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  1. Honestly it should be a four party system, Democrats - Socially and Fiscally Liberal, Republicans - Socially and Fiscally Conservative, Libertarians - Socially Liberal, Fiscally Conservative, & a forth party that is Fiscally Liberal and Socially Conservative (although I think I can count on one hand the number of people I know who fall into that. The majority of people I know probably truely align more with the Libertarians but are so polarized by either Hillary or Trump they feel a need to have to vote against one more then for the other.
  2. My first look I have a lot of the same likes as you do. QB - Cousins, Taylor has been known to light Miami up in the past as well. RB - McCoy, Murray, Freeman WR - Crowder (with Reed possibly out I like Crowder in a good matchup as a possible stack). I like paying up for Green. Keep coming up with Tate as my 3rd WR which I don't really like coming off the big week. TE - Henry, although that was before it seemed like Allen was out for sure, will look at Doyle as well. D - Ravens seem like my weekly cheap option.
  3. This is too much of a tease....come on Righetti !! It's funny how much interest these games can draw on a very small town level. My sons team (4-0 in league, 1 goal allowed, 30 scored) plays the local city clubs team (5-0, 3 goals allowed, 47 scored) this weekend for first place and likely the number 1 seed come playoffs. Last night when we were at an open gym before basketball tryouts I had multiple people who have kids playing in other age brackets come up and mention the game this week and that they might come out to watch. Very cool that they are getting that support.
  4. Anyone see Ajayi in any lineups ? Wondering what his percentage owned was.
  5. Didn't see him.
  6. That is just how pathetic this team is...no one cares enough to even comment after that embarrassment last week. We've fallen to the level of the Ram, Jaguars and 49ers.
  7. If you need additional testers let me know.
  8. It might be time to flush and start over already, Tannehill has had enough chances unless he has a quick turn around he needs to go at the end of the year. Might as well give him the rest of the season because Moore isn't the answer and winning 1 or 2 more games only hurts you in the draft. Nothing has improved under Gase, the defense can't stop anyone and worse yet the offense has gotten worse when he was supposed to improve it. The O-line is still horrible, either the staff totally misevaluated them or they have been unable to coach them up at all. We would have been better losing to the Browns and having waiver priority and maybe getting to take a chance on Cooper. Every person, coach and player should be basically interviewing by their performance the rest of this season. Gase might be a good coach someday but he doesn't look ready at this point. Wish we had gotten Hue Jackson, the Browns have much less supposed "talent" on all sides of the ball and are basically the same team performance wise. Hue is getting way more out of his scrubs. Start your Steelers this weekend boys, they could hang 45+ on Miami.
  9. Nobody expected the 1969 Mets either, order up a cold, windy Saturday morning and a good fire and brimstone speech by our hero coach and the upset happens.
  10. Thanks guys for the info on the GotSoccer rankings, as you said it meant very little. The best team we played also didn't have a ranking going in, that team went 4-0 in the bracket winning three games by shut out, happy to say our boys kept it tight falling 3-2 to them. Overall they beat both teams that had rankings and went 2-1-1 and got second place in our bracket so they were happy. One thing I noticed playing decent travel teams that was different then the teams we play in our league was that they play much faster, not so much overall speed but getting the ball after it is out and making really quick throw ins before anyone is set or quick punts on a save to try and get a break away. It was enjoyable to watch a 2-0 win or even a 3-2 loss that was hard fought. Looking forward to hear how Righetti's off week went and then if it helped him get that first W next weekend, I have a good feeling about it.
  11. Must be different in different areas or maybe as they get older but U11 they are playing 60 minute games in the tournament same as they play during league games. Baseball same thing we play 6 innings same as normal games, I have seen Mercy rules after 3 innings in tournaments instead of 4 just to keep things moving (10U).
  12. We struggle with this in baseball all the time, the first part of the year we get a ton of practice time but from mid May through June the better kids are playing in-house during the week and tournaments every other weekend and because most of the coaches have kids on the tournament team no one else will step up so the in-house only kids can practice on the weekend. We are a small organization and if the tournament kids didn't play in-house as well we would have 2 very weak in-house teams that would get killed by the bigger organizations around us, this way we have 3 competitive in-house teams when they play neighboring teams. Soccer is actually much better, the boys practice twice a week 1.5 hours (was two hours until they ran out of light) and then play one 60 minute game on the weekend so depending on time of year it is 4:1 or 3:1, they only play one tournament and then the end of year league playoff tournament if they qualify. Our biggest issue is once the time changes getting practice in, last year I was able to convince the rest of the baseball board they could use the lighted outfield since we were having work done on the field anyway but this year they may have to try and find indoor time which is a premium.
  13. I've heard that is a lot of fun. Our team looked at that but decided to do one in the Lehigh Valley instead, if we had done Hershey it would have required over night stays and being just a small town club team we wanted to see how they stacked up with something a little closer to home first.
  14. Anyone know how the GotSoccer team rankings worth and if they actually mean a whole lot ? My son's team is playing there first "ranked" tournament this weekend and some of the teams have rankings on there.
  15. Early likes for this week, cash games. QB – Rivers, Flacco, Newton RB – Gordon, Bell, Jordon Howard, Hyde, Gore, D. Johnson WR – Brown, M. Jones (need to keep playing him until he has a bad game), Hilton, Benjamin, D. Thomas TE – Rudolph, Pitta, Henry, Olsen