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  1. Dexter and Homeland were certainly premium channels.
  2. 20th Century Dramas was the weakest region IMO.
  3. Breaking Bad over The Office for me.
  4. 2 gifts people are not as accepting of as you might think: 1. housekeeper 2. massage Unless they ask specifically, these are terrible gifts.
  5. Its much easier to run a country the size of Los Angeles than it is to run the entire US.
  6. Anyone go with just the egg whites? Is there a noticeable taste difference?
  7. Barr is an OK player who tends to disappear at times. Some people are acting like we re-signed LT.
  8. You mean you wouldnt just hobble to bed and sleep it off?
  9. Using that logic, wouldn’t he be getting two first round picks in return?
  10. Looks like the scandal is growing: George Wallace‏Verified account @MrGeorgeWallace 23h23 hours ago Over the last 18 months I paid over $44,000 in bribes to get my niece Tay-Tay into clown college. I apologize to my fans and I would appreciate privacy during this difficult time.
  11. Sorry, for some reason I was thinking co-workers. Not sure of the answer to your question.
  12. Issue 1. Outlook invites work just fine. Issue 2. Don't Know what to say. I get a text the day before my appointment and asked to reply Yes or No if I can still make it.
  13. It is often said, people dont quit jobs, they quit bosses. If you don't like him and there are no other areas in the company you may fit into, it doesn't hurt to start looking for a new job.