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  1. It reads as though he's back to baseline and everyone involved, including the independent consultant, signed off on him being ready to practice/play. He then logged a full practice - the penultimate hurdle - and will be evaluated again. I'm not sure about the Ertz story, so I could be off, but it sounds like a formality at this point. That said, some of the practice/play language is kind of tricky.
  2. He certainly has some special traits; I like him. I feel I'm actually less concerned about his ankle than the market, so perhaps I overstated it. I just can't think of a single "he'd have been great, if not for that ankle" story. But it's certainly possible I'm just not remembering them. He's still my RB6, and I feel good about that. Edit: RB6 (Kamara)
  3. (RotoWire) Kamara (concussion) practiced fully Wednesday, Josh Katzenstein of The New Orleans Times-Picayune reports. Analysis: After suffering a concussion last Thursday in Atlanta, Kamara first tweeted and then outright stated he wouldn't miss any time, per Katzenstein. An uninhibited session Wednesday is a step in the right direction, but such a development doesn't mean Kamara has emerged from the protocol for head injuries. Until he gains clearance from an independent neurologist, he won't be allowed to suit up Sunday versus the Jets. That said, Kamara has plenty of time to pass this final hurdle.
  4. "Good to go" could mean out of the protocol. - nervous owner
  5. Good call. Reading it again, I think you're right.
  6. If I'm reading the policy corretly, it sounds like he's been cleared, or he wouldn't be practicing. "c. Prior to return to practice or play, not only must the team physician clear the player, but the Independent Neurological Consultant with expertise in concussion must also evaluate and clear the player for return to practice and play. d. A player may be considered for return to practice and play only after the player has returned to baseline status with rest and exertion, has repeat neuropsychological testing which is interpreted by the team neuropsychology consultant as back to baseline levels of functioning, and has completed the Return to Participation Protocol referenced above and is cleared by the Team Physician and the Independent Neurological Consultant."
  7. Can someone give me some long-term negative comps for Fournette's ankle? I know there was the one doctor who said his ankle issues would be chronic - and it did flare up again this season. But I can't think of any bad career examples off the top of my head, unlike knee, foot, and even hamstring issues. A sizable portion of the community is scared off by it, and, as an owner, I'm not sure where I stand.
  8. He wasn't very convincing in rejecting the retirement rumors. I certainly don't fault him for the season, but I just don't see a guy who wants to groom a young QB right now - and they need to groom a young QB. I like Bruce though.
  9. It feels like a safe bet at this point.
  10. Yes. Concussions are all or nothing in that way.
  11. I've only watched the highlights - I think I've seen the majority of his receptions - but he lines up inline plenty. 2 of his 3 TDs he lined up with his hand in the dirt. He does lineup out wide at times as well. While it's early, they do appear to be taking his transition to TE seriously. I have no idea why he'd be classified as a WR in FFPC.
  12. Anybody else stashing Ricky Seals-Jones? He's looked good in limited snaps, and as a former 5* recruit at WR, has an obvious upside. That said, it could be hard for him to stay on the field if he can't block.
  13. Hard to put a price on Drake this late in the season. He's an RB1 the rest of the way, but we don't know what his role will be after that. I might pay a late 1st if I can stick him in my lineup this weekend and next. If I'm buying after the season, I'd be less inclined to do so. I'll wait it out unless I can get him for a 2nd. But again, the Dolphins are going to address the RB spot in some capacity. Even a CJ Anderson level signing will impact Drake's market value some.
  14. My thoughts as well. If you like him, buy him after the Dolphins bring in another back in the offseason. If you don't, sell him before that happens. It's worth pointing out that Williams has been just about as efficient with his recent touches. That running game as a whole is clicking right now.