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  1. My wife has a thing for sports cars, so I've been swapping out summer and winter tires for the last 10 years. Luckily, my neighbor is also a car nut, so he has all the tools to make it a <30 minute job. The key, as stated above, is to buy a winter tire and wheel package. Not only will your summer tires be completely unsafe in the winter, but rolling on 22"s is just begging for some costly wheel/alignment repairs thanks to all the potholes that time of year. If you want to overpay, go to the dealer and buy a 20" winter wheel/tire package. Or better yet, plug in all the car's info at and get a ton more choices and save a lot of money too. And if you actually drive it like a sports car, it would be a crime to saddle it with all-seasons.
  2. Whenever I go to shows now, I have to decide whether drinking enough so that my back isn't killing me after standing for 2 hours is worth the tradeoff of having to make my way to the bathroom (then back through the crowd to my spot) twice during a set.
  3. Never left the country till I was 25, or went anywhere besides the Mexico or the Caribbean until the last 10 years. Now I'm trying to make up for lost time. Just cracked 30 in June by visiting Belarus, Lithuania, and Latvia. Mexico, Canada, Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Cayman Islands, Turks & Caicos, Curacao France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, England, Scotland, Ireland Georgia, Azerbaijan Peru Australia
  4. And to answer the question: My wife has talked about moving to Grand Cayman. Expensive for the caribbean, but it's still way cheaper than DC/Baltimore. It has a really higher standard of living, making it by far the safest of anywhere I've visited among the islands or Central America. If it were up to me, I would say Berlin. Just so interesting and vibrant and funky - and still cheap compared to any other major city in western Europe. But I've only been in the spring/summer, so my mind might change if I visited in February.
  5. This. Just got back from Switzerland yesterday - my 4th time visiting in the last 7 years (can't get enough of the mountains). I told my son it's gonna be a long time before we go back because I just can't tolerate the cost. We had an airbnb to help save on food, but even getting takeout pizza one night for 2 was over $50, and the pizza wasn't even good. Real restaurants are even crazier. I ordered a Negroni at the local bar and it was $22. Beers that were $3 in Germany were $8 in Switzerland. For what we spent on 4 days hiking there, we could have gone to the Italian Dolomites for over a week, and probably close to a month in Slovenia. Plus, even though their health care is excellent, it's also crazy expensive. No nationalized medicine for the Swiss. If I sound bitter, it's because only 24 hours ago, I paid a metered cab $29 to drive me 5 km to the airport.
  6. Couldn't be much easier. After getting your bags, just go outside and catch airport bus to MARC/Amtrak. 5 minute ride and you'll be right at the station. No worries about luggage, especially on a Sunday with no commuters.
  7. Sitting in Berlin Tegel. It's not so much awful as it is woefully inadequate. Built during the cold war to handle 2 million passengers a year, and now does 10 times that many. Each individual gate has it's own security less than 20 steps from the drop off, which sounds great. Except once through, each gate is its own secure zone, with a single ####ty coffee shop and tiny bathroom. Not horrible if things run on time, but brutal if there are delays and the gates get overcrowded and overheated (no AC). Tegel was supposed to close like 7 years ago, but the new Berlin airport never opened. A fascinating read if you're interested in monumental screwups.
  8. Only because a court ended Trump's family separation policy. Fact is that 12 times more kids were being separated during Zero Tolerance than before it was implemented.
  9. Been doing the Hold Steady weekends since they started a few years ago: Brooklyn in '16, Chicago in '17, then Philly last year. Mrs. Scorchy and I decided on Nashville this year - 3 nights plus soundcheck (which is always a blast) on Saturday. Never been to Nashville, so looking forward to a great weekend. Just saw Dimmer Twins with @JZilla in Portland last week. Tix to Mountain Goats in July and Ex-Hex in September (both in Baltimore).
  10. I get it, as it's not really about the hated rivalry thing with me either (for much the same reason). I just work/socialize with a few ridiculously obnoxious ManU fans that overrides any competitive desires for a strong top 6.
  11. I can agree with the 3-5 clubs, but screw ManU. Hope they're in a relegation battle instead.
  12. What a title race! At an airport bar, and pleasantly surprised that even the Arsenal fans next to me were pulling for City.
  13. I also really loved Budapest. Last time, we stayed 4 nights at the Marriott right on the bank of the Danube for like $100/night. Ridiculously cheap city. A few of my favorite things that haven't been mentioned are the House of Terror museum (, the food truck market Karavan (, and any of the ruin pubs, Only thing I disliked were all the Brit stag parties, so be prepared if you're there on the weekend. Funny to be in place where the locals always hate on the English but seem to love Americans.
  14. And GM. And Smoo is coming too. Have an extra bed if you want it.
  15. Was watching on my mobile in the office (work network blocks streaming) with the door closed and starting to really worry. Then I had to do my best not to scream and jump around when the Captain ripped the net. Unfortunately, gonna be at Portland airport with @fatguyinalittlecoat and @JZilla during Sunday's finales, so likely watching on my phone again, unless I'm lucky enough that the airport bar has multiple NBC sports stations.