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  1. All In La Familia Nacho and the Man Salamanca and Sons
  2. I read that they have started writing season six, online via a virtual writer's room. They would prefer to be in person but at least it's a start.
  3. I won't fall in love today, ST HTH
  4. Has Legend with Tom Hardy been mentioned? Gangster flick about the Kray brothers from England.
  5. Not sure but was that the skate boarders in the background in that one scene?
  6. I don't know about doing yoga at the bank but I fart pretty much everywhere I go... TAKE THAT TO THE BANK!
  7. Yep cause my wife has been an instructor for close to 20 years, does mostly gentle or restorative. She's actually teaching a class right now from home via Zoom.
  8. Woke up in the morning, peculiar feeling, looked up and saw egg dripping from the ceiling