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  1. That’s perfectly fair. His UFA status scares me a bit. I think Tennessee is a great spot for him. Do they pay up? Does he hold out if they franchise him? But ultimately he’s too TD dependent for my tastes, and I don’t anticipate his TD rate holding. I think my valuation is on the low end and yours on the high end. It sounds like you view him on par with the 1.01. I think that’s at least as far from the mean as my 1.06ish.
  2. I've always been pretty low on him, but it's hard to ignore what he's doing. I'd trade a late 1st/2nd package without question. I wouldn't like it, but might trade a mid 1st for him if I needed a back. I couldn't bring myself to trade a top 4 pick for him, however.
  3. I don’t love the list, but I’d pay a late first for the top 26, with the exception of Cooks. Then it’s hit and miss. I’d also pay a late 1st for Deebo, AJ Brown, M Brown, Gallup, and Terry.
  4. I have to believe his back is a bigger issue than they’re letting on. His contract is such that AZ is stuck with him, so his owners better hope that is the case. In terms of dynasty value, I’d probably sell for an early 2nd at this point.
  5. Micheal Gallup is out-scoring Golladay, Kirk, and Moore PPG. Is he in the same tier as these guys?
  6. Godwin Chark Golladay Moore Kirk Edit: Swapped Moore and Kirk
  7. Sure; I believe I said as much. Edit: Sorry, I'm having this conversation in two threads. In the other I said that both guys overreacted, but only one did anything worthy of a suspension.
  8. My point is that the stills paint misleading picture. That's why they are being used and not the source video they were taken from. So while they both lost their cool - I agree - only one did anything suspension worthy. Rudolph did not punch or kick Garrett in the groin.
  9. The picture came from the broadcast video. My point wasn't the angle, but that in real time you can see he's scrambling to get Garrett off of him, pushing him off, not lining up a kick to the groin.
  10. Misrepresenting arguments is easy but unproductive and makes you look bad.
  11. The still are misleading. Here's the video. Rudolph is clearly just scrambling to get Garrett off of him while Garrett is reaching for and eventually ripping his helmet off. Rudolph didn't intentionally punch or kick Garrett.
  12. The "kick" seems to be Rudolph trying to get Garrett off of him while Garrett's grabbing his helmet. The stills look bad, but the video makes it clear that Rudolph was scrambling and not trying to kick or punch Garrett's junk.
  13. He did nothing suspension worthy, and it doesn't make sense to suspend him because of how Garrett responded.
  14. He's going to be TD dependent if his targets don't increase, and I'm not sure I expect them to. He's a low end RB1 in the Derrick Henry mold now. If I was Cleveland I'd split the carries more evenly. This should be an Ingram/Kamara split, imo. If they want to make life easier for Baker, they should spread the defense out and get Hunt in space. That will be easier to do in one back sets.