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  1. Alice. She seems like she'd be wild in the sack. what was the question?
  2. There you go you old pervs.
  3. I take star trek seriously, my wife seriously, and FFA confessions seriously.... not much else.
  4. It's proportional to my drunkedness
  5. This isn't some political thread - don't take things so seriously, junior.
  6. Watching The Mind's Eye, a great TNG episode. As a side note: anytime I italicize something in my life now, I always thing of @Raider Nation, since he italicizes at least one word per post.
  7. Can I get a copy of this to post?
  8. Pretty sure I was browsing the other dozen way more interesting threads that were available then before the FFA became the freakin political forum. So, in other words, I don't really care about this.
  9. About to make another drink to sway my judgement to the poor side, so if you want me to post something, better ask soon.
  10. What, are we living in 2017 Trump dictatorial times? Dictatorial Is that right?
  11. The FFA would be so much better if we could all post images, don't you agree?