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  1. Pick any of the other title/Finals teams from the era, like 1995 HOU (who came from deep in the bracket to win it all) or even 1999 SAS (who just bulldozed the league once they got revved up) and GSW wins easily. Heck, pick a couple of the weaker Bulls title teams like 93 or 98 and it's an uphill battle. But IMO the 96 edition could adapt to today's game in ways other teams from the era couldn't because they didn't play the game the way others from the era did and their perimeter personnel are uniquely qualified to handle all the movement and switching around the three-point line other teams, even great teams, from the era weren't equipped to handle.
  2. I'd rate the wall's chances at "almost nil". It was a popular campaign rhetoric but was never a serious policy consideration. The people have risen up and spoken on health care reform. If AHCA becomes law the House turns blue in 2018. (IMO the House passed something they knew the Senate wouldn't to try to shift the blame on the issue; highly doubt the bill that was kegger-worthy becomes law) Tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy is IMO the main reason why the party has put up with Trump's bull#### and hasn't impeached him. They hoped Trump's circus would be enough of a distraction to sneak big tax cuts for the donor class while no one was looking, but Trump's coattails have the public paying more attention to the day-to-day in DC than they have in a long, long time. The Trump campaign promise that has the best chance of becoming law? I'll go with the Muslim travel ban. It's eventually headed for the Supreme Court, and the GOP held a seat hostage to win the election and choose a new justice favorable to the cause.
  3. And yet Jordan didn't play in an offense that did that. At least 80% of the time, at least 80% of the teams ran a two-man game on one side of the court with the other three standing still as far away as the illegal defense rules of the time let them. But once Jackson and Winter took over at CHI, they installed the triangle offense with a lot of movement and improvisation. It worked because of the personnel they had, but they were running stuff hardly any other teams were. There was a time when Jordan held the record for most three-pointers made in an NBA Finals game. Had Jordan grown up in an era where the three-point line was standard would he have been better at shooting them since he would have practiced them more, or was it a genuine weakness?
  4. Do they have mini-swords for hands? Or wearing gloves?
  5. I watched a LOT of Timberwolves basketball in the 1990s. Steph Curry would have had many 30-point nights against the lower half of the league then. But we can't assume he'd be playing with a bunch of other offensive juggernauts all moving around with the goal of getting an open three-pointer. I also question Curry's output would be the same during those whistle-swallowing playoff games of the era given how much he cries and moans if someone breathes on him hard. He also strikes me as a guy who can't take what he dishes out, so I could imagine him having the occasional 6-for-23 night when Payton or Blaylock start talking trash at him when he gets off the bus at the arena and never stop.
  6. Jordan played 11 full seasons with the Bulls and won the scoring title in 10 of them. He was in the low 30s in an era designed for centers to dominate scoring and a lot less freedom of movement. I wouldn't be so bold to say Jordan would average 45-50, but averaging high 30s with occasional outbursts approaching 50 wouldn't be out of the question. The difficult thing to project is if Jordan would have been a good 3PT volume shooter since he played in an era when teams didn't shoot many. Steph Curry pretty much shot as many threes the last two seasons as Jordan did his entire Bulls career.
  7. And Larry Bird would have to come off the bench in 2017.
  8. There have been efforts to lift sanctions altogether and to make an exception for ExxonMobil. Congress has not been supportive.
  9. It's been a lot of fun. I do not claim exclusivity on this shtick. Anyone else who wants to hop in is welcome to do so. Or go next-level and create B-I-N-G-O cards.
  10. Because Tillerson doesn't really want to be Secretary Of State. He's interested in lifting sanctions with Russia so ExxonMobil can get in there and develop the millions of acres they have drilling rights to but haven't been able to turn into money. But other than that, he hasn't put much effort into the job. He's cut trips short, and does not talk to the press.
  11. Anything involving the Middle East. Among many other things.
  12. The context of Kushner initiating the contact is worth considering, given he's carrying about a billion in debt and is suddenly rising to a position of power where he can offer things to other countries worth far more than that. Kushner and his family haven't exactly aced ethics in the transcript of their lives, either.
  13. Kushner's role is similar to what the Secretary Of State has taken on in previous administrations. A lot of calls that should be going to Tillerson are routed to Kushner. That should be a giant red flag, given the Secretary Of State is a big deal and supposed to be vetted and confirmed by the Senate. But I suppose that wouldn't be a big deal to someone who doesn't see right/wrong, only illegal/illegal. Kushner also has a long list of domestic projects he's in charge of, too. They're widely available. None of which are things a person who spent his private sector career in publishing and real estate would be qualified to do. No previous public sector experience is bothersome, as is the lack of public sector experience throughout the WH and cabinet. (And education levels. And merit. But that's getting off-topic.) If the White House didn't try to hide a bunch of people taking on a lot of responsibility in unspecified job titles because they are unqualified, conflicted, and can't around vetting and confirmation rules, maybe we wouldn't be asking about the pecking order. But hey, nothing illegal so it's not wrong, right?
  14. The average player is unquestionably more evolved and explosive. We know a ton more about the science of sport now and how to get more out of players' bodies. IMO there's a little doubt at how much better the top end of players are across eras (especially if you gave them access to today's training and nutrition regiments), but where you would really the see the difference between today's players versus 20 years ago is how much better the 35-45 win NBA teams are now than the 35-45 teams of the past, or how much better non-contending teams are at lower levels of play than their predecessors.