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  1. Skip the Shake Shack and swing into Ramsay's Fish and Chips on the Linq.
  2. Unfortunately, a quick Google search tells me they arent very effective unless something has significantly changed since the original application was submitted.
  3. Congrats!
  4. Is the guy dying or what? I keep reading that he is not in hospice and then two posts later, . If you guys could get together and figure out whats going on and report back, I'd appreciate it. I'm trying to get pissed at 2017 and I need clear direction.
  5. Considering one team owns Coleman, the trade probably makes sense for both parties.
  6. The more you have, the more likely people wanted to see what kind of jackass would posts the things you post. As others have stated, most of the people I viewed was by mistake.
  7. Medial meniscus tear. For now, Ive opted for the cotisone shot and PT.
  8. Every college is different and should list how many years are required in each subject. For example, the school we just visited only requires 2 years of a language and additionally states: "Applicants missing this requirement will not be denied admission if they are otherwise admissible".
  9. It went as well as I could have hoped for. As I said, he was not interested in going. That said, he had nothing negative to say and has started some comments with "If I go there", which is a good thing IMO. Its a very small school (1900) in a very small town.
  10. Good start. A bit far fetched a cop would go onto a house like that and have little regard for the intruder still being there. Looks to be another good one though.
  11. You thought the Blues would be severely outplayed and still win the first three games? Man, you should be sitting in Vegas collecting fat stacks.
  12. Obviously I dont want surgery, but this cant be normal. Although not terribly noticeable, I still limp and I havent played basketball in 16 days. Definitely could be a minicus tear and the doc did also mention the hamstring.
  13. The Wild hit a rough patch, but won 4 in a row going into the playoffs. Not exactly limping in. The two series have been nothing alike.