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  1. I like what they did Friday, love Thursday's pick, but I have to question Saturday's a bit. Grant seems like a luxury pick return guy, with so many holes on defense a guy like Zettel at DE or this kid Roberts that the Patriots took at ILB seem like better darts to throw. Duarte if they are projecting him more as a TE I guess is worth a shot but again not one of the first areas I would go after. I know nothing about Doughty, but from what I am reading sound like he could be a solid backup to Tannehill for years to come, maybe a Don Strock type.
  2. Hell of a value at the 13th pick, just a few weeks ago this kid was the sure fire #1 overall pick. The QB moves dropped him a little but his ranking was still top 5 by everyone. Bad luck on his part the video surfaced when it did but a great steal for the Dolphins. It looks like this guy could start at LT day one, I'd kick Albert inside. An o-line of Tunsil, Albert, Pouncy, Bushrod, James might finally give Tannehill some time to make plays consistently. Sure there are some risk but all indications are he has tested clean multiple times. If indeed it was posted by his stepdad then he might be my biggest worry that he Tonya Harding him at some point.
  3. I'm not sure how people are saying the Eagles can get out of this after one year unless they put the signing bonus all on this year. Otherwise wouldn't he count as 9.5 million in dead cap money next year if cut ? (5.5 from the signing bonus spread over two seasons and 4 guaranteed)
  4. Thankfully Berks and Lehigh Valley looking at 3" and under...you guys can have it.
  5. I think I am done. Actually put both those lineups in last night. Not crazy big but by my standards fairly big with about $15 on each, all cash games except for a $1 GPP for each just in case. Oddly both scored identical 301.10, in the fall anything over 300 was a sure fire winner in cash and probably cashed 50% of the time in GPP's. Last night not even close, need 308+ in double up, the $5 double up was 312.20. And every night seems this way now. Not sure if guys have just gotten better or the big players are just putting more entries in or what but $200 a point is no longer the number for getting value, it's more like $190.
  6. Muiday over Rose ?
  7. Ok well I'll take all opinions even if you are cold. Tonight: Holiday/Rose - Mathbox seems down on Rose, not sure why Lakers are worse in the league against PG and he has been deemed a go. Butler/Afflalo - No Melo seems like Afflalo plats well those games Porter/Gallinari Cauley-Stein/Gibson - WCS is hot and someone needs to play the minutes in the front court for the Bulls, Gibson seems the safer then Portis Cousins - Boogie comes back big tonight Alternate Lineup Holiday/Clarkson Butler/Harris George/Gallinari Gibson/R.Anderson Gortat
  8. Where did everyone go ?
  9. 24 inches here in rural Berks County PA, did the drive way 3 times yesterday during the storm to keep it a minimum today. About an hour and a half with the snow blower this morning and the drive way and about 100 feet down the road done so they didn't plow me back in. Melting nicely now. Still need to do the mailbox but screw the mail if I don't get to it.
  10. Ron you calling over some whores for the blizzard this weekend so you can all get snowed in ?
  11. Is Arizona Ron planning a blizzard party ?
  12. Going to wait until Friday because I can but looks like I'll be canceling our hotel in Baltimore for Saturday night as we likely wouldn't be able to make it down from PA on Saturday afternoon. Here is to hoping Baltimore takes a wallop and the concert we were going to gets canceled so I can either get my money back or tickets for another show.
  13. Spoke to a friend at the NOAA, he said conditions are right but until it makes landfall in the next 24 hours there is still room for variance. Here is to hoping some how this thing misses us.
  14. You can pretty much put this one in the books. Supposed to go down to Baltimore Saturday afternoon, floor seats for Garth Brooks and suite reserved for some fun time with the wife so no doubt this dumb ### storm will screw it up.
  15. Playing the early 2 game slate I thought I might be in good shape. Had 4 scores in the books after the early game 46,44,41,and 32 with a lot of high ownership percentages my ace was Bobby Portis who Mike had been touting at 8.1% owned. At tip off Noel goes into the locker room, awesome he is 90% + owned but I have Portis instead. That is where the dream ended, Portis scores a goose egg and the 27% who took Butler before it was known he would play (3pm start) all cashed. No complaints Mike, your info is awesome, just really thought I had chance at one last night.