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  1. Yes I saw it, that's why I asked- it was a nice job of making the safety miss but nothing like he described. Stopped like what? Again, he avoided the tackler.
  2. It's a shame but they refuse to give him enough work to justify starting him. Barring an injury (or 2) he's on the bench.
  3. Worth a stash, but I think it's going to take 1 if not 2 injuries for him to be worth starting. This offense just doesn't seem to want to feature one RB, they rarely leave the same one in for more than a few plays at a time.
  4. Well, they didn't stop Mostert AND McKinnon from having huge runs against them, which was his point. Minny is not a good run D and he had a long run of 13 on 26 carries.
  5. I guess it doesn't really matter when they are blowing teams out, but I'll never understand why they don't use Ingram more.
  6. Agreed. Also a bit disappointed in the lack of targets in the passing game. Hoping/assuming some monster games are ahead.
  7. Nothing has changed yet, this is an opinion piece by Casserly of what he thinks should happen. That said, crazy how you got Lamb and Kelce for him, even in a homer league!
  8. That article gives the contract breakdown: It's a really low risk deal for the Giants, don't think we can infer anything about being the workhorse based on that.
  9. The point is that the reason he was a top 25 fantasy back last year was because he was on one of the best offenses, not because he performed great (by any stretch). There is a reason he was cut and no one wanted to give him a starting job before this. We have no idea how healthy he is nor what kind of shape he's in. There have been a rash of injuries due to the crazy offseason, and he's had even less practice time than they did. Agreed that if he can give flex-worthy/low RB2 output he'll be a welcomed addition, I just think that's pretty unlikely. Too much has to go right IMO- he'll have to be the 3-down RB, stay healthy, and have the offense gel and play better. Could happen, but wouldn't bet on it.
  10. Not really close IMO. They both face the Steelers (NY was home and Houston is away), but KC and Balt>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Bears and a walking wounded SF squad.
  11. No one knows what conversations were had, but the most telling thing to me is the money. We haven't seen the specifics, but according to his salesman/agent Rosenhaus, it's for "up to" $3 mil. That really isn't a lot of money even if he hits all of the incentives, so it doesn't seem likely that he was "promised" anything other than an opportunity. Seems more likely that he thinks he can hold off the competition and at least get some touches in this backfield, but the odds of him being even flex worthy in fantasy aren't great IMO.