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  1. ...and substitute in its place the clip where he leans over to the little girl and says "kiddo, believe this. we will end fracking." ? Or, if we want to completely ignore that, let's ask Joe "If this is the case, then why did you choose a running mate who is on record (and video) as saying that "day one", she will end Fracking. Not just federal land. Will end it. And can we assume he will just not end fracking because he's the president and she's not and he will just tell the woman to take a seat?
  2. Australia's version of 60 minutes did a story on this recently. Pretty eyebrow raising, in the content of the piece as well as the fact that the USA 60 minutes didn't find it compelling enough to "investigate" but an entirely different country did as a piece on harassment in the workplace. Odd..Strange..
  3. True irony would be if Joe Biden actually acted outraged about this and wanted to clear his good name and so the government opened up an investigation on Russia only to find the reasons for the $3.5M payment that went from them to his son. Perhaps I work too close to this stuff but, to me, seeing Joe Biden NOT banging a table demanding to get this cleared up suggests to me that, although he may not be directly guilty of something like the connected dots are being suggested, he knows he shouldn't be squeaking too much because there is likely some things out there he'd rather not have come out of this.
  4. Expand your thought on this. Think of the fringe people whose jobs are not IN the oil industry directly but are dependent on it because of shipping, supplies, logistics, etc,. These are the people that often feel insulated until something happens that makes them realize that they are impacted. So, before last night, this group would have been neutral. Now, when all their oil buddies point this out to them and they start thinking "yeah, that's a big chunk of my business", some of these folks may be rethinking things.
  5. There has been some talk in history that had the timing been a little different we may have ended up with a parliament instead of a congress. I sometime consider the differences between the two. It would definitely make it a bit easier getting some things done but we would probably end up with a lot of laws that get flip flopped each time power changes hands. But boy, can you imagine if each state held the power to set the term limit of its congress reps? You could literally have the house flip power a few times a year. Fun times.
  6. No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.
  7. Indeed. $48M wasted on a Russia witch hunt. That money could have been used somewhere else.
  8. They did start it a long time ago. I am sorry if you think it is in the best interest of national security to tweet the american people each day exactly where they are on things we don't even know about. Your inconvenience of not having things go on your time schedule is not their problem.
  9. You really think this was dreamed up two weeks before the election? So that PC that sat there for a year was planted with this long game in mind? Doesn't add up. This is not something that just happened. It is something that is coming out now.
  10. Oh I see how you work. If you want to discuss reality, we can. If you want to try to convince us something happened that didn't go pander elsewhere. If it were as you say, we would have a removed President. We don't.
  11. the emails that she wiped form her own server and destroyed evidence on? Those emails?
  12. Nothing tin foil hat about that but feel free to resort to name calling if it works for you. Most of us realize how the feds work on this. You act like you have never heard about these people that get audited on a tax return form 3-4 years ago and then it takes two more years to resolve. Really?
  13. You should never "decide what is news". News is news. News should be reported, not manufactured or only reported when it fits your agenda.
  14. If you know the first thing about government level justice you would understand there is a reason there is a saying that says "the wheels of justice are slow but grind exceedingly fine". What you need to understand is that something on this scale must be investigated extremely thoroughly because it is a W I D E net being cast. It is called due process and there is a reason that when the federal government brings a case against you, they have something like a 95% conviction rate. They take their time. They do their homework.
  15. You probably can't put it together because you don't recognize what real news is. See, there was a time in this country when news was actually reported and there was this thing called journalism that meant something and, I know you'll be shocked, but there were huge newspaper outfits that owned multiple smaller regional newspapers and when they got hold of a nationally important story that Americans may benefit from knowing...they sent it to all those other outlets, whether that be in Wallaby's Wallaby's, Kansas city, Clinksville, Iowa, or anywhere. It is how freedom to disiminate pertinent information reached our people.
  16. We are well past the point of "is it being investigated". You just don't know it yet because unless you tune in to only Fox news, which I seriously doubt you do, you didn't see the actual press releases coming out.
  17. It has been confirmed they have NOT but people still want to say that. The Pc (property) was abandoned because it was not picked up within 90 days of being repaired. It therefore became the legal property of the shop owner and, due to that, he cannot hack what he is legally entitled to.
  18. They sure are when you are performing illegal acts. You better bet your bottom dollar if your private citizen emails all included child pornography and the police found out about it, guess what, it is news. And it is illegal. It is amazing the level of how blind dissent towards Trump completely prevents people to see logical common sense and how damaging this is.
  19. Assuming that is all true then he still lied through his teeth. I'm not even going to suggest that means anything to anyone who doesn't want it to but let's be fair all around. Some of you guys try to crucify Trump because of his business dealings but you overlook the fact that Trump was a business man first. He never was in politics.So it is natural that he would, as a global business man, happen to have business in different parts of the world and not too surprising that it would come back to be an issue when you are the president of the most powerful country in the world. On the other hand, Joe Biden was a lifelong politician who may (May) have used his position and influence as a government servant to create his financial situation. This is no small thing but I am sure it will be completely overlooked. Honestly, my biggest issue with all this isn't the action. We would be dumb to be shocked that a politician lies and scandals. What bothers me is that the media actively is attempting to suppress information and play favorites. That is against the very core of what free press in America used to be. That is pathetic. So we don't need one single person ever screaming "oh woe is me the victim that someone didn't disclose something to me that is now situationally important to me and I need a lawyer and my rights are violated because in the blind hatred to oust someone they just can't stand, they signed off on this. every single one of them.
  20. But news is news. Yeah, I'm old enough that it may have "only" been an audio recording caught on actual tape but the information is the information. The medium doesn't matter. the truth does.
  21. Nor CBS, ABC, NBC, etc. When I was a kid, even compelling regional news would be carried by all stations. I can't even pretend to give benefit of the doubt anymore. If President Trump had anything remotely close to this occurring, it would be carried by everyone plus carrier pigeons.
  22. I don't think it will get the same level of "journalistic interest" as anything attached to Trump's name. What now? Lots of particular details to wade through there.
  23. Wasnt there that Bill Lb that had it and then I think he may of ended up on the Bengals or something and was pretty good? Steve Smith?? Kind of hard to say because he was quite old when he was injured. I'm just trying to think of people.