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  1. That June morning a few years back when my wife got up before sunrise to book the dining for TOAL I and locked in Christmas Morning breakfast inside Cinderella's Castle and Christmas Eve dinner at Ohana was a very happy day.
  2. Haven't heard too much out of the shooter yet. Reports of his bio say he was in the Navy for a while, then was a pilot, an air traffic controller, and also has work experience in IT. Don't recall the shooter's exact age, think he's in his early 50s.
  3. This incident was literally close to home (was touched on briefly here last night; this thread moves really fast). Glass half-full updates: the Garmin employee who survived the shooting has been discharged from the hospital and will complete his recovery at home (his wife is five months pregnant; she's very happy to have her husband home). The young man who intervened (he's a regular; big KU basketball fan who watches a lot of games there) and got shot is still in hospital, but was lucid and strong enough to do TV interviews yesterday and is expected to make a full recovery. The shooter got caught; he fled to southwest MO, confessed his crime to a bartender, and the bartender had the courage to call it in and a cool enough head to keep the shooter in the building and calm while the cops came. Austin's (the bar/grill where the shooting took place) will reopen in a few days and the town has made it clear they won't blame or punish the owner for the shooting, nor will we normalize that kind of behavior. GoFundMe pages for the victims have raised over $250K combined in less than a day.
  4. Can you please shut it with your anti-religion rants and take them to another thread? You've been trying to pick this fight for several pages.
  5. I have been an Austin's customer many times and drive through the street corner where it is located several times a week. It's a great place to catch a Jayhawks or Royals game, neighborhood place with a local owner. It's about a mile from the Garmin headquarters, and a 2000-student public high school is just down the street. The high school was put on lockdown for over an hour over concerns the shooter would try to hide out and/or take hostages there. ETA: one of the Garmin employees died from the shooting. The other survived and got released from the hospital today. The survivor is married. His wife is five months pregnant. The young man who intervened and got shot also survived. He's a regular at Austin's and catches a lot of KU basketball there. He's known for standing up to bullies and helping calm down tense situations. Everyone in this thread who ever defended any of Trump's hate speech about immigrants, putting a racist like Steve Bannon in his inner circle, or supported the travel ban executive order... I invite all of you to have sex with yourselves and hope you understand the role all of you played in this shooting and other incidents like it that have happened since the election.
  6. During the big reshuffling a few years ago, I was hoping for a move to the ACC or Big East. KU will never be competitive with the Texas and Oklahoma schools in football.
  8. You either like the sport or you don't. You care way too much about what other people think, MC Chet.
  9. Back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back Big XII Champions. Official phrasing from the program and Adidas is "Stra13ht". I prefer the underground "13itch I'm Frank Mason"
  10. Hip Hip.... JORGE! Hip Hip.... JORGE! Hip Hip.... JORGE!
  11. For those math nerds out there interested in applying your knowledge of metric space to fight back against gerrymandering... a group at Tufts has organized a "Geometry Of Redistricting" week-long summer school: They will be training people wishing to be expert witnesses in gerrymandering court cases, offering ideas for incorporating voting and civil rights into mathematics teaching, and teaching people who want to know how Geographic Information Systems work so they can be armed with the proper knowledge when it's time to redraw district maps at the end of the decade.
  12. After the nest empties and if this business venture my wife and I are on takes off, we'll be looking at condos in Carlsbad, Oceanside, and the other beach towns on that row. And you'll come up to visit, we'll share some tacos and cold beverages... and we'll probably argue about Kobe's place in basketball history and the wives will wonder why they are still married to children.
  13. It seems a bit of a stretch to give Trump credit for Gorsuch since doing so implies Trump had heard of Gorsuch, picked him out among a deep field of respected judges, and championed him for the Supreme Court. IIRC Gorsuch was a party pick thrust upon Trump, going against his wish to nominate the person his sister recommended. I'm not a member of a political party. I didn't vote for Bill Clinton or John Kerry. I'm pro-life, but forced to choose between draconian laws to make abortions less convenient or installing economic and health care policies that reduce the incentive for having an abortion, I'll choose the latter. It's fair to say I'm pro-life in a Tim Kaine kind of way. It's also fair to say it's extremely unlikely I'd have volunteered for a House campaign out-of-district if we were a month into President Kasich or President Rubio. Doubt I would have made the trip to the state capitol to stand against KS SB 37 - I would have let someone else take care of that. You want to say you're happy that Trump pissed off people like me? Imagine how much less time and money would be lining up to start battling the 2018 midterms right now if Trump wasn't President.
  14. The real story in Wisconsin was the state restricting voting rights and failing to follow through on issuing free voter IDs even though it was a condition of the state winning an appeal after a court ruled their revised voting laws were too restrictive. Disenfranchised a couple hundred thousand voters who were eligible to legally vote in a state decided by less than 30,000.
  15. Absolutely make reservations for anything Casual, Fine, or Character. Demand is very high for the best and unique restaurants at WDW. Reservations can be made 180 days in advance (10 extra days of lead time if you're staying at a Disney Resort), and there are Disney Dining super fans logged in and calling when bookings open that morning.