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  1. Kind of related and telling of the Pope's thought on Hell. Recently a child said his dad was not a believer but was a good man. He asked the Pope if his dad, who had recently passed, was in Heaven. The Pope said something to the effect of "Do you think God would keep him far from him?" Those in attendance said "No" and the Pope basically left it at that. IMO, this was not a time to spare the feelings of someone. The Pope needs to be clear and concise here. It is the very core of Christian belief.
  2. That was funny two hours ago.
  3. He definitely could be. He didn’t look right even after getting back to the bench.
  4. A huge problem the Wild has is, they will have no answer to Morrissey’s cheap shot and Byfuglien will continue to do what Byfuglien does and they don’t have anyone that can do anything about it.
  5. Yup, I said he was holding it all together. He isn’t the first, second or even third option. However, he plays the game different than everyone else on the roster. You are simply dismissing him like he doesn’t matter. I disagree.
  6. The name? Seriously? The “name” has 31 points in 36 games. This is bad news for the club whether you admit it or not. Naturally if you score 4-6 goals he won’t be missed. That is unlikely.
  7. Completely agree. I’ve always taken this approach when I wasn’t the coach and I am still surprised at times what my kids aren’t afraid to ask coaches, teachers, other adults in regards to explanations on things. They are just as likely to hold conversations with adults now days as they are other kids their age.
  8. If you saw the shot selection, you would realize MJ couldn’t have made them look good.
  9. I actually don't blame @DJackson10 for avoiding the thread since starting it.
  10. I went out in 20 minute increments. Worked like a charm.
  11. Yes, he’s the main reason. However, to have the mindset that I’m taking this last shot no matter what type of look I get is ridiculous. That mentality has him 0-2 in the past two games.
  12. Butler is a good player, but he ain’t all that. Terrible shot selection both tonight and at the end of regulation against Denver. He isn’t as good as he thinks he is.