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  1. Didn’t he have open letter post saying he was leaving the forum about a year ago? lol
  2. Just six days after MLK was assassinated in 68 they passed significant changes to the 64 civil rights act. (removed discrimination concerning sale rental finanancing of housing based on race religion origin etc....)
  3. Did you purposely ignore the FBI memo or are you just trolling?
  4. I will say at both protests I’ve been to I’ve seen every single person wearing a mask and volunteer stations setup squiring hand sanitizer at multiple points along the routes.
  5. Bring out that old clip of Jon Stewart referencing “squirrel” in regards to our media.
  6. Hey guys, he’s telling the truth this time. Honestly. Just ignore the other 19,999 lies.
  7. I’m assuming the folks who fly the “don’t tread on me” flags are ready to join the protests? Oh wait...
  8. It sure seems this way in Portland and also just looking at the number of journalists that have been targeted. I think it is close to 200 incidents now.
  9. Speaking from on the ground experience in Portland, I’d say more than 95% of the protesters are peaceful and are not looking to riot or cause friction. I was the PDX Portland protest last night and there were thousands and thousands of people protesting peacefully marching across the city and ending up downtown to hear speakers and activists. I’ll post some of my videos from last night.
  10. “Yes...I know we’ve been here 3 and a half years, but i want to do it THIS weekend...okay?”
  11. This dude is a hero. He let in peaceful protesters in DC when they had nowhere else to go. (Video from this morning) (Video last night when he first let them in)
  12. The optics are just bad on this and the insulated maga crowd are the only ones who can't see it. This was a stunt in the wake of the events of the past week and even going back to the death toll of corona surpassing 100,000. There hasn't been any type of moment of silence, leadership, signs of compassion or empathy addressing the nation. Things erupted over the weekend and through Sunday night we still had not heard from the president as cities exploded across the country. Nothing...not a word. Then this is the first opportunity to say something and the message is to show respect for the church?