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  1. Is Hurst worth a pick up with Andrews a GTD? I would need to deal Mike Boone and next year's 6th rounder for him.
  2. Saw there are videos out there of him catching balls from Brady...and talk that he could get reinstated to play this year. What???????? How many chances has this guy had? I can't believe that he could be reinstated after all of the failed tests. He needs help. Does this have anything to do with it being the Patriots and the Commissioner wanting to be nice to Kraft? The Browns sure didn't get any quick reinstatement(s) (that i know of). I think it's wrong that the Patriots were even to offer him money when he was on the suspended list. If this league is serious about addiction, then it needs to stop with these slaps on the wrist.
  3. Clay playing? Don't see even a target for him.
  4. James White or Chris Thompson? - 1 PPR Thanks Sig!
  5. Hi Sig, Matt Ryan or Derek Carr? (4 Pts for TD, 1 pt every 25 yd passing, .1 per yd rushing) Thanks in advance.
  6. Is Decker even playing? Thought he was on the rise??!!
  7. Decker is available, would you go Decker above Allen and/or Fowler?
  8. Sig, 1) PPR: K. Allen, S. Sheppard, or B. Fowler? I know Allen and Sheppard have both been banged up and face tough defenses, but not sure how Fowler will do in a starting role. 2) Start two, also 1 PPR....C. Thompson, James White, L. Blount, D. Henry Thanks in advance!
  9. Here's a link to a reporter who covers the Vikings that tweeted it.
  10. Word is he is week to week with a hip strain.
  11. Anything to see here for this week? With Rawls doubtful and Prosise hurting, could Collins get some carries?
  12. Two episodes in, and loving it. As some may not want to know what was shown, SPOILER ALERT.......... Especially liked the piece showing some draft stuff. Nothing like being on the "inside," and seeing a team lose the player (Abdullah) they were coveting with their next pick. I can't believe they were actually on the phone with him when the Lions called. I would say the guy they ended up (D. Johnson) with at that position worked out just fine (helped me win a championship).
  13. Lesson learned for me. I was flip flopping based on those reports, but ended up playing him. Aarghh!!!
  14. Possibly torn ACL
  15. I think he made a roster tonight, on the Browns or somewhere else.