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  1. I don't see much threat from Hyde. He is pedestrian at this point in talent. Carson had the fumble issues last season but lots of players have had an issue of some sort to another at one time. I don't take that one thing away from his ability to run, catch, protect, and all-in-all be everything the Seahawks asked for last year. Obviously, the Hawks got a bad bug-a-boo at the end of the year at the position and don't want that again so I wouldn't be shocked to see them go extremely deep at the position in order to hedge bets but, if healthy, Carson has to be the guy.
  2. Locke & Key was good. Definitely a bit lighter and geared towards the kids a bit more but it DID cOme from a comic book and stayed pretty true to that framework. Good show with a lot of elbow room to go different places. I'm a sucker for those classic haunted house and Victorian houses so it didn't take much to feel me in.
  3. Geez, I can't even find 14 or so good QBs/teams in the NFL, why would I want to invest my time in the junior varsity version of this? I'm probably not the best person to be answering this question. My interest in the NFL has declined steadily three post few years and I was a die-hard can but the minutia this game has ground to, leading to analysis paralysis on seemingly everything has destroyed the flow and momentum of the game and I can't hardly watch it anymore except for red zone. Tnf is garbage also.
  4. Sadly, it kind of works in reverse. Everyone who owns performance will be trying to manufacture ways to downgrade Evans and Godwin and pumping Perriman but when the season starts, it will be Evans and Godwin again and.....when Arians brings David Johnson over from Zona, it will all change and nobody outside the big three will matter.
  5. So kitchens, early, coached this team to demolish the Ravens whomwe all know are great. Was this roster a team that would have achieved much more had they hired, say, Mike mcCarthy?
  6. Likely depends on if hoodie goes out at the same time. If so, then it's probably a house cleaning where all new faces come in. If he leaves and the Patriots are solid AND a guy like, say Matt Ryan or cam or somebody came available, they probably bring in the temp guy and take a shot.
  7. I'll start by saying I KNOW you know your Browns and I'll defer so this is more question than poking a bear but...if your list is nothing but retread HCs who have all been fired and flamed out and ran their courses, what are you gaining by NOT giving an inexperienced guy a chance? They all start somewhere a d they can't all be bad likeKitchens (which I agree, Freddie was obviously in way over his head). But not all rookie HCs will be in over their heads. Some of these guys will be ok IF a team gives them the opportunity. I mean, look no farther tha. Your own back yard. Belichick WAS experienced in the NFL,yet wasn't good enough in the short run for the Browns as a HC. He needed time. I only bring this up to illustrate that with experience or not, it's a moving Target. I look at Kitchens and think it's as clear as Hue Jackson...never gonna happen. Move on. But I look at another guy, like, say, the niners DZc and I could see a scenario where he might flame out if he was given a HC gig next year, but he looks like,e a guy that could grow with experience and be a good one. Kubiak, I just don't know. I think the Texans should have achieved much more when he was there. I think he would be a place holder for you.
  8. The AFC was not terrible. Those five better NFC teams just happened to be all time great teams that a,so happened Tobe playing at the same time and overlapping (those miners and bears and Giants and Redskins teams were ALL on the short list of all timers and that's without considering there were guys named Reggie white and Jerome brown floating around )
  9. I can't buy that in entirety because that would mean Trent Dilfer gets consideration that , say, Dan Marino doesn't because Trent "led" a team to a championship. Bradshaw belongs in a conversation with a great deal of credit, respect, etc, but a LOT of his four rings has something to do with the other players on that team.
  10. Huh? Jim Kelly's Bills, Dan Marino, those nasty Browns teams, the scary defenses in the AFC. The AFC wasn't a weak sister in Elways era, certainly by no measure of the divisional competition the Saints have faced. People wrongly think of the AFC as being down in a certain stretch during Elways career but it was really the victim of the NFC happening to have some iconic teams and defenses in that period.
  11. If Elway played in today's rules, he would have been better than everyone not named Dan Marino. I am NOT an Elway fan but I grew up watching him and Kelly and Marino and Montana, etc, and having the benefit of the experience to see ALL these guys in the ,set 40 years, I just don't know how he wouldn't have been even more successful than he was(which was a,ready HOF/top100). Marino, on the other hand, would have been utterly unstoppable. He does that have the legs Mahommes has, but he could do every passing act Mahommes does except he would have analyzed and released it even quicker and more accurately.
  12. With the firing coming so quickly I gotta think they want the jump on going after Lincoln. But seeing how three NFL loves to recycle guys that got fired somewhere else, I wouldn't be surprised if they go after Mike McCartHy. I had to laugh to see and be reminded that ShurmurWas once the HC here and Shurmur likely gets fired tomorrow.
  13. I wrote this 3 1/2 years ago. Just call me shutoutradamous.