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  1. Sorry to spotlight, but all too fitting We Make Holes In Teeth!
  2. Epic Problem

    Dirtiest Play In Sports?

    Racki on Sutton has to be up there.
  3. Epic Problem

    Dirtiest Play In Sports?

    That play likely derailed a dynasty. McMahon's now lost for the season and that opened up the door for all of the Doug Flutie based inner fighting crap and it was all downhill from there. Not feeling all that bad that he died at 45 from kidney failure.
  4. Epic Problem

    Dirtiest Play In Sports?

    Claude Lemeiux / Kris Draper
  5. Epic Problem

    Dirtiest Play In Sports?

    Wouldn't say that my thread would be an easy find
  6. Epic Problem

    Dirtiest Play In Sports?

    Dale Hunter says hello
  7. Was in the car for about 2.5 hours today and Spotify worked its randomizing way into this. Great song
  8. Epic Problem

    AL MVP race

    Never thought we’d see the day where posty was wrong about something, but here we are
  9. Epic Problem

    ______ Passed Away Today, RIP

    Just a beast on guitar.
  10. And somehow you have no issue with a team being called the Packers
  11. Awesome. No idea how I missed out on these guys those 30 years ago, but have grown to love them over the last 10-15 years
  12. Just saw them in Aug/Sept. They killed it.
  13. Epic Problem

    A note to my coworker ...

    When it’s 4:30 and there’s going to be a constant flow of people fleeing this hell we call work, you might want to avoid blindly darting into the elevator, assuming no one is on it, when you’re getting on on the first floor.