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  1. If you are so sure the sky is falling then you may want to make sure you win that election I suppose. If it were so clear it wouldn't be a discussion because it were so clear it would have been done before...but it hasn't been. And it hasn't been because in 1845, congress created a statute that prevents this very thing. As per usual, this is just fluff. At worse, you guys just allowed Trump to troll you a little.
  2. You're going down a rabbit hole lined with a lot of personal opinions. I suppose it is not enough of a clue in for you that your own state's lawmakers are concerned that this is a problem. Of course not because they aren't on your side of the political party. The true hypocrisy in a thread like this is that the very fact it is IN the political forum and some of you are defending tooth and nail referring to it as charity. has nothing to do with a political agenda here, chief. No need to suggest it has a single thing to do with buying votes despite countless comments referring to it as ways for Bloom to help Biden get votes, etc. Fini. This is not discussion, this is more of the same.
  3. That is the only part I intended to speak about. So I guess we are done here.
  4. Tribalism in this country is best illustrated by certain demographics of the population who blindly vote democrat despite never receiving anything more than being subjected to programs that, by design, keep them in a perpetual state of remaining beholden to the party that has always had the same agenda but simply changed the tactics and phrases. The people in this thread who are rallying this thread are, of course, okay with buy votes because despite the off-hand "its just helping pay a fine...nothing expected in return" remarks, we all KNOW what the agenda is here. If it were NOT the case then why would this thread be IN the Politics forum? Its a political agenda. If it were what people are snickering and labeling it as, it would be in th free for all forum because it would be just a nice humanitarian "help a brother out" post.
  5. We are but it is not what you may think it is. To be honest, your comments suggest you are , and I'm sorry to sound so blunt, "mad because a poor person got shot and she didn't get her eye for an eye" but that is NOT what is going on. We are talking about the facts of the case and the legal right of the process of justice; not "I am upset because i think a poor person got bullied and somebody got away with it". This was an investigation. Lots of professional attorneys and evidence and witnesses and reports. That outweighs your emotional take based on what you saw on CNN in this case.
  6. That may be true but it sounds like you are diverging on a different path as the root for your frustration. Would the best lawyer in the world have been able to change the FACTS of this case? The police knocked. There was no response. They entered. The police were shot at and an officer was wounded. In ANY situation, if you fire a gun at a police officer, you are opening up their right to return fire.
  7. Are we still "mask debating in here" or are you guys doing something else? 🙃
  8. The 6th amendment guarantees all Americans the right to a fair trial, even if the tax payers must foot the bill to pay for it. If you ask the question beyond that, we are no longer talking about the judicial system, we are talking about individual economic systems.
  9. My understanding is that she was not a target and was hit in the return fire from police after Mr. Walker fired upon the police. Not to make light of it but, in simplest terms, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  10. It means that everything done legally goes through the exact same due process of justice and that THAT is protected to ALL citizens by the US constitution without exception and that is a big part of what protects our universal freedom in this country.
  11. Therein lies the trap of the logic you are following. See, the government is NOT an authoritarian government. never has been. Cant be due a very sophisticated set of checks and balances created for the republic. You can slap a label on a person like Donald trump and say "he sometimes says things that make him seem to me as authoritarian" and then copy and paste that into everything he does but there are a lot of pitfalls in doing that. He is a man. Doing a job. Held in check by two other branches of government and many, many people. the other problem with that is you just created an argument for the very thing you seem opposed to. You are against an authoritarian yet you are completely OK with YOUR guy tossing out money and driving the bus however he wants to without any checks and balances in it. So, basically, its okay if the person who thinks like you do makes the decision on his own but not the guy with the different opinion who is working within the confines of system with checks and balances that are built to prevent these very instances.
  12. I believe the constitution is crystal clear about that. See, the problem in this case is that some people don't understand that justice, justice served, and due process of justice do not mean "I get the decision I want". The media and some people have convicted the officers in this case without Any due process. The grand jury did the due process and issued its verdict. that is how it works. In other words, it is not that it is unjust. It is that it didn't go the way of some who wanted a very specific, violent reaction to a very tragic situation.
  13. I don't know but I would guess they had done enough leg work to know the contents of th packages weren't dental floss from Amazon or something.
  14. Vert well said. So much so I am quoting it just so people get a chance to read it twice because that is exactly what happened, especially the perception of what justice "is". I lived many years in Ky (#BBN) and you are dead on re: Matt Jones, etc. When you see how businesses were boarding up and bracing for this just as they would a hurricane, its fitting because that's what they got. This wasn't a group who said I will accept justice. This was a mob who had pre-planned this. There were U-Hauls rolling up and distributing items like a military convoy as soon as the news broke. That does not suggest a group of people listening, learning, weighing out the reasons. That suggests "our way or we will burn this place to the ground." That's a problem.
  15. Interesting. I honestly did not know that there is nowhere in the United States that this type of tactic in some variation has never been possible to attempt. thank you for that piece. With that being said, this does make me think if it is new and never tested it may be a very good candidate to be tightened up, like a bad loophole. Generally speaking, if there is no rule prohibiting it then good on him for being clever. However, to quote the great jeff Goldblum "“YEAH, BUT YOUR SCIENTISTS POLITICIANS WERE SO PREOCCUPIED WITH WHETHER OR NOT THEY COULD THAT THEY DIDN’T STOP TO THINK IF THEY SHOULD.” Actions like this have the potential to weaken the proverbial bedrock of our republic. Our founding fathers were obsessed with creating checks and balances in our country's government to prevent any one side's ambitions from being able to overwhelm another's ambitions. Neutralizing the voice of one is authoritarian, something the colonists didn't care much for and something Trump usually gets accused of but, in practice, is happening on the other side.