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  1. So after a good game he’s the type of player that you just have to keep in your lineup for when he blows up, but after a bad game he’s no longer startable?
  2. From watching the game Sunday he just looked plain slow running his routes. Looked to me like he was playing to not get hurt, like he was almost afraid to open it up cuz he knew there was a good chance he’d hurt himself. I could be wrong though
  3. Simply just too big fast and athletic
  4. Melvin Gordon is the type of player that will run for 140 and 2 tds and all people will talk about are the yards he left on the field
  5. You know it’s bad when John Hightower, who clearly wasn’t ready to play in an nfl game, is getting targeted over you. For those that held through the offseason, you now have an extra roster spot to play with
  6. I feel like this is shaping up a lot like last year with the Chargers when both Gordon and Ekeler were healthy
  7. Seems to have picked up right where he left off last year
  8. It’s not that far out there. I did the same thing in one of my leagues where I thought it made sense given the league settings As an added bonus it’s nice not having to enter waiver claims in the league for the entire year
  9. For $1 or $2 in auctions, as a wr4 or wr5, whats not to like?
  10. I’ll certainly be starting him week 1 against Washington in the leagues I own him
  11. I feel like 6+ tds is a lock. He had 1 td through 11 weeks last year, basically didn’t play weeks 16-17 and still ended up with 4 for the season. Quality of target should improve as well. I have him as a wr1 this year.