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  1. I'm for the Bears winning every game. They're better than the Vikings and Eagles so I expect them to beat both. Anything can happen, though.
  2. Not remotely worried about the Vikings. I'd prefer the Bears to rest a few guys for at least a half this week.
  3. 2nd place in my big league where I didn't start a single player in the playoffs I drafted. I'll take it!
  4. .@ChicagoBears @Mtrubisky10 to all of his detractors out there : What don’t you like; What don’t you see. That was a virtuoso performance yesterday in a town that knows a lot about great QB play. #BaldysBreakdowns
  5. I know what he was asking. BALLARD over Pace? Please. Not even close. The Colts roster isn't in the same ballpark as the Bears. The Colts just have a healthy Luck now. But there's a handful of guys up there. Dorsey is definitely one of them.