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  1. I read the abstract and it doesn’t sound particularly interesting or promising to me. I’m interested in having a conversation if you are, but won’t be reading that.
  2. Discrimination is the reason there are so few white cornerbacks? Because that’s the society we live in and there’s science on that? Can you point me to it? There is almost certainly a myriad of factors. It’s not logical to assume the supremacy of any of them without testing them all. But they won’t do that - and they shouldn’t.
  3. If the goal is to fight nepotism then it makes no sense to bring race into the equation. The only goal is to appear as though they’re taking seriously the question why are there so few black coaches? But they’re not willing or able to take that question seriously - it’s too risky - so we have this counterproductive mess of a rule instead.
  4. If it’s so important for the racial makeup of the coaches to better match that of the players, maybe we need more white players? I’m only half joking and only to make a serious point: It’s not logical to assume discrimination is the cause of either ratio. You’d have to test other variables. Obviously the NFL has no interest in doing that; they’re rightly terrified of what they might find. The only logical move then is to drop it, to trust the owners to act in their best interest and interview and hire the best candidates, regardless of race.
  5. I agree that DJ is the upside mold, but it’s worth pointing out that Deebo dropped a ton of balls and his avg target distance was only 6 yards on the balls he did catch. He had a good season, but I’d still take Lamb or Jeudy personally. He’s in a great situation and might put up big numbers next season, but I prefer the rookies in a vacuum.
  6. That’s a good point. And he’ll definitely face some real competition eventually. As for Haskins: I think he’ll bust, but he has a strong arm and throws a nice ball. I think he can support a top receiver, like Bortles and unlike Mariota.
  7. I just traded Sutton for him, essentially. I thought Sutton looked good last season, and see it as pretty close to a push. I just like Terry a tiny bit more.
  8. I think Terry McLaurin is criminally undervalued. Give me a reality check, please. I see the holes in his profile - college production, breakout age, etc. - but think he’s already established a solid floor. I think he is about as good as Amari Cooper - today. Like Cooper he’s a nightmare to cover - he runs precise and explosive routes - and can win at all levels. Perhaps he doesn’t have the lateral agility that Cooper does, but he was better in traffic last season. I’m probably wrong. Tell me why.
  9. Yup. This is a no brainer for me. I wouldn’t even offer my 2.04 for a future first to my league mates. It would feel like an insult.
  10. Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.
  11. That’s perfectly fair. His UFA status scares me a bit. I think Tennessee is a great spot for him. Do they pay up? Does he hold out if they franchise him? But ultimately he’s too TD dependent for my tastes, and I don’t anticipate his TD rate holding. I think my valuation is on the low end and yours on the high end. It sounds like you view him on par with the 1.01. I think that’s at least as far from the mean as my 1.06ish.
  12. I've always been pretty low on him, but it's hard to ignore what he's doing. I'd trade a late 1st/2nd package without question. I wouldn't like it, but might trade a mid 1st for him if I needed a back. I couldn't bring myself to trade a top 4 pick for him, however.
  13. I don’t love the list, but I’d pay a late first for the top 26, with the exception of Cooks. Then it’s hit and miss. I’d also pay a late 1st for Deebo, AJ Brown, M Brown, Gallup, and Terry.
  14. I have to believe his back is a bigger issue than they’re letting on. His contract is such that AZ is stuck with him, so his owners better hope that is the case. In terms of dynasty value, I’d probably sell for an early 2nd at this point.