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  1. MXC is available on Tubi TV. It's free to download, but likely already included on your device. I binged the first season one day with TR Jr and laughed until my face hurt. It holds up extremely well.
  2. Mars Needs Guitars is one of my favorite albums from my college days. Fun, fun album. Side note: In May, my son bought me a Cult “Sonic Temple” tshirt for my birthday. With the amount of compliments I’ve received from random people while wearing it, you’d think I was actually in the band.
  3. It’s July 4th. People shoot fireworks. Always have. It’s also in the middle of the most unique pandemic response any of us have ever lived through. Stay at home. Social distance. Kids out of school since Spring Break with a summer of no sleepovers or get togethers. Protests and riots. Oh, and fireworks shows everywhere get cancelled. Why some folks were so surprised/outraged by fireworks this year is beyond me. Blacks, whites, conservatives, liberals, poor, wealthy - everyone’s angry or offended, but every social circle loves to shoot off fireworks. We all buy them from the same tents on the side of the road, look at the demographics next time you’re buying some. They’re affordable for everyone, traditional for everyone, and fun as hell. And we all enjoy shooting the hell out of them on the same night. Yeah, some folks got crazy with the “just one night” thing, or started a week (or two) too early, happens every year. And I’ll agree, it was WAY more noticeable this year. But this year, can we really blame ourselves? Independence Day fireworks were one of the few “normal” things left to do in 2020 that didn’t have to follow its new rules and lifestyle changes. And I think a lot of people needed it.
  4. Y’all got a mattress? My dad had a ‘72 Dodge land boat, and I LOVED laying across the rear dash under the glass as we drove down the road. Mowing the yard at 10y/o, wearing flip flops, after pulling the starter cord with my foot on top of the mower. Jumping into my friend’s pool off the roof of his garage. We had to get a pretty good running start for that one. Buying a Rambo-style knife (with hollowed compass handle for storage) from the flea market, and then wearing it on my belt at the grocery store, mall, arcade, etc. Playing late night doorbell dash at random neighbors’ homes. No security cameras (but not many home invasions those days either.)
  5. A coworker of mine was in my home two Fridays ago. The following Monday he came down with symptoms & was tested for Covid-19 - he got his results Thursday that he was positive. He let me know, ASAP. Called my PCP, who told me to isolate at home. Thankfully, neither me nor my family have had any symptoms. I’ve been wary of every little cough, ache, etc throughout the house. We’ve literally stayed inside the house for a week, with the exception of going outside in the backyard. I was tested this past weekend, and was told today that I’m negative. Huge weight lifted off my shoulders for the safety of my family. Now I’m wondering how I’ll continue to dodge this virus, given that I’m “essential” and have to for back to work on Saturday. Scary times indeed...
  6. FYI, yesterday was my sons 9th birthday. We had a video conference call with 5 of his buddies who he hadn’t seen in a while. Big smiles and laughs for at least an hour. I surprised him and brought a cupcake with a lit candle into the room, and all the kids sang Happy Birthday to him. He smiled as big as I’d seen him, shook his fist at me, and whispered “thanks, Dad.” I got a little dusty & smiled back. Later we sat out front and waved at folks who were out walking/jogging. I live in an active neighborhood, but it’s been amazing to see so many people out walking, riding bikes, and just getting out. There are so many folks sitting outside on their porches & front steps. Little things, but overall, a good day at home thanks to some simple social interaction. Stay in touch with each other. Phone calls are nice, video is better, and talking across the yard is therapeutic for the spirit.
  7. My 9-year-old son and I are quarantined at home right now. I'm a single dad. Last week, a coworker came by for about 20 minutes to help with a home kitchen project. He tested positive 5 days later, and let me know immediately. I spoke with my PCP, who said that since my son & I were low risk, with no symptoms, to quarantine at home for the next week (which will end up being 14 total days since our exposure). Fortunately, I'd planned ahead and made sure we had enough food, meds, etc at home when the signs were pointing to pandemic. Thankfully we're both still asymptomatic. He's been on Spring Break, and I've been on preplanned vacation from work. Next week, I'll use paid sick leave, and his school is cancelled for the next two weeks. But home with a 9-year-old, only child has its challenges. How's it been? TR Jr. has been doing online math/reading for about 45 minutes each day. His music lessons moved to Zoom online, and that worked out great. We're finding a fine balance between outside playing in the yard when it's not raining, movies on Prime/Hulu/Netflix/Disney etc, and board games. Some reading. I'm catching up on "Vikings", when he goes to bed at night. We listen to Sirius XM during dinner and talk music. He's already an 70s-80s rock aficionado, so I treat it as "rock history". Yesterday we had a picnic out on the deck while grilling dogs and sitting by the fire pit. Tomorrow is his birthday. We hadn't planned a party this year due to virus concerns, but now he's not gonna be around anyone but me. So he'll do lots of Facetiming, play some Roblox with buddies, and pick whatever delivery food he wants for the day. I'm also planning on building a fire in the pit in the yard and playing "Corona Shoot Out" - we're gonna write thing like "COVID-19", "Quarantine," etc on his birthday balloons, tack them to the fence, and light 'em up with his BB gun. I'm trying to figure out some other cool birthday ideas for tomorrow/weekend, so if you've got a suggestion, let me know.
  8. Long post, but a "success" story... Background: Aside from a 2-year stint with Comcast, I've been with Directv for 20+years. Haven't been under a contract for several years. My channel package is the Xtra ($125/mo., includes most channels with the exception of premium movies). One main receiver and 2 wireless Mini-Genie receivers for the bedrooms. I also have Netflix and just signed up for Disney/Hulu/ESPN+ package for $12.99/month. Every year for about the past 10, I've made the call to have promotions applied to not pay full-price for the service. I speak to a retention agent and nicely but firmly ask to have my bill lowered to keep me happy. I always do my homework to see what promos DTV and Comcast are offering. DTV typically offers me $40 off/month for 12 months, and occasionally will throw in Sunday Ticket. I'm good with this routine to save some bucks, and to keep from having to switch services/billing/equipment. Last month, I had my roof replaced and decided not to have my dish remounted there. The day the roofers showed up, I signed up for a trial of YoutubeTV. Pretty nice, as it had most of what I watched. Then I tried Hulu Live TV. Less channels than YoutubeTV, but about the same for me. I decided that could live with either one for the going rate of $49/$45 per month, vs my $140/monthly DTV bill. I called Directv to set up cancellation, and said "cancel service" at the voice prompt. I was ready to pull the plug, and told the agent my reasons for doing so (since I already had the streaming service set up and running, it made my decision pretty easy). She was very customer service-oriented, and asked why I was leaving after so many years. I explained that it was basic economics, and cited the pricing of the two streaming services above. I was ready to cut the cord. But then I had a thought: if DTV could match the streamers' offer, and remount my dish on a pole at no charge, I'd stay. So I flat out pitched that idea to her. She said that my offer would be no problem, and offered me $60/month pricing for my current channels for a year, and free re-mounting of my dish on a pole. Nothing out of pocket for me. I asked for the remainder of Sunday Ticket, but she said she wouldn't be able to (no biggie for me, as I usually watch the Sunday games in the background while I'm tooling around the house anyway. ST is usually just a throw-in for me, as I've had it off & on for years and never paid for it). Best of all: no new contract. The day of the installation, the technician called 10 minutes before he was scheduled to show and asked if the underground lines had been marked ("Call Before You Dig"). They hadn't been, so he said he couldn't do the install. I called back and rescheduled (after complaining some, I got a one-time $20 credit applied for "no-show" of tech.) The rescheduled installation tech a few days later showed up without a mounting pole (another phone call from me yielded a 2nd one-time $20 credit). The 3rd installer got it right, installed a new dish where I requested in my side yard in a very good subtle location; he also provided & buried the cable inside some PVC-type protective pipe at my request. Since I had free Youtube, then Hulu, I never missed a beat from being able to watch any shows. So for the next 12 months, I'm paying about half of what my bill typically would be without any promotions. The missed installs were a pain to deal with, but I intentionally scheduled them when I was planning on being home all day to do some work anyway. Bottom line: if you're not under contract, and are prepared to actually leave DTV, you hold the cards. Be firm but nice & professional when talking with the cancellation/retention agent, and tell them what you're looking for. They can usually take care of you. Good luck!
  9. While watching Chapter 2 with my 8-year-old son (who is pretty knowledgeable about all things SW): "Dad, Jawas are basically Minions." The jabbering, laughing, clumsiness, herd-like lifestyle... yep, pretty much. I'm 46 and never made the connection.
  10. Several years ago when my son turned 3 or 4, he got a Lego Duplo Number Train. It’s basically a Lego train with cars they have numbers on them. It came with two figures, a conductor and a dog. The conductor wore a number “8” (zoom in on the driver of the train in my link above. I couldn’t help but think that a Lego designer was an REM fan who dropped that little morsel into his/her work.) I snapped a photo closeup if the conductor figure and put in on the Facebook, and asked people to guess which 80s alt/new wave song it referenced. It took about 10 replies, but one of my buddies finally got it.
  11. Terrible outings for me on Thursday between Lindsey & Hardman. I need to start 3 the following (1-PPR): T.Coleman, L.Murray, T.Lockett, J.Brown, Mike Williams (D.Henderson & D.Montgomery also on bench) Thanks.
  12. She actually makes a good brew, but was out of grounds in the pantry that morning. Has a prized collection of ceramic mugs that occupies two shelves in the cabinet. She’s also an excellent driver, but terrible with directions. Will converse with the Onstar operator during live, play-by-play directions while driving to an unknown location a few miles down the road.
  13. Just gonna throw some mainstream rock out here: EVH on the keys Don’t act like you’ve never air-keyed this solo before.
  14. My fiancée recently ran out of coffee at home one morning and ordered a McDonalds medium-size cup of joe delivered to her house. No food. $6.00 with tip. She lives less than a mile from McDonalds, a gas station, and the grocery store. Her reason: “it was my day off and I didn’t feel like getting out.”