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  1. I wish you would go away. Your post are childish and make you look silly. You act like my 5 year old. Seriously whats the point? I don't care one way or the other but it's guys like you that real interested parties leave FBG.
  2. I'll take that last spot. 


  3. I just turned down a projected late 1st for him. Not selling early. CJ Proise was a late 1st and no way I would swap Michael for CJ. I'm of the opinion he's a superior talent to the undrafted Rawls that surprised everyone. Michael has always had the talent a 2nd rd pick which was Seattles first pick that year. It also sounds like everyone is routing for him. Had Rawls been a 1st rd pick I would be concerned as his leash would be long and Seattle would force the issue. I fully expect Michael to outplay Rawls early, he's acclimated to the offense and Rawls coming off an injury it will be hard for him to out perform Michael out of the gate. I just think you add it all up its doesn't bode well for Rawls. The Fantasy community is always late to the show.
  4. Draft Michael and don't look back.
  5. IMO this will go down as one of the worst extensions ever given to a WR. He caught fire after failing to be anything for multiple years. He is mediocre WR that just cashed in much like Pierre Garcon or Mike Wallace. As a Cardinal Fan I love it, all that money wrapped up in Baldwin and Graham.
  6. Coleman is and will be the best WR in this draft imo. Outside of Hakeem Nicks and Kenny Britt my opinion is 80% right 50% of the time.
  7. I LOVE Hyde in this system. If he's able to stay healthy I see a top 5 upside pretty easy. Hes locked into a focal point of Chip Kelly's offense. Eagles offense was a mess last year with 3 backs splitting time and QB WR issues. If you consider the first two seasons with shady this is what I envision. Hyde is a stud and has shown flashes. It sounds as if he's taking the ball and running with this opportunity.
  8. It still hasn't happened, lol.Really doubling down in the stupid aren't you? Really willing to bet that Calvin Johnson doesn't retire. Anyone want to bet on this? All other things aside it didn't start as "speculation". Original poster said, "Calvin Johnson is going to announce his retirement tomorrow!". His narrative slowly changed to the point where a quote stating the "Calvin Johnson is contemplating retirement" does not support his original claim that "Calvin Johnson is going to retire tomorrow". If there is validity and there were rumblings in Detroit, then fine, this was insider information which could have given you an edge over the public. I didn't post it to brag or get in a pissing contest here about 'oh I was wrong, it wasn't tomorrow". The guy inside the Lions organization said he was going to retire tomorrow. If you want to say I was wrong because I got the date wrong, honestly I don't care. It was still big info that there wasn't a PEEP about on the internet or twitter anywhere, so I thought I would share with the community here what I heard, even at the risk of rubbing some people the wrong way. There was clearly validity that there were rumblings in Detroit though. Whether he does or not, or changed his mind, all I did was pass on info from a guy that was told he would be retiring. Listen man, where there's smoke - there's fire. The point is, I was razzing you because you said he was going to retire 'tomorrow'. That was hilariously and obviously false that it needed to come out. If you would have simply said, "Calvin Johnson is considering retirement". I wouldn't have said anything as that wasn't obvious hyperbole. I'm embarrassed for you.
  9. Here's what the snaps/targets looked like in week 5 when Smith had to sit out.. Name - Snap % - Targets Aiken - 91% - 9 Brown - 74% - 4 Givens - 38% - 2 Waller - 26% - 0 Ross - 11% - 2 So the truth is in fact the complete opposite of what you stated. I'm curious, were you just guessing and hoping you were correct? He's not producing love in the box scores. He's had 2 weeks where he scored 0 points and 1 week where he scored 20. Over the 8 games, he's averaged 9 points. In week 5 he scored 11 points. Targets just mean opportunity...he's apparently not doing much with those opportunities. My opinion is that he's simply going to remain a WR 3 or WR 4 even with Smith out. I think the TE's will get more targets as well as the RBs. I don't believe Aiken is on par even with an aged Steve Smith. Curious to see how defenses will deal with Aiken now that they don't need to worry about Smith. I guess Smith was just unstoppable. Well looks like you were off
  10. All you guys talking smack about Spiller are off. This guys has been given a real chance to this point. Not sure how that him bad or a bum or whatever. He will likely be given a chance in the coming weeks and if he flops then you can call him whatever you want. There's gonna be some guys feeling pretty silly if he does what many expected as the beginning of the year.
  11. Could be - but if you guess wrong on which one, it'll be a killer. If he only uses one, it will be West imo. He fits the system better and was already Reid's first choice. I own both (in ppr league) and will take my chances with West if he's healthy. West was 1st choice but Ware ypc are significantly better. I see Ware as 1st two downs West third downs.
  12. They will split carries. Neither is superior to the other. West lost allot of value today.
  13. Perfect example why anyone calling themselves a "fantasy football expert" is a joke. No such thing. You can be informed but no such thing as an expert.
  14. Lol your taking this personal.. You do realize he's 12-29 and 12-27 he's awful. Regardless if he starts he's will always be sharing and the numbers from last year are a thing of the past. Hillman has out rushed him 2weeks straight. His value is and will remain very low.