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  1. Was definitely rooting for Michigan tonight. Oregon really makes defenses work hard, and they aren't afraid to call a slide-and-glide 3/4 press that will force some turnovers on Saturday. Still think Mason and Graham will be able to break Oregon down in half court, and Oregon will either have to choose going for offensive rebounds or setting up transition defense - they don't have the horses to do both.
  2. IMO Vick played really well tonight. Made some big plays that got the team and crowd going. When Bragg checked in, we were joking he went with the knee-high socks to hide the anklet the police put on him to monitor his whereabouts.
  3. Thanks. When Mason and Graham are both hot, there isn't much defenses can do. Throw extra bodies at them, you're just opening up space for Svi and Vick in the corners or Jackson cutting to the basket.
  4. I voted Phil Hartman for best male cast member. Had more range and longevity than the others. His cast mates called him "The Glue" because he could hold together any sketch he was in, lead or bit player. For similar reasons, I picked Jan Hooks for best female cast member. Though I suspect Kate McKinnon will surpass Hooks in my mind by the time she's done at SNL. Best host has gotta be Steve Martin. He's been in all-time great sketches in at least three different decades, brought a lot of fun and good music, too.
  5. Huckabee has an editorial up in WaPo defending the National Endowment for the Arts. At first it made me want to strangle Elmo as I'm reflexively opposed to most things Mike Huckabee and his children say, but it's actually a pretty good appeal for the NEA aimed at conservatives. He takes cheap shots at rich Hollywood liberals, then moves on to explain where NEA money actually goes, who it benefits, how little of the federal budget it uses, and how access to the arts and arts education benefits students and schools as a whole.
  6. If I haven't posted an elaborate reply to this by tomorrow afternoon, bump it. I want to give this question the answer it deserves, but I have NCAA Regionals tickets tonight and my ticketmates have told me they want to get to the bar/restaurant district next to the arena about six hours before tipoff.
  7. Saw online (most likely WDW Prep School) that Pandora might have a preview for Annual Passholders on April 8 and 9. No idea what that entails.
  8. Trump's Twitter history is full of petty shots and petty feuds. He's anti- a lot of people an entities. During one of the debates, he promised to assign a special prosecutor to put Hillary Clinton in jail. "LOCK HER UP!" was a common chant at campaign rallies.
  9. On this page of this thread a user referenced a poll citing about 20% of Americans believe that. I'll bet we could find a tweet or two stating that belief if we looked really hard.
  10. What's to stop a party from colluding with foreign governments in future elections if they still get to be the party in power after they get caught?
  11. Been busy doing intelligence work under his code name, "Race Bannon".
  12. I know we're a long way from closing the case, but if it's proven there was collusion with the Russian government during the election, is there an argument that the 2016 Presidential Election results should be thrown out?
  13. Because those of us who have been following this story since last summer aren't surprised by it.