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  1. You think guys that scale 50 ft trees with chainsaws routinely show up to work drunk? I get where you are coming from on your stance in the thread, but this is reaching quite a bit.
  2. I have to assume most players in this situation would assume the refs blew a call, not that "this is how the game is now being reffed". I think roughly zero percent of players adjust their game at that point.
  3. I was tuned out for the non-call on the PI...if it was as obvious as people are stating, why didnt Detroit challenge it?
  4. Its been 20 years, but from my experience Universal >> Disney World Both are fine and you'll have a good time Im sure.
  5. At a certain point in life, you know what's behind the curtain and things aren't as exciting as you once believed. While it's very likely no new memorable moments are being created as a group, Im guessing they are still being created for you personally, away from the other guys. If you dont think thats true, ask yourself if you are creating memories for your kids. You may not think things aren't as fun and awesome as they used to be, but I bet the kids do.
  6. I still love listening to Romo. Even when it’s his beloved Cowboys, he’s honest about bad calls from both refs and the coaches and doesn’t seem to me to treat the Cowboys any different than the other teams he is watching.
  7. Sorry, I should’ve said irrational Eagles fans.
  8. Everyone thinks it’s a turnover except eagles fans. Imagine that.
  9. Oh I see, so the total Super Bowls don’t really matter? Unless that’s the only thing that you have over somebody that it matters a whole bunch.
  10. Well then I guess we’ll both agree that Philadelphia is at least four years behind the Cowboys. Fair enough?
  11. You keep talking about the ball being on uncatchable. I’m telling you have nothing to do with the pass. But keep on with your crying because you have a Super Bowl anyways.