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  1. Sorry--I didn't mean to direct the post at you, per se; just piggyback since he was mentioned.
  2. Speaking of Cooper, I'd be selling after last night. He had 2 drops, the first TD was due to the DB falling, second TD was busted coverage, Peters was on Crabtree, and he faced some pretty awful press coverage. Don't get me wrong, you were right to hold to now, but the flaws are still there. If you can get anything close to his pre-season value, he's an obvious sell. He's talented and will have a strong career; he's just not a first round startup pick.
  3. Barkley. I think a few others as well. Guys like CMac, Mixon, Cooper, Davis, Julio, and Thomas could all be in that mix, depending on what happens rest of season. I think early-to-mid 2nd is where he'll be coming off the board. There's something scary about the big 3-0, that early in startups. Although, I could certainly some owners targeting two of Julio/Brown/Green at the turn.
  4. At 30? I'll be surprised to see him go round 1. He'll be bumped for Fournette, Hunt, Hopkins, Barkley, in my opinion.
  5. What round is 30 YO A.J. Green going in PPR startups next year?
  6. iii: No morally ambiguous, temporary trades.
  7. Adrian "All-Day" Peterson.
  8. Same. I like both guys, and give me Howard in non-PPR, but I'll take an upside gamble here.
  9. Trump, Kaepernick, and Dr. King--three peas in a pod. Edit: Pod, not pot.
  10. It speaks well of the league that Kap was invited.
  11. It is just a song. Any value that you find above and beyond that is personal. And that's great--I'm happy you have that--honestly. But I don't owe it to anyone to find the same meaning and value in any symbol. Symbols are tools. If you find use in a particular symbol, by all means use it. But understand that the value you find it in it is personal.
  12. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'm sick of it too. My feelings are--if you (anyone) feel standing for the flag is an important expression of your gratitude, please be my guest. But don't assign malicious motives to me if the physical act is not important to me.
  13. I agree with this. This isn't a collective, principled stand agianst his protest; it's a collection of individual business decisions.
  14. Genuine question: Can you help me understand why the physical ritual of standing, removing your hat, and placing your hand on your chest during a song is so important to people? I think America is a beautiful social experiment and consider myself extremely lucky to have been born here. To me, that's patriotism--not the bumper sticker, God-bless-where-I-happened-to-be-born version. My grandfather served and, as a poor black man in the south, that opportunity literally improved the lives of his family three generations removed, at least. I respect the men and women who serve (but do think the idolization is often over the top). I just don't get why the physical ritual is so important to people. My taking my hat of literally does nothing for anybody. Nothing. Yet there are people who would wish harm on me for deciding not to do so. Humans are evolving, and I hope we continue to move beyond ritualism and orthodoxy.
  15. It looks like Arians is changing his tune from Christmas to potentially Thanksgiving for a DJ return. Of course AP would need to play into the fantasy playoffs to justify a 2nd round investment. I still say he's got more juice than Murray and maybe even McCoy. He'll be a strong buy low candidate for me once DJ is back. AP's not done.