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  1. Closed today @ 2.75 on a 30-year refi using Chad's guy in MD - 6 weeks from start to finish. Had one brief zoom call at the start then everything else via email until the notary came by the house today. Utterly painless.
  2. Appreciate the heads up. Just had a second beer instead of limiting myself to one so doubt I was actually impaired, but good to know in any case.
  3. My son got his permit in mid-August (MD requires you to be 15 years 9 months for learners and 16 years 6 months for license) and I've been pleasantly surprised at how relatively calm it's been. Aside from the normal issues, he is learning on a stick shift (his choice), which just adds another layer of potential stress. We did probably a dozen 30 min or less sessions in a big park-and-ride lot before we moved to the neighborhood streets. Then another 5 hours around the neighborhood before some main roads. He has been out on the interstate a few times now, but it may be the least busy interstate in the country at the moment (goes straight from my town to the airport). Not gonna lie - it was pretty great for his mom and I to have an extra drink at dinner on Sunday night and make him drive us home. His biggest problem at first was driving too close to the shoulder (and parked cars). I definitely cringed a few times when I thought he was gonna take out a side mirror. I also have to remind him to keep up his speed when heading uphill and accelerating up to highway speed on a merge lane. The merges still terrify me a little, and the tendency of some drivers that are behind you in the merge lane to cross the solid line and accelerate up next to you before you can merge yourself is making we want to strangle people. The only real situation we had was totally my fault. I have a Land Cruiser with tall removable Kayak carriers (actually the Thule hydraulic lift - a life changer) and had forgotten to take them off before my son took it for a drive around the neighborhood. Neighbors on the next street over have a basketball hoop that hangs overs the curb which they had lowered to maybe 8 feet for their little kids. As my son is driving down the narrow street, I realized what was about to happen and yelled out "S###, whoa, whoa." Obviously not helpful instructions, and then boom, my racks hit the rim. I was sure the whole setup was going to come crashing down onto my car, but the racks just got knocked loose while the hoop shook. Lesson learned.
  4. That's really great. The Alligator helped me pass time through many a lecture in Carleton Auditorium.
  5. Lol. Not sure that anyone who saw the odd groupings of goths and rivetheads dancing like ghouls (goths) or ninjas (rivetheads) at the local club ever thought "Damn they're cool." I do have go give it up for Florida goths though. Walking around campus in full makeup, leather, and hideous puffy shirts when it's 100 degrees out took real dedication to the cause.
  6. I forgot you had video. I also may have pictures of myself in army green shorts, camo thigh highs, and doc boots, And a really bad grebo hair cut.
  7. One summer, I got a two-hour/week late night DJ slot at the local Ocean City, MD alternative station. I always tried to mix in a few industrial songs so played Supernaut one night. A bunch of people called in to ask who that was, and after saying "1000 Homo DJs" on air, I was asked by management not to play them again.
  8. Pigface toured again last year and came through Baltimore. Was debating whether to see them and then remembered I never even really liked them in the 90s. Except their one mash-up with Evil Mothers ruled and absolutely filled the floor every time. Pigface w/ Evil Mothers - Sick/Asp/F###
  9. Glad you're doing this Hack. Was thinking a few weeks back that I should do an ultimate industrial/goth DJ setlist but figured you would be the only one to post in it. Happy to see that's not the case. I had a sweet 242 shirt with Tyranny for You symbols on the front and bolded "PUNISH YOUR MACHINE" on the back. Tended to raise a lot of questions around campus. I found an OG vinyl of Front by Front last year but was disappointed that Welcome to Paradise wasn't actually on the LP, just the vinyl and cassette.
  10. My wife is out of town, so when i ran across a first press of Big Black's "Songs About F###ing" at my local shop today, I didn't even think twice before grabbing it. Mrs. Scorchy has great taste in music and loves listening to records, but BB is a bridge too far. If you do a search for turntables, you'll find a bunch of recs.
  11. My Boston Terrier will try to hide and save any bones he gets by burying them with air. He drops the bone in a corner, backs up a step or two, then noses the air over it for at least 30 seconds. Then he'll get really frustrated when I walk over and grab it, like "How the heck did you find my bone so fast." My old GSP (RIP Buck) loved the water and would obsessively stack rocks from the bottom. If you threw a big rock into the stream, he would dive down for it, sniff it out, then grab it and take it to the bank. Rinse and repeat till you had a giant pile of rocks. We now have a 3-month old Spinone puppy. So far he seems relatively smart and non-crazy, but who knows what the future holds.
  12. For cinco, a riff on the Range Life which is already a riff on the Negroni. Given the original name and the high ABV, I call it a Pavement. 1.5 oz tequila .5 oz mezcal 1.5 oz campari 1 oz punt e mes .5 oz solerno (or cointreau)
  13. "Right about now, NWA court is in full effect. Judge Dre residing." Why is Dr. Dre living in the courtroom?
  14. Sticking with the geography theme: "New York to East California, there's a new wave comin' I warn ya." Does Kim Wilde thinks the scene is gonna die in Needles?