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  1. Narrowly missing the cut on my 80s HATE... "I Need Love" by Ladies Love Cool James Uncle L is a punchline now, but his first four albums are still awesome. But this misstep actually charted.
  2. Gotta love a guy who is so dedicated to making sure we Never Forget™ 9/11 that he turned his top and bottom rows of teeth into before and after monuments of the towers.
  3. I don’t think Mueller is going to have any trouble against a guy who was duped by “non-fat” frozen yogurt.
  4. When I fold my hand in poker, I occasionally surrender with an “I’m too sexy for these cards... too sexy for these cards, too sexy by far.”
  5. LOVE the version of this on Live Without A Net with Branford Marsalis on saxophone.
  6. Got rockaction a couple times, too. Thanks to you both for being such good sports about it.
  7. I feel even better about using my first-rounder on that.
  8. Every “link-to-song” in all of my “hate” picks linked to that. Your method is much more subtle.
  9. Oh, wow. Florida is going to be tense and intense this cycle. A Senate seat in play, voting rights battles, Parkland, all the relocated Puerto Ricans... there are going to be some hard-fought battles that will get dirty.
  10. For you folks who go the Value route... Pop Century is most of the way through a refurb. There’s still some construction going on, and the sound carries along the water between Pop Century and Art Of Animation, but the refurbed rooms are getting positive reviews, especially the new queen-size beds.
  11. That’s the standard.
  12. Not all felons. Just the felons who have served their time and have re-entered society. Some states have policies in place allowing criminals who are off papers to get their voting rights restored. They think offering a carrot like getting to vote again is a good incentive for criminals to go the rehabilitation route and re-enter society. I don’t know if it such a policy correlates with reduces recidivism, but of sure seems like it’s worth trying.
  13. Currently the favorite to be the Republican nominee for governor of that state in the upcoming election in November, too. Term-limited Governor resigned a few months ago to to be the ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom. Lt Governor-turned-Governor has no name recognition and won’t have a signature piece of legislation to run in. The State Treasurer being groomed as the next governor took the Congressional seat vacated by Pompeo and has a real challenger in his district, so the state party is having him run for Congress again instead of governor. So the state Secretary Of State, actively engaging in voter suppression tactics for an election he’s running in, will likely be the dominant party’s nominee.
  14. I wonder if Trump was rooting against that candy-### Matthew McConaughey when he saw Amistad.