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  1. I'm for the Bears winning every game. They're better than the Vikings and Eagles so I expect them to beat both. Anything can happen, though.
  2. Not remotely worried about the Vikings. I'd prefer the Bears to rest a few guys for at least a half this week.
  3. 2nd place in my big league where I didn't start a single player in the playoffs I drafted. I'll take it!
  4. .@ChicagoBears @Mtrubisky10 to all of his detractors out there : What don’t you like; What don’t you see. That was a virtuoso performance yesterday in a town that knows a lot about great QB play. #BaldysBreakdowns
  5. I know what he was asking. BALLARD over Pace? Please. Not even close. The Colts roster isn't in the same ballpark as the Bears. The Colts just have a healthy Luck now. But there's a handful of guys up there. Dorsey is definitely one of them.
  6. Glad Mariota's team didn't do last week what he's doing this week. Damn
  7. Looks like my luck finally ran out. Great game and great season, Binky. You had the best team.
  8. Now they're starting to pull it together. Eddie beig out is a big loss.
  9. Emotional game last week and came out flat. It happens. Get it together in 2nd half
  10. Oh Williams without question. I'm starting him with total confidence.
  11. Looks like John Kelly and a loss for me.