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  1. Yeah, there were horses, and a man on fire, and Brick killed a guy with a trident. He should find himself a safehouse or a relative close by. Lay low for a while.
  2. I'll eat some crow here. Clearly the Seahawks have no respect for him at all. Has to be attitude. Coaches went out of their way to reduce his load from 18 carries a game to 10 carries three weeks back and 5 carries the last 2 weeks.
  3. Nope, simple as you being in the wrong thread. You can disagree with me all you want in the Rawls thread, I and the other Michael supporters will not be in there trolling you. Here is the appropriate link for Rawls discussion, of course you are aware of the proper thread because you posted that you traded Michael away:
  4. Can't put money where your mouth is and posting in the wrong forum to intentionally stir up controversy. That is the classic definition of a forum troll. No one wants your watch the tape comments in this thread. Take a hint. This thread is the appropriate place for the pro-Michael crowd to gather. We can agree to disagree but you need to respect that and relax. I am not in the Rawls forum asking you to watch Cristine Michael tape.
  5. Tommy, if you are interested in the friendly, please PM me. If not, hit the Rawls thread.
  6. I am completely relaxed. Pretty sure the people that are not relaxed are the Rawls supporters in the wrong thread. Let's face it, they drafted him pretty high and likely refused to drop him affecting their ability to play the waiver wire. Where a player is drafted comes from who is better on tape in college. The poster spouting "clearly better on tape" in regards to Rawls is pointing to 2015, not 2016 or college. With the exception of last year with Michael's unfortunate situation, Michael has always looked better on tape. Google your own articles on a broken fibula.
  7. First, let's clear something up. This is the Cristine Michael thread. If you want to support Rawls, go to the Rawls thread. Do you see the irony in asking someone who believes in Christine Michael's talent and makes a pro-Michael post in the Christine Michael thread if they are "trolling"? The troll is the person who is intentionally stirring up conflict in the wrong location. Paid HIllary trolls in the Trump Reddit. Pro-life supporters in front of the clinics. This begs the question, why are you in here trolling? Why did the original Michael thread get locked? So you want to talk about tape. Who watches more tape, you or the Seahawks paid scouts? Rawls went undrafted, Michael was drafted in round 2 (pick 62). So, on tape, the Seahawks paid professional staff value Michael's collegiate production and talent much, much greater than they ever did Rawls. I have already posted Michael's YPC over the years. Rawls was better last year because of his situation, but just like 1 <> 2, 2015 <> 2016. You have Rawls on your fantasy team and a 2015 vision of Rawls in your head. This is 2016 and there is a long list of undrafted free agents who had one good year. The real kicker is that you think a guy who just broke his fibula is going to jump right back in at #1. Here is how it actually works. For the last 6 weeks, Rawls has had his cast from his knee all the way down to his toes. This means he was not running or doing any lower body weight room work leading to muscle atrophy. The tendons have tightened. His feet, ankles, calves and quads are all weak sauce. It will take at least 2 weeks from cast removal to walk in a balanced way and no longer overcompensation to the leg that was not broken. In 4 weeks he might have the leg strength of an average person. From there you have to add in time for the athlete to get to an NFL level of strength and conditioning, because if he is not at that level you can be absolutely assured the leg weakness and mental hesitation will lead to a low YPC. So are you buying Pete's comment on Rawls being back in a few weeks and then making the incorrect assumption that he is rolling straight into the #1 RB slot. Please do put him in your starting lineup that week. Christine Michael's tape speaks for itself at both the NFL and collegiate level. He is the better talent. Take a few minutes and Google the articles on Michael's re-awakening this year and the articles about him looking "shot out of a cannon". Many different scenarios can play out this year. The most likely of which is that Rawls is threatened by Michael's production and tries to come back early on a weak leg. This will lead to a drastic YPC difference between Michael and Rawls and he risks losing the job permanently. The smart play is to come back after 5-6 weeks of strength and conditioning and hoping the coaches like you enough to put you back as the starter. In this scenario, he will look much better on the field into the playoffs and regaining the lead role next year. A third, and not small possibility is that his leg is re-injured. If any pro-Rawls troll in the wrong thread want to put their money where there mouth is, just PM me for a friendly wager. When Rawls comes back, he will have a lower YPC than Michael for the remainder of the year. Let's end the back and forth with a friendly and then just let the season play out.
  8. Are you in the Rawls thread or in the Cristine Michael thread? Michael will continue to perform this year and, at BEST, Rawls will eat into Michael's carries late in the season. I know you feel his 7 carries for -7 yards should earn him an automatic start when his leg heals because you own him on your fantasy team, but as I said in my post above, that is not how the NFL works. The good news is that there is half the season left to play and coaches make the decision, not you or me. Just sit back, relax, keep Rawls on your bench and watch Michael run.
  9. The haters shut down the original Christine Michael thread. They have mostly disappeared this year in the Volume 2 thread, but clearly there are a few leftovers that can't help themselves. People are allowed to change their mind and be wrong, but will they? Before this year, the below is how Michael performed. There was nothing stopping him from being a top 5 NFL RB besides the lack of opportunity. Maybe this is his own fault, but in the end, no one can deny this guys talent. 2013 - 4.4 YPC 2014 - 5.1 YPC 2015 - 4.5 YPC Michael has greatly outplayed Rawls this year. The talent has officially shined through, not just to the Seahawks, but the the rest of the league. The Seahawks are not going to hinge their wagon to Rawls at the end of the season. They have a goal to win the Super Bowl and that means you play the hot hand, not the guy without "the 10 cent head" or the guy you think they "like" better. That is not how the NFL works. Just before breaking his leg, Rawls had 7 carries for -7 yards in game 2. Maybe he did not prepare enough in the off-season. Maybe he is the one with a "10 cent head" right now. Whatever it is, the best running back on the Seahawks roster this year is Christine Michael. I personally disagree with the "10 cent head" label. This is not to say he is a likeable guy, but I don't see him on this list. This only comes into play when you have a "1 cent head" like Aldon Smith, Manziel, Josh Brown or Josh Gordon. If your off-field actions affect your day job in the NFL, then you do not deserve an opportunity. This has no correlation to Christine Michael. He has just not been given the necessary opportunities until this year. Michael is on track for 1,300 all purpose yards and 13 TD's. This is with Rawls being the week 1 and week 2 starter. He is the 4th most expensive buy in Yahoo's weekly fantasy plays at $32. At age 25 he is on a one year contract, so he is a free agent next season. I doubt he is back with the Seahawks and has earned himself a decent contract on a needy team. If he lands on a team that wants to actually hand him the ball, he will live up to the expectations many of us have had for years.
  10. Was looking at this guy pretty hard in some weekly games. Smallwood looks like he is going to take over lead back duties and Mathews is threatened. Mathews hurt his ankle in camp and it clearly has not healed 100% with his unusually low YPC. I have read a few reports that both ankles are hurting, leading me to believe he hurt his other ankle in week 3 vs the Steelers. For this week, I think Mathews should be a scratch but wants to play in order not to lose his starting job. Coaches say they are going to start him, but I expect his YPC to remain low and to get around 10 carries. Sproles and maybe even Barner will get touches besides Smallwood and it is very hard to say which RB will get a TD to make him a relevant fantasy play. Of course Mathews could re-injure an ankle on his second carry and Smallwood could go off against Detriot, but for now Smallwood looks to be a hold in all leagues as Mathews insurance.
  11. I think Fuller will start over him. Will Fuller worked as the Texans' clear-cut No. 2 receiver in Sunday night's preseason opener. The Texans' three-receiver package to begin the game had DeAndre Hopkins and Fuller outside with rookie Braxton Miller in the slot. Jaelen Strong -- with whom Fuller is believed to be competing -- worked with the Tom Savage group. Based on this small sample, Fuller appears to be locked into two-receiver sets. Fuller caught his lone target for four yards and also fielded a punt. Aug 14 - 8:44 PM
  12. Newton, Cam CAR QB 4.11 Palmer, Carson ARI QB 1.02 Williams, DeAngelo PIT RB 7.02 Diggs, Stefon MIN WR 6.11 Fitzgerald, Larry ARI WR 2.11 Landry, Jarvis MIA WR 3.02
  13. Signed up for 3 today, Melissa T drafted Carson Palmer at 1.02.