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  1. I wouldn't want Norv on my NFL team, but he will get Funchess a lot of balls.
  2. Same here. My leaguemates are all really down on him. I don't get it - Parker, White, Coleman, Treadwell (etc.) all got a mulligan and had solid value going into their 2nd or 3rd seasons. Maybe the hobby is feeling burned and throwing the towel in early here. Funny we're not doing the same with Davis. Im learning that I'm in the tiny minority, but I think it's reasonable to pay 70 - 80% of last years value.
  3. Yeah, in a vacuum, I'd want DA+1.10. In your shoes, I'd start with DA+1.11. I would not do that DT deal, unless I was confident the future pick would be early.
  4. I think it's a huge overpay, personally. I think Diggs is the better player when healthy.
  5. I agree. It's funny: Every QB prospect since Luck has been ripped apart. Before Luck...maybe Eli?
  6. I think it likely helps your roster, considering your other QBs. That said, I'd happily pay this for Luck if I needed a QB in a 14 Tm, 6pt league.
  7. Did your roster play a part, or do you just like Lenny that much more than Julio?
  8. I think it's perfectly reasonable to value them equally, or even prefer Adams. That said, I prefer Julio and would need a pick in the 1.10 range, assuming one of my guys is on the board. Demaryius doesn't move the needle much at all, in a deal involving Julio. I'd view him as a throw in. Julio ~ 1.02.
  9. From what I've read, it's not on par with the most college RBs - effort and technique are bad. And it does matter, ask Derrick Henry owners.
  10. Have we talked Henry post-Lewis? Anyone still willing to pay a mid-1st?
  11. I think that's fair. And I do think he's lost a step. But I think he's a bit more than a one year rental. There's always the chance that he re-signs - they do like him. And FA is a crap shoot. I could certainly see him having a solid season, leading a bad team with cap space to make him one of their top guys. (Targets are targets.) I sold him for about 2.09 value this off-season and don't feel good about that now. I'm thinking 2.01-2.02 might have been possible today.
  12. Standard 12 team PPR, start 2-3 RBs, 3-4 WRs. Not involved. S. Watkins, Du. Johnson for AJ Green
  13. Randall Cobb? A while ago it seemed like his value was a mid/late 2nd. Is he worth an early 2nd now? Late 1st? He's going to put up points this season, at least.
  14. I'd take a late 2nd for him in this class. I do admit, however, that he's not a guy I've put much thought in.
  15. He finished RB5 at 22. He looked great, while leading the league in rushing and making the pro-bowl. He was a better player than Fournette last year and his offense is still much better than Jax. It sounds like you're really high on Ware and really worried about Mahomes. That's fair and all, but it should be easy to see why folks are high on Hunt. If you think Hunt is a stud, Ware and Mahomes shouldn't move the needle. If you don't think Hunt is a stud, you should be moving him regardless of them.