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  1. Have it your way. Guy got lucky "only" losing a year of his career for his actions. The chiefs didn't immediately release him for nothing. The league didn't add suspension for nothing. It isn't like you say...this isn't trivial compared to Ray rice. And that's not my point was simply I don't see the consistency in actions vs outcomes and , to be honest, it doesn't matter. I'm not a butt hurt hunt owenr or a rice fan or anything. Just looking at a league and how they act and react to upholding their own codes and rules consistently.
  2. You absolutely can. Both men physically touched and harmed another person. That is not okay. If you send your kid to school and the come home with a report they were pushed or punched or even their hair pulled, doesn't matter. It's no allowed and there are consequences for that.
  3. You assume way too much. I never said I was mad. I was just questioning the consistency.
  4. Domestic violence is domestic violence. Your logic is like saying that killing a person with a spoon isn't as bad as killing them with a knife. The actual intent and act count.
  5. I would think the comparison we should focus on should be on the heinous act, not that one was 7 years older than the other when it occured. Rice was good enough to keep playing for at least one team somewhere in the NFL. Hunt is getting off easy. I honestly thought he would have to lose about two years before he could play again. Guess this is another case of the hypocrisy of the NFL.
  6. Yes, It connects the dots and wraps it up. It's not an instructional manual that says "on this day, this happened", but just from what you mentioned of the girl, the saloon, etc, it is enough to put the story in a box. That's the great thing of this story in that there are SO many of these things in this game that so many people have completely glossed over. I almost never hear or read anyone mention "Sonny" or the completion of the serial killer or several of the "obscure" but impactful pieces of this great game. I know i'm one of those people that are going to mull around much longer than need to in most cases in these stories but I've seen numerous "connect the dots" and "oh, that was related to cool" moments in this game that I just can't believe how much they put into this game (and I am sure I have missed tons of things, too). I don't know how many people actually spend more than one mission with the legless veteran or Charlotte (the widow), but, dang, there is just so much to uncover in this gem.
  7. Point taken but you can apply that logic to everything from nuclear weapons to extra bags of cocaine lying in your house-doesn't make it right. In all seriousness, we know how people are today. That's not saying it is right or wrong but that is the world we live in today-90% of people would overlook and rush and so, personally, I don't have a problem (and actually applaud the move Rockstar took) with being "forced" to actually experience the game in a realistic manner. If nothing else, they spent 7 years making this thing and I have no problems with them insuring that people will actually have to observe it. It is hard to criticize this move. rockstar took several avenues that were unconventional but were great successes. In many ways they have elevated and established the bar for other developers to follow in their thinking. I mean, how many games do you know of that enter the game AFTER the power curve (usually you start out with a spit ball shooter and end up an unstoppable god in the end. In this one, we are introduced to the Dutch gang right AFTER their apex. Refreshing.
  8. That reminds me...I LOVE the degree of things you can do in this game that aren't obvious but then when they happen, you're like "Yeah! of course!" For example, a guy robs me and steals my horse. I whistle for my horse and it bucks the dude off because, well yeah, that's what could happen. Or, I'm told to run over to a cannon and shoot a hole in the wall so we can escape and I'm like "Forget that. I am carrying dynamite" So i stick the boom stick to the wall and blow the hole out like that. Or, I find an abandoned mail wagon and I'm like " I wonder if there are any letters in here that tell me anything about what's going on" and sure enough, one tells the details of what happened at Emerald Ranch and solves that mystery. This stuff is just TOO good.
  9. Just wrapped this up today. I purposely left a few things off to do in the Epilogue (won't mention unless asked because they are spoilers). I also have a question for all you smart game people at the end. This is an amazing game. I am a grown ### man and I think I may have cried a little at the end. If they released a movie of it tomorrow, I'd watch it even though I know what happens. I am SERIOUSLY picking nits here but if there were a couple of things I wish Rockstar would have changed in this game: -This game is so beautiful visually that I think they could have let your character not "drive" as much. I mean, you are doing all the damned work, all the time and I wish they would let you just take a side seat sometimes just so you can absorb the beauty of it all. For instance, when you are in a boat in the swamp, let the other guy row just so you can sit and soak it all in, bank side to bank side. There are a lot of places this could be done. I know they have the cinematic mode but it would be great to be a "passenger along for the ride" when some things are happening every now and again. -I wish they would let you name your customized guns and then use them in the online mode. I think this could be a really cool thing if players were able to unlock truly epic capabilities for weapons and then name them and then carry them into online where other players could gun you down and take it. It would create a certain level of legendary players here and there. -I believe there is an aspect of this game that got left on the cutting room floor in that Sadie and Arthur were meant to be a couple at some point. That dup played out incredibly well every single time we got them in the same place. Well done and boy I wish it could have been more. Ok, the question: with today's games of mods and DLC you can add to a game after the fact, would it be possible to introduce code into the original RED Dead, something simple but profound, to where Arthur IS mentioned in the game and, therefore, becomes a part of the original game? if so, I think they should look at introducing some aspects that they can spin the next one on (there BETTER BE a next one...this was just too good). Or at least give me a DLC where I get to see Arthur and Mary or Arthur and Eliza and continue to flesh out Arthur's life.
  10. I disagree. I don't think it is lacking, I think it is amazing. With so many games (and gamers) that are a microcosm of society and just want to go point A-Z as quickly as they can, they suffer the age-old advice of never stopping to smell the roses and something like actually having to think and decide how to get somewhere and the time consequences of it is exactly what makes you feel completely immersed into the game and, more importantly, afford you the opportunity to explore what is probably the best open world game to date. If people were just "click" and they jump from one side of the map to the other, they would miss SO much this game has to offer.
  11. Actually, the game is designed to do this. Sure, it allows you to pay a bounty and be "forgiven", but it never lets the townspeople you have offended "forget". I read an article on this very thing and they said it was a way to emphasize the importance of decisions having consequences and to add depth to NPCs in the game. Just another of the brilliant strokes of genius in this game.
  12. Hey Dude, check this out: Cleveland or Chattanooga. I am very familiar with most areas from Louisville, KY down to Marietta, GA or so and I, myself, have just settled into a lovely remote are of Northwest NC. But since you say Tenn, the areas I mentioned are very nice and very accessible to other areas quickly. there is also great outdoors activities and the prices are right. really nice areas. Hope this helps.
  13. I don't think you have to carry the movie to be notable so my thoughts of him always go to the Caddy shack performance. So many memorable points in that movie
  14. I had lots of friends who collected and I was in what I think (not sure) was a sweet spot: between 1984-1990. I would hang around with my buddies for hours on end while they battered deals back and forth. D.Strawberry for this. D. Gooden for that. Anyone got a Mattingly, the bash brothers, or that funny "f face Billy Ripken card? I thought it was pretty cool but I didn't participate because 1) I was late to the party and all my friends have war chests of cards and I felt like I could never catch up and 2) I was busy collecting company stickers (mostly from mining companies and industrial product companies which, believe it or not, was quite sought after at the time). Anyway, I watched and had fun. My return on investment was the memories, lugging around photo albums full of cards, watching the interchanges of the deals. All the while, I was killing my time as they wheeled & dealed reading comic books. I amassed quite a collection during that time and wouldn't you know it, some of those things actually caught some value with all this MCU popularity in recent years. I recently was able to sell two copies of the first appearance of Venom for some solid dollars. So, I say, hang on to those cards, guys. So etching is bound to swing and come around.
  15. Lots of people can do something once. It's like that one time you nailed that long putt or that half court shot. But you see the Patriots have basically been doing this closing in on two straight decades. You can't take that away from them or slight that.