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  1. It wasn't a genuine offer; it was spam and a phishing attempt. How is that not poor form and a display lacking of etiquette?
  2. Looking back at old posts--the guy was a god around these parts. I'm not saying that there wasn't a very small minority with questions, but it was a very small minority. The amatuer/dynasty community was on board in a way that it's not with Fournette. Perhaps my memory is bad and my sample size is small. Please point me to the evidence if so.
  3. I recall him being just about as universally praised as a prospect can be. You don't remember it that way? I'll have to dig up the thread.
  4. JohnW1970, you da real MVP. This thread just keeps getting beter.
  5. I've spent zero time on Kizer, but he's often mocked as the top QB off the board. At 1.08, I like that gamble.
  6. Just my memory of the outlets I frequented at the time. Did you see it the other way? I don't remember much criticism.
  7. The amatuer scouts loved Trent Richardson from his first few touches behind Ingram. Not arguing your overall point, but Richardson didn't see this level of scrutiny at this point in the process.
  8. I think Fournette is a top 8 assett in non-PPR formats. This time last year, most of us thought Fournette > Zeke. At the very least, he's got that upside; and Zeke >>> OBJ in standard formats. In PPR formats, it's obviously an awful trade. I don't mind it here, however. I could see Fournette outscoring OBJ as a rookie. Just my opinion, of course; and I'm high on Fournette.
  9. In a start 1x RB PPR league, I'd move Crowell for picks 14 and 16. He's replaceable depth, IMO.
  10. Bortles was so awful last year--I just don't see this happening, personally. He put together a solid season in 2015, so I won't suggest it can't happen again. But I think it was the exception and not the norm. Even in 2015 he led the league in INTs and only won 5 games. I think he's a backup very soon. Just my opinion--and I'm sure there's some recency bias at work.
  11. I won't argue against the data existing, but am not convinced it qualifies as information. Firstly, we'd need the ability to truly query the data. If we're using a player's first two years as a starter, there's a whole bunch of guys my initial scan missed. We'd have to recalculate the YPC of all the guys credited with a 4.0. (McGahee had his 3.97 rounded up, which is why he doesn't qualify.) Most importantly, we'd need to justify our constraints--is 4.0 YPC in one of the first two seasons really a meaningful cutoff? Is one 15 yard run here or there really meaningful? (If Gordon's next carry went for 11 yards, his average would have been rounded up to 4.0.) How do you value less than a tenth of a yard to that degree without offering any additional context--offensive line, usage, etc? I'm sure we could find a single bad call that cost him 4.0 or gifted it to player who would otherwise qualify as a comp. How much do we account for the awful offensive line play? Or the obvious playcalling year 1? I don't know what Gordon is. I have no issue with anyone who wants no part of his current ADP. But I don't think his YPC is the data point that the fantasy community wants it to be.
  12. Thanks for keeping me honest. My mistake. Matt Forte and Thomas Jones qualify, however. If you change the criteria to YPC over the first two seasons, a number of guys went on to have productive careers after a slow start--Curtis Martin, Ricky Williams, Marshall Faulk to name a few.