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  1. I was really into playing for 6 months or so, holding a 60% win percentage and getting decent in tournaments. All of a sudden I hit a wall when I got up around 2100 trophies and no matter what it was like the game was out to knock me down. guys would chip in from fairway sandtraps to tie me when I had an easy eagle then I'd lose the playoff, guys always getting perfect swings at full power, stuff like that. So I sort of backed off playing. I refuse to pay real $ for upgrades. Also annoys me how some long putts are impossible but a chip in is almost automatic. The concept is great but the need for arcade like -22 scores sort of ruined it. I wish it was more a battle. Maybe I'll jump in over lunch today.
  2. I think greek life is stupid, never was interested in college and hope my kids have no interest from what I have seen through friends kids. That said I think the article is poorly done. First they state 288 women went through recruitment, how many were picked? If it was 278 then it stands out, but if 10 sororities each only took 11 girls and 178 were not picked well then she is in the majority that didn't get picked. Second, her sister in the tweet states that she was in a sorority, did she reach out to the chapter on her sisters school if there was one? Isn't that a way a lot of it works, family ties help? Lastly maybe being stereo typical here but you would think the majority of the cheerleaders probably belong to the same sorority, if she is liked by them one would have thought they might have helped get her in, just because she has downs doesn't mean she is a nice person, maybe she is a b#$%!. Seems like there might be more to this. I do agree with those stating given all the negative press on the stupid things the Greeks do (namely fraternities) it was certainly a missed chance showing those in charge aren't future marketing geniuses.
  3. Will likely use him fairly heavy. Would be a better price if he was your basic backup but because he is involved even with Freeman there still 5300 on DK.
  4. Since the Righetti thread seems to have gone MIA a question for those of you experienced in the youth game. How much practice/game time is too much for a 12 year old ? This is my sons first year playing for a pure travel club, he's previously played travel for our local town club. His travel team team practices Monday and Wednesday for 1.5 hours, Tuesday night they have a 1 hour training that is "optional" run by the technical director that includes the two U13 teams and the U14 team, then they play one game a weekend. I'm good with all that, but he also wanted to secondary on his old team so that he could still play here and there with his friends. They practice Tuesday and Thursday and play one game a weekend. Obviously he can't practice Tuesday's but trying to decide if he should practice Thursdays with that team to keep some continuity or take Thursday and Fridays off so he is rested for the weekends. Looks like he can make about half the local teams games as they are either the opposite weekend day or later in the day after his travel teams game so about 5 or 6 weekends he'll be playing multiple games. So far we have gotten lucky and it has either rained out one of the practices or fields were too wet from all the rain that he's never had more then 3 practices but with games starting this weekend I wanted to start planning. FYI his local team coach is ok with him just coming to games, he has two sons that play for the same travel club and he knows they are getting a higher level of training there then on the local team where half the team is really more rec but being a small club they end up on travel.
  5. Yedlin Goal https://twitter.com/NBCSportsSoccer/status/1035936528650960897
  6. @Dickies I've experienced that with a kid or two in baseball. Find out if he has a position he does like (I thought the same as you with being the keeper). Encourage and do what you can but I don't believe in forcing the kid. At half time if he refused to go in when you asked him in the first half have your assistant go over and relay to his parents you are trying to get him in the game but he is refusing to go in, how would they like to handle it? You need to be there for all 8 kids and while it is rec and every kid should play equal as you said you can't physically force a 7 year old on to the field. I would just keep the parents over informed and let then know every time he refuses. They will either see he doesn't want to be there at all or they will get tired of being bugged and maybe talk to him. Unfortunately some parents never get that their kids just don't like a sport, I've seen U13 kids that the parents basically drop off and use it as a baby sitting service.
  7. Because this means they could be wooing Osario I take it ?
  8. In true FFA classic fashion...She either stands to pee or has a friend named Mike that likes to watch and then use the leftovers as lotion.
  9. Well this has fizzled more then Kate's self esteem after being naked in bed with a man resulted in no action...lol
  10. Anyone find a way to install Directv Now on a MI Box ? I have it running on my fire box but I'm looking at switching fully over to the streaming service and getting rid of my dish. Been told the MI box is more stable and better for Kodi and other services then the Firebox that you seem to need to reboot every few days. Unfortunately I can't find a way to download it, Google play store says it isn't a compatible device for the app.
  11. https://dcc.ussoccer.com/ US Soccer has some online grass roots courses, unfortunately only 4v4 is currently available. I did the intro, I want to do the 11v11 just as a curious parent to understand more. They do have some free downloads. 8U should be 4v4 or 5v5 I believe by the new US Youth Soccer rules.
  12. Have a 21' Shamrock hybrid for a couple years now looking to hit the Hershey RV show for some deals next month and upgrade to a 28' to 30' bunkhouse so the kids each have there own double bed and we can have a queen bedroom. A few of our must haves: Best Chair Ever Have 3 of these, each boy has one and I had to get one. Hours of fun. Campgrounds almost always have a dirt pile or softball field you can rip around on.
  13. "13-Year-Old Jack Buening had adult film star Johnny Sins listed as his favorite actor and ESPN, with an utter disregard for fact checking aired it on National television when he came up to bat." http://dailysnark.com/13-year-old-little-leaguer-had-porn-star-listed-as-his-favorite-actor-espn-actually-aired-it/ Either it is great schtick or the kid has some explaining to do to his team/friends why he listed a male porn star.