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  1. Ekeler has been a valuable piece to this offense even with Gordon on the field
  2. You can put any percentage on it you want (not saying you’re right or wrong), all that matters is that if these guys get in their heads that their best chance at a big pay day is holding out and reducing their exposure to injury, that’s what they’re gonna do. Folks in here saying he got terrible advice and should fire his agent aren’t considering that may have been his plan all along. Regardless how small a chance, one bad knee injury and he can kiss his contract goodbye. It’s like risking $25 mil in the long run to earn $3 mil now. No matter how small a chance, it’s still a big risk
  3. Well he missed a quarter of the season and training camp so probably somewhere between 25-30% Worst case scenario he tears his knee and it costs him his contract, so a lot
  4. I think folks continue to ignore the fact that Gordon holding out reduced his chance of injury. He missed training camp and a quarter of the season, and it cost him some money in the short term. But he’s back in plenty of time to showcase his talents to the league while significantly reducing his chance of injury. If the chargers weren’t going to pay him what he wanted it makes sense to go with that approach to give yourself the best chance at securing a big contract in the off season
  5. Yeah of course, assuming he’s not averaging 2 catches for 75 yards a game (which he obviously won’t). That was my point. If you looked at the box score you would say sanders had 120 yards, he had a great game. But from watching the game, I came away with a different opinion
  6. Once again not pushing an agenda, just pointing out that saying sanders had a great/dynamic game cuz he put up 120 yards is a little misleading (some might even say pushing an agenda). That’s ok if you don’t agree, just having a conversation. Once again the insults are not necessary
  7. Not trying to prove some dumb agenda (nice to see you can have a conversation without hurling insults) just pointing out that lauding sanders for a 120 yards from scrimmage is a little misleading
  8. No there shouldn’t. But you have to look at what’s sustainable/repeatable when looking at a players value. Kamara’s receiving production is (he’s proven it). Sanders at 2 catches for 75 yards most likely isn’t. I think even you would agree with that
  9. Context. 75 of those yards were two fluky receptions. He also fumbled twice. I think it was definitely a bad pick to draft an rb in the second round of a draft class that is historically deep at DL and weak at rb. The only way that pick pans out is if sanders is a major contributor THIS year because you could draft a better prospect/player in the upcoming draft class.
  10. Many of these issues would remain even if that happened. Forgot about the qb in the 5th you cut coming out of camp
  11. Jjaw over dk looks bad. Miles sanders in the second round of a draft that is weak at rb and historically deep at DL may be worse. brandon graham extension also looking bad trading a sixth for an rb you don’t use doesn’t make sense Using a 2 and a 6 on rbs and not having a running game is frustrating