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  1. Yea it use to get pretty wild. Amazing the people that lurk there, it would be like Roger Godell in the Shark Pool here. I actually got to know Doug Boles back when he was an owner at Panther to the point I got hot passes left for me at Nazareth and Richmond by the team for a few years, all from conversations on TF that turned into some phone calls and help on their website. I haven't seen him in a few years but pretty sure he would still remember me, he's a pretty amazing guy that way, the speedway is in good hands. I go by CrewChief over there, feel free to insult any of my posts...lol
  2. I'm in Penthouse Paddock right across from Gasoline Alley. Every year I try an upgrade a couple of my 8 tickets to E Penthouse, even with over 50 years seniority (my dad and I have the same name so I just took over the tickets) I can't get in there.
  3. You guys TF posters ? Been over there since the old Indy Star boards went away, profile says since 2001 but been longer then that and way more active there then here. Met a bunch of great guys over there IRL.
  4. BoilerDave ,where do you sit ?
  5. Awesome...many people start that way. Over the years we have taken tons of people who have no connection to the sport as a fan and they are amazed by the sheer size and magnitude of the event. Sort of like going to the Kentucky Derby. My dad started going in 1953 and went until 2006, I started in 1971 at not even a year old and have only missed afew that got rained out and run the following weekend. Started both my boys going at age 5 (now 14 and 11) and they love it, my one son loves racing of any sort and karts so he was a given. My other son is a very good traditional athlete but can't sit still long enough or has any interest in watching sports on TV but he totally looks forward to going to Indy.
  6. 1982 Tbird 1982 Thunderbird in that exact two tone combo...the last of the boring, blah T-Birds. It was my dad's driver for going back and forth to JFK. I drove it when he was home from trips and when he retired in 1987 I took it full time my senior year in HS. Drove it until I got out of college and bought a brand new 1992 Cougar XR7 black on black with the same 5.0 as a Mustang. Man I loved that car.
  7. Any other FBG's out there attending the race this weekend ?
  8. Any of you also have issues with high blood pressure, not severe or anything, take the smallest dose of lisinopril there is and it is good. Looking to take purely recreationally for a fun weekend here and there.
  9. You guys using this because you actually have issues or because you want to go longer or go again quicker ?
  10. I would have went Edmunds, I think LB is underrated by the NFL these days. Hopefully this kid becomes the next Woodson but I think we needed our next ZT.
  11. As a Dolphins fan love that you took Allen, much less fear of facing him over the next 5 years then Rosen but I think you may have hit it out of the park with Edmunds. the kid is a beast, really wanted Miami to take him at 11 rather then another safety.
  12. Taking Lamar Jackson would be about the stupidest thing they could do here. A less experienced version of what they already have at QB. If they are going to go QB in round one now that it seems obvious a Baker Mayfield isn't going to fall then shoot your load and find a way to move up and take a guy that seems like he has potential to be a long term answer not another stop gap or project. Roquan Smith and Tremaine Edmunds, I'm really hoping one of those fall as I think LB has been so long a weak spot that getting one and hopefully Raekwon coming back strong could really turn the defense around. Of the options in this thread, Vea is probably the best value at a spot of somewhat need.
  13. Well last week was tryout week, the weather actually helped. One club kept their tryouts Monday and Wednesday and did them on an indoor field, the other kept Monday and went indoors but switched their Wednesday to Thursday so they could be outside. So he got seen by the one club three times (at the two practices they had him come to and then Thursday) and by the other club twice on Monday and Wednesday. We got the email last night from the club he had went to the practices for that he made their team. The other club sent an email Saturday night saying due to the large numbers at the tryout they were still making decisions, personally I think they were waiting to hear back from kids. Either way while both seemed good in the different practices and winter training the one he made I really liked what I saw from and we know some people with kids that have played for them and they had good things to say. It's a little more of a drive to practices (45 minutes vs 20 minutes) but in the grand scheme I think it will be a good fit. He is excited and I'm happy for him because it has been a lot of growth for him to go to winter training where he didn't know other kids and tryouts with 40 kids he didn't know as he tends to be shy. But he wanted this and pushed himself through it and it paid off.
  14. Really depends on what you are classifying as cheating and the situation. Out for a weeknight round with my buddies and you roll the ball out of a divot in the fairway or You drive down to your ball and it is OB and rather then go back to the tee and hit again you drop and take a penalty to keep play moving no big deal. We are usually playing vegas for dollars and quarters so who cares. Now we did have a guy that played with us semi regular and went on our Myrtle trip who you had to count every stroke because he would out right cut 7 to 10 strokes a round if you didn't call him every time, that is BS and annoying in any setting, needless to say he has been "replaced" in our Myrtle group. Again I'm talking just out playing for fun with buddies, no or low stakes. We all vary from probably 8 to 17 handicaps so if we hit a nice shot down the middle of the fairway it seems an unfair reward if it is in a divot or on a bare spot because it is a muni course and not perfect. However if you are playing in a club tournament or a league then unless it is specifically written in the rules then you should be playing according to USGA rules fully.
  15. I'll leave the technical talk and how everyone fits to those of you with way more knowledge then me. But from a strictly long time sports fan view and looking at who looks like they belong: Adams - looked like the best player on the field last night hands down. Athletic and skill, I want to see him and CP on the field at the same time. Miazga - big imposing presence, didn't look scarred of the moment. The way he back peddled and stayed under control when I think it was Alimiron had him one on one was light years better then what I saw from the US defenders in the past year. Trapp - where did this guy come from ? I don't really follow the MLS but he looked under control and a real leader on the field. Probably blasphemy and I'm sure it not being as pressure filled situation, but looked much better then Bradley in that role to me. Steffen - Had a few moments but overall way more energy from the GK then we have seen lately. Weah - Only on the field a short time but the kid has an electricity to him you can tell that. Again would love to see him, Adams and CP all on the field together. Seems like it would be a dynamic attack. CCV - He was the one who scarred me the most, had some moments he made you hold your breath.