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  1. I agree but it is a double edged sword. First even if the parents buy into that right now 85% or more of youth soccer coaches don't have that background/skill set. Why because the 40 year olds coaching for the most part didn't grow up playing soccer so right now in most areas if your kid has shown an interest and skill what are your choices to get them better coaching ? Go to a pay to play program, that is it. Now 25 years from now that will be different because you will have a lot more parents who grew up playing. If US Soccer goes out and trains coaches of the local clubs where it cost $80 to play you'll have a lot more kids getting quality coaching instead of playing kick and chase offense. If a coach doesn't have a soccer background and no training how can you expect them to even develop kids correctly ? They are going to do what anyone would do that didn't know better, try and get the best athlete the ball however you can. Also I've got no problem taking some lumps in order to develop, my sons a fall 2006 birthday playing on a 2005 team with some other 2006's and a couple 2007's to challenge them more. Five weeks in they are starting to figure it out but no way they are going to beat the teams stacked with all spring 2005 7th graders with a mix of 6th and 5th graders. And we talked to him about that and said this is a learning experience that allowed him to get up on the bigger field and play 11 v 11 which will make him a better player next year and as he moves on. That said you need to at least be competitive or it would get real old quick if you lose 7-1 week in and week out, kids don't like losing all the time anymore then adults. If you bring kids up with the idea that everything is about development and we don't care at all about winning then expect them when they are 15 and 16 to suddenly flip a switch and care and be willing to push the extra needed to excel what you'll end up with is teams like the USMNT in the first half of the TnT game, total lack of heart.
  2. How about US Soccer starts spending some money and sending individuals around to train the volunteer coaches like a Righetti and others on the local club level ? You will still have some that will go the win at all costs route but if you get through to 60% and they start developing players the right way that can reach a ton more kids then even if 75% of the pay to play programs started offering 3 or 4 free spots per team. Also while I know most turn up their noses at the middle and high school programs and rightfully so because of some of the coaching there go out and train those coaches, use it as just another arm of the system. It seems like with soccer if you aren't discovered and tapped by a program by the time you are 9 or 10 they think you can't develop. That is a BS, a good athlete that maybe doesn't discover soccer until they are 11 is going to take time to catch up on the technical skills but they are still certainly able to learn at that age and once they do you now have a superior athlete with the skills but again the elite programs don't want them because they only care about winning right now so the kid gets stuck in a program with a dad with no training coaching and likely little experience in the game itself. IMO this country is so large and so different from city to suburb to rural that no one program is going to be the fix all, you've got to use all your resources and cast a wide net. It is just so much different then every other sport right now, give me a 6'4" kid that can jump out of the gym and shoot threes and it doesn't matter if he is in NYC or Hastings Nebraska someone will be on to him. Sure maybe it's 125 people watching him in NYC and only 5 in Nebraska but he'll be found. Same with a tall lefty that throws 95 in high school and Legion baseball. But a kid that might have blazing speed, good instincts and can naturally play with both feet won't get noticed in soccer unless he plays for an academy (which might be no where near him) or a pay program.
  3. Of course. I have been dead cold 3 of the last 4 weeks so going pretty light this week anyway but this is what I have: Goff / McCoy / Fournette / Fitzgerald / Kupp / Fowler / Rudolph / Hyde / Vikings
  4. That was a much better way of saying what I was trying to say, thanks. Now it is either as an 8 or 9 year old your parents take you to a pay to play program and you are also basically asking an 8 year old at that time to commit to soccer as his only sport which in this country with all the options is nuts or by the time they are 12 and maybe ready to concentrate on soccer they are way behind and no pay program wants to take the time to develop you. There needs to be a middle ground in there for kids that are good athletes but not ready at 8 years old to just play soccer to allow them to continue to develop. The school programs also need to be advanced, i realize in other countries it isn't a big thing as it is all about the club but here there is a sense of pride in playing for your school in any other sport but in soccer many times the best couple o kids don't even play because the pay club doesn't want them to.
  5. I don't want to hi-jack this thread but since it seems relevant given the conversation about pay to play as a major issue I'll post it here. I'm new to soccer but been listening a lot the last few days to the SiriusXM FC channel in wake of the Tuesday night fiasco. Two things I keep hearing are Pay to Play is an issue as is the level of youth coaching. I can't say I disagree but the two are almost conflicted unless US Soccer wants to break open the war chest and start paying for club coaches to get licensed and enforce it. I'm in eastern PA which has a pretty good amount of youth players. Basically you have two options play for a local club in which even the travel teams are coached by a dad 99% of the time who may or may not have a soccer background or pay to play at a club with paid coaches. I agree many kids might not get discovered because parents either don't want to spend the money or don't understand the soccer road map. Most other sports you have moms and dads coaching then you get to school sports where you have paid coaches and if you play outside school for basketball you have AAU and baseball you have paid travel teams as well as Legion baseball which generally have hired coaches. But a good school program is part of the line. Soccer seems totally different, many school coaches especially at the middle school age (7th & 8th grade) are just ex high school players that happen to be teachers or work for the school so expecting them to do something different then they were taught 15 or 20 years ago isn't realistic. Here is my idea, have US Soccer provide (pay for) education of youth coaches at the local level so they can develop players that maybe have natural athletic ability and then start a program like Legion baseball that has dedicated coaches (meaning they are paid, not to be full time but people with a real interest) that have a real background and additional training. Make these smaller regional based then ODP which covers such large areas kids still are going to get missed and not developed. Pay to Play could still exist for those wanting that but other kids you would have a much bigger outlet for kids wanting to play at a level above local club play that might develop with better coaching.
  6. Ok, have two slight variations for cash, which do you like ? Alex Smith/Hunt/Fournette/Hopkins/Adams/JuJu/Z.Miller/Ingram/Bucs Winston//Hunt/Fournette/Hopkins/Adams/Ricardo Lewis or Roger Lewis/Z.Miller/Ingram/Bucs
  7. At this point missing the World Cup and cleaning house of Howard, Bradley and any defender not named Yedlin or Brooks might be the best thing long term.
  8. Thanks Karma, always enjoy this thread. I sucked again last week which is odd, usually on a low average week I do well because I tend to be more of a cash lineup player. I'll chime in after i have a chance to look at stuff.
  9. Interesting, maybe I'll throw a dollar entry in using something like this.
  10. Just really don't like this week, going to be a light play. Double Bubble, a couple single entry double ups and my weekly league with Prescott Hyde/Abdullah Hilton/Landry/Matthews ASJ Gurley Raiders
  11. Brate and Hogan worked ok, Winston didn't kill you. What was Martin's price this week ? I had to use him in my year long league after S. Cook went down and meant to look him up in DFS and forgot.
  12. Here is my early Sunday only lineup: Palmer Gurley, Hyde Allen, Landry, Matthews ASJ Ellington 49ers I don't normally do the Thur-Mon slates but put together a quick $1 GPP using some of those guys just for a reason to watch. Winston Ellington, McCaffrey Evans, Landry, Matthews ASJ Gurley Raiders
  13. Haven't attempted anything yet but looking at the costs quick Winston is the best value t QB but I normally lik ethe Sunday only slates, might have to play a few full slates. Bug Ben for 6400 at home where he always plays better and I am thinking will be making a point of hitting AB early and often after last weekend is one to watch. RB look slike paying up is the way to go, Lamar Miller and McCaffrey might be a slight value savings. WR Hopkins still seems like a value given his volume, I like Landry this week as well, Miami needs to come out and try to show something. TE Kroft price is up, need to look how Buffalo is against the TE D - Raiders this week or maybe Jets....did I actually say that ?
  14. I usually play the Sunday only slates.
  15. Oh that goes without saying, of course same coach (I think I mentioned in one of the youth baseball threads this summer) I was umping an 8U machine pitch baseball tournament. It's not a serious tournament more of a fundraiser and let the younger kids have some fun against some neighboring programs. This guy has a runner on third and tags him up on a foul out to the first basemen and sends him home, knowing full well at 7 and 8 years old the odds a kid is going to know that a runner can go on a foul out, have the presence of mind to react and get a throw home and the catcher catch it is about 0.001%. When I called him out and told him the tournament rules state you can only tag up on a fly ball to the outfield he went into a fit how that isn't real baseball...WTF, either is using a pitching machine. Our coach has always had a rule the last few years when we were playing at our age and had a fairly dominate team that if we got up 6 goals the boys weren't allowed to shoot, they were to just work on passing and then if it still didn't seem fair he would pull a kid off. Of course I hear parents from other teams ##### about us just passing and not shooting as well saying it was rubbing their teams nose in it but to me it was the lesser of two evils.