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  1. Cheaper everything and less tourists aren't the only reasons I've gone on all in on Central and Eastern Europe.
  2. Like Budapest better than Prague (both great, but found Budapest to be less overrun with tourists). How about Edinburgh? Or for off the beaten path - highly recommend Tbilisi, Georgia. Loved Georgia - there's a reason it's having a moment among all the "next big thing" blogs. Before you book, be aware that Euro 2020 is happening then. In a couple of cities I was looking into, the hotels were outrageous for days around the games.
  3. I get the quibble, and as a fellow oldster, understand your conundrum. I feel like it's always a balancing act, and at most shows, self-aware folks can tell how close to the stage you can reasonably get when showing up post-opener. Also, edging up is way different than pushing your way to the front like you own the place. On the opposite end, totally sucks to be up against the rail early, then need to run the bar or bathroom, and have gatekeepers not want to let you back through. I try to come and go the same way and make eye contact/chat with the folks in between, but I've had a couple instances where people have gotten all edgy when I came back. Some of us are old and can't go 4 hours without taking a leak - cut us some slack.
  4. I was at a three shows last weekend and the crowd was generally great, but still wish a few self-absorbed jackasses could follow these simple rules: 1) I didn't pay to watch a concert through your phone. If you want to snap a quick pic or two, go for it. But an entire song or a run of songs? For what? How many times are you really going to go back and watch this later? The sound is horrible, the video is jumpy, etc. And I'm not talking about teenage girls videoing Billy Eilish to brag to their friends on snapchat, but grown-### men seeing old man bands. 2) If you want to have a conversation, go outside. I don't mean a quick comment here or there, but a full-blown back-and-forth. 3) If you want to be at the front against the stage, get there early. Don't show up at the start of the set and then try to push your way to the front. Total dbag move. 4) If you feel the need to dance/jump around aggressively, take stock of the situation before blindly knocking into people. If no one else is moshing, maybe save it for the punk show.
  5. Why so angry man? Already said I don't recline. And even then, you should still be able to stand up without the assistance of a seat back.
  6. Oof. Both a couple of Richards there. And for the record, I pretty much never recline.
  7. Reminded of these two on my flight today: 1. Unless you're old or infirm, there's really no excuse for needing to pull back on the person's seat in front of you when you get up to take a leak. 2. When you're wearing a heavy backpack, consider your surroundings before you turn in the aisle. Saw two people in aisle seats get nailed in the head this morning.
  8. I've been to some non-Russian Soviet cities in the last few years and was pleasantly surprised by the non-grayness. Nice weather and all the nicely attired ladies in summer dresses and heels probably helped. Plus, after living in Philly and Bmore for the past 20+ years, I'm used to dingey. Minsk was sparkling clean and safe in comparison.
  9. Russia in the early post-communism days must have been one hell of an experience.
  10. Jealous. Looked into matches in St. Petersburg (no visa needed if in Russia for Euro 2020) but hotels were exorbinant and ticket resellers looked really shady. Also checked out Dublin and Edinburgh for stopovers on the way home but hotels were even worse b/c of game. Ended up with 2 days in Brussels instead.
  11. Was really expecting Yakov Smirnoff.
  12. Just booked our tickets and hotels for Russia this June. In the process of getting visas now. The plan is 5 nights in St. Petersburg, 5 nights in Moscow, and 3 nights in Kazan. Me, my wife, and 15-year old son. The latter is becoming fluent in Russian, while my wife and I can basically say hello, thank you, and grandmother. Any fellow FBGs been and have advice? Schtick welcome.
  13. Headed to Athens, GA tomorrow for Drive-By Truckers homecoming weekend. Three shows at the 40 Watt - expect to see a lot of fellow old bearded guys.
  14. This fits with a lot of the the other oblivious-type behavior cataloged here, but here goes. I was just at the airport picking up my Australian brother-in-law after a marathon series of flights. Once you exit the door from customs/immigration, there is a 10-feet wide, maybe 25-feet long roped-off path passengers have to walk down before they can head where ever they please. I found myself getting unnecessarily angry at all the people that would rush to hug their loved ones near the end of the path rather than waiting for them to get to the end and step out of the way. I wanted to yell "you're blocking everyone else behind you, you inconsiderate ****s." I get it, you're happy to see someone for Xmas, but unless you're a little kid greeting mom or dad on their return from Iraq or something, you can wait 5 seconds for them to get to open space instead of blocking passage for everyone else. If it had been be de-planing after all that time in the air, I may have "accidently" run someone over.
  15. We have an older German Shorthaired Pointer and a younger Boston Terrier. Neither is hypo-allergenic but they don't shed much. GSP fits the size profile Otis is looking for, and is a great family dog. They just need a lot of exercise.