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  1. My wife and I just had a spat (a recurring theme) about her friends and my unwillingness to want to be over their domicile's (another story). I was definitely a ####. She went out to get some things (ended up inviting said friends over our place). So when she came back I played this on the TV and told her to listen. And it totally worked.
  2. Is that one to those blue law type of deals? Pretty dumb law. Should've probably been arrested for carrying a sword around in public instead. Pretty good job on the makeup, though.
  3. I need to watch more American Dad. I also watched Futurama when it first started, but never got back into it after that. Maybe need to take another run there too. Agree that FG has fallen off quite a bit over the past few seasons. I can watch reruns into season 12/13 and enjoy almost every episode, but after that the episodes definitely lose some steam.
  4. @Ice
  5. How much for the fitbit alta?
  6. I.... I don't think you get how this works.
  7. I hear he was one of those teachers, if you get my italacism.
  8. I've longed wondered where do folks fall on these two questions. I am clearly a huge Family Guy fan, but grew up watching The Simpsons. The Simpsons will go down in history as the better show, but Family Guy is really so much funnier and entertaining, IMO.
  9. He was permaband, right? Or did he simply leave? Oh and @LHUCKS
  10. With @SWC back recently and the missing FBGs thread, I thought we could use a place where we try to woo fellow FBGs back to the FFA. Use whatever tactics you think are necessary, but pick one FBG you would like to woo back to the FFA and at least tag them in a post. Perhaps with enough post likes, the missing FBGer will realize how much he/she is missed in the FFA. My official nomination is @TheIronSheik I've missed his weather updates, lawn mowing adventures, and otherwise posting mannerisms. ITS - you are greatly missed!
  11. I have some serious acid reflux for which I take lansoprazole for. Couldn't eat or drink anything - water, bread, milk, etc without having acid reflux. Now I could drink pure lava and feel amazing. I'm sure it's doing damage over time, but who cares, I'll be old then.
  12. Coke meth beer hahahahaha oh you're serious?
  13. That's good to know. Networking is my interest and really my core competency right now and studying for the CCNA has actually been enjoyable. I was thinking of going right onto studying for my CCNP after that, but I've heard that studying for certs in adjacencies helps one's employability, but I'm definitely more interested in focusing on my growth on the Cisco track to eventually get the CCIE. But anyway, seriously appreciate the advice. It's a bit exciting right now to be in a place where I'm getting (and have) solid experience but also working on developing my expertise in networking technologies. But I do feel a little lost sometimes in wondering if continuing that vertical climb on the Cisco track makes sense, so reading your thoughts is appreciated.