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  1. Now its decision time. Can we roll with this kid this week? This is make or break a season call. I'm sure all of us with him on the roster have other options which makes this such a tough choice.
  2. Yep.part of the problem i see now is the sheer number of pitbulls out there. i see every idiot on the street with them now. the greater the quantity the greater the chance of an irresponsible owner. i would guess that when rotty's were all the headlines they were much more popular than pitbulls. Also the cool tough guy image dogs unfortunately tend to find owners that are complete dumbasses.
  3. bet you're fun to go to movies with
  4. very suprised at the lack of appreciation in here. favorite show on tv now easily. i guess its like a surgeon watching house and complaining that they gave the patient 10 cc's of adrenacortisuperstol when everyone with half a brain knows that it should have been 20.
  5. Can anyone find a downside to this stock? WUC on the TSX venture. Link Seems like there is not much downside with that much cash on hand and the share price being where it is. Plus you get some lithium and uranium exposure??