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  1. I think its always fair to ask why a position became available. Of course, they might lie, but that can be said for any question.
  2. It just seemed like the whole thing was a hosta environment.
  3. I do not. That said, I'm of the opinion that if something happened in '94, it has zero relevance today.
  4. I didnt say you f'ed him. I said you said, F him...which is pretty much what your reply states. You 2 dont like each other and you didnt give a rat's ### about his vine. I'm not saying you are wrong, just indicating how I read the situation.
  5. From an outsiders perspective, a little heads up a couple weeks ago could have taken care of the issue. IMO, you said F him and here we are. A little late to mend fences at this point.
  6. No one should be outraged or surprised. The sweet science has always been rigged and dirty. It is what it is. It can still be entertaining, but I'd advise not taking it seriously. That said, the sport could do itself a favor by fighting 11 or 13 rounds rather than 10 and 12. Yes, a 10-8 round can skew things, but for the most part, an odd number of rounds eliminates the draw....of course, they probably love the draw anyways.
  7. I hear ya, but its like that for almost all companies. You need to contact them to tell them you arent happy. They wont come looking for you.
  8. Huh, it's on now. I don't know if this is a trial or if I have it for the year.
  9. What kind of repercussions are you looking for? I'm willing to bet if you contacted directv, they would credit you.
  10. So it seems to be a sporadic issue. That said, I didn't realize it appears that redzone is an additional cost for directtv. I thought it always came with the NFL Ticket in years past.
  11. Sounds good. Thanks. No need to post the plays. Lol.
  12. Nope. Just a black screen for me. All of the games are fine when watching the ticket, but not Red Zone or Fantasy Zone.
  13. The onscreen guide and the internets tells me it's still on 703 for Directv.
  14. Down for anyone else?
  15. Not the same offense from a year ago. Can't really compare the two IMO.