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  1. I think they’ll keep him but it is crowded at the WR spot.
  2. Was this on Tuesday by any chance? I had one of my best nights ever Tuesday. Washington DC, Exclusively driving only during promotions and only on weekday evenings from ~8PM-1AM (give or take an hour) Im averaging $38/hour. Ive “worked” two nights last week and two night this week, about 4 hours each night and made $625.00. My checks will start rolling in from my new job but I will certainly keep up this Uber side hustle whenever I need a few extra bucks.
  3. My wife has said the same thing a bunch of times.
  4. Longbowmen and trebuchets are OP.
  5. Of the three I’d rather watch a few select Star Wars movies over the rest. The LotR movies were good and I actually enjoyed the hobbit movies too but they’re exahusting to watch. Same as the marvel movies, sensory overkill.
  6. It’s literally the most difficult time in the history of describing things that are truly rare and amazing!!!!
  7. Yeah. That’s not a story. I’m only mad you guys brought it up and I had to look up the ”story”. ClickBait!!! Show your work men!
  8. That’s exactly how I courted my wife.
  9. In the first fight, Conor had nothing to lose. Most people expected Mayweather to win so If somehow Conor pulled off the upset he would be a legend, otherwise he lost as most expected and he wakes with 80-100 Million. Win-win. Mayweather has much more to lose in this hypothetical.
  10. I bet this fight would generate more money than the boxing match. It won’t happen cause Floyd won’t wanna catch that beat down.
  11. They don’t have any money.
  12. The only FAs I was interested in were Landry and Paul Richardson. -Landry is a beast who can actually catch. -Paul Richardson is a burner which we desperately need and might have the best hands in all of football outside of Julio Jones.
  13. I’m not even a baseball fan but I can appreciate how ridonkulous that was. Wow. Lol at the announcer: “ that is embarrassing”