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  1. The price isn't really important, it's the market cap that matters (price X # of shares). Uber is likely going to be valued 4-5 times the amount of Lyft, but the price will depend on how many shares they issue.
  2. Likely going to open for trading a good amount ($12-$15) higher than there as well.
  3. Looks like volatility is back for now.
  4. Even if this were true, why wouldn't the same thing happen next time if they "can't not buy"? Anyway, obviously the primary reason for the rebound was the Fed reversing course. That's my point about timing- in Q4 the market sold off hard because people feared the Fed tightening would eventually push us into a recession even though there weren't any signs that a recession was imminent. I think the same thing could/would happen this time (if yield curves invert and stay there for a while). Everyone knows that even if the inversion leads to a recession it likely won't happen for 12-18 months, but I doubt they stick around very long to find out.
  5. "Even"? Rosenhaus is probably the least surprising person who could have said this. Anything can happen, but it seems highly unlikely for a number of reasons.
  6. Pretty obvious decision. Despite many people holding out hope every week that he'd turn it around, his body clearly has taken too much punishment.
  7. I'm saying that if people are expecting a recession in 12-18 months, they likely aren't going to be waiting 6 months to sell (see today).
  8. You said you were going to be bargain hunting today. Anywho, good luck (you're going to need it if you're trying to "flip" things)!
  9. How do you go from bargain hunting to panic selling within the hour? No offense, but that's a recipe for disaster.
  10. The same things that many people are seeing- a slowing global economy, political turmoil, brexit, trade wars, debt levels, etc. I think it might be "this time it's different", but not in a good way. Reactions (including overreactions) occur much more quickly than in the past, I doubt investors will wait until we actually enter a recession to sell. The risk/reward of waiting to try and time it perfectly doesn't seem very good IMO, particularly when you consider what the markets have done recently (and not so recently).
  11. It certainly shouldn't. IMO almost every position on the team could still use an upgrade, go BPA.
  12. The only really good player they added they had to make the highest paid C in the league, and he has injury concerns. I'd say that the only position they aren't going to consider in the draft out of those signed is center- everything else can still use an upgrade IMO. You almost always draft (and sign) based on BPA, not need. Free agency and the draft look very defense heavy this year, it would be a big mistake to ignore that side of the ball.
  13. I think you could argue that they've overspent on pretty much every signing so far (outside of Johnson), but that's par for the course in FA. I just wish they would overspend for real difference makers.