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  1. I’ll come back for 1 comment, then I’m out again. You are displaying an exact huge problem companies have. You ask for feedback, you get it from customers who sincerely want to help you improve your product, and you aren’t interested in hearing it because it’s not what you want to hear. That’s not a personal jab, it’s business advice. Learn to listen.
  2. This may very well be my last post at this board. I’m tired of the sanctimonious crap. The initiators seem to be able to post relentlessly and precipitate some slight retaliation in responses, and the responders get blamed and banned. I’ve found a different spot where the FF knowledge is just as strong as it is here and there is tolerance for the human element and some personal passion and back-and -forth. I’m not sure what the board goal is here, unless it is to turn it into a dry info-only location. If that’s the case you’re going to lose a lot of valuable contributors who like me will tire quickly of the iron hand and completely uneven application of the intolerant rules. You want to see the end result - stop over at the Huddle FF forums and look at the desert of valuable contributor information that they have become. They used to have as strong or stronger board than here, or did you forget those days? You’ve forgotten what made you one of the most desirable FF sites on the internet. First the turn into being shills for the daily services and now this ham handed attempt to stop “even 1%” of anything other than football information in any post. It’s your business and your prerogative to run it any way you please, obviously. Just be careful that you may get what you wish for. My advice would be that you may want to revisit what got you where you are right now, but I have a feeling it will fall on deaf ears. But if you’re banning guys like Doc for such a slight addition to a response while letting others continue to agitate continually from the lead position or to rigidly enforce your recent zero tolerance policy, you’re going to lose some very valuable resources - who by the way provide tremendous insight and knowledge and don’t ask for a dime in consideration and just want a chance to engage socially with others like themselves as the cost to FBGs for that resource. With that, adios. It was great fun and a tremendous resource and social community - while it was fun. Now? Not so much one and likely soon not so much the others.
  3. ETA - sorry, that takes you to one of my posts instead of to the top. You’ll need to scroll up to the start
  4. Bad Actor (or something similar). He had a pretty extensive and serious criminal history as a kid, which is part of the reason he’s relatively so old compared to his NFL experience.
  5. The player comps I’m seeing for him are Seth Roberts and Ricardo Louis. Those are guys who also had FF proponents and haven’t done a whole lot to justify that enthusiasm. Worth a look here:
  6. Facts don’t matter. Only the chance to be incredibly superior, insulting and condescending is important to him.
  7. You’re the one adoring the MLB system. Yeah, premier sports academies for the chosen ones. What could possibly go wrong there? Well, at least there’s the positive out of your posts that almost everyone here isn’t nearly as bitter as you. It’s just a shame they don’t have your blazing insight or brilliant intellect. I guess that at least partly has brought on such bitterness. I hope your day gets better.
  8. Yeah. Guys ought to be telling stories of how they skipped college completely and signed a small contract (relatively) with a major league team, spent years in the minors living on a shoestring, and eventually ended up out of the sport closer to 30 than 20 with absolutely no education or training to fall back on to make it for the next 5 to 6 decades of their life. I guess that’s your vision of the American dream. At least football players are given the opportunity to get a higher education and a higher quality life beyond football if they choose to take advantage of it. The overwhelming percentage of college football players don’t earn their living after college playing football.
  9. You clearly did not read closely enough. You really ought to try it again more carefully.
  10. I think you need to research American Needle Inc v NFL
  11. The Sherman Act has been around since 1890. The NFL has been around since 1920. In all that time, apparently no one has been able to make a good argument and stick the NFL with violating the Sherman Act. And there have been numerous leagues that have attempted to start up, including one very notable league that has stuck and continues to play professional football successfully north of the border. But if you can pull it off and make that good argument so that it survives the judicial system and renders a verdict against the NFL, I’d figure you’d be enriching yourself by outrageous amounts doing so rather than posting here.
  12. I’m pulling for Murray, but we’re talking about a HC who never coached in the NFL before and had a losing record in college, in which his experience also was not extensive, coaching a rookie QB and installing a completely different system that the vets will also have to get used to. Then there is the D, which is lacking more than a bit. If people are expecting a CLE/Kitchens type of turnaround - AZ is a lot further from being in a position to do so and has an entire team including coaches who are going to be learning a new O and the NFL by being thrown into the fire. This has every bit as good a chance of blowing up into a bonfire as it does of moving the franchise forward significantly.
  13. Saquon lite? Really? What does he have in common with Barkley - I mean, beside being a running back?
  14. Okay. Have it your way. I’m done (Joe and/or mods - no need to remind to get back to football). We really do need TC to start...
  15. I knows it irks you that accuracy means something to some of us here. I also understand that when you tell half a story for your own gratification that it is bothersome when others put forth the other half as part of discussion. But this is a message board and I would have figured that you’d realize by now that these kinds of things are part of posting here. It’s part of having a discussion rather than just having a board full of slanted monologues.
  16. About as accurate as usual. CHI played TB in week 4 last year, and anyone starting Cohen at that time was probably in last place given that he had turned in 3 huge turds in the first 3 weeks of the season. He was averaging 7 touches for less than 45 yds per game and 0 TDs going into that games.
  17. I have no intention of trying to have a discussion with a guy who refuses to acknowledge that professional football players, on the whole, make a hell of a lot more money than what their likely alternative vocation would be if they didn’t play football. Have a great day.
  18. I know you hate the current system of government and economy, but I sure wish you wouldn’t pretend that you can’t comprehend basic facts in some kind of attempt to bolster your position.
  19. Says you. Not one of these draftees is forced to play in the NFL. They can always choose employment elsewhere. But if they want to be compensated at those greatly inflated rates, then they have to play by the company rules. That is hardly vacuous.
  20. And if I were going to get hundred of thousands to millions of dollars to work at McDonalds, then if I want that compensation then I go where they place me. If I really hate the location, well - no one is forcing me to work for McDonalds.
  21. I get that we are going to get no useful information out of the LAR staff, just like last year when Gurley was getting a greatly reduced workload in the playoffs despite nothing allegedly being wrong. For any member of the Rams’ staff or a trainer to put forth something and then have FFers think it is any reliable indicator of Gurley’s condition or workload in the coming season seems kind of silly given the history to date.
  22. That would probably the straw that breaks the camel’s back and keep me from ever watching the NFL again. A couple of thoughts: I’m no Browns fan by any stretch, but it has been great fun watching that team rise from the 1-win-in-two-seasons ashes and now two years later are a legit playoff contender. That wouldn’t have happened without the draft. I am a die hard Packers fan. In what other sport would a city like GB have a franchise as successful as GB. Would a good to great player coming out of college actually choose to move to Green Bay? The franchise is such a great story in all of its historical glory as well as that it is the only publicly owned franchise in any of the major sports. Would Green Bay survive without the draft? The NFL seems to be a league trying to kill itself through the death of one thousand cuts in recent years. This move would be the edge of the guillotine for it, IMO.
  23. And so the real reason why Gurley had a total of 53 carries in the last 2 weeks of the regular season and the 3 playoff games was because he was too fat?