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  1. Any chance this guy carves out a Sony Michel type role this year? Depth chart is basically just him and Vaughn. Feel like he’s kinda being overlooked
  2. peter king interview with fauci
  3. It was kinda surprising how quickly we rolled through most of the first round
  4. I think it was Schefter making this point a couple days ago. Was basically saying that it would have to be a level playing field when it comes to opening team facilities and training camps, but places like texas that don't have as bad of an issue will most likely be able to open up sooner than NY/NJ. so they will have to figure out a way to handle that as well
  5. This is what I’ve been thinking as well. As long as we’re at a point where you have to quarantine for two weeks if you test positive or if you’ve been exposed to someone who has, I don’t see how you have a season. All it takes is one person to test positive and you have to shut it down.
  6. The eagles will still use a committee. Unlikely they start leaning on one guy
  7. You know the pick is bad when you have to make up some baseless story about the possibility that wentz might consider retirement in a couple years to justify it
  8. i'll be honest, Gargano has been cracking up this morning. just hope he doesn't give himself a heart attack
  9. I was recently offered Adams and a third rounder for dj moore, David Montgomery and Tyler higbee. I declined
  10. Any idea when this years list will be up? Thx as always