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  1. My favorite Neil Diamond song is that one he wrote about the time he killed a drifter to get an erection.
  2. Bacon, onion, giardiniera
  3. Executable offense
  4. And while we were able to see him over Labor Day weekend, it was at someone else's house. Today he came home for the weekend
  5. Then how do you suggest they go about the survey, Mr Gallop?
  6. start hiding big gulps?
  7. This is great. How do you even let him swing the bat?
  8. The one that RW just put there 23 minutes ago. You didn't see it this morning?
  9. I told you that it wasn't worth it. As a matter of fact, I told you twice! Take it or keep on fantasizing about my actions. Your choice.
  10. You can stop pandering now. We're obviously well past 'seem like'
  11. com·plic·it kəmˈplisit/ adjective adjective: complicit involved with others in an illegal activity or wrongdoing. "all of these people are complicit in some criminal conspiracy"
  12. When someone prefaces a comment with something to the effect of "I'll give you the answer you want to hear" there's a 90% chance that they're ####### with you. Let's use the below exchange as an example Now....Would you care to guess if my response was in the 90% or the 10%?