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  1. My wife and 14 year-old were there. They heard yelling from the balcony and calls for security, but didnt learn the details till I sent them a link this morning. Just crazy. Given where the hippodrome is located in Bmore, would have probably been a different outcome if racist guy tried that a few blocks away.
  2. Earlier this year, my 13 year-old son and I visited a few former Soviet republics for a couple of weeks. Toward the end of the trip, we were in Kazbegi, Georgia, a mountain town near the Russian border. He and I were finishing up an 8-hr plus hike to a glacier and back when I started getting violently ill (maybe the glacier water wasn't as pure as I was told...). We made it back to the hotel where I was losing it from both ends for hours, so I called my wife at home and asked her to change our flights so we could get back to the States asap. The earliest flight back wasn't for like 36 hours, so we had to spend one more day in Kazbegi before taking a van to Tbilisi airport. I was basically immobile, and didn't want my son to have to spend the last day of his vacation stuck in a hotel with his puking dad. So around noon, I gave him some Georgian money, made sure his mobile phone was receiving texts, and sent him out in to town to get lunch, wander around, practice his Russian, etc. I told him to be back in by 4 pm and answer his phone if I text/call. He walked back into the room at 3:45 happy as a clam. When people ask him about the best part of our trip, he gets really excited talking about his 4 hours of freedom in Georgia, ordering khinkali and tea at a small restaurant and bargaining for souvenirs at the flea market. I think back to what I was allowed to do (or even expected to do) at his age, and how much safer Europe is than the U.S., etc., and never really questioned the decision. Not saying allowing a 13-year old boy to wander around a foreign country for 4 hours is the same as allowing a 17-year old to be gone for a few weeks, but I'm just kind of surprised by the largely negative responses, especially since they seem to be about safety and not money.
  3. Here in MD, it's pretty much a rite of passage for grads to go to Ocean City for senior week. Brett Kavanaugh's letter to his buddies outlines the itinerary pretty explicitly. Having worked 7 summers in OC and having been to Europe a ton, I would much prefer to send my 17-year old to the latter.
  4. My dealer (Gramophone) sells Prima Luna tube gear. Really nice stuff at the price point, and I've seen demos of this $2,399 integrated on sale for around the same price as the one you linked: I can't say it's "better" - I do know that tube purists would tell you that not having a DAC and all that other circuitry in it is actually a big upgrade. Of course, that means you can't stream without adding another source component (I use Bluesound, but Sonos or dozens of others would work), so this may be getting to be too much.
  5. I would really recommend checking a forum specializing in low-powered tube gear. It's a pretty limited niche and they would be much better at being able to answer your questions. I've got a 230 wpc in my main system and still wish I had more power. Even my tube gear is 75 wpc, so I would just be spit-balling about a 12 wpc amp.
  6. I know you want to just go out and buy something -- I've been there. But I really really recommend patience and research. Absolutely nothing takes the place of listening to various components, especially speakers. You cannot rely on reviews - everyone has a different preference for how they want something to sound, and some folks may hate the type of tone in an amp/speaker combo that you find totally appealing. It's not like you live in North Dakota or something -- you probably have a dozen hi-fi stores near you where you can hear alternatives. Lots will have demo or pre-owned models that will allow you take a step up at a given price point. For example, I got a clearance $7K McIntosh preamp at Magnolia for $3,200. From my main dealer, I got a $10K pair of Focal speakers for $6k after another customer returned them basically unopened. These same kind of deals can be found almost everywhere on all sorts of levels of equipment if you're patient. ETA: I'll also add that getting my wife involved in the process was $. We spent a rainy Saturday at Gramophone listening to a half-dozen speakers, focusing in-part on the kind of music she loves. Otoh, totally worthless if Mrs. Otis doesn't share your taste. I can't imagine Post Malone sounding great on a 12 wpc tube amp.
  7. Definitely. I drop by my local at least once a week, and hit other ones in the area frequently. Just great places to browse and learn from other music dorks. I have to say, though, I was so excited to visit the Williamsburg and East Village record stores on my last trip to Otis-ville, but left really disappointed. I guess there's so many more hipster record buyers in NYC that the inventories were pretty beat.
  8. I'm down the turntable/audiophile rabbit hole - have 3 TTs in my house. While the sound is great, I also like the idea that I'm "forced" to listen to an entire album and not just skip around like a CD or curate a playlist like on spotify. It's a much more active listening experience. My basic system for the office is a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon, Peachtree Audio Integrated w/ phono preamp, and Focal Aria 905 speakers. Every single piece was bought demo from my local stereo store or You could do a lot worse for the $. And if you want to spend more, let's just say I'm lucky I have an amazingly tolerant wife.
  9. scorchy

    ***Official Soccer Discussion Thread***

    Best of luck to you and your daughter too. Good lesson for both of them in the 'volunteering to take one for the team' department I guess.
  10. scorchy

    ***Official Soccer Discussion Thread***

    I can never remember if this is the thread where we discuss travel/club soccer, so forgive my faux pas if it's not. Otherwise, I could use some advice on how to best handle (or not handle) a situation with my son. The long backstory: Son has played for a relatively competitive local travel team for 8 years - he's now U15 and in 8th grade. From day 1, the coach has always said his long-term goal was to help the boys build a skillset so that they make their high school's JV team when they hit 9th grade. He's good with the kids, but very prickly with parents and other adults. The coaches for our other age groups, the club director, and the high school coach openly can't stand him. On the other hand, he has donated countless hours a year to working with our sons. A little over 2 years ago, we needed an extra GK for spring because our two keepers also played another spring sport and couldn't make every game. My son volunteered to be the 3rd keeper - he never intended it to be permanent. He did well enough in the spring that at tryouts for the following fall, the coach cut one of the other GKs. My son could live with this, because he still got to play the field more than half the time. He didn't love it, but felt he owed it to the team and GK#1 (who also liked to get some time in the field). Last year, the split was straight 50/50, and my son was less happy with it. With tryouts for this year approaching, I suggested he ask the coach to find another GK because he preferred playing the field (without going into detail, both GKs are also two of our better field players, and also among the handful that have seemed to hit a growth spurt). Not sure what my son said to him, but the Coach did bring up to me that son told him that he didn't want to play goal. I assumed the coach meant play goal for the club, and asked if he would be recruiting a new #2 GK. Coach replied, "Oh no, I meant that he told me he didn't want to play goal in high school." I guess that was where I should have responded, "But isn't the whole goal to get him ready for HS?" The situation: Fast forward to our first pre-season tourney this weekend. In the first game, GK#1 gets hurt. He's OK, but likely out 4-6 weeks with a muscle strain. This, of course, meant my son had to play goal for the rest of the tournament. He played really well given the circumstances, but thanks to injuries, our lack of size, and losing a couple of 9th graders to JV, the whole team got pummeled. We only scored 2 goals in the 5 games he played GK, and gave up 9 (3 on PKs). Despite playing really well, he was totally demoralized. And knowing he's the only GK for our upcoming Labor Day tournament and possibly the first half of the season just makes him feel worse. Before the last game, another kid actually offered to play goal so Lex could see the field, and the coach nixed it: "you guys obviously need to get better at your real positions." The question: When my son asked for advice, I told him he should talk to the coach and present the argument to him that playing GK full time isn't helping improve for HS next year. But today when I talked to work friends with older kids that play HS sports, they seemed to think that my son is still young enough that I should be the one to approach the coach and say something. I don't want to be that parent, and the coach also has a history of taking parental input very poorly. Therefore, I'm inclined to stay out of it, but wanted to see if folks in the soccer thread thought I owed it to my son to bring it up with the coach. Thanks for reading...
  11. Screw you guys. Leaving me inside the bar while you have all the fun.
  12. I wasn't crying over the titles. I also never liked Meyer (see earlier post) and you won't hear me defending Muschamp as a head coach. Regardless, I'll always have 41-14.
  13. RIght, he just lets his coaches get choked out by star players. See Billy Gonzales leaving UF for LSU.
  14. The whole situation, from the initial handling to the press conference to the apology, are all just so Urban. As a UF alum, I can admit to celebrating his results on the field while strongly disliking his personality and how he ran the team. Even in the championship years, the way he would treat reporters when they asked even the most mildly critical question, and then outright lie about things that were plainly visible on film, always struck me the wrong way. Spurrier could certainly be condescending (to put it mildly), but Urban's attitude came off much worse. Spurrier loved UF, not just the football team, while Urban seemed to view the university, the fans, and the beat reporters as outsiders he shouldn't be forced to tolerate. His answer to BR about the 2015 incident displayed the same kind of disdain - he lied to the reporter because that's what he has always done. The last straw for me was learning how Urban sided with Percy Harvin when Harvin attacked his WR coach in the locker room - not a dust-up but full-on choking and throwing him to the ground. Then Urban leaves UF and describes the program as broken - no crap dude, you're the one who broke it. The legend of Saint Tebow helped cover up a lot of other bad stuff going on in Gainesville at the time, at least until the Aaron Hernandez murders, but Urban let way too much go in the name of winning, all the while preaching his holier-than-thou family BS. Dang I sound bitter...
  15. scorchy

    Concerts thread - FBG's lovin' live music

    At Boys & Girls 10th anniv in Brooklyn a few years ago, they did the whole album front to back on night 1 then mixed most of the songs in the other night. The Jersey City show was the only one marked as a "Stay Positive" show when they went on sale.