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  1. The ability to time travel
  2. This is wrong. Also, if they did this, enjoy paying $500 more per month to pay for the service.
  3. I think there's a strong possibility Lewis could be cut before the season starts.
  4. Actually it looks like a mesh system. I didn't dig into the details, but each AP seems to be autonomous with WIFI routing protocols that form a mesh WLAN and are configured through a centralized interface. It's neat that they run protocols to detect the best channel for each hop (maybe that's common, but I'm guessing not). I'd take a whirl on those if I was looking for a really solid solution to cover tons of areas in my house. One point it makes is about learning your usage and adjusting to anticipate needs, but that sounds a bit fishy to me. Otherwise, just from briefly looking at their site and specs, it seems like it could be a good system.
  5. First world animal kingdom problems.
  6. Setup an outside strobe light. That'll teach them.
  7. Political threads Political parties Politics Politicking Polio Polly
  8. Punch her in the face, just as a reminder that she's the lucky one.
  9. Sounds boring.
  10. Well my Siamese needs an extracurricular activity. And the folks in that potatoes diet thread may as well as identify as a potatoe at this point.
  11. Also, if no one has seen the blurays of TNG (netflix has them), they are unbelievable. Compare them to the originals and it's nuts. They had to rescan all of the negatives and repiece the series together to get the bluray quality. Unfortunately, they probably won't do the same for DS9 or Voyager, as the TNG blurays weren't as profitable as they anticipated.
  12. Good cast lineup for this show - one of the dead walking dead characters coming over to the new series. Also, in other news, finished TNG series again and starting up DS9 again. Pumped.
  13. This. Either separate all gender indentities or everything is coed. I'm fine either way, which is what is important here.
  14. Move to Alaska. Problem solved.