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  1. It what ways has Trump demonstrated his opposition to any of this? What evidence is there to argue Trump is in favor of continuing or escalating a program like this?
  2. Their fries are nothing special. And we know that you know fries. I'd get the onion straws or the apple slaw instead. They slice the brisket a little thicker than I like it, but it was like they were showing off how tender it was by not depending on a thin slice. Was nice having burnt ends right there on the menu - at my local Joe's they run out of burnt ends so quickly they don't even officially list and price them. Can't remember what they called it, but they had a sandwich on the menu of brisket, provolone, onion straws, and original BBQ sauce on a brioche bun. They did not call it the "Z-Man". The dining area is informal, but you are seated and they have a wait staff. They are strict about not seating incomplete parties - we were seated ahead of a family who dropped the wife and kids off at the door while the husband parked the car. The plating is pretty. They are definitely going for diners taking photos of their plates and posting them to social media. I was driving so I drank soda, but they had a broad beer selection and a few wines.
  3. I ribs. Got some from Joe's. Oh are they delightful. And of course got some fries, too. Went to Q39 last week. They have done an excellent job carving out their own section of the BBQ scene. Shared a brisket & burnt ends plate and split a triple threat sandwich. That made me very happy. Q39 South (119th and Antioch, the old Hayward's Pit) has a sign out front saying "Open Fall 2017". Looking forward to that.
  4. How much you wanna nake a bet Trump can throw a football over them mountains? Coach would've put Trump in fourth quarter, we would've been state champions. No doubt in my mind.
  5. "Full transparency: I'm deleting old tweets."
  6. Do you think the people labeling the Mueller investigation a "witch hunt" are correct in doing so?
  7. What would be a proper amount of engagement with you?
  8. Do you care about the leaks?
  9. How do we know illegal immigration is waaaay down? Same people who took attendance at the inauguration? In what ways are the small business community extremely energized? And it is proper to give Trump credit for it?
  10. When you saw only one set of footprints in the sand, it was because Chris Christie kicked everyone off the beach. - Rumi If you change your mind, I'm the first in line Honey I'm still free Take a chance on me. - Confucius
  11. John C. McGinley needs to be involved somehow. Could definitely handle the exasperated shoveler of BS vibe of the inner circle.
  12. So the Trump thing is a witch hunt and the Clintons haven't been investigated closely enough?
  13. This pairing made me literally LOL: I hear the drums echoing tonight. But she hears only whispers of some quiet conversation. -- Friedrich Nietzsche I bless the rains down in Africa Gonna take some time to do the things we never had. --Joseph Conrad
  14. Whatever source you got this from is not even close to correct. They are both highly regarded by their peers, but they are not friends.