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  1. You’re aware that Mayfield set the NFL rookie record with 27 TDs last year, right?
  2. His ADP has moved up 3 spots since the drafts immediately after the NFL draft. He was rookie RB9 then and he is rookie RB9 now. So he was a good flier at 3.11 but now is too risky at 3.08?
  3. Mahomes got to sit for a year watching and learning about the game at the next level, and also has Andy Reid as a coach. Those are not insignificant factors.
  4. Holy crap guys. Where do we go from here? Maybe he’ll put up the most points ever in FF history? Let’s pump the brakes a little. I like his upside, but he still hasn’t thrown a single pass or run for a single yard against a NFL opponent.
  5. Kaffee : [in a seafood restaurant] Why are you always giving me your resume? Galloway : [pauses] Because I want you to think that I'm a good lawyer. Kaffee : [nods] I do Galloway : no you don't
  6. If a RB is going to rely on catching pases to make the roster, he’s going to have to offer something exceptional. The team has WRs and TEs who can do the same thing. Other than his ability to catch out of the backfield, Williams offered very little. It’s why he’s going so late in drafts if he’s even drafted at all. Thompson on the other hand offers a lot of positive traits that fit the position. He still may not do anything and end up cut, but at least he’s got a lot more to give to a team looking for a RB.
  7. I am so staying out of this. I’m guessing I’d get banned expressing my thoughts about people here who twist themselves into knots and split hairs to defend an utterly despicable creature like Hill because they have him on their FF team.
  8. By your logic, Tyreek Hill ought to be doubling his touches. Clearly the best weapon on KC. Similar style in that both guys are undersized and make their bones by getting the ball in space. Yet Hill gets fewer touches by quite a margin but is much more productive, and that includes ypc when he rushes the ball. Hill is definitely a better offensive weapon than Cohen, yet KC doesn’t force him into situations where he isn’t as successful and lets other more capable guys do the heavy lifting and gives them a lot more touches than Hill gets. That optimizes Hill’s talents. Is there a reason why CHI wouldn’t want to do the same with Cohen?
  9. So you’re predicting the possibility of around 160 carries for him this year?
  10. Wait. Brown is predicting Cohen will run for 1,100 yds? By doing what? Running 10 jet sweeps a game and hoping Ds somehow don’t catch on?
  11. I’m not arguing with you here, although Wilson I believe has proven that he can win without other studs around him. Wentz is still open for debate and will need to stay healthy to see if he can pull it off. Probably the same with Garappolo. Not sure how Stafford and Cousins even enter the conversation. They are gobbling up cap space and their teams can’t surround them with enough talent to overcome their shortcomings. They are perfect examples of the team problems that their excessive salaries create. NFL management has grown so scared of losing a franchise QB that they have in many cases lost sight that their franchise guy is someone who can’t take the team to a serious contender level. You can’t help but think, looking in from the outside, whether those teams wouldn’t be better off rolling the dice by trying to capture serious talent at QB with high draft picks rather than just shrugging their shoulders with suboptimal guys and being satisfied with security at QB that guarantees them mediocrity as a team. Draft a young stud to push the secure vet and if it pans out, move the vet for draft capital. If it doesn’t work out - well, you can still be mediocre with the vet. Just treading water with the vet creates stability to have those guys, sure. But you have to wonder if their fans are just downright tired of the same old safe QBs who are playing golf in January rather than playing football.
  12. Now there’s an odd position. You’re counting on no good to great QBs entering the league in the future and therefore Prescott will rise up the list? For every Brees and Brady that retires, we’ll see Mayfields and Murrays enter. And by the looks of it, Prescott sits on the outside of that club looking in.
  13. $30M+ QBs should create weapons, not have to have them placed around him. It’ll seem a lot when they’ve got to keep paying to put pieces around Prescott capable enough to provide enough support to help him win. Prescott’s QBR has dropped significantly every year he’s been in the league. It’s very possible that his ceiling is a 3800 yd/24 TD QB. In today’s NFL that’s nothing short of mediocre.
  14. If DAL pays Prescott$30M+ a year like he wants, they’re nuts. You pay that kind of money to a QB who can put a team on his back and win despite the rest of the team not contributing much. I just don’t see Prescott as that kind of QB, nor do I see he growing into that kind of QB.
  15. This has turned into one of the weirder threads on the board. Tarik Cohen is a CoP RB/3rd down specialist. He isn’t any kind of a threat to run between the tackles any meaningful amount. Mike Davis is depth. He’s been in the league 4 years, is on his third team, and has 234 career carries. 2 teams that would have loved for a RB like Davis to step up and demonstrate he can take on a lead role felt no need to carry him beyond 2 years. Montgomery was drafted to run the ball, but also has strong receiving chops. He’s the lead RB in this bunch, barring injury or falling flat on his face and not having his skills translate to the next level. The Bears drafted him because he can be on the field in all situations, which means the D has to play honestly as opposed to knowing what’s coming with Cohen on the field. And honestly that fits Cohen’s game and optimization to the best. He can’t take on any kind of role that leads to his being pounded. I don’t get some of the thinking here. Cohen is the table setter? Montgomery and Davis fighting each other for leftovers? If either of those things happen, the Bears’ O is in serious trouble.
  16. Kind of refreshing to me to see a leader like Mayfield much more worried about his team and dealing with who is interested in moving it forward rather than toeing the NFLPA line.
  17. Bernard is an odd pick for an example. I just don’t see where he’s shown any special traits in the opportunities he has had in his career - and he’s certainly gotten enough work - to show he’s anything more than a solid part of a RBBC. There have been plenty of “little” guys who have gotten a chance to be RB1s and have thrived. Just off the top if my head without researching: Barry Sanders Ray Rice Deangelo Williams Priest Holmes Maurice Jones-Drew Tiki Barber Warrick Dunn Some had incredible talent and innovative coaches, others like Barber, Williams, and Dunn were coached by traditional guys and had to have the opportunity appear out of necessity. But talent will find its way onto the field one way or another. I don’t see McVay as a stodgy coach who has a throw-back mentality, and I see Henderson as having enough talent that he’s going to get his touches, now that Gurley appears to be in a situation where he is going to need to be on a touch count. If Gurley were 100% I’m pretty sure he’s got enough talent to hold off almost anyone in the league, but that doesn’t appear to be the case any longer. That’s what I’m relying on in my thought process. We’ll see how it shakes out.
  18. I’d imagine they’d put an original round tender on Hunt. That way CLE would save $1 over a 2nd round tender, and would get a 3rd rounder back if they opt not to match. If they put a 2nd round tender on Hunt, they’re pretty much stating they intend to keep him barring a really crazy offer, and if they’re going to pay him $3M a year next year I’d expect that he’d have more value than just some CoP to CLE.
  19. What? How, because they both play RB? Their games are not similar at all, even if they may gain similar types of stats (albeit one was done at the college level). I’m growing to agree with some others here - your personal bias against Hunt, for whatever reason, has grown beyond rational boundaries and is really diminishing your credibility IMO.