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  1. Hypothetically speaking here, let’s imagine an extreme case where a women comes forward individually and claims a male in elected office committed a form a sexual misconduct with her inappropriate enough for it to be considered a crime. Then after that story breaks, over the next week or so, nine more women come forward with similar stories. How many of those ten claims need to be true to warrant removing the elected official from office? All ten? Seven? Six?
  2. The important part about 20% is it’s a nice round number Trump likes to say. Corporations aren’t yelling and screaming, begging for tax reform. They’re doing great. If it settles in at 25% instead of 20%, corporations will celebrate, Trump will claim he really wanted 25% all along but asked for 20% because The Art Of The Deal, and the dream of concentrating more of our nation’s wealth into as few hands as possible continues.
  3. All contacts to all Representatives help. Contacting as a constituent is more helpful. And if you live in a state with a Senator on the Senate Finance Committee... we need you right now. Calls and emails are more effective than other forms of contact, but we need you, we need you in volume. Voter engagement made a big difference is stopping ACA repeal, and this wealth transfer disguised as tax reform needs your engagement. Won’t be able to match the donor class’s coffers, but you can make it up in volume of votes.
  4. Yep. Hit the gong. Bring the clown out to sweep him off the stage. Disappointing, but when the first story broke had to figure there were others out there.
  5. I’m a subscriber to the theory that Trump will have all the turkeys Obama pardoned tracked down and brought back to the South Lawn for a mass execution.
  6. Which version of Roy Moore’s story do you think is correct? Do you think the people here who are saying Moore is unfit to serve based on his record as a prosecutor and judge are lying?
  7. You don’t have to personally attack other users in every post. I think the economy is on a similar trajectory to how it has been going the last several years. I think we’re very lucky Trump hasn’t negatively affect the economy like he’s wanted to with his desire to repeal the ACA, this abomination of a tax bill, and priorizing coal over renewables in energy. But there’s the economy of a nation and the economic health of the individuals in it. Way too much of the economic recovery of he last few years has gone to the wealthy. We have an opportunity here to meet the needs of the least among us and be a leader in the next wave of energy innovations without increasing deficits. But Trump wants to run up a couple trillion in debt so corporations and the wealthy can hoard even more of this nation’s riches, and take away access to health care from working people because #### the colored guy who was President the previous eight years. There’s also a lot of short-sighted stuff Trump is doing that will hurt us down the road, like screwing grad students on their tuition waivers to help pay for the estate tax repeal. We have this awesome research infrastructure that attracts the best and brightest from around the world to develop heir ideas here, but taking up to $10K per year away from grads in study and an immigration policy generously described as “hostile” is going to send a lot of great ideas to other nations, including Americans taking their talents to countries that don’t hate education.
  8. Incompatible with previous posts you’ve made with high certainty and condescension that people’s lives wouldn’t be different had the election gone a different way, but OK.
  9. Do you think this tax plan would have passed the House and on the Senate agenda if the person who got the most votes in the 2016 were President now?
  10. It's a long ways away. However... We're going to be hearing more from the Mueller investigation as more indictments are issued. Naysayers mock how long it's taking, but their pace is way ahead of Watergate investigations. The economy doesn't have a lot of room to improve, and a lot of space to get worse. I'd love to believe we're looking at 4-5% GDP growth like the GOP says, but we're probably capped at about 3% right now. Curious to see how it breaks if we do have an avalanche of sexual harassment/misconduct stories in 2018. Will the GOP's indifference towards sexual harassment come back to harm them, or will the avalanche take so many people down it will be perceived as "both sides are full of crooks and creeps" and not move the needle? Some of the health care and immigration stuff will have consequences in 2018. Discontinuing programs like CHIP and repealing the individual mandate to fund tax cuts for the wealthy will negatively affect the lives of millions to allow a few thousand families more efficiently hoard their wealth. Going to be some folks fired up when the DACA deportations start.
  11. Stan Collender, Forbes Contributor: "GOP Tax Bill Is The End Of All Economic Sanity In Washington"
  12. In Roy Moore's book, he says he first noticed his future wife several years before finally meeting her in person. He started dating Kayla when she was 23 and married her when she was 24. For someone wanting us to believe this is all a conspiracy of the fake news media, or the Democrats, or Mitch McConnell, his own words about his attraction to his wife don't do a great job defending him.
  13. Imagine the uproar if Roy Moore had a private email server.
  14. His post also leaves open the possibility Moore is telling the truth.
  15. I was really surprised the number was that low. I expected a bit of a partisan split, but nothing like that. Article also references some polling data from the late 1990s. “A 1999 Fox News poll found that 79 percent of Democrats said Clinton accuser Juanita Broaddrick’s allegations were “not worth investigating because the alleged event happened 20 years ago,” and that just 27 percent considered the multiple allegations against the president to represent a pattern of behavior on his part, rather than a pattern of behavior by his political enemies.”