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  1. I'm trying to understand the support from the right. I asked what was the most attractive positions she has that draw conservative support and the only answer I got was "she wants to bring the troops home." Completely agree with that one, but it's been a liberal/progressive position for decades.
  2. Is it the transcript? Yes or No only please.
  3. Of course. Same is true with all the Tulsi Gabbard stuff going on with conservative republicans.
  4. You don't state facts. You said there was a transcript from the call, yet you still can't produce a link after being called to task multiple times. There was a summary from the WH, not a transcript. Maybe you don't understand the difference.
  5. The other item that happened this week which makes his comment even worse, is that Emmett Till's grave site had to be replaced with a bullet proof casing.
  6. I had one with my mom two weeks ago when I called and left a voicemail.
  7. But they love when black unemployment looks good!!!!
  8. MAGA Mindset:
  10. It's on purpose to divert and distract. Shameful (but not surprising) especially on the heels of the black wall st. massacre which was just yesterday.
  11. That liberal NYT put her email story on the front page what 15 or 16 times??? They put this story on page 16. LIBRUAL MEDIA BRUH!