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  1. Remember when you were a somewhat interesting and valued poster on this board?
  2. @Stealthycat @KCitons Could a “good guy with a gun” have prevented this?
  3. Don’t try to cover up your love for crap metal with a Floyd reference
  4. Let’s just say it... How can anyone over the age of 14 enjoy a horror movie?
  5. I tell you what, fellas.. I am so happy that the Mueller investigation has ONLY resulted in the conviction or indictment or guilty pleas from 34 people (and 3 companies). Thank goodness that nothing nefarious was going on.
  6. I could barely hear one of your 9 kids in the background. You should have some more.
  7. Well..yes..but if you go to more enlightened areas they mix it up. A few weeks ago we were in Long Beach and my drunk wife requested “any Pixies”. One of the players (an African-American lady) said “Holy (crap) I have never had a request like this! I love this band!” Then she played a very respectable “Here Comes Your Man”. And more than a few people in the crowd sang along and cheered. Here? It would have fallen on deaf ears. BUT these two guys played a solid version of “Scenes from an Italian restaurant”. Sue me...I like that song.
  8. Against my better judgement I went to yet another dueling pianos thing last night. It was my wife’s idea. My older sister and her friend went too. Now keep in mind these things can be fun if done right. The two dudes were talented but their shtick was stale. The worst part? It was here. I really hate my town sometimes and last night was brutal. This town hasn’t had a good musical moment since before Buck Owens decided to do Hee Haw. Let us then, you and I, run down the requests from this crowd: Piano Man Friends in Low Places I Love This Bar Africa Hello (Adele) Why Dont We Get Drunk and... That Shallow Lady GaGa thing Boheiman Rhap (classic but it has been beaten to death) Dont Stop Believing Hotel California Living on a Prayer and many more...just send $19.99 to K-Tel for 2 LPs or 8 tracks