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  1. 100% speculation on my part. Probably a right wing teacher using the union against itself, so to speak. Should be a fireable offense IMO, but the teacher knows they are protected.
  2. Of course it matters, but I dont need to get into that.
  3. Many people simply no longer have cable or satellite, therefore don't get the programming. Those that get it, have found the programming sucks. Finally, while I wont say Jenner winning some award matters to any rational person, they have much more political BS on their station than they did a decade ago.
  4. IMO, your WRs are fine. I would make the deal.
  5. Well, now we need to find a different way for Tim to make this about him. You couldn't leave well enough alone.
  6. They have a history. After all, he did hire Mike to kill Tuco....who Mike opted to get thrown in prison instead. I think he trusts Mike and dont think it was odd at all.
  7. Naturally, it depends on what you put in their place.
  8. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/forum/10-looking-for-leagues/
  9. So which is it, 1 or 2 Experienced GMs Needed?
  10. Are you paying via paypal or cash?
  11. Also found this: In 2010, Probst revealed that Hatch was considered a strong candidate to return for the 20th season, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, as a villain. However, Hatch was unable to return because prosecutors refused to grant him permission to do so.[5][6] Shortly afterward, Hatch revealed that he was cast to return, alongside Russell Hantz, in Survivor: Redemption Island but his visa was reportedly denied again by a judge.[7] Rob Mariano was cast in his place.