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  1. Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Spain, Italy. I was on a cruise about age 5 that may have hit a few other Caribbean nations but since I was too young to really remember that we won't count those. All listed were age 16 or after.
  2. Any guesses on the a starting 11 for the Olympic qualifying team? Reyna is a no brainer. I would think CCV, Yueill, Cannon because of their experience with the full USMNT would be obvious picks. GK? Cannon CCV Robinson Vines (Who else is a LB?) Yueill Pomykal Mihailovic Reyna Soto de la Fuente
  3. I’m fine with Littleton and don’t know enough about Harris but Clowney wants way too much money. But you lost me with taking a WR at 5 when it’s one of the shall we say average units at least. Lamb isn’t even mocking in the top 10, if that is your target you trade back but to me you take a tackle there if you don’t go QB.
  4. Ok we are getting close to the combine and draft. What do Phin fans want to see ? Personally I'd love to get Tua at the 5 (assuming his health checks out) but I have a feeling we are going to need to move to the 3 slot to get him. I think Detroit is bluffing that they will take him to drive up the price. I wouldn't give more then the #27 pick and our later 2nd rounder. I know the "charts" say that isn't enough but no one else has more to offer so I call their bluff.
  5. Oh and I work with an ex MLB pitchers wife (he played 9 seasons in the show), she's as hot as you would expect. Another MLB pitcher who played 8 seasons went to the small school my kids go to, I ran our local youth baseball league and through another dad who went to school with him he ran some pitching clinics for us.
  6. Paul Sorvino. He bought the house I grew up in and my dad had custom built for his weekend retreat in the Poconos. We were in the area for a car show and heard he was looking for some information on the property (there was another owner in between). When we left the show my dad said he was going to stop in so I followed him, we pull in the driveway and this gorgeous women gets out of the pool (no not Mira just some girlfriend of Paul's). She asks what we want so my dad explains it and next thing you know Paul gets out of the pool and comes over and introduces himself. He has questions for my dad on the property so he asks what we drink, my dad says rum and coke so he grabs a few chairs mixes some drinks and we stayed there like 45 minutes telling him things about the property. Nice guy. Outside I've met a bunch race drivers over the years and had conversations with them, had a picture of Helio Castroneves (before Dancing with the Stars fame) celebrating with his teammate Gil DeFarren after Gil won Indy that I had him sign. He loved it and asked if he could get a copy so a few months later at another race I brought him a copy and had a nice conversation about it.
  7. I think just as big of a problem as the monetary concerns is the way these clubs look at players that are U12-U14 and the tryout process. We've been through numerous tryouts over the past 3 years for various clubs big and small and ODP and one thing I've noticed is at that age they mostly care more about technical ability and how they look playing small sided games then athletic ability and seeing what players do in actual games. There are a couple things wrong with this, first I think it hurts your under privileged inner city and rural kids where most likely the kids have grown up playing 3 or more sports at ages 8, 9, 10 for local youth organizations and caters to the parents (mostly in the suburbs) that have had their kids in year round soccer programs since they were 6 or 7. If at 11 or 12 a kid decides they want to concentrate on soccer even if he/she is talented and more athletic then these other kids it doesn't really show at an indoor tryout in early April playing rondo or 5v5 keep away in a small box. This next part is true pretty much of any team sport tryout but soccer seems to really standout is that these tryouts tend to reward players that are selfish and more show offs. Sure your very elite level top 1% with a chance to someday go pro are always going to stand out no matter what but I've seen a lot of travel teams pick kids at tryouts because the kid dribbles between kids and scores in these small indoor games and then when the team gets on the field the coaches spend half their time trying to convince these kids to pass and to put effort into defense. To me they need to watch kids actually play on a field in a full or at least 9v9 scrimmage and see how do they distribute, how do they recover defensively if they get beat initially, what type of speed and instincts do they have when running a play down or making a run. I've said it before if you took a team of players that are athletically superior with the right attitude (now obviously they need a decent level of skill) at U12 and coached the technical stuff they would out perform another team made up of kids that at the time might be technically superior because they have been in a structured system but aren't as athletic or always want to be the Messi of their team and within a couple years that athletic team would outperform the other 4 out of 5 times. I'll admit I'm biased, my son played 3 sports up until he was 11/12 and still plays basketball for the school to go along with his travel and school soccer so I believe in a well rounded athlete at a younger age.
  8. Yea but Rutters now has alcoholic slushy machines so they top both.
  9. Sheik you aren't making me happy. I've got one kid that needs to go to Allentown in the morning for his karting league and one headed to Pottstown in the afternoon for winter soccer league. I much prefer this stuff hit during the week then on the weekend.
  10. To me the comparison while not the same injury is Drew Brees. He was basically said to have a career ending injury, medical staff for teams (ie Dolphins) balked at the risk of injuring it again or ever being fully right. Instead they picked the balky knee of Duante Culpepper and what seemed like routine injury to recover from. Yea that worked out well. If there are no glaring red flags and you are a team that isn't going to win the Super Bowl next year and can afford to let him sit if needed I say he has far more upside then a Herbert, you take the chance.
  11. Agree, unless there is a huge medical red flag I think you have to take a shot. Does it always work, no but it cost us a decade missing out on Brees. Ask the sixers if Embid was worth the risk. If you don't and you take BPA (not named Tua) with the 3 first round picks you will not be in position to take this type of talent in the next half dozen years if Flo's coaching was for real this year so take your shot.
  12. I think if Tua declares Monday that is an indication that he got enough insurance from teams that someone is taking him in the top 10 (Dolphins, Chargers, Panthers, Jags).
  13. Nope graduated in 88...I went to Pleasant Valley which is about 20 miles west of the Stroudsburg area.
  14. I actually just got this for Christmas. Used it Saturday at a girls HS basketball game getting some pictures for a friend of their daughter and loved it. Now I'm going to work on upgrading my camera body, I have a D3400 which is ok. A couple weeks ago a friend who is a professional and shoots for a couple of the local schools sporting events asked me to cover our HS boys team as we had a kid going for his 1000th point and she had another event to cover. She loaned be her D750 with the 28-70 f2.8 and I fell in love. The camera is just so fast, when I used mine this past weekend I felt like the camera was too slow for the lens now. Oh and I managed to get the perfect shot of the basket, he got a steal and a right handed lay up right in front of me. The 28-70 is perfect for basketball and will look to get one down the road but since my sons primary sport is soccer I wanted the 70-200 first, I can make due at his basketball games for now.