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  1. I know what you meant. No worries; I'll take your word for it.
  2. I'd be interested in taking a look at your leagues, if you wouldn't mind DMing me the links.
  3. Why would you quote me proving white sounding-names (what you mean is English sounding) and then argue against Muhammad? If I get around to reading the study in the next day or two, I'll get back to you on it.
  4. So these "crotchety old white guys" who aren't calling Jamal because he's black are suddenly going to start hiring him?
  5. Proof? The resume study you mentioned proves no such thing. It doesn't show that Jamal is any less likely to be hired than a Jim Bob or Alize or Sevin. It shows that there are stereotypes associated with exotic or unusual names.
  6. It brings into question the impact or degree of said discrimination. (And I’d argue the prescription.) We’re handicapping Asians in Universities in the name of equality. In that sense, it’s not that they’re having to work harder, it’s that they’re doing better.
  7. I think any aging asset who is scoring a lot of points is going to be overrated, by a few guys in every league, at least. Antonio Brown was a first round startup pick last offseason. That seems crazy today, but he was winning people leagues—and that’s hard to walk away from. Same with the sizable group of owners drafting Bell and DJ over Barkley and Kamara. I’ve found myself putting more emphasis on youth these days.
  8. Perhaps I wasn't clear about my stance. My ideal scenario is to trade my rookie picks. Mike Williams was traded multiple times this offseason for 2nd round picks, and I'd take him over everyone you named. And last year was an anomoly for QBs. I can't fault anyone for not passing on that value (I drafted QBs myself), but I doubt we'll see another class like that anytime soon. In general, I'm passing. The Kamara deal was received poorly, both here and on DLF. It came before Kamara's breakout and McCoy was putting up RB1 numbers. It's easy to say it's awful now, but it wasn't at the time. McCoy was commanding late 1st round picks himself. Kamara was being drafted anywhere from 1.07 - 2.01. Here is the response to the Kamara trade at DLF--two posters said it was awful (way too much for Kamara) and two said it was "pretty fair". It's harder to track down posts here, so you'll have to take my word for it, but that was the response I got here, too.
  9. The Thomas deal was probably lopsided at the time. The other owner paid the 1.07 for him and, after checking, the pick would have been 1.05 at the time of the trade. I think a lot of the hobby was drooling over that Fournette class, and I have to assume he was too. Good owner though. I was stoked to land Hopkins, but wouldn't call it lopsided at the time. Dez was still a top 10 dynasty WR. IIRC, the other owner was dealing with an injury at RB going into the playoffs. I was honestly torn on the Ertz deal at the time and the response to it was mixed. (I think FreeBaGel helped talk me into it, actually.) I think a lof of us were overrating Coleman then. And it was hard to know whether to trust Ertz to continue putting up big numbers or go back to his steady 75/800/5 pace. The Kamara deals were universally seen as an overpay, FWIW. But yeah, you definately need an active league to make it work. Some of mine are more active than others, but I've never had a problem making deals during rookie drafts, at least. You can definately make it work, and all leagues and formats are different. If I can't trade the picks for great value (haven't had an issue in the last couple years, but small sample size), I'd personally prefer to swing for the fences with a RB. They easier to move and I feel like they hit or bust quicker, allowing me to move on.
  10. I absolutely agree. I'm impulsive and extremely active, sometimes to a fault, and don't watch ton of college ball. My rules of thumb help me account for that. I've absolutely seen guys dominate leagues based on routinely finding value in the rookie draft and giving their prospects time to pan out. I think these are all good rules to follow.
  11. I've gone back and forth on this so many times in my decade of play. Today I take value where I can get it. If that's at the WR spot - great. If that's at the RB spot - great. Stud WRs are safer and last longer, while stud RBs score more points and are more likely to win your league. I think the key is to go young and stay young at RB. You do that by knowing when to trade your studs. You add to Bell/DJ for Gurley (back when you could) and then add to Gurley for Barkley.
  12. Sticking to the first league, these are the deals that took me from below average to dominant in a couple years. (There were others, but these are the core deals. I might be forgetting a piece here or there): Kamara: Traded McCoy, D.Thomas, 3rd (2017, mid-season) Hopkins: Traded Dez, L.Murray (2016, at trade deadlins) Thomas: Traded mid 1st round pick (2016, mid-season) Ertz: Traded T.Coleman, Ekeler, 3rd (2017) Gordon: (later traded for Freeman, then Freeman for Hunt) Golden Tate (2015/16 offseason, Gordon had just had knee surgery) Green: (later traded for Dez + Funchess) : (2016) Traded mid first round pick that I got for a late first the prior offseason Traded Freeman, Hyde, 1st for Hunt, Wentz (2017) A few from the other leagues: Traded Luck for 2x 1sts (2017 draft) that were later traded for OBJ (2018 draft) Traded Gronk for Kamara/Wentz (2017) Traded OBJ/Freeman for Barkley/Cook (2018 draft) Traded Cook/Boyd for Mixon (2016) (MIght not make that trade today, but it fits) Traded Gronk/Drake for Mixon/Ben (early 2018 season) Traded Hunt/Cobb/Westbrook/2nd for Juju/Engram (2017/18 offseason) Traded Newton for Kupp (2017) Traded Green and Dez for OBJ (2016/17)
  13. I wouldn't have paid that prior to the trade, but he's looked really good in Dallas. Still not a great sitatuion for a WR, but much better and enough to support WR2 numbers. I do think it's perfectly reasonable to prefer the pick, and you're right about picks being worth more during the draft.
  14. This is a bit misleading. It's not that black sounding names get less call backs than white sounding names; it's that exotic names get called back less than more traditional English names. That includes Asian sounding names, yet that hasn't kept Asians from outperforming the rest of America in measures of success.
  15. I'd take the Cooper side. I hate this RB class and doubt I'd take any of the WRs over Cooper, let alone one likely to slip to 1.05. Things can change though.