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  1. So glad the 2020 season was canceled due to covid. I would've hated to watch Auburn travel to Tuscaloosa yesterday and get their #### pushed in. REALLY HAPPY THAT NEVER HAPPENED.
  2. If I'm in charge of a program looking for a coach, I keep asking Matt Campbell to come to my school until he gets a restraining order against me.
  3. Oh, I've already bought a PSA 10, cracked it and will be resubmitting to BGS next week.
  4. uhhhhh...a pokemon card my daughter pulled from a box i bought her. eta: charizard can't tear his acl
  5. Sent in a specific card to Beckett for grading. The difference between a black label 10 and gold label 10 is somewhere between $6k - $7k. Stupid 9.5 centering. Everything else was a 10.
  6. I'm not a Mets fan, but why not Bradley instead of Springer? Keeps some money free for Realmuto & Bauer. I don't know, I'm an idiot, but this makes sense to me.
  7. Aloof

    Joe banned FDAS, because Joe doesn't play well with others.

  8. i like this alias better when it isn't posting

  9. I wish you could vote 0 stars

  10. YSR

    For the last time, I have no intention of sucking it.

  11. Aloof

    i'm up to 3, suck it.

  12. Smells like chicken