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  1. Well that is like being on #TeamOldFashion You in Harrisburg or Hamburg ?
  2. SweeTango is very good, as Tasker said a Honeycrisp cross. I've recently been eating a lot of the Kanzi apple, crisp and juicy like a Honeycrisp but slightly tarter.
  3. Playing Ertz at QB is certainly going to set you apart.
  4. Zeroing in on my cash lineup, honestly I only play cash and then stick it in a couple cheap GPP's (just in case it goes off) and a couple smaller winner take all tournaments with some guys I know. I have never been good at straight GPP lineups. Wentz Ajayi / Gordon Evans / Hopkins / Higgins Cook Ertz Eagles Not sold on the two TE's, would love Buck Allen in the flex spot but the early game doesn't show on the Sunday only slate (stupid) Will still tweak as the week goes on.
  5. Not concerned about Ajayi not getting many passes because they are going to use him as the bell cow, he'll get 20 to 25 carries minimum and all the goal line work. Miami wants to pound the ball and limit Cutler. 100 yards and a TD is almost a lock I think and 2 or 3 TD's isn't out of the question. For $7700 that should be good value. Thompson isn't going to get as many carries and as Perine but his total number of touches should be close as I expect that game either a shoot out or Washington playing catch up. If Washington wins 20 to 13 then it could be an issue. I don't see that. I agree with what you posted above on lineup construction but honestly the only RB's that meet that criteria are Bell, Elliott, Hunt and Gordon. I don't like Gordon's matchup against KC this week so if you pay up for the cheapest of the other two Hunt and Elliott you have already used $16300, you end up needing bargain WR's down in the $4800 or less range like Lee and Hurns. Hard to trust those guys.
  6. Wentz @ $5900 Ajayi @ $7700 vs the Jets and bound to get a ton of touches is a must play in cash to me. Chris Thompson @ $4400, Kelly dinged and likely a shootout or playing from behind against the Raiders which both favor Thompson
  7. My main cash lineup right now Wilson Gordon, Lynch Evans, Hill, Hogan Fleener Cohen Raiders I'd love to pivot off Cohen, this is already a really chalk lineup and I could see him coming up small this week. But where else to go for $4100 ? I could switch Raiders to Bucs and free up another $300 which gets you $4400 to replace Cohen. White ? JJ Nelson ?
  8. Who is the pivot for Thielen ($5000) given it looks like Bradford will be limited at best and may not play.
  9. One of those picture quilts of the kids on the beach, with younger hotter girlfriend in a bikini in the background.
  10. Quick initial look to put my place holders in the single entry contests. QB - Wilson as a cheaper option then the guys in the GB/ATL, NE/NO matchups RB - Gordon vs Dolphins, James White could be a nice value play. WR - Evans seems like a good value, probably Hurns or Lee as a value saver, Tyreke Hill with Darby out for the Eagles and I think they will focus to stop Hunt. TE - Clay or Fleener, juts can't see paying up at TE this week. DST - Bucs vs Bears
  11. What about Zardes ? I remember watching a game last year where he and Yedlin looked like the only two giving an effort for the US. I don't know his game but he seems like with his skill set that maybe he would be a good match out wide with CP more in the center. We need Yedlin back for sure.
  12. For those not watching please give more details then random swear comments
  13. So I was just watching the video on the US Soccer site about the stadium in Honduras. I'm totally shocked that FIFA allows some of the highest paid athletes in the world to play in stadiums like that. I'm new to following soccer but have followed Formula 1 for years, the requirements FIA (which is racings version of FIFA and also European based) puts on tracks to be able to host an F1 race is insane. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway had to make upgrades several years ago when they wanted to host a race which would be like asking Jerry Jones to upgrade the Cowboys stadium. They just have really stringent requirements on everything from safety to garage size to hospitality areas and these odd ball countries because they want the chance to host a race are willing to spend tens of millions to make it happen. I can't believe that if FIFA said you have to have a stadium that at least meets NCAA Division 3 standards these countries wouldn't find a way to make it happen. I get it is a home field advantage but what happens when a Messi or Ronaldo has to play at one of these stadiums and blows out his knee because of poor field conditions or worse yet a lousy locker room where he slips because of a leaking pipe and cracked tile floor ?
  14. Ok here is my totally non-expert opinion: Crowd: Yea it was probably 30% CR but I just assumed like college football games that the opposing team gets a certain amount of tickets, I would think FIFA would want that for international matches. That said it was a more electric atmosphere and louder from well before the game until late in the game non-stop then pretty much any sporting event I've been to and that includes World Series and NFL Playoffs. Those get loud but in short spurts, this was non-stop, very cool experience. Cameron sucked, I'm no technical expert but he looked slow and sloppy from the start. Many poor passes and just not on the level of the competition. I'd sit his butt for the next game and when Brooks and Yedlin get back he wouldn't even be on the team. Ream wasn't good either but my god every time I looked Cameron was chasing or giving the ball away. Howard needs to make a play on that first goal, sometimes the goalie needs to step up. Nagbe may not be a great match with Bradley but he seems like he belongs on that level, he plays with energy and I thought moved well with the ball and passing. I can see where he is a different style the Bradley for sure. I think you need to find a way to have him on the field. Pulisic seemed a 1/2 step off in timing but there is no doubt who the best player on that team is. He has another gear and an ability to make people miss when he has the ball like no one else on the team that I saw. Overall great time, got there about 4:20 and was shocked parking lots were full, how in this day and age even near NYC with all the public transportation do you build a stadium that holds 26k and not have enough parking ? And in typical fashion the sign at the bridge says lots full and points you ahead and then no more signage. Luckly found one of the last spots in some restaurant for $10. Here are my pics if anyone is interested: USMNT vs Costa Rica Photos