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  1. Looking at all of the regulations that have been removed for corporations and industries that are in place to protect the general public. I believe there have been several on the EPA side and then this one was very recent. Allowing pork producers to do their own self inspections.
  2. Normally this would be a huge scandal. Any conservatives give a #### about this or just a free pass for the Trump admin again?
  3. Instagram or YouTube? If youtube, make sure you have the monetization turned on. I'd focus on continuing to build the subscriber base right now for future monetization. If she can transition that base to Instagram she can be put into a position to become a paid influencer as well.
  4. No...he's just a walking disaster, insult, corrupt and lying machine 24 x 7,
  5. The only time I shower at the gym is before/after the sauna. I miss it. ;(
  7. projection, projection, projection
  8. Trump: You know a choker they choke. Shooting a guy in the back many times couldn’t you have done something different... in the meantime he might have been going for a weapon... but they choke just like in a golf tournament they miss a 3 foot putt....
  9. He’s literally encouraging violence and chaos and supporting outside agitators coming into other people’s cities. This is ####### disgusting.