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  1. Um, which one of us called the other a dork and said we kept projecting our incompetence, and now continues with the insults? I'm happily done with this, hopefully a couple of the novices took something productive from it.
  2. Okay i-tough guy. I trade more in an hour than you will in your lifetime but you do you.
  3. Absolutely. I started off by asking if we could stop saying that, it's a pet peeve of mine and really a dangerous mindset to have. I was hoping to see more replies like above, but some are digging in their heels so no other way to take them but literally.
  4. Because there seems to be quite a few rookie "investors" in this thread recently and I don't want them to get crushed. Thinking you "know" what is going to happen is quite frankly dangerous.
  5. Okay, so you're sticking with you "knew it". So how many tens of millions of dollars did you pull in from this "knowledge"? I guess you missed where I wrote "everyone", but you've got quite the track record. I've been doing this long enough and am humble enough to admit I don't "know" definitively what's going to happen in the market. Newsflash, neither do you.
  6. The market is forward looking, and it works both ways- we tanked well before the infected and death numbers looked bad, and it'll rally before the numbers look "better" (like it's doing right now). Time will tell if this is a temporary reprieve or the "all clear", but it really has nothing to do with caring about people's lives, it's about trying to predict the future.
  7. I suppose I could go quote all of the times you (and everyone) have been wrong, but maybe those times you didn't really know, you just had a hunch? I presume all of you guys who "knew" what was going to happen are posting from your own private islands? Hate to break it to you, but you didn't "know" anything. No one did.
  8. Can we please stop with this silliness? Everyone "knew it" in hindsight, but NO ONE does in real time.
  9. You must be watching delayed quotes because the futures popped immediately after the release and have remained there since.
  10. 3.283 million jobless claims, futures rally initially. Would be pretty big if they can hold.
  11. Some, as in "this is some sell off into the close"
  12. Yeah, you should certainly know the basics like how to place limit orders before even thinking about buying individual stocks. I thought you were talking more about trying to time the market.
  13. Just curious, what exactly do you think you have "learned"?
  14. You guys ever try decaf? It was Mnuchin who mentioned 20% unemployment and Bullard who brought up 30%, not Goldman Sachs. They raised their estimate to 9% unemployment at the peak, not this week. Can we please stop this nonsense of bashing everyone who is even remotely negative on the near term? No one knows how this is all going to shake out, but most of these people are a hell of a lot more knowledgeable than you or I. Using false premises to bash the most successful people on Wall Street isn't exactly a good look if you ask me.
  15. Obviously places like NY and CA are far more important economically than Iowa.
  16. These aren't worst case scenario, Goldman is now forecasting a 33% drop.
  17. He's been buying over the last ~10 days, not today.
  18. I've mentioned this before, probably the most damning part of all of this to me. The Fed is throwing everything they can think of at it and the market just keeps giving them a big middle finger.
  19. Yes, it's been considered, but in my opinion no way has -24% GDP for the 2nd qtr. or 20% unemployment been priced in (others are saying -30% and 30% unemployment). Consensus numbers aren't forecasting those levels (yet), seems more likely that's what's being priced in than the worst current predictions. Yes, the market looks ahead, but what exactly is priced in? You just wrote things like "terrible", "a ton", and "in the tank". There's a huge range of outcomes that would meet those definitions. All we know is "some" bad news is priced in. There's really no way of knowing how much, or how bad it's going to actually get until after the fact.
  20. As soon as there was talk that the bailouts/loans will come with stipulations we sell off hard again. Does the market really think it's just going to be "free" money?
  21. Fed trying to come to the rescue yet again, let's see if it at least stops the bleeding this time.