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  1. I'm watching MASH though for the first time. I've seen many epsidoes as reruns, but not the whole series linearly. One question I have is, being at the end of season 3, why did they kill Henry.instead if just letting him go home? I just don't get what killing him added that he wasn't getting with going home and need someone to explain it to me.
  2. I hear ya, but I feel one play shouldn't define someone's career, particularly that one that everyone points to (additionally, it was a horrendous throw).
  3. I'd take Welker in any clutch play over Edelman, but to each there own.
  4. I think Edelman is fantastic, but I still think he has a bit to go to be considered better than Welker was. I think the numbers would back that up too, but I could be wrong. I know your not knocking Welker and this isn't addressed to you at all, but I think he has been snubbed by so many Pats fans since his departure. He was just so clutch and had an unreal ability to make guys miss and gain YAK. I'd say Edelman is faster, a better punt returner, and a more versatile player player, but Welker had better quickness, was more reliable (health wise) and an overall better receiver. They're probably pretty equal in terms of hands I'd say.
  5. He's a great recurring actor in the series. As i watch the series' over and over, I see more and more recurring actors. I knew of several already, but there are many more than I previously realized.
  6. Among many topics, one thing I've always struggled with in the series is determining the physical strength of species relative to each other. Here's what I assume in terms of the order of strength of species: Android (data) Borg Klingon Hunters Jemhadar Vulcans Gorn And then a group that is of similar strength: Humans Romulans Cardassians Xindi (obviously different species mixed in here) Andorians Betazeds Trills And then Ferengi, although there is a reference of them being exceptionally strong (kind of like how dwarves are perceived as in fantasy realms).
  7. Former Patriots Lester Williams (NT) passed away on Wednesday (58). He played on the Pats from 82-85, which is before my time. Anyone remember his play? I like to hear about how folks who I never got to see play for the team were viewed during there time.
  8. How would you know if a VPN was selling your data? Do they have to tell you? Can they write an obscure privacy policy suggesting they protect your info but are legally allowed to still sell it without you knowing? How many VPN customers actually read privacy policies and among those how many could determine whether the policy actually prevents the VPN provider from selling your info? What if VPN services aggregate data geograohically in such a way that each set contains data of 5 customers... since your info is aggregated and not sold individually, is that much different? I'm talking from a standpoint of ignorance, not knowing much about privacy and law and such, but those are the concerns that come to mind.
  9. Not familiar with Macs, but 128 on Windows is tough, unless you have another drive you are pushing user profiles and other data to. It really depends on how much data/applications you have. I'd recommend, without knowing those details, going with 256. You should be able to get a 256 for 100-150, maybe even cheaper with some good deals. Oh and a 128 USB drive is completely different and those differences are why it's cheaper.
  10. Why does anyone trust their VPN provider won't sell the history of their customers? I imagine some have privacy policies stating they won't, but I'm not sure I'd trust any VPN provider anymore than my ISP. That said, the only thing I don't like about this whole thing is it's really double dipping for the ISPs. If they want to sell my history, sure, just give me a discount on my service and pass some of that back my way.
  11. Stubble - 1\8 head and face once every week, sometimes go two weeks. Wish I had a flowbee.
  12. I manage a few desktops and they suck. The small asus laptops they make are so underpowered that they don't last longer than a few years, and people who don't understand buy them because they are cheap and small, not realizing they are buying peices of junk. Of course everyone has brands they like and hate so I'm sure I'm jaded by my experiences, but that's all I have to go on. And I'd never by an asus for myself.
  13. What a coincidence, every time I hear stamp collecting I think of this:
  14. Probably ball cancer. im not a Mac guy, but surfaces blow. I'd never buy one and wouldn't give one to my worst enemy. get a decent hp, Lenovo, dell, etc. just don't get an asus or those mini turds that are tossed about. the ssd and upgrade in memory will certainly help, but a laptop from 2011 might have a processor that bottlenecks with certain applicaions, so you might still see an increase in sluggishness. Additionally, older laptops usually generate more heat overtime, which further hampers processors and boards, as they ramp down performance to prevent an overheating situation. But, you'll definitely see a bump in performance in almost anything you do with that ssd in there.
  15. I'd be fairly surprised if they cut Amendola. I do agree that it's possible we'll see two WRs make it to the practice squad. I'd guess the WRs that are locks to make the roster include: Edelman, Amendola, Cooks, Hogan, Mitchell. I think either Hollister, Carr, and Lucien potentially make the roster as a WR/special teamer, with either of the others (or both) making the practice squad. Slater might end up on IR, given that he possibly suffered a serious injury last week (or the week before, can't recall) during camp.
  16. Why not? Based on this comment, I recommend you philatel more often.
  17. I only philatel when the wife's not home. ok, sometimes when she's home too.
  18. the NFL blows. It's the freaking preseason and there are no great options for watching an in market game. Ota is not optional and everything else costs way more than what the damn preseason is worth. I typically stream regular season games on my phone with Verizon, but no, can't do the preseason because it's freaking special.