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  1. i think everyone would be happy if Jacobs has a Melvin Gordon type career
  2. I feel like I’m reading Calvin’s thread from last year
  3. People keep spinning this false narrative. He was productive when on the field. Staying on the field was the issue
  4. Anyone worried about Conners workhorse role next year? Not saying he won’t be the starter but I think Samuels has shown enough to earn a role moving forward. And if Samuels does secure a pass catching role it could put enough of a dent in conners value to take him out of the top 12 rbs
  5. I feel like every game of his I watch it is penalty after penalty
  6. Bloom has rivers as his number 2 QB this week. Would be curious to hear his thought process
  7. You have rivers as your number 2 qb. Would like to hear your thought process there in what looks like a bad matchup? thx