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  1. Not even close but nice projection. It's clear that you are incapable of having a rational conversation about Rivers so I won't try any longer.
  2. Entirely possible, perhaps likely. It's also possible that their next QB will be better able to avoid pressure and extend plays, or be a more accurate deep ball passer, or targets Williams more in the red zone and on shorter/intermediate routes, or a number of other things that could end up being a positive for him. Time will tell.
  3. Let's once again use the link you provided, including exactly what you quoted- he "may not create enough separation" to fit with the 38 year old Rivers, who struggled to escape pressure, wind up and chuck the ball downfield. Then again, I don't know if many WRs could create enough separation since Rivers struggled mightily in deep ball completion %, interceptable passes, and danger plays. I get what you are trying to say, I just don't think you're making a very compelling argument. That PFF scouting report you linked is generally very positive for Williams, which is likely why Rivers continued to target him despite no longer having the ability to consistently make those throws. Re-read the "what he does best" section, which is much longer than the negative section you are focusing on- why wouldn't most QBs give him a fair amount of deep targets when he's so good at them even when his QB was not? Again, this comes back to your man-crush on Rivers IMO- it may have been ill-advised for him to chuck it up to Williams as much as he did, but IMO it's more because of his own deficiencies than Williams'. He's a deep ball weapon, which I believe most QBs would continue to utilize.
  4. That's fine to have that opinion, but the link you provided doesn't even measure how much separation he gets (during his actual routes), so it's kind of silly to present it as any kind of "evidence" (just like quoting Rivers' poor stats throwing to him is framed as a negative towards Williams). Seems like a red herring to me. The first thing I said is it's going to depend on who the next QB is, so if the replacement stinks I wouldn't expect things to get better for Williams.
  5. It sure seemed like you did, but my point is those "stats" you linked don't demonstrate that he struggles to get separation or wasn't open. Yes, Rivers chucks it up to Williams at times, but I think most QBs would do that considering he is 6'4" with good ball skills. Rivers also threw a ton of short passes to the RBs, TEs, and Allen, which is perhaps something their next QB won't do as much.
  6. It's hard to speculate on the impact without knowing who his new QB will be obviously, but I think your bias for Rivers is showing again by automatically blaming Williams for Rivers' poor metrics while throwing to him. I'm not 100% sure about these "stats", but their definitions say that "cushion" is the "average cushion afforded to the receiver by his assigned defender on each route run". To me that reads where the defender lines up at the start of a play, doesn't mean anything about "struggling to get separation". Likewise their definition of "target separation" is "A receiver's average yards of separation distance from the closest defense (sic) back at the moment the pass target arrives". Not having much separation when the pass target arrives could be the result of a poor throw, and there were many times last season where Rivers did just that (under threw deep balls allowing the defender to close, etc.). Williams' low catchable target rate and target accuracy also points at least some of the blame at Rivers.
  7. I know I may be wrong, but this time truly does feel different. The reason NE has gotten so many players to come at a discount is because it's given players the best chance at a title. That is no longer the case, it's a near certainty that they will be behind at least KC and Baltimore in the AFC alone next year almost regardless of what moves they (realistically) make.
  8. I agree with the last paragraph, but your homerism is shining through with the "ANY NFL QB would have looked washed up" stuff. He threw an absolutely awful pick 6 in that game (which you could argue was the difference)- I highly doubt Mahomes (nor many other good starting QBs) make that mistake.
  9. The leading receiver in that game was Rex Burkhead, and lol at "mailed it in against MIA"- that game was huge for the Pats and Brady flat out didn't get it done. No one is saying he's "done" as in can't play at all anymore, but his days of being anything close to elite are in the past.
  10. I think he would be a "potential buy" at WR #52, but that doesn't make me a "believer" per se.
  11. I agree there, I think Brady isn't a very good QB anymore either. Still great in some aspects, but just doesn't have the physical ability to be dominant anymore.
  12. Look elsewhere then because Rivers did exactly that.
  13. That doesn't happen with Rivers either, especially if they spend an early draft pick on a QB instead of improving their team elsewhere. Also, didn't he basically say he has no interest in mentoring a young QB? Really see very little upside to Tampa by bringing in Rivers.
  14. That's nice. They aren't drafting a RB in round 1, it makes zero sense, but I won't waste any more time trying to convince you otherwise (especially in this thread).
  15. I highly doubt "league sources" have any real info. on their draft plans when all of the focus has been on winning right now. Edwards had a 5.3 ypc, he's better than JAG, and no way are they cutting Ingram this year. He's only going to count a little over $5 mil against the cap and they'd only save ~$2 mil by cutting him. Unless he banged Harbaugh's wife, they aren't cutting a pro bowler who ran for 5 ypc and scored 15 TDs for that meager savings. They won't be drafting a RB in the first round, makes zero sense.