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  1. Players are valuable relative to their position. A wild example to make a point: If every veteran NFL QB retired prior to the season, Herbert would be the 1.01 today. (Burrow at the time.) Changes to the whole (QB baseline nosediving) impacted value within the subset (QBs more valuable in rookie drafts).
  2. I got you. Changes to the whole (VORP/baselines) impact subsets of the whole (rookie drafts).
  3. A quick peak at pre-season redraft values disproves that. And I didn’t mean rookies, but the position groups as a whole.
  4. I’m happy for Mike Davis. He’s making himself some money. I loved watching him and SC.
  5. Not at all. The class is so deep that some quality guys are going to fall out of the top n players. And I haven’t watched a lot of 49ers games this year; I could easily be too low on him.
  6. I’d hate to be stuck with the 1.01 this offseason, based on how things stand today. I think you have to go with CMC. I wouldn’t feel great about it, but I couldn’t justify a WR. I love Metcalf, but I am not sure he should be that much more valuable than the WRs you’d be able to get at the turn. I’d have to give it more thought, but I think I’d pick the 1.12/2.1 turn given the choice of draft slots. What about you?
  7. Davis jumps out. Mind expanding on his placement? Maybe I need to be targeting him.
  8. Did you miss Taylor, or is he outside of your top 13?
  9. I really struggle with this group, hence the question. They’re all on the same tier for me, I think. I’d go Henderson, Jones, Akers, Fournette right now. That might change in a few minutes, however.
  10. T1 - CEH T2 - Jefferson, Lamb, Swift, Taylor T3 - Gibson, Robinson, Dobbins T4 - Higgins, Claypool T5 - Jeudy, Herbert, Burrow, Ruggs This rookie class is a lot of fun. Here’s my top 14. It feels like Lamb and Jefferson should be on a tier of their own - or at least T1 - they’ve been incredible. But there are too many quality WRs and too few quality RBs. That I’m ranking them where I am is high praise. Both are comfortably in the 2nd round startup range for me.
  11. How would you rank R. jones, Fournette, Akers and Henderson?
  12. I sold him for two seconds right after he signed with Tampa. That he cleared waivers was a statement on how the league values him, IMO. I wouldn't trade a late 1st for him. Next years class looks deep, so probably not an early second either. He has upside if he lands in the right situation next season, and I could end up regretting the deal. But that's where I am at with him today.
  13. I'd keep Robinson, personally. WR is as deep as it's ever been, while RB is pretty sparse.