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  1. Especially in that format with roster cut downs. I'm a Chark fan, but that's a bad trade.
  2. I agree. Why would you not keep some miles off of Chubb when you have a second back as able as Hunt? I’m a Chubb owner and hope I’m wrong, but I don’t see any way this doesn’t hurt him some. He’s going to lose touches and touches equal points. He’ll still be a very valuable fantasy asset, but his production and value will take a hit.
  3. He got a running start in those clips. That’s all I’ve seen anyone question - his ability to create laterally in traffic. This scheme is a perfect for him though - and in space he’s explosive.
  4. I’d have been giving Henderson touches all year, if it was me. They absolutely should give him 10+ touches, but we’ll see.
  5. Brown was getting about 6 carries a game. Edit: And every 3rd series would be about 6 carries.
  6. More targets than Cooks and Woods and one fewer than Kupp. Easy buy low.
  7. You could be right, in general. I'd trade him for a late 1st if I owned him, however.
  8. 2nd round startup pick > late 1st round rookie pick
  9. Late 1st for Henry. Adams is still a 2nd round startup pick, IMO. If I’m rebuilding I’d want something like Sutton and Chark, or to add a bit to DA for Godwin; maybe try for Juju plus. If I’m competing I’m probably holding onto him.
  10. This has been my experience this year, but I think it’s due to the draft class hype. I’ve gathered that Thielen, Mixon, Gordon and Diggs can’t return a first round pick in my leagues.
  11. It’s probably fair, but I would pass personally. This coming draft class feels a bit like the 2016 class, in terms of depth. Even late 1st round picks are going to be quite valuable. This might help you in the meantime, but will look bad come the offseason.
  12. How would you rank these assets in PPR, 1x QB leagues? Hopkins OBJ Cooper Godwin 1.01