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  1. bump still looking for the right fit send me an email and i'll provide more specifics if you're interested.
  2. bump. still one spot left. the dispersal draft will be sched. as soon as this last spot is filled, then proceeding into offseason events afterwards.
  3. I’d put the order of needs like this; 1) back end roaming FS. There’s an opportunity to solidify this defense right now with a guy with that skill set. Can’t count on Montae. 2) another edge rusher. You can never have too many. 3) TE. One that can play in run and pass sets. 4) WR. I put this spot lower than most because I just don’t see too many contributing right away in the NFL. The needs above can contribute more immediately. 5) OL. Ideally a guard, but I don’t think the transition for Flowers is gonna be a problem. Need a back up swing tackle, too. Christian looked lost. 6) RB. Last yr for AP and I’d like to see some more explosion behind Guice after 2019. 7) honorable mention: CB.
  4. well, if these first two picks ultimately go south, boys, it's all my fault. I said earlier Haskins was worth a slight trade up imo and the only other player worth consider @ 15 was Sweat. We got em both. could not be more pleased.
  5. The only other guy that should have remotely crossed their mind was Sweat.
  6. I’m sure I’m in the minority here, but I would not mind a reasonable trade up to get Haskins. Being a MD fan and watching a ton Big 10(or whatever they call it these days) I liked him a lot.
  7. Come on guys. dont be too hard on the Caps. they got us a title in DC.
  8. Fellow FF owners, I'm looking for 3 owners to round out our dynasty league. I have 3 open rosters and will be employing a dispersal draft approach utilizing those 3 rosters components. Here's some highlights on the format. It's a comprehensive yet structured league w/ a good group of guys. This is a GM simulation league. League highlights: 12 teams/2 divisions NFL theme LeagueSafe ($100.00 annually) Emphasis on mutual support MFL host site 30 man rosters w/ 4 taxi squad spots Starting lineups 2QB/2RB/3WR/1TE/1K/2Flex $1000.00 hard cap w/ mechanisms for cap penalties built in to the system Contract league Annual free agency auctions Annual rookie draft UFA/RFA/TP/FP player designations to make you think about player retention and strategize how you construct your roster Unique player designation mechanics Player contract escalation clause 6 team playoff field PPR scoring format If the above looks interesting, shoot me an email and we'll talk more specifics on the format/mechanics/structure and the dispersal draft over the phone. I will answer any questions you may have and we'll see if we're a fit. Thanks! David.
  9. Good news Matt I was signed to a 3 yr extension for what looks like it could be a bargain. Nice to see young pieces being locked up for the foreseeable future.