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  1. I think that's still the plan, but I still firmly believe this will change. They are releasing the episodes on Netflix to essentially ever other country except for the US and Canada. It's just odd. I'm guessing they announced that early on to test the waters and see what kind of response they would get to determine if they could get enough trekkies to pay for the service. Hopefully thats a big fat no and they'll just release it on Netflix to the US and Canada too.
  2. 13 year old given "joke" award of being the most likely to become a terrorist. Paging Tanner to the oddly ticking courtesy phone.
  3. The slow tolls on 93N this time of year are the fast tolls and the fast tolls are the slow tolls. Civil engineering genius, or clash of morons that slow down at the fast toll not knowing what the hell it is?? - I'm looking you Mass, Connecticut, and New York. GET OUT OF MY STATE!!! ! !! !!! !
  4. This is part of my thinking. Sounds like it's more worth it to look for a house that already has one, particularly if they are frequently ignored by buyers that don't want a pool (lower market value?).
  5. Talk to me about inground pools. Are they we're the cost and trouble? Are they crazy expensive to put in? Is there a limit on how deep they can be? I grew up with an inground pool and hope our next buy will include one, but I'm also interested in putting one in if we find a place without one. But I'm not sure it's all worth it. Any thoughts?
  6. In Soviet Russia, giant truck drives you!!
  7. Can't comment without first
  8. I don't know six of those words...
  9. Take the do over willie and accept my answer as the real one. Only way to save face.
  10. I've sang spicegirls aloud in my car along with my wife.
  11. I mean, this is a judge-free thread here folks.
  12. As long as it was consensual, what's shameful about that?