has the talent and physical ability to house it. I think it's somewhat of a mystery why the Vikings haven't utilized this obvious asset yet. I do think that time is coming though.
  2. Got an invite to DOTA 2 so I decided to give it a whirl. Good lord is that game fun and addictive.
  3. Sign me up for this train ride. I've taken DMC in a few leagues and so far the rosters are shallow to the point where I'm not going to target anyone as far as handcuff goes. I'll likely look at Goodson when my deeper leagues get rolling, but I think in the event of an injury I'll hope that I've one of the other gems I've acquired has emerged.
  4. randall the drunken sconie cobber might get robbered if he puts the ball on the turf like he did last year and he will be out of the starting lineup faster then brett the wiener texter farve and you can take that to the bank ugly stepchilds to the east drunk on the milwaukee beast brohans
  5. Not so sure Mad Cow. It's always been a best of the sales sale, but since they have flash/community vote deals, plus they will have a new indie bundle it may not.
  6. Since it's the final day and I have money left in my steam wallet does anyone have any recommendations on some of the silly cheap hidden deals games for like less than 4.99? I'm thinking about just buying a ton of cheap games instead of a few higher priced ones, but it's hard to identify the must plays. Any genre will do.
  7. Just a heads up with all these Ubisoft games in the sale, buyer beware. The DRM is terrible and must maintain a connection even in single player. A lot of very bad reviews in the different game forums. If a game has a forum be sure to check it out for major issues.
  9. Picked up Dungeons of Dredmor during the xmas steam sale and now they they did a free xpack release, so I decided to give it a whirl. The game is ruthlessly addicting.
  10. If it was on purpose, why would the coaching staff be upset about it? It obviously wasn't at their direction.As I suspected the weight gain was not the result of being lazy: Glad to see he's on the Bonds diet now.
  11. Buy after Beeks gets raped by the gorilla.Almost there
  12. I would actually put Schaub a tier below. At 31, age is certainly a concern. For guys that don't miss big portions of the season 3 out of 5 time then 31 isn't that old, but I think his best years are in the past. This season is a "show me" year, but I think he shows that he's an NFL starter for only a year or two more. Pretty ballsy ranking Luck above Cam. I don't agree with it, but I like it.
  13. :lmao: Because the league is exactly the same as when Morrall won his rings right? Hell, it's not even the same as when that pile of garbage Dilfer rode a great Ravens D to a ring. Morton, Wood, and Kapp never even in a different era so who cares? Way to strengthen the haters arguments.
  14. Football evolves. It has done for over 100 years. The idea is to create mismatches, not get a high completion %. Most nfl defenses are built with pass rushers and coverage lbs, there is no fundamental issue with an offense which gains 300 yards. The ground game counts as well.Like you said the game has evolved over the years. The league has focused on encouraging long passes and high scores. It's obvious that pure passers are protected by refs a lot more than scramblers. Teams have evolved because ground and pound with a stout defense no longer wins championships. Who cares if that's the best defense that Orange Jesus has to face, because I'm more concerned how that team and Tebow respond to a high powered offense putting up 21 points in a quarter. The team believes and crazy stuff happens when a team buys in, so enjoy the ride. In my opinion the game ball without question goes to the defense. Even the Denver fans that hate Tebow have to be impressed with the turnaround the league doormat has made. I just think that teams don't play to win the division and I still don't believe they can beat a team that can put up points on a regular basis. As a person I thought he praised the right people and didn't seem too self absorbed. If anyone can stay humble enough to straighten out his game with the incredible celebrity status already it's him.
  15. This thread pretty much sums Rivers up to the T. Brilliantly inconsistent.