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  1. Sounds weird, but could it be what's setting her back with concussions symptoms too? I'd think that that could create some pressure in aural cavity and screw with her equilibrium.
  2. Then why am I still here? I feel like I've been lied to because I've had about enough of the censorship bull#### that I'm being subjected to.
  3. Seriously? Its a post agreeing with you and you still make it sound like you're out alone on a island fighting this battle by yourself
  4. I most certainly did not tell you to effin leave. Look at the post. There's no profanity or ###### in that post and no record of it being edited
  5. Because another group has done more makes the other obsolete, or less of a threat? Is this what you're trying to tell us?
  6. Been there, done that. I always go out on that first Friday of the tourney. I won't get a work call on a Friday for months. Somehow, someway, without fail, on that day, the pocket starts vibrating.
  7. Nothing better than the good old 8:40 PM on Sunday work calls when you've been drinking since noon, amirte?
  8. @mr furley - could you please describe this ice? Did it have a color?
  9. Decided that I have little faith in this league being around for 4-5 years so why try and account for that scenario. I’m going to go with Trout.
  10. That way Obama can account for everything when he finally lives up to his prophecy and comes to take them all away.