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  1. Is that over his college career or just 2019?
  2. Could you elaborate? Unfamiliar with that metric
  3. Jeff mcclane is reporting Doug hadn’t met with lurie at the time of the press conference yesterday and lurie had decided in December groh and walch would be gone. So basically Doug does the presser and says they’ll be back, meets with lurie, and now they’re gonna. Seems silly if true to have press conference before meeting with owner
  4. Pretty sure eagles accepted defensive holding on the play
  5. I’m in a league where four teams make the playoffs, and the lowest scoring team in the league finished 3rd. I’ve never seen anything like it
  6. I would be ok with starting him at flex in ppr. He produced both games this year with Damien out and the matchup is right in non ppr I would lean mccoy out of the two right now but will definitely be paying attention to reports Sunday morning
  7. He had that all in like the first quarter so ended up a little disappointing overall
  8. Ekeler has been a valuable piece to this offense even with Gordon on the field
  9. You can put any percentage on it you want (not saying you’re right or wrong), all that matters is that if these guys get in their heads that their best chance at a big pay day is holding out and reducing their exposure to injury, that’s what they’re gonna do. Folks in here saying he got terrible advice and should fire his agent aren’t considering that may have been his plan all along. Regardless how small a chance, one bad knee injury and he can kiss his contract goodbye. It’s like risking $25 mil in the long run to earn $3 mil now. No matter how small a chance, it’s still a big risk