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  1. Bronco Billy

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    Huh. He wasn’t acting like a little ***** when he got $25M in bonuses before ever taking a snap under his current contract. Now he thinks it’s unfair and below market? He should have thought about that when he signed it and elected to give up some of that bonus money to get more salary on the backside. Of course, that wouldn’t have been very smart on his part, would it?
  2. Bronco Billy

    Betting Trends Discussion - (Was $$$$$$$)

    And yet you, the self annoited gambling expert who is so big on trends didn’t know this little snack: New England Patriots QB Tom Brady is 24-4 playing in sub-30-degree weather and 5-1 when the temperature is below 20 degrees. Yet you said earlier you lean to KC.
  3. Bronco Billy

    QB Kyler Murray Oklahoma

    Mack vs Murray
  4. Bronco Billy

    LA vs LA

    LA doesn’t deserve it. The city hasn’t supported the NFL for a long time despite the league’s repeated attempts to maintain a franchise there. It would be a travesty, and most especially egregious for the fans in SD and StL who backed these franchises and got left swinging in the wind.
  5. Bronco Billy

    Betting Trends Discussion - (Was $$$$$$$)

    I get it. You’re the guy who provokes a fight to show everyone how tough he is, gets beaten bloody but just can’t resist throwing off some insults as the other guy shows mercy and walks away, then can’t understand why the guy came back and curbstomped him. Your act is tired, old, and hardly original, so this will be my last response in this thread. I’ll offer a last piece of advice - that I’m certain you aren’t capable of taking, but I’ll try anyhow: when you find yourself standing deep in a hole, it’s a sign of good judgment and maturity that you admit it and ask for some help out rather than continuing to keep digging.
  6. Bronco Billy

    CJ Anderson

    If this guy signs with the Rams moving forward, he’s going to really diminish Gurley, but the Rams are going to be damned close to unbeatable. They’ll be able to hand the ball off 35 times a game and gash Ds with the high ypc, but Goff may not suffer too much with the improved opportunities when Ds are forced to load the box. Fewer attempts but his ypa could be outrageous.
  7. Bronco Billy

    Betting Trends Discussion - (Was $$$$$$$)

    And there’s why you lose. Next time ask someone knowledgable to break it down from a football standpoint. You can get a lot of help here at this board doing that. Or just keep paying your bookie.
  8. Bronco Billy

    Betting Trends Discussion - (Was $$$$$$$)

    Well, actually he lost
  9. Bronco Billy

    Betting Trends Discussion - (Was $$$$$$$)

    Do what the really smart gambler does and double down on your next sure thing.
  10. Bronco Billy

    Betting Trends Discussion - (Was $$$$$$$)

    This is the reason Vegas makes a fortune. Guys like Zeno are their bedrock.
  11. Bronco Billy

    Kickoffs are Stupid and Bad

    Only because you aren’t interested in hearing arguments contrary to your position. Guys like you like to break things in the name of fixing them. Football is a game of field position, down, and distance. Kickoff returns offer both teams an opportunity to improve field position in what is an exciting open field exchange of the ball. But you of course know better than anyone and everyone before you who has played, coached, or enjoyed watching the game because you’re certain you know how to improve the game - and everyone else just has to listen to you because you’re the smartest guy in the room. Here’s a clue: you’re not. I’m not either, but then I’m not the one telling everyone how wrong they are. .
  12. Bronco Billy

    Kickoffs are Stupid and Bad

    Spoken like a true numbers geek who doesn’t “get” the game of football.
  13. Bronco Billy

    Kickoffs are Stupid and Bad

    I’m not trying to change the game. Why would I choose an alternative. You’re the one trying to change it to your vision. You just can’t stand it if people like what you oppose, so you have to wreck it for them. And yes, the contact is a fundamental part of the game and part of what makes it great. It’s why there isn’t a National Flag Football League that is making hundreds of millions of dollars. What’s your next mission? Taking the contact out of wrestling? .
  14. Bronco Billy

    Kickoffs are Stupid and Bad

    That the rules have been changed to water down the product doesn’t change my opinion or my reasons for it. Ummm, in case you haven’t noticed, the game of football involves guys smashing into each other. Just go watch soccer or curling and leave the game of football be for those of us who enjoy what it is meant to be. If it’s just too violent for you then choose something else more palettable to your mild constitution to watch.
  15. Bronco Billy

    Kickoffs are Stupid and Bad

    The contact. The much more difficult task of trying to run an organized play under chaotic circumstances. The establishment of a change of possession play that starts in the open field. The kamikaze mentailty of special team players who may not otherwise be talented enough to earn a living in the NFL but are given this opportunity to stick on teams and perhaps develop. That it embodies a lot of the traits of what football is about. The sheer entertainment value. .