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  1. As of last night, the word "Chicago" has only been posted on this site 7 times.
  2. Let me get this straight.... everyone else is doing it here, but you’re the one with the real balls and not hiding it. Do I have that right?
  3. A masterful display of pulling those proverbial strings, Mr Henson. I hope you sleep well tonight.
  4. When it comes down to the crux of this whole thing, weren’t you the one counting likes in the first place so you could come up with your super-genius theory? Again, your lack of self awareness is mindboggling.
  5. Based on the confusion behind having a conversation with your wife about a transgendered 6 year old, I beg to differ
  6. Wait! I’m confused. Whose the victim here, you or xyz?
  7. I have absolutely zero issue with this when it comes to my interactions with FC. Since he’s so hung up on the like system around here, go ahead and look at what comments in this thread that are garnering them. Majority of them are the ones calling him out for being exactly what he’s always been on this site. And you know why that is? Becuse he has given me, as well as many others around here, plenty of evidence to pass that judgment upon him. And to be honest, I have no tolerance for his type and will continue to call him out on his bull#### when it’s appropriate.
  8. I can’t even begin to explain how stupid this crackpot theory of yours is. Please don’t ever stop reminding us that you not only buy into, but actually conceived it.
  9. On how many different levels are you trying to embarrass yourself in this thread? I mean you are trying to, right? You have to be
  10. MOP could tell FC that he lacks self awareness and I wouldn’t even consider calling him a hypocrite. That’s how far out of MOPs league this clown is.
  11. About that jumping to conclusions thing......