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  1. 13 to 15 here between Allentown and Reading PA. But the sun is out bright and the melting has commenced.
  2. Game is so close I would go regardless except we will be coming home from Indy that day and after 9 or 10 hours in the car I doubt the boys or I are really going to want to drive straight down to Chester.
  3. I swear they are just guessing now. Local Lehigh Valley station has us in the 4" to 8" range now but during the forecast they show four models that go from 1" to 9.5".
  4. Lehigh Valley forecast is light snow showers Tuesday and 1 to 3 inches possible Wednesday om non paved surfaces. But then the last storm they had everyone braced for 12 to 14 inches and we got about 3 so who really knows.
  5. Interestingly enough both clubs scheduled their tryouts on the same two nights at the same times on opposite sides of the county. Obviously being done because they want to prevent the kids they currently have from trying out for the other team. While I get that it seems counter productive to finding additional players which with 2006 moving to 11v11 this fall they will need. Let's just say you have 20 kids in the area looking to try out, now on average each team is only going to see 10 kids if they evenly split where they are going instead of having 20 to pick from. The club my son has been doing the winter training team with announced their dates a few days before the other so I signed him up there. I then emailed the coach of his age group at the other club and flat out explained the situation that we weren't looking to play clubs against each other but I wanted him to try out for both because no one will commit at this point to exactly how many openings they have and also to see which team he felt most comfortable with and vice versa. They were understanding and he is going to their current teams training sessions this week and next instead of the tryout for that club as his tryout. Unfortunately they start outside this week and it looks like we could have snow/rain/temps in the 30's Tuesday evening so not sure if they will even hold training this week.
  6. So far not impressed but not disappointed either in free agency, basically been a wash. Suh needed to go for what he was getting paid, it was a dumb contract back when they signed it and didn't get better with time. I loved Landry but like Liddell said he was basically a glorified TE, now weather that was the scheme or his skill set is what we will find out. If he goes to Cleveland and catches 70 passes for 700 yards and 4 TD's like I suspect then it shows we made the right move. Amendola if he is healthy will fill 85% of his out put at less cost. Parker needs to step up to make it work out, I don't see Wilson as more then the WR3. Quinn is the move I like the most so far. Hate that we lost Parkey, he was solid but you can't spend a fortune on K and they have done a decent job finding them so far. The worse part of this is last season is living in Eagle country for me.
  7. Yes, this thread is headed to epic proportions with AZ Ron guiding our hero.
  8. And how did that work out for you ? It's been a couple weeks did you get back on the field ?
  9. Can we start a campaign to send Ron down to help train the Colonel ? I'm with the majority here, hope this works out but can't see the negative of giving the lady what she wants. I mean it didn't sound like she was sloppy drunk, just buzzed enough to probably ask for what she wanted right then. Guess Chris Jansen wrote this tune about our hero https://youtu.be/CodZnwdoRK8
  10. Oh boy, I hope your town is correct and not just a general area. I'm in the area and my wife is a HS English teacher. But it would be a different school district, plus I've been checking her lawn maintenance regularly and haven't noticed any changes
  11. Damn this thread is a tease so far, just like a hugger...lol. But I'm in for the long haul and hoping it leads to more AZRon threads since he is inspired.
  12. Big cat is hunting....
  13. So what is happening here ?
  14. For 15 year old that is a pretty normal weight. Unless he is pumping iron and hitting the HGH.