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    I'm a hiking guide. Avid backpacker. Canyoneer. Caver. If you have any questions about gear and/or the National Parks in Colorado/Utah/Wyoming don't hesitate to ask.

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  1. The meanings of words change over time. It is not wrong to use modern meanings. I'm not sure why decimate bothers some people more than other words. But language changes daily/monthly/yearly. Plus decimate being used as devastate is hundreds of years old. Not exactly new.
  2. I love summer. Backpacking is my favorite thing in the world. COVID has messed with my backpacking schedule but I just did a beautiful trip two weeks ago where I was hiking through Aspens and Columbines and Wild Roses and then started hitting snow and camped at an icy lake. I was the first person to make it over the pass this season I think since there weren't footprints in the snow. And it was beautiful. Just warm enough at night to sit outside with a midweight coat and enjoy my private lake and watch the stars. Next week I plan on going out to Vail and trying to find a lake that I have been searching for a few years. I probably won't find it as I only have 2 days and I probably need a few more but it will be fun either way. In August I am spending two weeks in Wyoming/Montana playing around outdoors. I love it. You can backpack in Spring and Fall but there is still a ton of snow in spring and fall starts to get pretty cold. Some people backpack in winter. But I don't like to.
  3. The vast majority of Pats fans are going to be cheering for Tampa as long as Brady's there.
  4. I'm not sure why you're resorting to being condescending. I have been civil. Anyway, it's pretty clear you are going to take what I say and twist it to the argument you're rearing for.
  5. 1) If the virus is still spreading like wildfire after all of the social distancing steps we are taking then it's going to continue to spread without additional steps. That should be obvious to everyone in a month. It honestly should be obvious in places like Colorado and the Bay Area that have already had pretty strong social distancing for 3 weeks. Or Italy which has been under lockdown for what a month? 2) I have not said it's better for us all to get it at the same time. Slowing the spread helps out the healthcare system and improves care. I'm making no value statements about what I think we should do, I'm just talking about likely results from our current actions.
  6. A month from now when numbers are still going up and deaths are still happening it will be hard to argue that our current measures will stop this disease. Think of it this way. Denver, CO has been different for 3 weeks now. I am my 3rd week of WFH, my 2nd week of shelter in place. Most deaths from Coronavirus happen by 3 weeks. Deaths should be going down pretty fast in Colorado especially by the end of next week. That isn't happening. This won't happen. That is because even with these measures the disease is spreading. What I meant by my last sentence is you keep saying things like your plan, I don't have a plan. I'm doing what the government says. There's a difference between saying this is what I think the result of the current plan will be and saying this is what I think we should do.
  7. I don't have a strategy. I'm just saying most people are going to get this with the current measures of social distancing. And they will have had it by summer. The reason politicians aren't fully coming out and saying that is because it's easier to get people to follow social distancing which will slow the spread over a longer period when people think they won't get it and their loved ones won't get it.
  8. Again I am making no value judgment of the strategy. I'm saying we don't have a choice. Social distancing or not everyone is getting it. Even politicians pushing social distancing have come pretty close to saying we're all going to get it. Give yourself a note to read this again in a month and I think you'll see I was right all along. Instead of trying to change what I'm saying because you want to disagree with me. Listen to what I actually am saying and decide whether or not you agree.
  9. I will say the place I take most out of town guests for hiking at RMNP is Glass Lake and Sky Pond. Beautiful. Get there early, parking is tough I'd say leave Denver by 6am. If you have more miles in your legs (22 I think) Nanita & Nokoni are maybe the best parts of RMNP. My favorite i have ever seen is Scotch/Whiskey but you need a backpacking permit to do those IMO. I'm not a mountain biker myself, so I can't give much info there. But it seems like MOAB is the place for all that so you have it right.
  10. I'm just of the opinion that we're past the point of no return. US is almost certainly in the millions of cases right now and short a Wuhan style lockdown where people aren't allowed to leave their homes for any reason almost everyone is getting it. The time for finding a solution other than herd immunity was more than a month ago. Not saying this is the best outcome or even a good outcome. But in my opinion it's our only outcome that's possible at this point. There's a reason Italy is still seeing deaths even though they have had a lockdown for a few weeks. That is because the disease is still spreading there even if slower just like it's still spreading in the US.
  11. Going to be interesting. Jeffco actually has one of the highest infection rates in the state right now. But August is a long way away. I'd bet on things being open by then. But bands might still be cancelling. I expect venues to be closed in Colorado through at least June. I'll give it a 70% chance. By the way what kind of things do you like to do, never too early to start planning fun activities and I have lived in the area for a long time now so can give you some fun options to mull over while you're in quarantine.
  12. 1) I don't believe much of what Trump says because he has lied at every opportunity. 2) The article you linked didn't say that herd immunity won't work, just that a lot of people will die getting there which is common sense. I don't think you can find anything legitimate that says we don't get immunity. The only speculation I have seen in the last few weeks is how long immunity holds. Scientists have found antibodies, China was using them to treat in January and we are now. They are not speculation they are scientific fact.
  13. I'm not downplaying the human toll will be large. This is very contagious. I am also a realist. From what a lot of experts have said the cat is out of the bag and pretty much everyone is going to get this disease. We are past the point of stopping it. The point of distancing is to cut down on the peaks not to stop all from getting it. Since I am almost certainly going to get this disease I might as well be at peace with it and realize that it's not exceptionally deadly and hope that immunity holds once we've had it. That's just the conclusion I have come to myself and I'm not a doctor but neither are most people here so we are all speculating based on the numbers and studies we have read. Out here camping is not essential and we are not allowed. I am still allowed to hike and I have hiked the last couple of weeks with seeing very few people because I know the off the beaten path spots near Denver (we are technically not allowed to go too far from our communities). I saw 5 people all of Saturday on a hike while the city was distributing pictures on social media of hiking trails that looked like conga lines. The place I am going to Saturday because 1 it's not super populated to begin with and 2 has a road that is blocked off in winter to the main trail head will probably be just me after the first few miles. The place Sunday is always lightly used and I will go very early in the morning to further limit people. While I"m not afraid of the virus personally, I am afraid of losing more of my rights of going outside and am determined to not be part of the problem that closes down hiking trails.
  14. 1) If it is as prevalent as I think the death rate is closer to what populations that have more widely tested see (less than 1%) and what has been postulated by scientific journals like Lancet (less than 1%). And less like countries that are too overwhelmed to test like Italy or Spain are reporting (more than 10%). And while people will die (I think that is basically guaranteed at this point optimist or not) it's not going to be as bad as a lot of people are theorizing from an overall numbers standpoint. 2) Immunity which is speculated will hold and this thing won't mutate and hold the world hostage for the rest of time. A vaccine won't stop this if it mutates by the way. So the people that are guessing this will mutate and a new strain will hit by fall are basically saying this is just a fact of the world for the forseeable future.
  15. Possibly, although this one has not mutated much at this point so I think a new strain by fall is mostly doomers. If you're right, it will likely be here until the end of time and just a fact of life like the flu.