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  1. She actually makes a good brew, but was out of grounds in the pantry that morning. Has a prized collection of ceramic mugs that occupies two shelves in the cabinet. She’s also an excellent driver, but terrible with directions. Will converse with the Onstar operator during live, play-by-play directions while driving to an unknown location a few miles down the road.
  2. Just gonna throw some mainstream rock out here: EVH on the keys Don’t act like you’ve never air-keyed this solo before.
  3. My fiancée recently ran out of coffee at home one morning and ordered a McDonalds medium-size cup of joe delivered to her house. No food. $6.00 with tip. She lives less than a mile from McDonalds, a gas station, and the grocery store. Her reason: “it was my day off and I didn’t feel like getting out.”
  4. I wouldn’t live like it was 1986, or party like it was 1999. But I could definitely Wang Chung tonight.
  5. Guy at my draft showed up drinking some of those “Truly” hard seltzers. After the second round, I’d start playing Lionel Richie during his picks. His team name: “Team Truly.”
  6. That’s a nice surprise, never heard that version before. I saw Journey live last year, and this was their 2nd song in their set after opening with “Separate Ways.” Those guys put on a fantastic show. Schon & Cain still make their music sound effortless.
  7. Wow, hard to believe “Goodbye To You” wasn’t a Top 40 hit. That song was everywhere.
  8. I might know some guys who are really close to y’all’s booth who may be able to help with that. They’re also good to know in case things go wrong 😉
  9. Any time The Hound uses that word = 💰 “I bet his hair is greasier than Joffrey’s ####!”
  10. @Anarchy99, I’ve gotta say... Lee Harvey, you are a maaadman!! When you stole that cow, and your friend tried to make it with the cow. I want to party with you, cowboy. ::Stripes::
  11. I don’t read spoilers/fansites, nor listen to podcasts, but I’m thinking that next week: • The Crypts end up becoming an Alamo/fall back-type situation once the human armies become overwhelmed. NK or some WW meet their doom down there at the hands of Arya & her spear. Varys sees something in one of the Starks (Sansa or Jon), that convinces him to sway his support to one of them “for the good of the realm.” • Jon loses his dragon in battle, but hooks back up with Ghost to defend the Crypts. Ice dragon is killed, & Drogon takes a beating, leaving him as the last remaining dragon. Dany & Drogon take off to Dragonstone to lick their wounds. • Beric dies, & The Hound takes up his flaming sword, finally facing his fear of the fire and embracing the Lord of Light. He then uses the fire sword to ultimately kill ZombieMountain, repaying him for throwing him into the fire when they were kids. • Red Woman reappears before/during the battle to turn the tide with some prayers & magic (blessing some swords to “flame on” in battle - that’d be pretty sweet.) She dies helping save Davos & some others by buying them some time with fire magic. • Deus ex machina: some random wildlings show up & add a lot of much-needed numbers to the Winterfell armies. • Ser Brienne. Sigh. We hardly knew ye. Jamie lives. Tormund goes berserker on a zombie giant when she dies, and then falls in a glorious battle death. • Cersei gets a raven hearing about devastation in Winterfell. She makes plans to take out Dany at Dragonstone. Stage set for final three episodes...
  12. Springsteen “Atlantic City” The Band “Atlantic City” Bruce’s version is vintage Springsteen, telling a dark, listenable story. But Levon Helm changes the whole song by giving it a lighter air that sounds like there’s hope.
  13. “It Might Get Loud” is an awesome rainy day lazy Sunday watch. It’s also very good on weeknights, weekends, etc. If you haven’t seen it (and I can’t imagine anyone in this thread who hasn’t), go. Very cool doc with three legends swapping stories and licks.
  14. ... and known to rock the microphone.
  15. I’m very satisfied with the finale. The story kept me intrigued throughout the series, and in the end, we got our answers. The bar fight was out of place, but had some good one liners from Roland. The biggest mystery to me was how he ended up in the parking lot alone with a bottle of Jack from behind the bar with the pour spout still attached. In the end, the story was about Hays and his life spent on the case... not the case itself.