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  1. He was just starting to turn his life around.
  2. Franken wont step down and Bernie Sanders said its up to Franken and the citizens of MN. Is this the moral difference you speak of?
  3. Doh! Not a minor miss either.
  4. Agreed. As of Sunday, he has no intention of stepping down, according to a staffer.
  5. Um....you're going with a city that has just two of the four major sports? Ok.
  6. The streak ends, 49 seconds in.
  7. This thread isn't about Moore and I wasn't commenting on him.
  8. Understood. I really try to comment on what is known about and not speculation. Sadly, some people hear something and it's the gospel. My point was only about the groping.
  9. Franken is way down the list of people I like and, not surprisingly, high on the list of those I don't care for. That said, I personally don't care for the way the world is going. Naturally, this type of behavior shouldn't be tolerated and I'm glad it appears that it is finally on the wrong end of society's judgement, but that's not my point. What I don't care for is this revisionist history. A decade ago, many women would have laughed if they saw this happen. Those that didn't like it would have rolled their eyes and moved on. Again, I'm glad that we seemingly have moved past this, but suggesting the moron should resign is just stupid IMO. Sure, if he did this last week or even last year, I'd agree...but a decade ago? Call him a hippocrate and dont put stock in his take on anything societally related and move on.
  10. While I dont particularly like either of them, they dont bother me like they do others.
  11. My father's went from $4000 a year to $8900 and now $16000. He's 64 and his wife is about 55. He's retired and his employer still pays $23000 a year for him. So, it sounds like the total cost is about $40k a year. That's with a $4000 deductible.
  12. Ha, I was going to ask what constitutes crying because This is Us has gotten the room a little smokey at times.
  13. The US has no business stepping in here..none.
  14. I try for 40 but don't usually make it. I get a lot done when I'm there.