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  1. The dream has come to an end. I never want my kid to get cut, but I think this time it's a good thing. He was the "last cut"...which to me means he wasn't going to be playing much. The coach told him he hated to cut him and it the hardest decision. Normally, I'd say it's lip service, but he asked if he'd be interested in being a team manager. My son said he'd have to think about it because he might prefer to get a job. The coach asked if he knew where he'd like to work and my son said no. He said his wife runs a bakery if he was interested in working there. Not it sure what's going to happen. He might get a job, , might agree to manage, might sit it out or might play a season of AAU basketball. Either way, he'll find a summer team and this will just be a two month hiatus.
  2. Not sure if there are enough guys, but the topic has been updated.
  3. Our current operators dont do much other than monitoring. I dont know what they want from the NOC as its hasnt been rolled out, just hearing bits about thats what the director wants to start. Thats pretty much why I started this thread. Im trying to figure out what would be different than what we currently have. Thanks for the correction on the network. I was incorrectly assuming just what you talked about.
  4. Thanks, posty.
  5. So really they are probably a combination of network guys and sysadmin types? I guess what Im getting at is, there is talk of us standing up a NOC and when I look at our operations staff, there is no way its possible. In theory, the NOC would replace operations. They simply dont have anywhere near the skill set it sounds like is needed.
  6. SO what would those in the NOC do that is different than a computer operator?
  7. Does your company run a NOC? From what I can tell, its a sort of combination help desk and data center operator...is that accurate?
  8. Murphy Poehler Baldwin Poehler was much more versatile than Fey IMO. The show was dying a slow death before Murphy arrived.
  9. In today's game, every kid has their own. No such things as team bats anymore.
  10. A joint team? Ugg. Too bad its come to that.
  11. Worrying about the twins seems like nonsense (no offense intended). The lack of family and friends is a minor issue, but more real that the kid worry. It would be a major change, but isnt that the point? Great opportunity IMO.
  12. GL to your son in the coming years. Personally, I dont think the numbers are there unless you are willing to weaken the 10th grade and freshman teams by a pretty significant margin. As far as staff, coaches are paid at the high school level and I have never heard anything about issues with getting coaches.
  13. Why would you eliminate the freshman team? The issue with going jv rather than 10th, every school has freshman, 10th and Varsity. You'd be losing a decent amount of games if you went JV rather than 10th grade. The JV teams dont get in the 25 games because of lack of teams. In other words, it wouldn't be a decision your school could make on its own. You'd have to talk other schools into doing the same thing. I think we all know what the odds of that would be. A lesser issue IMO, but lack of fields is also stated as an issue. Currently, our freshman and 10th grade teams play home games about a mile from the school and those parks are too small for 11th grade teams. The varsity team plays home games on campus. Yes, you could probably change the days a jv team would play, but now you are taking away practice days from the varsity team since the field wont be available and asking other schools to change the days they play jv games to accommodate you.
  14. People preach multiple sports to avoid burnout and injury prevention from overuse. If you can avoid those things, of course 12 months of the year can make you a better player.
  15. If need be, I'll find out about some of the other options. I've talked to a guy that owns the batting cages where we go a few times and they run some sort of team out of there. His son is a senior at the school my son goes to.