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  1. H hah u a.. just agreed with
  2. If go much cheaper and sign Crabtree or Des Bryant if he is health. They could get good service from an older very for peanuts. Doubt anyone could come in this late though to help
  3. That was the equivalent of an old lady in a moo moo wearing hair rollers pushing a cart down a walmart isle at full gallop as she blows out one of her furry houseshoes
  4. Well, keep in mind, he was the less intelligent member of a defense that included Warren Sapp at one point. This is big for him.
  5. I can totally see that. Lol. Did someone slip me one of those blueberry edibles???
  6. Lol. Yeah, if that dude was at a campfire, I'd kickhis stump out from under him...
  7. Is booger in the telephone repairman cart thing or just in the booth? Trying to get the visual....
  8. You forgot Phil Simms and add Michael Irvin in there for some "personality"
  9. We need this ear protectors like they have for firearms that only cancel our the loud shots except in this case every time booger opens his mouth it just goes quiet.
  10. Nothing for me but mister irrelevant needs one badly
  11. Didn't they release CJ Anderson? If so, seems like they clearly see him as capable in all areas?
  12. I'm notsure about that. Go back exactly one year when they traded for Cooper and recall WHY they made that trade (and we're ridiculed for doing o by many). They were ANEMIC and going nowhere. They didn't look much better yesterday.
  13. I think you may be right. Kind of funny we don't see this a lot more.