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  1. I wouldn't go on what Williams has said. He's known to sandbag the severity of the injuries. Yes, he's still very sore in the knee and it's not something that is going to magically heal in the next few days, but from what I've heard he's going to be playing. How effective and how many minutes is a different story.
  2. I'll SDSU some credit. When they miss shots, the leave no doubt that ball has little chance going in.
  3. Could someone tell NCSU if there is well over a minute left in the game and you're down by 3, you can still go for two points. There's no need to constantly put up three pointers. Good grief....
  4. Well, I'm not expecting much from Carolina this year. A Sweet 16 would be a heck of an accomplishment. When they face guards that can shoot, they'll be in trouble, be that Villanova or any team with guards.
  5. That's exactly what Lunardi has this morning. I can hear the screams already, if this happens. I have a hard time believing the committee would give Duke, a questionable 1 seed to begin with, Gonzaga as the #2 and Northern Iowa as the #4 (and Utah as the #5, if Lunardi is correct). For the sake of appearance, if nothing else, I think they have to split up Gonzaga and Northern Iowa, especially if they are going to get 2 and 4 seeds (i.e. seeds that both play the #1 if chalk holds), respectively. Of those brackets, I'd go with Kentucky, Virginia (would love to say Maryland, but I don't see it), Iowa St., and Wisconsin. EVen though I'm bummed Carolina lost last night, it could potentially be a blessing in disguise if they aren't in Kentucky's region. They might still very well be in their region, but I think they would have been the last #3 in had they won last night. Instead they are the first #4 or maybe the second #4, which would mean Villanova, I would think. Honestly, who the heck knows beyond the 1 and 2 seeds...
  6. They just played really dumb on defense tonight. Just collapsing when they needed to guard the perimeter. If they drive and score, then fine. Giving up wide open 3s are just momentum swings for one team and momentum killers for the other.
  7. Mudiay would have been SMU's best player. SMU had several close losses this year that might have turned with Mudiay at guard. The BracketMatrix participants have SMU anywhere from a 4-7 seed, seed average of 5.57 is 22nd-highest which would translate to a 6-seed. Maybe with Mudiay they get a split with Cincinnati, maybe either the road loss at Indiana or the home loss against Arkansas is different. They would pass more eye tests with Mudiay as the go-to guy, so a 4-seed would have been in play, similar consideration Northern Iowa is getting but with a better coach and a marquee player. Good points all around. I really hope they can make it to the second weekend. They are a scrappy bunch and are one of the teams I have as a bracket buster, depending on the matchups, of course.
  8. Hopefully your mom. I think that is the reason all the team was so deflated and flat. They were worn out spending the entire day with her before that late tip. I mean I get the need for running positional drills, but she went overboard.In what world is this considered funny?To be fair, I kicked that hornet's nest a while back. During our informal "Coach K GameDay Sign" competition a while back I entered "Coach K right-swiped Archer's mom on Tinder", so I don't have high ground here.That said, my mom is dead and was a real #####, so the thought of the Duke basketball roster gang-raping her corpse is one of the more positive thoughts I've had about Duke this season. Plus, with the Sulaimon stuff we know consensual relations with the living are out of play for this crew, so such an activity would be on-brand for them. But enough chatter about teams that don't have games this weekend... Good slate of games this weekend. Hope to monitor VCU/Davidson and Temple/SMU this afternoon. And we'll see if Iowa State can hang with KU on a "neutral" court tonight. (KU fans refer to the Sprint Center in KC as "Allen Fieldhouse East") Anyway, the game plan ISU ran in Ames to beat Kansas will work again tonight if executed properly. I wonder how much better SMU would have been this year had Mudiay been on the team? I don't care much for Larry Brown even though he is a Carolina alum, but he has done a good job with this squad. Living in the Metroplex all my life and going to the Methodist church, I've always like SMU in basketball and football, so it's been really cool watching them the past two years. I would love to see them make a deep run...
  9. If I remember correctly, his wife was also a huge anti-death penalty proponent as well. His influence went well beyond the basketball court.
  10. Can we get a rundown of all the thread titles so far? So many good ones that I can't remember already. NCAA HOOPS THREAD 2014-2015! Archer flunked a fake UNC classNCAA HOOPS THREAD! Archer cannot spell Coach K's name NCAA HOOPS THREAD! Archer's kids love UNC NCAA HOOPS THREAD! Archer admits Dean is the GOAT NCAA HOOPS THREAD! Coach K tweets support to ISIS leader NCAA HOOPS THREAD! Coach K steals Xmas toys from poor kids NCAA HOOPS THREAD! Archer changes underwear 1x a week NCAA HOOPS THREAD! Archer went to Wake Forest NCAA HOOPS THREAD! Archer leaves no evidence behind NCAA HOOPS THREAD! Archer poops in his kid's xmas stocking NCAA HOOPS THREAD! Archer gets Hansbrough back tattoo NCAA HOOPS THREAD! Vid of Archer farting UNC theme song NCAA HOOPS THREAD! Coach K drinks the blood of walk-ons NCAA HOOPS THREAD! Archer drops childish UNC obsession (j/k) NCAA HOOPS THREAD! Coach K dismisses Archer from the team NCAA HOOPS THREAD! Archer: "K wipes back to front." NCAA HOOPS THREAD! Archer annoyed Coach K in person once To try and say which one of these is the best would be an injustice to the rest of them. lol
  11. lol at this thread title. Probably the only reason I come to these threads now. I don't post in the ACC thread for the most obvious of reasons.