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  1. Toronto looking like less of a bust team right now being only 5 games back. Good thing we still have the two train wrecks in SoCal.
  2. Not sure about all of that but I know they need to get out of that ####hole stadium they are currently in. Whether it's in Oakland, San Jose, Fremont or on Alcatraz Island is not important. Agreed. That lawsuit seems like a long shot but they need a new stadium, badly. Their current one is such a pile of junk. Lots of great areas in Oakland if they don't move. Wish Selig would give a firm no so everyone could move on.
  3. http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/san-jose-sues-mlb-to-get-as-charges-teams-conspire-to-maintain-monopoly-power-in-their-markets/
  4. http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/the-hidden-juggernaut-in-oakland/
  5. When he gets healthy he's going to hold workouts. Somebody will sign him then. But that probably won't be before ASB.
  6. The team really slumped not long ago but they're hot once more and within striking distance of the Rangers. If only the pitching would continue getting its act together this team could really go on a tear. And wish they could move past Sogard already. Nice guy and all but let's upgrade. No clue who that could be though. Maybe Grant will be ready this year.
  7. 1.5 back. Tim broke the Angels this year but shaping up to be a great race through the summer.
  8. He should get together with the PT so he can work on getting in shape and boost his confidence levels.
  9. Good article on Ayanbadejo. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/nfl--ravens--brendon-ayanbadejo-awaits-procedure-for-son-s-heart-condition--fights-for-gay-marriage-advocacy-152622969.htmlSummary - His son will be undergoing heart surgery and his pro-gay rights beliefs.
  10. Incredible read. Thank you for sharing, NCC.
  11. I'm not sure that's a true statement. Teams will often run more when they're winning late (which doesn't mean running equals a win), but... The top 5 teams in rushing attempts were Seahawks, Redskins, Patriots, Texans, Chiefs. The top 5 teams in rushing yards were Redskins, Vikings, Seahawks, Niners, Chiefs.
  12. Yeah that was pretty awful. Between that and the FBI's inability to actually secure a perimeter, this show is starting to lose me.I hate bad writing but like Dexter this show entertains me, so Ill continue watchingI'm still on board, just worried they're going to continue taking lazy outs.
  13. Yeah that was pretty awful. Between that and the FBI's inability to actually secure a perimeter, this show is starting to lose me.
  14. Can't imagine Russell will open with the club even if he blows up this spring, but it may indicate they're willing to call him up this year. More competition for 2nd is good. Hope someone earns it and not by default. I worry about the defense though. Pennington couldn't hit but that glove really helped the pitchers.Choice is apparently going to play out his career in triple a.
  15. Thanks for the update. Had no idea.Something bothering you? I hope everything is ok.Everything's fine. I really appreciate the update, as I'm sure a lot of other folks like me had no idea about the instability of the ME and North Africa.Sorry to waste your time and force you to make not one, but two sarcastic comments. I meant to imply that it doesn't really matter if this one story is true or not. We know there are atrocities. What difference does it make if it is Christians in Nigeria or Muslims in Syria? Life in that area is screwed up and everyone knows it.You're not wasting my time, so don't apologize. What CE did here fits a pattern, a troubling impulse of his to make everything be about persecuted Christians. And, of course they are being persecuted in some areas, that is not an unknown. You don't have to advance fake stories to make folks aware of it and, in fact, it harms your advocacy when you do. But, CE and others harp on this to distinguish themselves as the chosen people, ignoring the persecution brought on by Christians throughout their short history. So, it's a grain of sand amidst a much larger issue and pattern(one can read the Persecution thread for an update on how this story is told). My bottom line is this is more about CE and his pattern of posting and philosophy behind the stories he wants to tell than it is anything else. No, I don't make everything about that, i post about a lot of things. But apparently that's all you want to see.ETA: Exhibit A Very true. A great number of things about that, yes. But not everything.Really? What % of my posts are about that topic? I just linked all of my content, so you should be able to take a stab at the number pretty quickly.Have you met fellow Christians who disagree on your take of this Christian persecution? Either in the ffa and/or real life? If so, how do you interpret that? Do you believe they're simply ignorant (not necessarily deliberately so)? Do you believe they're interpreting the 'facts' you present incorrectly?