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  1. queue the cowboys fans complaining that zeke got six games and hill got zero
  2. Anytime I see or hear anyone talking about the eagles they’re saying how this is a super bowl quality roster
  3. I feel like dirk koetter is getting way too much credit in this whole playing vs not playing Jones debate
  4. Maybe I’m wrong but I have the feeling this all amounts to a bunch of nothing
  5. i would speculate that people have more faith in the saints/sean payton post brees than they do in the steelers post ben
  6. another example of too small of a sample size now if you were to say my wife cheated on me six times, that would be a large enough sample size
  7. Doyle is not currently on a huge deal. He's in the final year of a 3 year $18 million contract. He’s making $5 million this year
  8. Tyler kroft just signed a 3 year $18.75 million contract. Wouldn’t count on a discount for Doyle, or any te for that matter
  9. Yeah that doesn’t address your pipe dream that ebron will be there long term yet Doyle will be gone after this year
  10. I’m curious how you can say Doyle will be gone after this year yet you’re are not concerned at all long term with ebron, despite the fact that both are free agents after this season?