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  1. My advice would be to just let it go. Some guys file this kind of stuff as useful additional information and will modify their positions accordingly as more and more information arrives. Others see it as a threat to their opinions and react as such.
  2. NFL investigations are incredibly thorough. They are pain staking in how much they work to corroborate stories and turn over rocks. The police just don’t have the resources to investigate this way except in the highest priority/profile cases. The NFL investigation will end when they are convinced that there is no new evidence available. Until then it’s just a waiting game.
  3. No, that’s not it at all, but it doesn’t surprise me that you think this way. Unlike you, I’m open to possibilities. You speak in certainties about something that right now is completely uncertain. And given your inflexibilty and unwillingness to consider any other position than your own as being possible, it’s my fault for engaging again. And so I’ll step away from this.
  4. And it’s well documented that your criteria can’t possibly be wrong, it that it?
  5. Ummmm, because those were the weights of the holders of half the top rushing seasons in NFL history? I thought this was about speaking about Henderson’s role adjacent to Gurley or if Gurley were to miss time. What RB are you talking about?
  6. Yeah. Someone needs to tell McCaffrey he’s only a CoP too. Oh, wait, a few guys locked themselves into that position and lectured us all about how dumb we were to think that he could be a lead RB. You just keep lecturing us too.
  7. Half of the top 10 rushing seasons in NFL history were posted by guys 212 lbs or less. I guess someone forgot to tell those guys they were only capable of being CoP RBs.
  8. Now that’s an interesting take. BAL was the second best D in the league last year and their proponents think they are good enough to win a few games all by themselves, yet on the other hand those same proponents think that it’s built on a bunch of easily replaceable parts. I guess I’m just a bit more skeptical than you.
  9. That might have something to do with people who have seen him throw. Proponents keep talking about how their D will win them games. Are we talking about the D that just lost a bonafide stud MLB, their sack leader, a foundation piece OLB, and a strong SS? That’s a lot of key pieces to replace and then expect the same production.
  10. So you aren’t actually interested in the likely FF production of the players available for those picks?
  11. So you can state with certainty that the 1st rounder will be 10x more valuable in FF than any of the 3 2nd rounders? That seems pretty outlandish.
  12. If you’re a HC or OC and you put in a new offense, isn’t your first step right after assembling the playbook to immediately overnight a copy to your starting QB?
  13. Yeah, he figures to get a fair shot and he’s likely to go as far as his talent will carry him there.
  14. Well, looking at current ADP (using ppr) for this year and then ppw scoring from last year by position ranking, I used the optimal 1st rounder and midrange 2nd rounders to see how starters scoring shakes out. Starting lineups: 1 QB, 1 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex Team A (optimal 1st rounder)/Team B (3 mid 2nds) QB9 / QB7 RB1 / RB10 WR9 / WR7 WR18 / WR17 WR21 / WR24 TE5 / TE2 Flex RB27-WR31 / RB13 ——————————————- So Team A in optimal draft position gets a large edge at starting RB. Team B gets large edges at TE and the flex spot. QB and WRs are pretty even with Team B getting a slight edge. The advantages on each side pretty much cancel each other overall in starters. So overall, the starting scoring is almost exactly even. But that’s giving Team A the best pick in the draft while giving Team B only average draft position. So the best you can expect the exchange to shake out is for the team with the 1st rounder to end up near even. But there is more advantage to Team B. Team B fills its starting requirements in 7 rounds while Team A takes 9 rounds. That means Team B is filling their bench with better players throughout the balance of the draft. That’s not an insignificant advantage. Just some food for thought...
  15. Someone was sleeping through 3rd grade science.
  16. Yes. But he’s still an UDFA so he’s still a longshot no matter how you spin it.
  17. I just need to stop replying to this thread for a while...
  18. Of the 13 RBs who caught 60+ passes prorated to a 16 game season, 5 were 1st round picks, 2 were 2nd round picks, 2 were 3rd rounders, 3 were 4th rounders, and 1 was an UDFA. So your assertion that it is rare that a RB who is a non-mid to high 1st rounder to accumulate a lot of catches is incorrect. Further, just a bit under half the teams in the league had RBs with 60 or more prorated catches and one of them was the Rams.
  19. Well don’t stop there. Why don’t you name every RB in NFL history who he isn’t? I’m only concerned about one guy when considering Henderson, and that’s Henderson. ETA - that’s too simplistic. Gurley has to bear consideration in the discussion with maybe a slight nod perhaps to Brown. But you just keep on tilting at those windmills.