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  1. I've always been a bit of a shutterbug since I took a photography class back in high school. Over the past several years as my kids got more involved in sports I got into it more. I picked up a decent Nikon (D3400) and the standard 70 to 300mm lenses and it's worked really well for me. But as my youngest son who is now in 7th grade starts to play more night games for his school and travel soccer teams I've noticed that a different lenses combo is going to be needed to shoot in stadium lighting. I talked to a couple people I know and got some suggestions of a 70-200 f2.8. Anyone shoot with one of these? Are they worth the price? Will it work well in stadium lighting? What brand Nikon, Sigma, Tamron ? Any other suggestions ?
  2. I never knew PA was such a hotbed for drive-in porn.
  3. Hey Sheik, Lucky you are down there and not up here in Berks county, you would be reprimanded for not tracking it and putting it in your freezer. Be thankful it didn't sh!t all over your car. Hit one several years ago, jumped off a bank right in front of me, tractor trailer coming at me in the other way so the deer was the lesser of the evils. Winged him and he kept running into a corn field but it literally scared the sh!t out of him so along with the damage my car and windshield was covered in green fecal material.
  4. Can't blame Dest but still disappointing. That said I agree with everyone else why not cap-tie some of the other young dual nats. If you can't beat Cuba and Canada with them you aren't going to win any more with Trapp, Zardes and Baird.
  5. Taser the bastard, tie him a pole in the neighborhood in just a jock strap with a sign around his neck that says anyone that had objects stolen in the time range of A to B take a free kick to the nuts.
  6. I had a great week. $25 in, $218.95 out. Finished 36th out 39.6k in the NFL Pylon $3 Single Entry. Went back to my roots and did a single line up put in a handful of double ups, the $3 single entry GPP and a $5 group contest a co-worker runs. Put up 235 points my highest total ever.
  7. I think Howard's new contract makes trading him basically impossible due to the cap hit.
  8. This would be my plan. Trade the #1 over all for whoever wants to move ups #1 this year and #1 in 2021. That guarantees you three first round picks next year including yours which even if you start trying is likely to be top 5. You use your picks this year on two OT's and a LB. Add more OL depth in the 2nd and 3rd rounds or add defense. In 2021 if you have the #1 pick great, if not you almost assuredly have a top 5 pick and two other picks if you need to package them for Lawrence you do.
  9. Jerry Jeudy better then any of our WR's Tua Tagovailoa better then our QB's Dylan Moses better then any of our LB's Raekwon Davis would start on the DL Xavier McKinney is basically Fitzpatrick and their whole OL is probably better.
  10. Pretty much my thought as well. Why not trade them away for whatever you can get because obviously they probably aren't worth it. Did the front office pack it in, yup, but does anyone really believe the results are any different with Tunsil and Stills ? Fitzpatrick isn't increasing his trade value by anchoring that defense.
  11. Is there any monetary reason for him to go with the US ? Obviously he looks on track to great money playing for his club team and I believe the National team players salaries are based on a CBA and not individually negotiated. However the endorsement money from Gatorade and Nike to CP I assume is a lot more because of his US ties then it would be if he was from a European country and just another in a long line of soccer stars they have produced. Obviously CP is home grown mostly and plays a more glamorous position but if this kid can really help push the USMNT to a new level and those help Nike market in the US is it out of the question they offer him a larger personal services contract if he plays for the US ?
  12. Really surprised by getting 2 first rounders but anything less would have been criminal. It’s going to be a rough few years but as others have said at least it seems an attempt to do it right, just can’t screw it up. i agree Rosen starts after the bye. The biggest question is do we find out enough behind this o-line? And then if he isn’t the answer do we go after Tua, Fromm, Herbert this year or build the line this year and go all in on Lawrence in 2021?
  13. For what it's worth I've actually talked to the US Virgin Islands soccer federation about this for my son. Now not sure if the fact they are a US territory makes a difference but because my son's (he's adopted) birth mother and grandmother were both from the US Virgin Islands he is eligible to play for them internationally. From what they told me he doesn't need any change in citizenship. We checked into it because a local kid from our area that played D3 in college was playing for them and we thought it would be cool for him to set as a possible goal.