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  1. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Brown has had 2 different teams over 6 years begging him to step up and become an integral part of their passing game. He looks great in TC and in preseason, and then routinely fades to a bit player when it counts year after year. Pass
  2. Flukey? Hunt’s performance was flukey? Just wow.
  3. I was done. And thanks for your PSA concern about those last 2 responses of mine and how they affect the now 171 pages of material here. And now I’m done with this specific discussion too, so you don’t have to worry about it in this case unless you perpetuate it.
  4. Nope. A lot lot of that missing.
  5. Well, that’s a nice double dip. Profound irony and profound condescending sarcasm all in such a short space.
  6. Are you seriously making fun of someone who believes that a person who has $.5M in jewelry ought to have a safe in the house to put it into? Hell, we’ve got a fireproof safe in our house for all our critical documents, our passports, and my wife’s jewelry that is worth a lot less than that. I guess that makes me stupid in your eyes. Wow.
  7. We so need the season to start. Too many people are taking what can only be conjecture as some kind of personal attack, are making mountains out of molehills, and some just seem to be content to make the same argument over and over and yet over again. Take a breath, take a step back, maybe go out and do something while getting some fresh air, reset your patience.
  8. Somehow you seemed perplexed and incredulous that a business would act in its own best interest. However, I am also convinced that you don’t have a lot of the facts that go into these decisions (nor do I) and because of that you may be shortsighted on a lot of your judgments. And because this is a business, we’ll never see a lot of that information - and it is well within the privilege of the league not to share it. So I’m guessing you’re more than happy to stick to you judgment which is based on only some of the information, whereas I’ll give the league a bit more leeway given how it has gotten things right in the past (like the Elliott suspension, which was spot on, and yet quite a few still whine about despite the NFL finally making all of its findings public) and also given how wildly successful the league continues to be. And that’s also despite my questioning some of their decisions, which at times don’t seem to make much sense or that seem counterproductive. I agree with you, we’re just going to have to settle on disagreeing.
  9. Transparency? The CBA precludes the NFL from making a lot of information public. They also want to ensure their decisions stand up per legal standards and labor laws, which means they also are going to keep their cards very close to the chest until a decision is made. If you’re going to only rely on the superficial and what players’ agents put out, no wonder you feel the way you do.
  10. Should I lecture you about dynasty stashes in the same demeaning way that you did to me in another thread? Brown was on the verge of being a FA after the following year and the word out was that he was talented enough to earn some work until then that he might show some value. Was being the working word. I’m thinking it’s prudent just not to engage with you on any subject. Have a great day.
  11. I was dumb enough to add him two years ago and it was nothing less than a waste of roster space. The only way I see him gaining enough value to be worth as much as a bye week replacement now that Henderson is on the roster is if Gurley were to be injured and placed on IR.
  12. Geez. The kid had a miserable childhood, being raised in a family whose males’ typical resume was more police blotter than work history. His father was arrested 35 times, including multiple DVs. Yeah, he pushed and then kicked - actually more tipping over with his foot than kicking - that girl, but several witnesses have stated she was throwing the N word at Hunt and others after she was kicked out and also allegedly spit in Hunt’s face. But he’s still owning his actions as something he should not have done, and has shown genuine remorse for his actions. He’s appears to be doing a lot of things to change himself into a better person and break a cycle of criminal behavior and violence that is rife in his family, and you react this way? Seriously, what is wrong with you?
  13. Obviously played at Mich St. Holy crap this guy is just 225 lbs of stupid decisions.
  14. Absolutely true. I am biased, no question. But that’s not because I drafted Thompson as a random dart throw - which you made clear in stating above. {ETA to clarify my meaning} This ought to provide for some great preseason drama. I’m looking forward to further discussions with you as we move into the season.
  15. No, but by your own words here he’s a RB who is being pimped by experts as a RB1 in a 12 team league. This is a guy with a heavily stained resume, and if you look at my post above has some very skewed production from last season that could be very deceptive. I’m not arguing about the opportunity. That’s clear. I’m discussing who will get the advantage of playing in that opportunity, and clearly my position is that Williams may not be the best candidate. He’s not going to get the position by default like he did last season.
  16. Darwin Thompson Impressing Early: Kansas City Chiefs OTA Takeaways By David Latham, Managing Editor - May 31, 2019 The Kansas City Chiefs off-season activities are underway, and already some young players are beginning to stand out. While it’s important to note that all coaches lie at this point in the season, rookie running back Darwin Thompson is getting a significant amount of praise from the coaching staff. While Damien Williams currently sits atop the depth chart, Thompson could earn a role if he continues to progress. Darwin Thompson has barely had more than a cup of coffee with the Kansas City Chiefs organization, yet he’s already impressing offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. When asked about the sixth-round rookie, Bieniemy called Thompson “incredible” and a person “you fall in love with”. The offensive coordinator continued to say 123 words about Thompson’s talent, which “speaks for itself” and his “tremendous” work ethic. This is the time for hyperbole, but Thompson easily received the most praise from Bieniemy out of any player. Seeing as he’s the offensive coordinator, this bodes well for Thompson’s career. Even though he’s currently buried on the depth chart, there’s reason to believe he can quickly climb the ranks in Kansas City. Why Thompson Can Climb the Depth Chart Anyone who watched the 2018 Chiefs knows that Damien Williams came on strong to finish the season. Stepping in for Kareem Hunt, the former Miami Dolphin recorded 256 rushing yards and four touchdowns on 50 carries, good for 5.1 yards-per-attempt. Additionally, he added 23 receptions for 160 yards and two touchdowns during the regular season. On paper, this was a fantastic production which should ensure job security. However, the film tells a dramatically different story. Williams entered 2018 as a journeyman backup who never impressed during four years with the Dolphins. During his time in Miami, Williams recorded just 3.6 yards-per-carry on 133 attempts. This average is truly atrocious and made him one of the least efficient running backs in the league. His 2018 season truly came out of nowhere, and there are two explanations for his success. Either Andy Reid found a way to eliminate his flaws, or Williams was simply placed in the perfect situation. A deeper dive in the numbers suggests the later. Teams were afraid of Patrick Mahomes’ ability to throw the ball and basically allowed Kansas City to run the ball at will. Williams faced just 6.4 men in the box per carry, which is well below the league average. Additionally, Williams ranked just 112th in yards created per carry, which obviously isn’t good. He simply couldn’t pick up any yardage aside from what the blocking provided. If Damien Williams had a breakout season in 2018, then Carlos Hyde had a broken season. The former second-round pick averaged just 3.3 yards-per-carry in 14 games with the Cleveland Browns and the Jacksonville Jaguars. While his subpar performance was partially due to atrocious situations, there’s no denying that Hyde simply didn’t perform well when given the ball. Additionally, he offers next-to-nothing as a pass-catcher, which is a problem in this offense. Darwin Thompson Primed for Breakout Damien Williams isn’t a good running back and Carlos Hyde is too one-dimensional to play all three downs. This leaves opportunity for others, and Thompson is in position to capitalize on said opportunity. Damien Williams can adequately start, but Kansas City shouldn’t be afraid to let Darwin Thompson take over if he proves to be the better player. The coaching staff loves him, and it’s easy to see why. The Utah State product has good vision and showed promise as a pass-catcher, averaging 15.3 yards-per-reception in 2018. Additionally, he’s a good athlete who would have tested in the top-five at his position in a few drills if he were invited to the NFL Combine. It won’t be easy for Thompson, as Williams played well last year and received a contract extension for his efforts. However, the rookie has already impressed the coaches and could continue his rise over the off-season. Most sixth-round picks don’t turn into instant-impact players, but most sixth-round picks aren’t Darwin Thompson. Sent from my iPhone
  17. Found this doing recent research on Thompson - who I drafted. Take it as you will.
  18. I’m not sure what people are seeing in Williams. This guy is a 27 yr old 5 year pro whose career high season to date has been 256 rushing yards, which was last year when he got literally forced into action. He was so run-of-the-mill that his high mark in carries in a game last year before Hunt got suspended was exactly 1 carry. He couldn’t even find his way onto the field to give Hunt a slight breather before the suspension. He was only forced into action at the end of last year where he had a couple of good games against suspect run Ds while running the best O in the NFL. The Chiefs didn’t fair so well record-wise and total offense-wise when the only change in their O was going from Hunt at RB to Williams. This guy is absolutely a candidate to have someone steal his job if that someone can show that they’re even mediocre. If Hyde isn’t that guy, and at this point he may not be, then there is Thompson waiting and has the earmarks of being the type of RB that Reid loves.
  19. Crap. Now this thread will be on the front page for the next 5 years as FBJ tries to continually convince us that Beck is the next Rico Gathers.
  20. I was really high on Love - wait, that looks kind of wrong - prior to his injury. His game is speed and agility and the reports of his knee not recovering well spooked me. I hope I’m wrong because he’s fun to watch.