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  1. Are you a long-time fan? I see a lot of the fans Conor brought in bringing this up, but it's just not true. Jose Aldo broke his rib, RDA broke his foot. These are two of the best fighters in the world. They didn't turn down millions of dollars (more than they'd get in any other fight) not to fight Conor McGregor. Dana offering the last fight to Aldo/Frankie was a slap in the face to both of them. Aldo had just come off medical suspension and Frankie was recovering from surgery. He knew it wasn't realistic for either of them and did it just to fuel this talk. The fact that the UFC was asking guys not currently in camp to fight on 11 days notice was a joke. When RDA pulled out, more fighters asked for the Conor fight than any other I've seen. Nobody ducked Conor McGregor.
  2. I agree that Atheism is not a religion. "So, what good comes from atheists gathered in the name of atheism?" Like any cause, it depends on the intentions and resulting actions. You made claims and are now placing the burden of proof on me, after being asked to defend them. What Atheist groups - "gathered in the name of atheism" - do you base your claims on? To answer your question - I think the value is personal and comes from finding like-minded people to congregate with. We likely agree that there is no intrinsic good a group can do in the name of Atheism that can't be done without the label. I'd say the same thing about the religious label. I gotta ask, what makes a belief a "genuine" belief? Are they different from other beliefs? Honesty with self, I suppose. The caveat shouldn't be needed - but I wanted to account for potential examples of self deception and cognitive dissonance. But to be clear, Atheism is not a choice.
  3. You're wrong. Let me know when you have the time. Or take your own advice and do some research.
  4. I think Crews will be a star, myself. The NXT crowd is very different than the WWE crowd. Crews is a good, flashy worker and he has the look. And while he doesn't have a character yet, I think he has some charisma. More than AJ Styles, for example.
  5. The universe is incredible - no doubt. Why do you feel humans need institution to teach them goodness?
  6. That's not "just a gym" to the rest of the world, though. The average health club would get destroyed by a WNBA team.
  7. Let's not go overboard here. Assuming your gym is a random health club, I don't buy this for a second.
  8. What claims are left when we remove those that are falsifiable? Once we strip Christian mythology, are we still referring to the Christian god?
  9. No need to speak for me. But are you claiming that the Bible does not contradict itself? That portions of it haven't been proven false? Or that parts of the story didn't exists in earlier, non-Christian mythology? I'm happy to point you to some objective material on the subjects.
  10. The mythology that separates him from a generic higher power is falsifiable. In order to put him a box that is not, we have to take said mythology as a metaphor.
  11. That depends on how you define "god". The Christian god certainly is.
  12. In having these conversations, Theists have to understand something as to not be offended by it: You're adults who believe in Santa Claus to us. I don't say that to be insulting - it's just the reality. I'm sure you know the feeling. There are people who very genuinely believe the earth is flat - to put you in our shoes. Our desires to understand how intelligent adults believe the Christian story are legitimate. The Bible has been scientifically proven inaccurate. It contradicts itself. Major pieces of the story were blatantly borrowed from preceding mythology. Society has evolved beyond most of the moral themes. Et cetera. Before being offended, try to put yourself in our shoes for a moment. Imagine trying to question a flat earther without coming off as condescending; now imagine they hold that belief holy.
  13. Oak Hill destroys the best 12 women to ever play the game easily.
  14. I've found this to be true in my social circles as well. I came out as Agnostic to my parents at 22 - and they threw a fit. I don't recall having any friends who identified as Agnostic or Atheist at the time. 8 years later and my family has come around and a couple members have expressed doubts themselves. Today, I'd say close to 30% of my friends (not that I have a ton) are non-believers, and the majority who do have some belief are not religious.
  15. I don't find that Atheists fall into this category. Not one of my co-workers know that I'm an Atheist, but I can't tell you how many of them have mentioned their belief in one way or another. I'm in Utah (Mormons!) - and have been invited to a Mormon Temple (pre-blessing) work...while on the work. A belief in god, on some level, is the norm. You don't make waves by telling someone you're going to pray for them or that you went to church on Sunday. Casually mentioning that you don't believe in a god, however, sticks out still.