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  1. We have open carry in MN as well. I’ve heard anecdotals of people calling the cops not knowing it’s an open carry state, thinking someone is a madman. Not worth the hassle, and frankly a little wierd to be strolling around like a cowboy or some ####.
  2. That, and the seemingly low repair rates. Compared against the German luxuries, where owning one past year 3 is like playing Russian Roulette.
  3. Say what you want about the GOP, but Mitt is one of the best of them, IMO.
  4. Went there on a cruise about 20 years ago. We got weed from a cab driver who brought us to a nice beach where we got hammered, high and very, very sunburned. So bad that my buddy couldn’t wear shoes for a few days due to swollen feet. I Love Antigua.
  5. Oh man, I hate these people. They have people movers in airports so you can walk 4x speed past the endless number of gates. Not so you can Wall-E your fat ### around.
  6. Seconded. I used an M9 extensively in my younger days and just love, love, love Bererra. My carry gun is a Beretta PX4 Storm Compact (the middle size of 3 sizes). The rotating barrel really reduces the recoil and helps with grouping immensely for me. It’s a little larger than most concealed weapons as it has a full double stack magazine. I’m a thin guy so I just carry it at 1:00 in waistband.
  7. Can you imagine 10,000 workers and billions can do for the Interstate system, power grid, bridges, parks, etc?
  8. You won’t find many that disagree here. I’m not sure what you’re getting at. We can all celebrate the eventua demise of oil as a pollutant. Plus the added benefit of screwing over the OPEC countries right good.
  9. I think the SC would strike it down. Lately, Roberts as had no time for Trumps bull####. I really do think Roberts May be the saving grace on the SC. He is not aligned with what the GOP calls “conservatism” today.
  10. Thanks for posting that tidbit. I agree that this bill should not pertain to future shutdowns.
  11. Let’s see if Trump signs the back pay bill.
  12. ICE manufacturers had better step up their game or risk getting left behind. At some point very soon, a consumer can choose between an ICE vehicle, or EV (for a bit more money up front). The EV will beat the ICE in every single category.
  13. I think it was perfectly sensible, as he was speaking to the GOP. Those who believe the greatest threat to America is diversity and transgender people.