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  1. Well I'm clearly getting lowballed. I honestly thought 2 seconds would be a good trade for him but I didnt suggest the trade because I want quite sure where to value him just yet. But I've only been offered Eddie Jackson chi s and a late 4th lol. Safeties are on the wire every year. I'll keep ya guys updated if it progresses any further. I appreciate the feedback for sure.
  2. Sup guys, I'm in a Te premium (1ppr vs .5 ppr for rb and wrs) I've been getting alot of feelers sent to me about chris Herndon. I'm not really sure where to value as I didnt see him play much and I know he has a lot of upside still. In weak at wr and strong at te. Any thoughts?
  3. .5 ppr for wr 1 ppr for te Pick 2 Engram , Olsen, arob
  4. I started his punk a** too lol but other then that I have nothing to contribute
  5. First line starter... I'd grab john kelly instead.
  6. It's my fault guys. I traded for fournette then he retweaked his hammy. Then packages fournette for Melvin n he hurt his hammy then abruptly traded and over paid as the rest of my deals for jones and bam... hammy. I will notify you all of further moves I make
  7. .5 ppr 100 yard bonus (lol prob no chance ) Rojo or barner?
  8. I remember Hakeem Nick's getting a catch like for a td during his rookie year. Stat line looked good but it proved nothing for nicks. In short it counts but not as much as him burning a CB for a long td even if his qb missed him.
  9. I've got a few offers as well. I dont think his value has matched his production yet from what I've recieved. I'm holding and trying to move Jimmy Graham instead(dynasty)
  10. As a dynasty owner of both him and littleton I wonder what barrons return will do to little tons production. I honestly dont know if Barron will steal snaps from him in anyway. Anyone have any insight on this?