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  1. Early likes for this week, cash games. QB – Rivers, Flacco, Newton RB – Gordon, Bell, Jordon Howard, Hyde, Gore, D. Johnson WR – Brown, M. Jones (need to keep playing him until he has a bad game), Hilton, Benjamin, D. Thomas TE – Rudolph, Pitta, Henry, Olsen
  2. That sounds about right, when we hit 12U with baseball the kids still do a 1-2-3 Team before games and maybe a 1-2-3 runs or defense when a big inning is needed but we stop all the chants for a base hit or a steal and all that stuff. By then they need to be focused cheering on their teammates but in a more mature way. But up through age 11 I think it is a good way to build team unity.
  3. If they like the tunnel try a pregame chant to fire them up but have them do it on their own and as a team, one girl leading. Our team picked up and decided to do the "I Believe...I Believe We..." thing after seeing it in the World Cup commercials (this was last fall Youtube of Team Chant ). They now do it in a circle as they take the field every game and finish it with a "1-2-3 Tigersharks". Coming from a baseball background where there are a 100 different chants and cheers I was shocked not to see much in soccer and maybe it isn't proper soccer etiquette but other teams will stand and watch and I honestly think it does intimidate them some to see our team so focused and unified. Another cool thing maybe when you get that first W this week, after shaking hands have the girls line up and run across the field to the parents side and stop short and bow to the parents as a team. Then after that save it for a really big or hard fought win or the last game of the year, its cool to acknowledge the parents (assuming you have good supportive ones).
  4. Pet, I wish I could get rid of my phone it drives me nuts.
  5. Righetti we need a weekend game update...
  6. Sunday only cash game plays I am looking at. QB - Rivers and Tannehill RB - Paying up a little at RB this week, DeAngelo, D. Johnson, M. Gordon, Riddick. I just don't trust the Artis-Payne, Howard, McKinnion types to not put up a 3 point effort. In GPP worth the risk but not in cash. WR - A lot of value at WR this week. Fitzgerald, J. Matthews, Landry, D. Parker (in stack with Tannehill), T. Benjamin, Diggs (likely highly played but still a great price and won't kill you if he flops because of the percentage) TE - Pitta, you guys have me convinced DST - Dolphins, just a hunch they crush Cleveland. The Patriots can win with a 3rd string QB, the Browns...well we shall see. Been using one of the RB's in my flex this week.
  7. This is what I meant, maybe I worded it wrong. 7 and 8 year old girls aren't throwing the ball more then a 4 or 5 yards downfield so if they follow the ball onto the field they are a couple yards behind the throw in and if a defender steals the throw they are right there to step up. I would assume you aren't have a left fullback make the throw on the right side of the field and then hoping they can get back quick enough to the other side so they basically should be in position.
  8. Sounds like your girls are playing hard and not giving up, that will pay off. Again not a soccer coach but watching my sons team the last several years and they have been very successful developing the kids while also winning. They started with all throw ins down the line, it keeps it simple so the kid isn't looking around for an open teammate, moves the ball forward (a lot of times the defense kicks it out and you just move down), plus if it is stolen you have the sideline right there as an extra defender. Teach the whoever is making the throw to follow to the ball. Just this season after a couple springs and one fall together are they really starting to throw in over people and in other directions with a plan and they are all 9 year olds.
  9. Not a last minute change from Rawls, all the news on Friday was that he would have a limited roll as they eased him back in and Miami's D is lousy so Micheal was an easy change that let me pay up even more at WR. 16 of 17 is nothing spectacular, had 4 different lineups in various 50/50's, double ups, small leagues and the $3 bubble (pays top 40%), I rarely play GPP's, I'll toss my lineups in the .25 ones that pay $2000 just in case one is really awesome but they are almost always won by one off wacky lineups no one with any knowledge would play. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Two years ago I nearly tripled my initial investment (nothing exciting $100 to $300) played a little NBA and baseball for fun and started last year with a little over $200 and went down to like $50 at the end of the season. Had better luck with the NBA and some golf this last spring/summer and now back up over my initial investment, hoping for anther good season, so far so good.
  10. That wasn't my lineup, that was just a discussion points of guys whose value I liked. I did use some of those guys (Stafford, L. Murray, M. Jones, Allen and C. Micheal instead of Rawls) which worked out fine then filling in with Studs. Cashed in 16 of 17.
  11. That is what I see as a big problem from what I am reading here is a lack of a middle ground that seems to be in most areas between rec and what I would call premier travel. I'm fortunate that I actually live the next county over from Lehigh98 so we have very similar opportunities for our kids. My son is on the local club travel team, they play in a league of other clubs in the county, most are based on school district so while you have variation in size it isn't any different then they will run into when they get to school teams. Cost is reasonable but much like Lehigh stated my son plays only soccer in the fall, last winter he tried basketball (not sure on this year) but he also played in a weekly Futsol league put on by one of the local premier travel teams just because he enjoys it. They do a weekly indoor practice in February/March and then play a 6 week spring season that is over early May. However many of the kids (mine included) play baseball as well since we are a small school district, the baseball and soccer programs have a good working relationship and try to schedule around each other, however both understand in fall your priority is Soccer Game/Baseball Game/Soccer Practice/Baseball Practice and in the spring it flips with baseball on top. We've got two "premier" travel programs within about 30 minutes, both do require year round commitment although we do have a friend that manages to play baseball as well but has to miss some games for soccer early in the season. My son is not interested in that commitment right now, he enjoys playing at the county travel level and still being able to play other sports and I feel it makes him a more well rounded athlete and keeps from getting burned out even though he plays soccer the most. Now once he gets to 7th grade and you get into Jr Legion baseball which is more of a commitment he may need to make a choice which he wants to concentrate on over the summer/fall but he will likely still play both in school.
  12. Played either Stafford or Carr in all games, combos of Ware, L. Murray, Yeldon, Ingram and C. Michael at RB/Flex, at TE Allen, Rudolph, Kelce and Wolford and then paid up for WR sprinkling in Marvin Jones and Tajae Sharp when a lower price was needed. Worked well as I cashed in 16 of 17, only loss was in a 6 person league a buddy sets up with guys he knows.
  13. No soccer expert but from observation on watching my sons team as someone said don't use your best player at goalie but I would recommend if some of your girls have softball experience try them. Our coaches noticed the boys who played baseball even if they weren't the best athletes did better in goal, they seemed to know how to track the ball already and weren't worried about getting in front of it. It is very interesting reading how terms from different areas mean different things. Here (Eastern PA) to most Travel refers the club teams that play in various county and regional leagues, most of the clubs are school district based and coaches are often dads but they are required to go get various coaching certifications and most have experience playing at least through the high school level if not higher. My son started "travel" last year at U9 and the longest drive we had was an hour and fifteen minutes. Within the league each age group is divided into 2 or 3 tiers depending on the number of teams so clubs will usually have an A and B team. Rec league you play in-house only, maybe one local rec league tournament against a few neighboring clubs. What Braktastic is describing most around here refer to as Premier, these are your pay to play clubs, and their teams will travel playing multiple states away on any given weekend. They sometimes also have at the lower age groups development teams that will play in the county travel league.
  14. Funniest thing i have seen in a long time...nice work.
  15. QB - Might be worth paying for Wilson, Miami looks that bad on D. He is the 5th highest prices but might put up the most points. Best value ? Romo at $6800 if healthy, Stafford $7200, Osweiler $6300 RB - Rawls $6000 if he plays, L. Murray $5600, Ingram and Lacy not bad value as well. WR - Marvin Jones $4600, all over this. Kenny Stills $3200 is interesting, he has really been in sync with Tannehill and Miami almost sure to be playing from behind. Biggest worry is they a goose egg against Seattle. Of the premium priced guys Keena Allen at $8k might be under played. TE - I like Dwayne Allen and Kyle Rudolph as value plays.