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  1. MLB alone has about 15 that are worse. Zero creativity in many of them.
  2. Not even in the runnng imo.
  3. David vs Goliath next season. “everybody knows that every David has a secret weapon and every Goliath certainly has their Achilles heel, and that’s what Survivor will bring out”.
  4. It’s official....my oldest has left his high school as a student for the last time. I wouldn’t trade a second of it for anything.
  5. For those of you that have been there, done that, I have two questions for the graduation party. First, how do you even begin to guess how many people will show up? I mean, you basically invite everyone and not only do you not know who will show, you don't know if it will be their third party of the day and they aren't eating at yours or if they are bringing all five of their kids and hitting the buffet hard. Secondly and probably more important, do you have any tips on what is good to serve, keeping in mind things sit for longer than normal and I don't want to waste a bunch of stuff. We will likely rent a park building that has an outdoor shelter as well as an indoor place that will have one standard refrigerator with freezer. Certainly not big enough to store tons of ice.
  6. I fits the thread, but why would anyone get it? It was a local commercial that apparently ran for a year. I’d be shocked if anyone did get it.
  7. You can't trust anyone to be courteous these day. That is why YOU need to have headphones to block them out.
  8. 5-2 after playing terrible on Sunday.
  9. People confess to things they didn’t do A LOT. Of course, this doesn’t mean he is innocent, but the confession doesn’t hold a ton of weight with me. In any case, he either did his time or he didn’t. I don’t believe we should decide what is fair and what isn’t at this point. If his dream was to be a pilot, should he be allowed? If his dream was to work in IT, should he be allowed? Plumber? You get the idea....If he is allowed to become a garbage man, he should be allowed to play baseball.
  10. Other than the fact that most of the items taste the same, I don’t have any issues with Taco Bell. I went with 9-10, although 5 is plenty.
  11. Thanks all
  12. Nothing groundbreaking here, but who is your last cut in a ppr dynasty? Mike Davis Matt Breida
  13. I would have passed.
  14. My wife said a lot of the moms in the stands were already complaining about her when the final out was made with her jogging ...and of course not sliding, into second after another girl singled to CF. Many of the parents know her from hockey and last year's softball.
  15. We have had exactly 2 league games (double header Friday) and 5 tournament games this weekend. So we are 3 days into games this year and our first parent complaint email about playing time. We only have 11 girls and didn’t cut anyone. Naturally, the girl in question is not only the worst player on the team, but also a miserable person. The kind of girl that instantly instills a negative attitude no matter the situation. FWIW, we are talking about 14u traveling girls softball. As an added bonus, the parents have not been to any of the games. I also stated at the parent meeting that the first contact should be from the player if they have any issues. These girls are 4 months from high school and need to advocate for themselves. If after that conversation they are not satisfied, I’ll talk with the parents. Of course, I’d like to tell him to F-off and suggest he volunteer his time coaching, but that’s generally frowned upon. Sooooo, what’s the play here? I should add, we bat the entire lineup and she has played about 60% of the time in the field. We do have many girls that never sit.
  16. Coming in the fall of 2016, Wednesdays, 10pm ET He played the tough as nails counterterrorism agent Jack Bauer in the Fox hit 24 for nine seasons. And now Kiefer Sutherland is back on television, albeit in quite a different role, as it was reported by Deadline on Friday that ABC decided to pick up political thriller Designated Survivor. In the new show, the 49-year-old is unexpectedly appointed President of the United States after a devastating attack during the State of the Union address kills everyone above him in the cabinet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEzqTSCQxgc
  17. Always watch this.
  18. Thanks @Bob Sacamano....I'll get in the next one.
  19. Starts at 2300.
  20. No, mainly because it’s at least 4 times the cost of a “normal” cruise.....which already has plenty of entertainment.
  21. The more I think about it, I think we had shirts for the all night party with Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road”. That must have been it.
  22. I remember prom had a theme song. Don’t recall anything for graduation.
  23. The thread asked if it was normalized.
  24. Despite what Matthias claims, this behavior isnt normalized.