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  1. He should be taking advantage of his 'celebrity' by living the life .. The clock is ticking, he is among the worst RB's in the league, starter or practice squad and most likely won't have a job in the NFL in the not so distant future. So.. " Eat up buddy boy this is the meal ! "
  2. If TRich had his output in his first week with Indy, most of the people in here would be saying 'lol looked like ####, lucky that his team put in the position to get a cheap TD to make his fantasy output it look quasi-respectable.' C'mon man, he went for 36 yards from 18 carries... Yes, and still didn't have the problem or use the 'excuse' of not knowing the blocking schemes. We're talking about Peyton Hillis here, need I remind. A guy they dialed up off his couch, who coincidentally, was more productive then Trich much cheaper for the Browns.
  3. Funny how Hillis, off the couch, had no problem grasping the Offense, blocking and catching. Oh yes, scoring respectable fantasy points too.
  4. Wow... didn't take long for all the Austin backers to slink into anonymity that were so vehemently telling the sober skeptics how stupid we were to doubt him.
  5. Agree Lion.. Been saying this since he was criminally overblown by the media and overdrafted by the Browns, who were now savvy enough to not follow their former blunder with more bad money and were bailed out by the Colts. He's a solid short yardage back, beyond that offers no explosive elusive abilities and is a liability in pass situations. He also came in as damaged goods with knee problems and I never did see or understood the frenzy last year, and was roundly criticized and mocked for having the opposing and the correct assessment which you share.
  6. I've been acquiring him in my Dynasty leagues, at his price right now, or better in the spring he's been a bargain. In that offense as you said with an improved work ethic and all positive reports he has a very high ceiling. I questioned him a bit last year, his very unique but deceiving body type and work ethic. The production has been there through his career with weak QB's and he was on pace for a very solid season prior injury last year. Looking at the team outside of Marshall and Forte, he's got all the circumstance and ability to really make a mark and finish top 20 as soon as this year. Excellent RZ ability can get downfield and uses his body well over the middle to shield defenders. A good hands catcher, can snatch the ball well.
  7. Name: Tavon Austin Age: 22 Height: 5’8″ Weight: 174 lbs Position: Wide receiver, kick returner and occasional running back position: “Athlete” College: West Virginia Awesome fellow Mountaineers: Steve Slaton, Don Knotts and Billy Mays High school: Dunbar (Baltimore) Awesome fellow Poets: Mugsy Bogues, Tupac Shakur and Prop Joe Reported Wonderlic score*: Touchdown + point after He's listed everywhere from 5'7 to 5'9..I guess arguments are more convincing when you completely lie about what I just wrote.. Look you win..What else you want to hear? He's all yours enjoy. I said whatever logic may or may not sink in. Read more:
  8. When did I use either the terms 'ALL' or "INJURY PRONE"??? I said 'odds are against him'..nice spin though. it was implied As I said..'see what you want' not what is the fact of what I wrote
  9. When did I use either the terms 'ALL' or "INJURY PRONE"??? I said 'odds are against him'..nice spin though.
  10. Horrible? There is an infinitely stronger argument for 5'7 failures then success, especially @ 8 overall..I can't recall any but by all means he's all win the 'argument'. The fact that he was drafted so highly sets his bar for expectations higher then others but we see what we want.
  11. It took Steve Smith about 3 years. People in re-drafts that are targeting him in the 2nd are just downright insane. Smith outweighs him and did as a younger player by about 15 lbs of muscle and is listed 2 inches taller. Different type of player and Smith pound for pound is one of the best WR's ever produced. Not too many success stories for 5'7 WR's. Maybe TA will defy odds but not likely
  12. I ask these questions..when or how many players his size IN THE HISTORY of the NFL has mad a significant impact over any length of time as a player or fantasy asset? Coupled with the fact he's playing with a QB no one has bought as a true difference making franchise QB, and many new young pieces with a spotty OC. I'll pass. If I'm wrong so be it, but odds are not in his favor. Going way to high a price for me to buy
  13. Hoge has always been a tool but he nailed this one. Bell isn't powerful, quick, or elusive. They drafted a decent pass blocker
  14. Bell waaayy too slow and not elusive to provide anything more then 2 yds. and a cloud of dust
  15. Hey Bro, thanks for the friend