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  1. Is this how you talk in real life? Cause that would be cool.
  2. Just did an 8.53 - short run 1.3m but I was very surprised I was able to push further than last fri. Only really running fridays and once during the week. It's about 90 bazillion degrees out too but it didn't really phase me until near the end. Recovered quicker too. Man I need to just keep running as I freakin love it. Glad the ffa has an awesome community for that.
  3. Have you ever had butter on a poptart?
  4. Ranch mixed with hot sauce mixed with ketchup =
  5. Saw them at what used to be the Tweeter Center in MA in the 2000s (I think after they released meteora)... fantastic concert. Wasn't a fan of their later stuff but I love meteora. RIP
  6. I'd rather eat a bottle of ketchup than a plain hot dog
  7. No, not unless you root your phone.
  8. Agree with this list except for KC. I don't think there is anyway the Pats lose to them.
  9. They sort of wrapped it up. The writers knew at the time that the show might be canceled, so they wrote in a final episode that could serve as an ending but that they also could easily come back from and continue the story. The acting in that show was pretty bad and the writing wasn't great, but I thought the story was interesting and there was a lot more to tell and do within that universe.
  10. Also the android is definitely one of those "women you oddly find attractive."
  11. Just started watching this show on Netflix and am on ep4 of season 2. Started off super cheesy, but it was interesting enough and the rough corners of he characters rounded out enough that I'm now really enjoying he show. I was adamant that I would not watch any syfy shows after they canceled defiant (still pissed about that, considering it was their #1 freaking show at the time), but this is a fun show.
  12. Take it to the politics subforum, folks.
  13. Hmmm.... I've never tried to retrieve deleted data from an iPhone before, but I would imagine the principles are the same as a normal storage device. They make free software to do this on oses like windows and they work quite well, given you run th shortly after deleting what you want to recover (so to be sure they aren't overwritten). Try this:
  14. Maybe build a website dedicated to yoga pants.