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  1. That is weird, besides if you want to take a shot at Georgia fans, you should make fun of Kennesaw State alums, BECAUSE THAT'S WHERE THEY ALL WENT.
  2. Can you mail one a day to Tanner for a week, instead?
  3. If FDAS wasn't banned, he'd probably tell you, he hopes you have twins.
  4. Aloof

    Joe banned FDAS, because Joe doesn't play well with others.

  5. i like this alias better when it isn't posting

  6. I wish you could vote 0 stars

  7. YSR

    For the last time, I have no intention of sucking it.

  8. Aloof

    i'm up to 3, suck it.

  9. Everyone, except Goggins, please continue discussing BBQ. I'll be in Austin in August and September. Also, if there's a bar with a fine selection of naked white women, feel free to mention those places also.
  10. Smells like chicken

  11. the strip clubs in mobile aren't that great.