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  1. I won the championship in 3 of my 4 dynasty leagues and largely credit these rules of thumb. I'm an impulsive person, so I've learned to rely on rules to curb my would-be moments of impulsivity, when it comes to things like budgeting and time management. I saw immediate and drastic results as soon as I applied this to fantasy football. I know this is a little :pointsatownshirt:, but I hope it sparks dialog or helps other owners. (Keep in my mind that I came up with these through trial and error and with only myself in mind; I'm not claiming they're universal; of course there are exceptions to every rule; I'm not claiming that luck didn't play a role.) At core my philosophy is: Invest all available value into starting lineup, creating "churn-able" roster spots in order to maximize potential weekly output and waiver wire value, and backfill depth. I don't think that is particularly novel, but I do think I push it more than the majority. My stance on rookie picks is probably pretty out there. Consolidate, consolidate, consolidate (This should be a given, but really go for fit. Consolidate more than it is comfortable to. Have the most churn-able roster spots in the league.) -Trade depth for upgrades in the starting lineup -Keep favorite WW prospects and trade the rest ASAP (for picks, BB$, or to upgrade another part) -Limit the number of QBs, TEs, and DSTs on roster -Aim to acquire the best player in every deal -Be willing to overpay for your guys Trade rookie picks Rookie picks are most valuable as trade assets and prospects can waste roster space. -Trade rookie picks for proven assets or future picks (Trading late 1sts for future 1sts is a favorite of mine – all reward, no risk, opens a roster spot) -The premium for targeting a player after a promising start to his career, rather than during the rookie draft, is well worth it -Absolutely no drafting QBs, WRs, or TEs -Elite RBs an exception (Zeke, Barkley, Fournette, Gurley, Richardson) Bargain shop at QB QBs are hard to trade for good value and easy to land at a discount, once considered old. -No premium assets invested in the QB position, until rest of starting lineup is maximized -Target QBs as soon as the market considers them old -QBBC: Have 2 solid options and play match-ups Go big or go home at TE TEs take a long time to develop, are scheme dependent, and only the elite options make a material difference. -Pay full price for proven elite options (Ertz/Kelce/Kittle) or bargain shop -Don’t draft them or get attached to WW finds Other -Avoid sunk cost fallacy: move on quickly from mistakes and don't let past investment dictate future moves -Don't get attached to players -(Latest entry) Don't make trades with future trades in mind (don't assume you can flip for profit) Examples: I landed Philip Lindsay in 3 of my 4 leagues. Not because I spent time scouting him, but because I had the rosters spots to take chances on a lot of guys. Once he was on my roster, I watched him closely and decided that he was a keeper (though I did add to him for Guice in one league). Traded Hunt, Wilson, Tate, 2nd for Zeke, 1st, Carr (last off-season). Not to pretend I saw the Hunt thing coming, but even ignoring the outcome, this is a great example of deals that I like to seek out. I upgraded one of my starting spots, got market value for a high-end QB, and opened up rosters spots. Traded Cooper, Ingram, Rosen for Hill. Upgrade a starting spot, open up rosters spots, get a QB off of my roster. En example of me acting against my rules of thumb and really regretting it: Traded Hill, Jackson for Fournette, Boyd. I really like Boyd, but the trade was always going to come down to Fournette vs Hill. I had no business trading the safer and more valuable asset. I got cute and paid for it. Rosters: to give you an idea of how I like to build my teams. Starters bolded. All 12 Tm PPR, 1x QB. Team 1 (Ommegang) 12-1, won championship* Q - Ryan, Rivers R - Zeke, Kamara, Fournette, Thompson W - Hopkins, Thomas, Thielen, Watkins, Foster T - Ertz Churn-able roster spots: 12/25 *Got away from my rules far too often this year. Team 2 (Bullet Club) 12-1, won championship Q - Rodgers, Allen R - Barkley, Zeke, Kamara, Mixon, Ito W - Juju, Evans, Tate T - Engram, Everett Churn-able roster spots: 13/25 Team 3 (Bullet Club) 11-2, won championship (startup season) Q - Ben, Dak R - Kamara, Mixon, Lindsay, White, Thompson W - OBJ, Julio, Ridley, Tate, Anderson, Smith, Samuel T - Graham, Everett Churn-able roster spots: 12/28 Team 4 (Bullet Club) 9-4, lost in first round, injury bug Q - Wentz, Mayfield, Dak, Allen (I know) R - Kamara, Cook, Guice, Lindsay, Thompson W - OBJ, Kupp, Boyd, Ridley, Smith, MVS T - Reed, Everett Churn-able roster spots: 12/28 A few notes: I use the rankings of ZWK and Ryan McDowell at DLF as a 2nd/3rd opinion. I use the DTC trade calculator to help build quality offers. (I'm typically very active and careful not to offend with lowballs.)