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  1. Paul Sorvino at his house in the Poconos. Grew up in the area and was back for a car show with my dad shortly after Sorvino bought the house from the guy we sold it to, I grew up there and my dad had it custom built when I was a kid. At the car show someone said Paul had questions concerning were some of the under ground utilities were buried for some changes he wanted to make. My dad being who he was figured what the heck lets stop in and leave a contact number for him to reach us, so we leave the car show and roll into he driveway of the house. This tall leggy women gets out of the pool and comes over and asks if she can help us (no it wasn't Mira), my dad tells her he had the place built and wanted to leave his contact info. She says hold on a minute and walks back over to the pool (it had a privacy fence around it) and a minute later Paul comes walking over and introduces himself. He had a bunch of questions so he said can I get you a drink ? He goes and gets a few rum and cokes (my dads drink of choice) and brings out some chairs and we sat there on the back lawn for probably close to an hour while my dad talked to different things about the property with him. He was a nice guy, didn't talk about the TV or movie business at all just about the property and the small town. We finished our drinks, got back in our cars and headed out. My dad had left him his number in case he had more questions but to my knowledge he never called. He still owns the place, his other daughter lives there full time and he still spends a good amount of time there.
  2. I agree with most of your assessment. On offense the only thing I would disagree on is I would keep Parker unless you have a #1 outside guy in hand and I don't think Jeffery is that answer. He is going to get overpaid and I don't want to be that team (ala Mike Wallace). He doesn't stay healthy and already has one suspension. He was a great #2 with Brandon Marshall there but I see him as a average to below average #1 that shows flashes. On the O-line I would love to move Albert to RT, Tunsil to LT and get Kevin Zeitler to plug into LG. I agree on Pouncey but it depends what other options we have, not sure there is a plug and play first round center in this draft ala Ryan kelly last year. OJ Howard and Jake Butt are both considered pro ready TE's but I believe both got hurt in the bowl games and aren't game changers to take in the 1st and will likely be gone until we pick in the 2nd round. I'm all for getting Stills back, he proved himself down the stretch. On defense I agree on your cuts, time to drop some dead weight and use the money elsewhere. I want Alonso back and think we need to get him. What about AJ Bouye at CB ? Only 19 starts but looks like a #1 for Houston and is a Free Agent they likely won't tag. In the draft Peppers would be a dream if he feel but maybe a Hooker from OSU ?
  3. This was my run yesterday morning, would love some exposure to the Steelers RB of choice but depending what you read it could be either one. Stafford - DJ/Hillman - Gates/Fitzgerald/E.Rogers - Kelce - Ware - Cardinals
  4. First time in a long time to be excited about some playoff football. Hoping they are smart Sunday, take it easy on Ajayi if he is indeed banged up. The #5 seed and playing Houston would be nice but they will need the Jay train if they have to go to Pittsburgh.
  5. Had one of my best weekends: Wilson / Howard-D.Murray / Nelson-Crabtree-Hopkins / Brate / Ingram / Patriots scored 175.6 and netted me $62.75 Rodgers / Howard-Murray / Nelson-Crabtree-Fitzgerald / Davis / Ingram / Chargers scored 165.08 and netted me $8.50 Had one dud lineup with Brees but only had that in a $3, $1 and .25 contest so no big loss. I'll take it.
  6. Stop giving me so many options...lol. My last run got me Wilson - Murray/Howard - Nelson/Crabtree/Hopkins - Brate - Ingram - Patriots I really like Ingram this week, just a gut feeling. I do like this as well Rodgers - Murray/Howard - Nelson/Crabtree/Thomas - Brate - Ingram - D The issue is that it only leave 2600 for the D and man that is some thin choices this week. Would probably have to go Arizona and hope for anther 6-6 tie type of game with Seattle. I could drop
  7. Not a bad thought, I know Rotogrinders when you play with their lineup creator tool almost always uses the two TE option. I tweeked what you had to Brees - Murray/Howard - Nelson/Crabtree/Hopkins - Brate - V.Davis - Patriots. Still $500 left to tweak some more.
  8. Down to my last couple of choices for my main cash linups, thoughts (Saturday only) ? QB - Rodgers, RB - Mccoy, Howard, WR - Crabtree, Hopkins, ???, TE - Brate, Flex - Ingram, Def ??? Looking: Hogan, A. Robinson, Meredith paired with the Patriots D or Snead or DJax paired with the 49ers
  9. Well you guys talked me into Taylor since I really didn't love any QB's this week and it worked out. Ended up going Taylor/Bell/Zeke/Crabtree/Gabriel/R.Matthews/L.Green/Dixon/Cowboys for a 149.06 total. Cashed in a $2, $5, $5, and $25 double up plus the $3 Double Bubble and $1 Singleback GPP's, only misses were two private $5 leagues I do regularly. As I know it comes up from time to time $25 double up had a cash point of 128.04, $5 double up 127.52, $2 double up 127.38 so not much difference.
  10. The Patriots winning next week against the Jets (highly likely) and clinching home field throughout the playoffs would be a bonus as they would be likely to rest guys in the final game. While one would hope just winning vs the Bills is enough it could take 2 more wins. Agreed Moore got the job done and is one of the more solid backups in the league but his throws don't look near as crisp as Tannehill's.
  11. This was my place holder lineup I put in on Tuesday: Big Ben Bell / McCoy Adams / R. Matthews / Wallace Greshem Dixon Patriots Time to go back in and tweek it. I think Ben needs to go and I may come off McCoy for the reasons some of you have stated. I see everyone on on Taylor at QB, I have never liked him and always flopped when I tried to use him. What are the thoughts on Flacco and Luck this week ?
  12. Well just when it looked like they were having a nice bounce back game after the Raven fiasco Tannehill gets taken out and the momentum of this year comes to a grinding halt.
  13. Cash Lineup: Carr Ajayi, Gordon Fitzgerald, Matthews, Boyd Kelce Rawls Saints GPP Lineup: Palmer DJ, Gordon Baldwin, Boyd, Parker Fiedorowicz Ajayi Titans
  14. Ended up a $1 profit, but I played light a couple $1 GPP's, a $5 double up and a $5 six person league a friend ran. Used two different lineps, 152.76 cashed in the double up and one GPP, 132.24 in the other two was a loser.