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  1. I fly Delta several times a year and never recall paying more for aisle seats. From what I remember, pricing has always been row specific.
  2. You must not of read too closely. She stated that the “hard” punching was done before she started videoing.
  3. I have no idea if he was the answer, but what makes the next recycled guy the answer?
  4. I start with PB and when Im done, I "clean" the knife on the bread I will be using for jelly.
  5. Kansas is going to experiment with real time scoring in which the crowd and both corners know the score after every round. Promoters will not have to use it and it is optional. Do you like this idea? What are the pros and cons in your opinion?
  6. Does not apply to me, but from what Ive seen: Pro: possibly more time to spend with the kids and as others have mentioned, more money. Con: Always the oldest parents....although, this is over played as the age level fluctuates depending upon how many kids other families have. In other words, if a family is at activities with their youngest of five, they might be in the older age group compared to a couple who's there with their first child. Pro/Con: From my observation, kids with older parents are more mature and smarter. That said, they don't always seem to relate as well with other kids.
  7. People will complain about anything. If you don’t like it, don’t go. FWIW, I’ve never been to one.
  8. Ive got them recorded, haven't gotten caught up.
  9. As dumb as the show is IMO, the Masked Singer is a big hit for Fox. Makes sense to put Lego Masters after it I guess.
  10. I have never seen a speaker of the house (or anyone for that matter) constantly shuffling through papers throughout a speech.