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  1. They're so crazy that I question Ed's ability to pull them off live.He'll have to be sober to do so, that's for sure. By all accounts, he really has gotten his life back together. And since his own son is with him every night, you'd hope he'd be extra motivated to keep it together.And speaking of Wolfie, I have a feeling NONE of this would be happening if not for him.
  2. the guitar solos throughout this CD are incredible. I honestly think this may be approaching Fair Warning or VH1 for Ed's best work.
  3. By the way at the new album release party the other night in LA is getting fantastic reviews. A few quotes "Contrary to the Café Wha? performance a month ago, David Lee Roth traded in his overalls and intimate club act for what the fans know and love – Diamond Dave was back in full force, dressed in custom jewel studded leather pants, a vibrant blue shirt and a couple different unique jackets. Roths vocals were strong, dead on and his pitch was perfect." I agree that those clips at the Cafe Wha weren't the best, but it had to be the audio system and lack of feedback. Roth sang fantastic the last tour (at least the 2nd night he did in Greensboro) so for those who bought tickets, I'd be encouraged by this. A few other notes- "Eddie, Wolfley, and Alex were as tight as a rock band could be. Edward Van Halen is clearly back to playing like the guitar god we all know and love. Goosebumps were rampant. Ed used a replica of the original red striped Frankie for “Tattoo”, and used his Stealth Wolfgang on every other song. Wolfgang used three different striped basses." Finally the set list for this 1 hour show- You Really Got Me Runnin’ With The Devil Unchained The Trouble With Never Everybody Wants Some!! She’s the Woman Dance The Night Away Panama Tattoo Hot For Teacher Ice Cream Man Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love Jump
  4. Did anyone see Tiger Wood's ex saying Tiger learned how to cheat by hanging with Jordan?
  5. Where can I get full versions of Big River and You and Your Blues?
  6. So I'm not the only one that LOVES the new album. Hot dog!
  7. Outside of David Lee Eastwood, no.I have no problem with this. I will buy this the day it comes out, and listen to it about 1000 times before summer. I've played all the other VH albums (both Dave and Sammy) so many times I'm thrilled to have something new. And I'll never get tired of Ed's guitar and Dave's voice.
  8. Loving this song- Trouble with Never Full Song
  9. Well said Apple Jack. Ironically, I think the first 2 albums with Hagar, as well as Roth's first 2 solo albums, were the only "great" albums either one did without each other. Its like they ran out of the sauce and things slowly went down hill from there for both parties. I'm so happy they are back.
  10. 2 full songs on youtube right now. LOVE this album. People can nitpick Dave's voice or the lack of Anthony's vocals, but no denying Ed is 100% back, sounds like he did in the 70s.
  11. Well in the 1 league i have him, guys are treating him like he's TO or Derrick Mason. Seriously. I thought if I could move him for a good younger prospect I would, but clearly he's a keep based on the perceived value I'm seeing. Fortunately I have a few other good WRs who aren't in their 30s on my roster (Fitz, Colston, Julio, Denarius Moore.) I was just curious if anyone else is seeing this too.
  12. It looks like most guys in my dynasty league are suddenly WAY down on AJ. I know he was injured most of this year, but did anyone really see signs of him losing his skills this year? Where would you rank him going into 2012 as well as long term for his dynasty value?
  13. Just curious, did you dislike his first 2 solo albums? I think Eat Em And Smile is as good as any VH record. Skyscraper was good too (but not Van Halen good). After that, I think it went downhill quick, but I'm always shocked at those who didn't think EAAS wasn't a fantastic record.