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  1. My Boston Terrier will try to hide and save any bones he gets by burying them with air. He drops the bone in a corner, backs up a step or two, then noses the air over it for at least 30 seconds. Then he'll get really frustrated when I walk over and grab it, like "How the heck did you find my bone so fast." My old GSP (RIP Buck) loved the water and would obsessively stack rocks from the bottom. If you threw a big rock into the stream, he would dive down for it, sniff it out, then grab it and take it to the bank. Rinse and repeat till you had a giant pile of rocks. We now have a 3-month old Spinone puppy. So far he seems relatively smart and non-crazy, but who knows what the future holds.
  2. For cinco, a riff on the Range Life which is already a riff on the Negroni. Given the original name and the high ABV, I call it a Pavement. 1.5 oz tequila .5 oz mezcal 1.5 oz campari 1 oz punt e mes .5 oz solerno (or cointreau)
  3. "Right about now, NWA court is in full effect. Judge Dre residing." Why is Dr. Dre living in the courtroom?
  4. Sticking with the geography theme: "New York to East California, there's a new wave comin' I warn ya." Does Kim Wilde thinks the scene is gonna die in Needles?
  5. Have you read "City on Fire"? It's set in exactly that scene and period, and at least for a kid from the sticks like me who never got to experience gritty nyc, it was an amazing novel.
  6. I posted a link to the OIG report in the FFA earlier today. I personally conducted six of the interviews with hospitals myself. First time in my 23 years with HHS OIG that I've heard an accusation of political bias. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised. ETA: the person the president is questioning is a career civil servant that rose through the ranks based on merit, and in no way deserves this kind of attack.
  7. Yeah, I've worked for HHS OIG for more than 20 years. It's never not interesting, but the last few weeks have been wild. I personally conducted six of the interviews and am just amazed that the primary team was able to take 300 plus interviews and turn it into a report in a weeks time. Government never works that fast...
  8. In case anyone is interested, my office just issued a report on COVID-19 based on interviews with more than 300 hospital administrators. It goes into a lot of detail of what U.S. hospitals are facing for those that like to delve deep.
  9. Flying to Grand Cayman for 5 nights on Sunday. Wife and I were leaning toward cancelling, as the flights and hotel are both on points and (we assumed) refundable. Just checked about Marriott's cancellation policy and for resorts, it's 21 days. Oops. Well, even then, 260000 is a lot of Marriott points, but maybe I'll just eat them. So I went over to flyertalk to see if any one had any luck getting exceptions for the virus, and folks are freaking out. The actual policy, announced when Marriott merged with Starwood, is that if you cancel a points reservation after the deadline, you get your points back, but then are charged the cash rate instead. Given that it's spring break, cash rate at the Westin Grand Cayman is $800/night (which I can't imagine anyone ever paying). So if I cancel, I'm out $4k. Either I need to hope Marriott follows other chains' lead and gets more lenient (right now, only Asia and Italy are excepted) or I'm on a flight to the Caribbean in 3 days.
  10. I can't like this enough. True story: Back when I lived in Philly, I worked right across from Independence Hall/Liberty Bell. I also had a bad habit of hitting the food truck outside my building a few times a week. During peak tourist horde season, the lining up perpendicular to the street (it's not like 6th and Chestnut is a busy area or anything) drove me batty. Like Floppo, I would stand next to the truck and tell the last person in line I was after them and add "no need to block the street." One day, I get majorly tsked-tsked by a Karen who was sure I was trying to cut in line, despite my assurances that I was pretty good at remembering my spot. A few seconds later, a guy walking down the street gives her an annoyed "excuse me," she huffily takes an exaggerated step backwards as I give a knowing head shake, and BOOM!, she gets plowed by a bike messenger riding illegally down the sidewalk. Fortunately, she was OK, but it was really hard not celebrate my schadenfreude.
  11. Russia just added the U.S. to a list of countries subject to a 14-day quarantine upon arrival. We're booked to leave in early June and would have to apply for a visa at least 30 days prior. Plane tix were on points (except one intra-russia flight) and hotels are mostly refundable, so I guess like everything else, may as well just wait and see for now. Still flying to Grand Cayman in 8 days (fingers crossed).
  12. Cheaper everything and less tourists aren't the only reasons I've gone on all in on Central and Eastern Europe.
  13. Like Budapest better than Prague (both great, but found Budapest to be less overrun with tourists). How about Edinburgh? Or for off the beaten path - highly recommend Tbilisi, Georgia. Loved Georgia - there's a reason it's having a moment among all the "next big thing" blogs. Before you book, be aware that Euro 2020 is happening then. In a couple of cities I was looking into, the hotels were outrageous for days around the games.