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  1. Waldman work in the rsp is well worth the money. The amount of prospects he gives insight on is amazing. Theres no way I could devote the time to do what he does. It is a tool though. I like to read through and confirm what I've seen on tape from guys but also it tends to point out things and prospects i didnt have on my radar. I was all in on Kamara his rookie year and "over drafted " him in every league and i used his rsp as one of my tools in that decision. The rsp is an awesome read every year. As with anything you have to use your own judgment on how to perceive the data.
  2. Yes every year. Google waldmans rookie scouting portfolio. Well worth the money
  3. Well I'm clearly getting lowballed. I honestly thought 2 seconds would be a good trade for him but I didnt suggest the trade because I want quite sure where to value him just yet. But I've only been offered Eddie Jackson chi s and a late 4th lol. Safeties are on the wire every year. I'll keep ya guys updated if it progresses any further. I appreciate the feedback for sure.
  4. Sup guys, I'm in a Te premium (1ppr vs .5 ppr for rb and wrs) I've been getting alot of feelers sent to me about chris Herndon. I'm not really sure where to value as I didnt see him play much and I know he has a lot of upside still. In weak at wr and strong at te. Any thoughts?
  5. .5 ppr for wr 1 ppr for te Pick 2 Engram , Olsen, arob
  6. I started his punk a** too lol but other then that I have nothing to contribute
  7. First line starter... I'd grab john kelly instead.
  8. It's my fault guys. I traded for fournette then he retweaked his hammy. Then packages fournette for Melvin n he hurt his hammy then abruptly traded and over paid as the rest of my deals for jones and bam... hammy. I will notify you all of further moves I make
  9. .5 ppr 100 yard bonus (lol prob no chance ) Rojo or barner?
  10. I remember Hakeem Nick's getting a catch like for a td during his rookie year. Stat line looked good but it proved nothing for nicks. In short it counts but not as much as him burning a CB for a long td even if his qb missed him.
  11. I've got a few offers as well. I dont think his value has matched his production yet from what I've recieved. I'm holding and trying to move Jimmy Graham instead(dynasty)