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  1. I just showed my son, he was like Niiiccceeeee!
  2. No need for the purple people eater, Press picking up the slack.
  3. Hey those waves started with the group sitting across the isle from us. Took them a half dozen tries to get it going.
  4. Home cooking...happens in all youth
  5. We were at the game last night. A couple take aways: The first half we looked pretty decent, CP was engaged and in a class by himself. Easily could have been 3-0. The goal happened right in front of us and the move to get space and hit that cross was damn pretty in real time. My wife, whose soccer knowledge is minimal asked like 5 times why is the bald guy out there, he looks slow and old. 😁 CP seemed to get frustrated in the second half when Bradley and few others seemingly missed the run or play he was trying to make after passing to them. We need Adams badly. Curacao played much better then Jamaica/Panama did, that game was really sloppy and Panama outplayed Jamaica for most of it. Multiple fights in the stands after the first game between the Panamanians and Jamaicans including one literally on top of us, had to grab my 12 year old and put him behind as two guys landed on his seat wrestling and throwing hay makers. If anyone wants to see a few pics from the game I uploaded a few of my better ones. USMNT Zenfolio Link
  6. The purple haired monster with the rake to the eye.
  7. We canceled our trip for August last week. Were able to rebook for Jamaica. American Airlines waived all change fees so the flight was literally like $5 difference, staying at the same branded resort in Oyster Bay Jamaica, could have done it for no change in price but we wanted to keep non-stop flights so we ended up adding an extra day (tough one) for the flights to work and we upgraded to the beach house which wasn't an option in Punta Cana. 15 years ago before kids I would have went to the DR and tried to get some money back, now it was worth some piece of mind.
  8. At least Boyd makes things interesting and entertaining, wasn't expecting much but at least last night he seemed legit. Can't add anything that hasn't been said, CP needs to play out wide to take advantage of his speed and ability to school guys one on one, Bradley while fine last night to provide that leadership is way too SLOW. At one point Swag saved his butt running back 60 yards to cut a break away off that Bradley couldn't get to. When actual qualifying starts Berhalter has to see it's time to turn this team over to Adams, he seems to have that leadership personality and can be the heart of the team. Adams and Swag in the middle, CP and Boyd wide, Jozy back in the middle and get Miazga back in for some grit. That and pray Brooks gets healthy should be enough to keep us going forward until that next group of up and coming youngsters is ready to really help out.
  9. Glad he got in the game but found this scenario interesting. Done a lot of different tournaments with my boys and around here almost all up until 13U when they go to a full size field you can only pinch run for the catcher or pitcher of record and then it has to be the last batted out that runs.
  10. Margot Robbie & Alex Morgan, the two I'd most prefer to be in my birthday suit with. Richard Petty & Sam Hornish Jr, my favorite two because of the racing connection. Others - Thurgood Marshall, Lindsay Lohan
  11. Does your area have a good Legion program ? Our Legion program offers Sr Legion (19U), Jr Legion (16U) and Legion Prep (14U) all of which play in very competitive leagues and often will play in additional tournaments and showcases outside of the Legion league. It's a combination of multiple school districts that they pull from so it is always a competitive tryout and the Sr and Jr Legion coaches are always independent coaches, the Prep coach it depends but when it has been a dad it is always one with experience from tournament teams at the lower level and the Jr and Sr coaches weigh heavily in the selection process to ensure favorites aren't played.
  12. I've got a couple thoughts on this. When my son played baseball I was on the board and we had very specific rules on playing time both in-house and for our tournament teams. First is we never would have allowed a coach to bring in outside kids from another organization unless we were short players from our teams. Second we had play time rules, now tournament teams didn't have as strict of requirements, off the top of my head I think it was one at bat and 2 innings in the field every two games, might have been two at bats for tournaments. Our team was pretty decent but still had a few players who were obviously weaker. Our head coach had a great system for tournaments, pool play games he batted all 12 and everyone got at least two innings in the field (assuming it went 6 innings). But when we got to elimination game time it was bat 9 and everyone got at least one inning in the field and if kid 11 got two innings this game then kid 12 got two the next, etc. (it helped the bottom three were fairly even and two were pretty much strictly OF and the other OF or a little 2B). The parents were told upfront how it was going to work and I never heard anyone complain. It worked well as we were competitive in every tournament, won our Cal Ripken district beating a team that pulled from a league 5 times our size in a best of three and won three games at states making it to the quarter finals. This from a league that had two in-house teams of 13 from which to draw our tournament team.
  13. See my post above. It was soccer with my son but basically the same scenario. Small town club travel team, U9 and U11 they won the league playoffs but they had a group of 6 talented kids and another handful that worked hard so playing 9v9 they were covered. He gets moved up to U13 a year early with 4 other kids because of numbers. Now it is 11v11 and other then one or two kids that age group had a few of those "stuck in the middle" kids and a bunch of the "goof offs" so now there was no way to hide them as it is one big team instead of two smaller A and B teams. He felt a lot the same way as yours and Peak's son felt, frustrated that he was there to work and try to improve and others just wanted screw off. His coach had moved up with them so he had a good coach but the goof offs didn't care, make us run laps, ok we'll walk them and waste daylight. Above I gave more detail but it took all he had being shy to go to winter workouts and then tryouts with a couple premier clubs but he did it because he didn't want that frustrated feeling . Best thing we ever did for him, being with like minded kids and paid coaches (not that his old coach wasn't good, but not being a dad and having an extensive playing/coaching background he got all the kids respect right off). His game improved leaps and bounds and he had so much fun and made a bunch of new friends. We just went through some of the process again as his team was the second team for the club and with the boys now also playing middle school soccer a few decided it was too much playing for two teams at once and just wanted to play school, one was moving on to concentrate on water polo, another had lost interest. The goalie got called up to the top team as their goalie left and we were down to 8 or 9 kids. They ended up folding the team as they didn't get enough kids willing to commit from the tryout. We saw that as a possibility so we went to a couple other clubs tryouts and that year in this environment he was like a different kid, completely confident with kids he didn't know and got an email after the first of two nights of tryouts from the team that was his first choice that they wanted him. Last year even if he had the talent he didn't have the confidence to let himself stand out like that.
  14. Hell I'm worried about how smart it was to buy 4 tickets to the quarter final in Philly. I figured even if they punted a game they should finish at least 2nd in the group. CP and Adams better be ready to carry the team. And I can't believe I'm about to say this but since we are stuck with Adams at RB bring on Bradley over Trapp.
  15. I've been reading this for years here, it's why I encourage the little one to work with his left and play LB. He's still got a few years until he's Forgive his Zardes hair.