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  1. Don't understand the cast off Bears coaching staff but would like those that bashed the Ajayi trade to admit it wasn't as bad as you thought it was. With the Eagles Ajayi had a best game of 91 yards and the last two games when Wentz was out and they needed to lean on the running game more he had 49 and 52 yards rushing, he did catch 4 passes one for a TD. So all total for the Eagles he had 408 yards rushing, 1TD, 91 yards receiving and a TD. Corey Clement had 4 TD's during that same span. Meanwhile during that same period Drake had 550 yards rushing 3 TD's, 197 yards receiving and a TD. You could argue Ajayi had more competition in Blount and Clement but then again he also had Carson Wentz at QB until the last few games to make the defense respect the pass more. Ajayi became a JAG in a rotation of so so RB's after being traded and couldn't even take the lead back roll while Drake seemed to blossom.
  2. Damn now I am going to need to watch it over lunch.
  3. I'm good with whatever works best for the group and Cav, that said as someone stated above since we didn't sell anything in 2017 why would there even be a tax ramification until next year ?
  4. Watching the spreadsheet get the new purchases added in real time....I feel like such a geek.
  5. Showed this to my son....we only live about an hour from Hershey, he wanted to know why we didn't take the dog as he loves dogs and soccer...guess I need to set twitter alerts for CP.
  6. Yes, sorry should have included that.
  7. There still room left? What the hell I've risked $100 on worse odds.
  8. Anyone watch any of the U12 Prospects Cup ?
  9. Need 25.2 in a .5 pt PPR from DaVante Parker...long shot but maybe he finally has a break out game. Can't complain, my guys had a good week (Rivers, Davante Adams, Micheal Thomas, Rudolph, even my K Butker) just ran into the Wentz, Bell, Hunt buzzsaw.
  10. Dear Carson Wentz, Let me tell you if they try to tell you to rehab in hopes you can play in the second round of the playoffs instead of surgery you should be very scared. Sincerely, Ryan Tannehill
  11. Been there every time he sang as well, although I was only 2 the first time so I only watched Gomer Pyle on reruns. Hasn't been the same the last few years without him, song still bring goose bumps as that one day a year even us non-Hoosiers feel like Indiana is home.
  12. An icon in May in Indy for sure. My kids only know him as the guys that sang at Indy.
  13. I can only speak for myself and the area I live now and maybe I am on the older side being mid 40's so I think it is different for those younger in their early 30's. Of the parents I know on my sons local club team (U12) I think 3 maybe 4 played soccer and that was at the school level (compare that to probably 13 out of 16 dads played baseball, half probably played football or basketball and the other half probably played a lot of pick up games of football or basketball). Around here there were no youth soccer programs 30 or 35 years ago. And the level of soccer that was played at the school level at that time from what I have heard wasn't great. At that time your athletes played football almost exclusively in the fall. Now I have a nephew and two cousins all in their early 30's who all have young kids (under 3), I think all of them played soccer in youth programs growing up and my two cousins both played through their school years. That generation I think you will start to see more that understand the game, but most of them maybe have kids that are just starting to enter the youth system or are still too young.
  14. This is where the soccer system is broken in my opinion, there is no middle ground to keep kids involved that might be good athletes and develop them without going to an academy based program and forcing them to play soccer year round at age 9. Other sports, let's use baseball for example you have various levels and routes. You have your rec or in-house teams, usually local organizations then also offer tournament teams for kids interested in more competitive atmosphere but not looking to play on a full time travel team, some organizations then even offer a travel team level above that. Then you have your pure travel (pay to play) teams but at 13U and above if you can't afford that Legion baseball offers a highly competitive environment subsidized or sometimes fully paid by the local American Legion. Soccer around here (Eastern PA) has basically three options. There is one DA team in the area (Lehigh Valley United) unless you want to fight traffic every night and drive 2 hours and go to the Philly area which most people aren't going to be able to do if they have jobs. So you have kids from all over Eastern PA and they have either one or two teams depending on the age group, so at U12 maybe they take 26 to 30 kids in an area of a couple million people? Even for the elite of the elite that have played nothing but soccer since they were 6 that is slim but then you take kids that might be superior athletes but because they have played multiple sports and not been in a pay to play program since age 8 have no chance of getting picked into the small group to be developed. It's great that an 11 year old has great technical skills and understands the nuances and a great first touch, but if they aren't a great athlete they are going to be a plodder on the field when they are 17 or 18. Take a great athlete at 11 or 12 that maybe has only played for a local club or in a local travel league and you still have plenty of time to develop them and by 17 or 18 they can be as good technically as that other kid and have athletic ability on top of it. After that one DA team you have numerous Pay to Play clubs, you guys have discussed the problems with them plenty from coaching, having a win over develop attitude to as I stated how do the majority of parents who have no soccer background even begin to know how to pick out a good club and situation ? Then you have your local clubs/rec teams, around here those are all based by school district and the local travel league requires such so you don't have choices on where you can play so you are at the mercy of your program. Then even if it is a good program you will have age groups that are thin so what happens to the three talented kids that are stuck playing with 10 others on the team where maybe 5 are not as talented but work hard and try and then you have 5 where it is basically a baby sitting service or their parents make them play and they have no desire to be there ? So now those 3 better kids have no desire to continue with soccer in that environment, even though they might be a dominate player, unless a kid just likes to showboat it is not fun to be on a team like that.
  15. My expectations are realistic, I just want him to learn the game correctly from both a technical and strategy stand point so he can enjoy himself playing through high school. If he decides and is able to play at some level after that great but I have no expectations of that. I've actually contacted the coaches at some teams and asked them some questions and also asked if it was possible that my son came to a winter work out or two in order to see how he feels about the other kids and coach before we decide if he wants to try out for them. I've offered to pay the club for the training session. If they say no to that request I cross them off, my first concern is that he feels comfortable with the environment and team mentality, if they don't share that concern of wanting kids that fit their team then it is likely 100% a money grab and we aren't interested.