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  1. Joe has been fantastic. My favorite part of the E, atm.
  2. 12 Tm PPR (Not involved) Zeke, McFadden for Fournette, Ajayi
  3. You shut your dirty mouth.
  4. I think 1.09 is closer to his value than a mid 2nd. Call it 1.10-1.12ish?
  5. He breaks a lot of tackles. I really like his balance, personally.
  6. Zeke and OBJ are on a tier of their own, IMO. Thomas around 12 makes sense, but only because of the big drop off after 8. Trading up through those 2 or 3 tiers should be very expensive. According to the startup trade chart, 1.01 > 1.12+2.1.
  7. You won this by a mile, even ignoring your roster. We're comparing a low-end WR1 to one of the very few difference makers in the hobby. Clone the picks and it's still Zeke.
  8. I'd like him a lot more with sub 4.5 speed, but still have him as the 7th rookie in the class. I do wonder why he wasn't leaned on more heavily.
  9. And has the top elusive rating in the class.
  10. I didn't realize he was 24. I had previously written him off as too frail, but am intrigued at 218 pounds. He's on my 3rd round radar in deeper leagues.
  11. Thoughts on Kenny Golladay? He's very thin on tape, but weighed in at 218 at the combine. Surprised he's not getting more a hype--6'4, 218, 4.5.
  12. Looking forward to it.
  13. Very true, especially with young players.
  14. I think it's worth pointing out that the investment they made in Mixon goes far beyond the draft pick they selected him with. Based on that, I think it's safe to assume that they have big aspirations for him.
  15. I asked a question; I didn't intend to present a stance on his character. I didn't know about the domestic violence stuff, so thank you sharing it. As for his murder charge--the prosecutors are the scum in that story. They knew he didn't commit the crime, and only ever intended to bully him. In a perfect world, they'd have served time for that. The fact that he didn't commit murder is very cut and dry.