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  1. Sorry; forgot the QB. Howard to the Saints?
  2. 5 offensive skill spots in the top 9.
  3. Yes, please. - Ajayi owner
  4. I don't play IDP, so I don't have a good feel for how valuable pick 19 is. Non-ADP, I'd take the picks. I'm pretty high on the top 4, and like Kamara at 7.
  5. Cowboys: Adoree Jackson, CB, USC
  6. I'm very confident in my opinion of Zeke as a runner and am not interested in changing yours. I simply and strongly disagree, to say the least.
  7. There's plenty of video of Elliott doing exceptional things independent of his offensive line. He was an elite prospect going into the draft. PFF isn't perfect, but they graded him top 2 as a runner. Their grade does a pretty good job of separating the performance of the runner from the performance of his offensive line. He's easily one of the most talented runners in the league and there are not 10 backs in the league capable of doing what he did.
  8. That's fair. I think Fournette is a guy you build your offense around, especially if you take him top 5 (but I know that wasn't your point). In order for him to do anything close to Elliott, Bortles, Robinson, and Albert need to play at 2015 levels. I'm not counting on it. That said, I think they win 8+ games with an average offense, and think Fournette get them there.. I certainly see your point about fit. JAX, NYJ, CAR and CIN all look like fits on paper. All of them passing would worry me, as a 1.01 owner.
  9. It looks like a few sources are suggesting it.
  10. You don't think Fournette drastically helps that offense? I wouldn't take him at 4 either. (As I Cowboys fan, I'd happily move Zeke for Bosa or Ramsey.) But I see him having a big impact, should he land there. I start worrying at 10, personally, especially if he's not the top back selected. He's still likely in the 1.01 mix, but it's harder to ignore the concerns if he's not the top 10 pick I thought he was. I see the Bengals as his floor, currently.
  11. You have to think that if you're trying to generate interest in a trade, you'd do so with someone other than Fournette. Trading up for a top 2 pick is just such a massive, massive investment for a RB. Assuming they were trying to bluff, I'd guess they'd have better luck with Trubisky.
  12. I don't buy Fournette at 2, but can someone help me understand the 9ers angle here? What do they get out of feigning interest in Fournette?
  13. Jacksonville has done some nice things lately, including a fantastic draft class last year. It's not a huge boost to Fournette, but it cements his value. Watching him slide, and watching McCaffery go ahead of him at 8, would hurt it. I do agree with your other comments.
  14. The NFL draft will drastically change how players are valued. It's not the act of making the pick that deflates the value. It's the risk of a player seeing his value drop on draft night. If Leonard Fournette goes top 4, he'll be drafted well ahead of his current ADP, and likely where the 1.01 is now. Same with Mixon going in the 1st or Davis going top 5.
  15. Fair enough. FWIW, Vegas is willing to pay 10-to-1 on that bet. 1st +160; 2nd -170; 3rd(+) +1000 Like you, I'll be putting a lot of stock in draft spot, but I think mid-2nd is his floor.