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  1. My philosophy is pretty simple. If I see a guy that I think will make my team better, I send an offer that gives the other owner a reason to accept. I want to make the trade go and I don’t mind helping their team out as long as I’m sure my team is getting stronger. I don’t want to be the owner that other teams think is trying to screw them or is disrespectful of their FF ability. I want the chance of more trades with them in the future.
  2. I guess I’m being awfully negative, but given all this crazy pre-draft hype for a guy who is not showing us anything in pre-draft workouts and didn’t get the near the workload his talent would have demanded in college for that program just doesn’t add up. I’m just really suspicious that something is way off here and that’s enough for me to put up a red flag. This wouldn’t be the first time that the “experts” swooned over a guy who looked sexy in very limited college action and in tees and shorts and then couldn’t play a lick in the NFL.
  3. If he’s the supposedly best RB on the team per draft experts and can create huge plays in both the run game and passing game, yet he’s not getting the ball in that situation? Yeah, that is weird.
  4. Yet there he was, in all those blowouts, getting little work in the second half of games. This is a guy who averaged less than 10 touches a game - not 10 rushes, but 10 touches - on a team where 3rd string opportunities were plentiful in the 4th quarter and there was every chance to run the ball a ton. Proponents are telling us that this guy, the best RB in the draft playing for arguably the best team in the country for arguably the best coach in college football - the coach who saw him everyday at workouts and practices - couldn’t find a way to get at least 10 touches a game in those situations on that team with that coach?
  5. I absolutely factor into my RB assessments the support factor. I’m very cautious about RBs who ran behind dominant O lines and WRs who blocked downfield, or RBs who played in air raid style offenses. On the other hand, I upgrade guys who didn’t have a lot of support and still produced. Those guys performed in more NFL style environments where the holes are much skinnier and close much quicker. Those guys already understand what it takes to run in a pro environment and can often hit the ground running (pun intended) at the next level.
  6. Yeah, but he also wasn’t the most productive RB on that team, and you have to wonder how much of that success lies on his overtly dominant O line, supporting cast, and play calling as opposed to his own ability. People seem to have learned to factor that in with WIS RBs. I’m wondering if the same shouldn’t happen with ‘Bama RBs. .
  7. Beckham could probably use a little Midwest attitude adjustment. This move could possibly provide a calming effect in his life. As to CLE - it’s got a horrible rep from its past, but based upon first hand experience its currently a pretty good place to be. The people as a whole have always been good, but the downtown revitalization has really turned the city around. Some pretty good nightlife now.
  8. I’m guessing the movement happens on draft day when someone is left without a QB when the music stops in the first 5-8 picks. The rookie pickings look to be pretty slim this year after Murray and Haskins. I liked Lock’s chances right up until he got the radar gun put on his passes. I’m pretty sure that after the top 2 guys this year that teams will see the risks outweigh the potential in burning a 1st rounder on any other QBs in this draft. So the jockeying will occur in the top 5 to draft Haskins and after that AZ will likely have multiple suitors bidding on Rosen. Worst case - AZ carries 2 young QBs, gets to choose the better of the 2 to keep, and moves the other in the future. SD made out okay using a similar model. .
  9. Remember hearing this stuff this time of the year about 7 years ago about another ‘Bama RB? Runs angry. Soft hands. Powerful. Never has to come off the field. Has all the tools.
  10. There’s this site called Google. Go there, type in “odell beckham problems” and be prepared for about 3 solid days worth of reading.
  11. Thanks for the laugh, as unintentional as it was on your part. You truly are the guft that never stops giving.
  12. Here’s the problem - given his track record to date, no one (probably including the Browns) can figure out what is in this guy’s head and what it means moving forward. If he’s a STer, that’s not such a big deal. If he's being counted on to be an integral part of a team on the rise and poised to make a statement, that’s a whole different deal. There’s no way to get a reliable read on this guy and how to determine where his head is at in any given moment.