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  1. People like you who could be bought off by lower taxes without caring about anything else are the ones who gave the NRA so much power. Don’t lecture us about putting a price on children’s lives. Myopic, greedy people like you got us here. How many times have you bragged to this board about how much more money you have since Trump took office? How many times have you voted for the person in favor of stricter gun regulations over the person who you thought would lower taxes?
  2. Folks, if you're looking to make the dumbest post in this thread... this is the bar you need to slide under.
  3. Sonuva. Rereading the official press release, yes the Marvel overlay is a go at Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris. The overlay also hitting Orlando is just speculation at this point. Oh, crap. Sorry about misleading anyone on that.
  4. Is he saying the first sentence is Total Fake News? Like the way a Redskins fan would say, "Cowboys fans are awesome, just look at how they act. Psyche!"
  5. DOUBLE J!!!! He was so good at making me hate him. Which I suppose means he was really good. Saw him wrestle in person once: SummerSlam 1999. He was the opening match against D'Lo Brown for the European Title. Jarrett came out to a mix of boos for him and wild cheers for Debra. Jarrett got the win after Mark Henry turned on D'Lo. (Other matches from that card included a hardcore match between Al Snow and Big Boss Man that spilled out of the arena and into a bar across the street. A urinal cake was used as a weapon in the bar bathroom. Test defeated Shane McMahon, but not before Shane put Test through the Spanish announcers table with a phenomenal flying elbow from the top turnbuckle. Billy Gunn told my group "MOVE!" while carrying the Rock because we were leaning over a railing he wanted to drop the Rock on. And the three-way dance main event was Stone Cold, HHH, and Mankind with Jesse Ventura as the ref. After the show, we happened to walk up the parking ramp with Terry Taylor, whom WWF fans might remember as "The Red Rooster". He was working for WWF at the time, scouting talent and developing the undercard. He started a conversation about the "Tag Team Turmoil" match, a gauntlet match that got a lot of undercard talent in the ring. "I thought the Brood and the Hardys put on a great show. You're gonna see a lot more of them.")
  6. When was the last time you voted for a candidate who didn't have an NRA endorsement over a candidate who did?
  7. Have we talked about the memo Kelly sent out declaring anyone on WH staff who has been on interim clearance since June 1, 2017 and can't get full clearance approved by Friday is getting their interim clearance revoked? I'm assuming Trump fires Kelly before Jared and Ivanka get their clearances revoked.
  8. When was the last time you voted for one candidate over another because of their stance on gun control? Who was it?
  9. Comforting words from the guy who talked #### about Michigan State losing to Northwestern last weekend.
  10. David kept writing and producing. Got back in the big time when he co-wrote a song on a Robbie Robertson solo album. David also has songwriting credits on Tuesday Night Music Club, Leaving Las Vegas and Strong Enough. The biggest artists David produced records for are Toni Childs and Meredith Brooks.
  11. KU had been uncharacteristically shaky at home this season, but not tonight. Dang. Scored the first 10, never got closer than 8 the rest of the way. If the Jayhawks bring the same intensity on Saturday, Tech is in big trouble.
  12. Disney is going to push this issue the next couple years. The GOTG ride at Epcot and rebranding the Aerosmith coaster with Avengers content will be major attractions with Marvel IP. I suppose the big thing will be if they put Spidey or Hulk in that new Avengers coaster, since those two are highlights at IOA.
  13. Don’t mention all the gun-related records that by law cannot be digitized or computerized. Another roadblock built by NRA lobbying money.
  14. Group text of my college friends named Luge "Wedgie Fever" and Skeleton "The Concussionator"