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    I'm a hiking guide. Avid backpacker. Canyoneer. Caver. If you have any questions about gear and/or the National Parks in Colorado/Utah/Wyoming don't hesitate to ask.

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  1. I wonder if some of the memory problem is technology related. I mean if you're 50% paying attention to your phone and 50% paying attention to the outside world of course you aren't going to remember as well.
  2. By the way looked at TVs at Costco today. The 40 inches are gigantic. Didn't pull the trigger. But probably soon.
  3. Stand should be strong holding a TV that's over 50 pounds I bet.
  4. Another question my stand is 3 feet I measured. Online it said that will hold a 40" TV. Does that sound right or was the website I found for older tvs? Thanks for all the help.
  5. What is 4k? Is it picture quality?
  6. Thank you! Is TCL a good brand? I've never heard of them before. I see 43" HDTV 1080p for $200 and a 50" 4k uhd 2160p for $250. I'd lean towards smaller because I don't want a TV that takes tons of space but is the picture quality on the larger one enough of an improvement to jump up sizes? I do like the idea of good picture quality. I assume there have been pretty good improvements since my current TV.
  7. I guess not. Big to me. There are a lot of things and I'm not sure what are important. 4K, oled, led, smart, 720p, 1080p,. Hd, uhd, hdr. That's my hope is to figure out that language and what is important to focus on and brand.
  8. Just curious if someone could give me some TV tips. I am not a big tech guy. My TV is a 27 inch CRT from the 90s I think. Not really sure. Someone gave it to me when I helped them move 10 years ago or so. Anyway, assume I want a pretty big TV. 40 inches seems pretty good to me. And possibly something with a plug that can handle a fire stick or the equivalent. I'm not wanting to spend a lot (maybe $200-$300). But I'd like to get something with a good picture quality. What options in that sort of bargain price range should I look at? What brands? My current TV still works fine. But I'd like to get internet capability. Also an improvement in picture quality if it's very noticeable. I'm not in a hurry if a certain time of year is better deals but I'd rather move before Black Friday. Edit I also have Costco. Are all their TVs good? Do they have ones in that bargain range?
  9. I believe the restaurant is required to pay up to the regular minimum wage ~$7 or 8? if tips don't get them there. So the minimum they will receive is actual minimum wage not $2.13. That being said I hate the system. I'd be so much happier if a meal cost 25% more and no tipping was required. I think it's a stupid system and I have not noticed better service in the US than other countries where hourly pay reflects proper compensation. Then again all I care about is my drink being refreshed every 20 minutes or so and food arriving in a reasonable time. If I get those two things (and I do every time) then I'm happy. I don't need entertainment. So I might not really notice the difference from a C waiter to an A+ waiter.
  10. I'm not saying Matt Cassell was a great QB. But he did start 81 games in his career. And would have been one of the best backups in the NFL any year he was on a roster (or a lower end starter). Curtis Painter was not an NFL level player. There's a reason that after the Colts locked up the #1 pick that season they finally put in Dan Orlovsky (also worse than Cassell but at least an NFL level player) and went 2-3.
  11. I might be missing something because I don't really play FF anymore. But someone really traded a 23 year old QB who just threw for 50 TDs and has a shot to be a top 5 QB for the next 15 years for a 30 year old WR? Seems crazy to me.
  12. Just my opinion but Wade was the second best player on his team in 2006. LeBron had Kyrie in his Cleveland championship. Dirk was an interesting case and I'm willing to give you that example. But I tend to think Tyson Chandler was a lot more important than stats suggested.
  13. That 2nd round loss was impacted by a very bad call if you ask any Bulls fan (I am not one myself). Then we're talking a weak Indiana Pacers team away from the finals. My overall point is even great NBA players don't win championships without great teams around them. Jordan certainly didn't (although I know he is so revered someone will argue that). Neither has Durant, LeBron, Dr. J, Wilt etc... etc... Maybe Olajuwon in his first or Shaq in his first title when Kobe wasn't much.
  14. I'm not sure that's true. The Bulls were right in the mix for the championship during Jordan's first retirement. The Knicks were in the mix for a championship during a Ewing injury. Neither won a championship but a few lucky breaks and they could have. And that's just in the last 25 years.