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  1. I'm not as technically savvy as some of you guys but the obvious things just watching as a sports guys with a little soccer background. 1. CP is light years ahead of anyone else we have but he is working by himself for the most part offensively. It was better the 2nd half, hopefully once Adams, McKennie, Weah and Sargent are all fully involved in training and starting some games together that helps. 2. Woods looks totally disinterested. He has moments were for 30 seconds you see something but he seems to have no drive or desire. I'd prefer Jozy back at this point behind Sargent. 3. Villafona....puke 4. Seen enough of Guzan, would have rather we played Hamid but Steffen is our future. Does anyone know if Berthalter was in attendance yesterday ?
  2. Somewhat off topic but has anyone ever seen a USMNT wall calendar ? Seems like they make one for just about everything but the only soccer ones I could find were a few EPL teams, Real Madrid, Messi, Neymar and some generic ones. Usually get my son a calendar as part of his Christmas gifts and the generic soccer ones the last few years are boring. Guess I'll go Messi if I can't find one, he doesn't have a specific team he roots for outside the US.
  3. Sounds like there is a chance my 12 year old might have a chance at the USVI team in 5 or 6 is adopted and his birth mother was from the USVI so I assume he would be eligible.
  4. Seems easy, the coach is a lot more important then some guy in marketing/commercial development. Give him a nice big severance and a great letter of reference and have Nike hire him as some sort of US Soccer liaison. He was only making like 500k a year, that would be nothing for Nike. Problem solved he stays involved in the sport making a nice living and clears the way for his brother to become coach.
  5. I went CCC here because I went on the item alone and nothing is better then fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. However if you took the brownie, added vanilla ice cream and hot fudge my vote could change. Both need a big ### glass of milk.
  6. For what my opinion is worth for those with kids moving along we moved this year (U13) for the first time to a pay to play premier program from our little town travel club and couldn't be happier. I'm sure every pay club is different and you need to look at them closely but my son is loving it and you can see marked improvement on things like first touch and just overall strategy. With our local club travel team he was one of the top players but had kids due to our club size that really wanted to be and should have been rec on his team and that made it so he got by on being more athletic and having some natural ball skill. Now he is on the B team for his age group but it is still a solid group (They had about 50 kids tryout for their two teams) but a little less pressure then the A team which is top 10 in Pennsylvania and just playing with all kids of equal or even higher skill level he has had to step his game up. The practices are much sharper and productive because you have all the kids focused and not some just working on basic dribbling or running around aimlessly. The club uses the same philosophy of building out of the back with an attacking 4-4-3 and teaches it to all their age groups which is nice. It took him a little while to find his niche spot, the coach really wanted him at left wing but he is naturally defensive in his thought process (be it soccer, basketball or baseball) so he has settled into playing left back and will occasionally still play some wing depending on the rotation. Where I really noticed the improvement was he has played a couple games with his old club team (we secondary rostered him with them) and while he looked good before you can now see when he went back and played in the county travel league the game had totally slowed down for him, there was no nervousness on the ball and he would take his time, create space for himself and make passes to the right spot. The team as a whole has had a great season and the kids have been awesome, they all get along and really seem to enjoy each other. While I cared more about his development, winning always is more fun. They won their first tournament going 4-0, and while they have 2 wins, 3 losses and a draw in the other two tournaments the wins they had were against the eventual champions and the only losses those team suffered in the tournaments. One of those they beat was a top 25 team in NJ in their age bracket. In their league play they are 4-1-1 with two weekends and 3 games to play. The biggest bummer has been the weather and constant rain and needing to double up games, hopefully we somehow avoid the rain Saturday and get our two games in. It was a lot more pricey then the local travel team but the development has proved to be worth it so far and it is his favorite sport so we've dropped baseball and he'll just play basketball over the winter so that he still has a sport with all his school friends. I only really wish we had done it one year earlier, I think U12 would have been the perfect age to make the switch.
  7. Just got my tickets for the Gold Cup quarter finals in Philly. Hopefully that doesn't jinx the USMNT.
  8. SwampDawg

    Golf Clash - who plays?

    1. not as much so since the update that doesn't allow you to see the spin your opponent put on the ball. Still an advantage to go second as you know if you just need a safe shot but it is better.
  9. I was torn if I wanted to come back this year after being pretty disappointed last season. Made it 37 minutes, turned it off and removed from the DVR list. The first few seasonswere great, you never knew who was getting killed of, good plot twists, the last few just feel forced. The final straw was Ezekiel proposing to Carol for me. That was way too forced. Plenty of good Netflix series out there to take up my time.
  10. SwampDawg

    Golf Clash - who plays?

    Very much so, I was on a losing streak the other day where my opponent screwed up his tee shot then his second shot the holed from the sand with a perfect shot at max power to force a playoff. I hit it to .78 yards, he holes it....oy vay.
  11. SwampDawg

    Golf Clash - who plays?

    It's a new feature, no costs, basically form groups of players they are supposed to be adding additional contests and such.
  12. SwampDawg

    Golf Clash - who plays?

    I just joined the Clan (AmishPirate)
  13. Depends on the color of the dots and how many get posted in a long weekend.
  14. Oh my kid is going to love that first one, he loves a good meg. He wanted to meg the goalie on break away he had Saturday but the kid didn't spread his stance as he came on him so he had to take a touch and go around him.
  15. My thought exactly. Better have that hot doctor run some screens.