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  1. You guys will never hear from Steve again.
  2. This game comes out soon and it will dominate the Video game thread... Day one purchase for me. I’m even considering buying a new xbox for this one. Who wants to be in my gang?
  3. I never played any of those. I really liked the very first Prince of Persia though!
  4. I have a kid problem which leads to ant problems sometimes. It’s all the god game rain!
  5. Why is the front office clueless? They have one of the best Oand D line in all of football and everyone is 27 or under. Couldn’t be more wrong there unless you’re still one of the lemmings who still think Jerry is in charge. The coaching is a complete mismatch every single week. They are so stubborn and their entire philosophy is to “take what the defense gives you” - which every team knows so they just show the Cowboys what they want to show so they play right into th defenses hands. Last week they deviated from that strategy and imposed their will on the opposing defenses, and this week they went right back to their vanilla ways.. It’s inexcusable.
  6. The “best line in all of football” has t done him any favors either. Dak will never be an elite passer but he’s better than his performance weeks 1 & 3. Play calling is an absolute joke.
  7. Yeah I don’t see why he was penalized, it’s a simple celebration.
  8. How fitting.
  9. I actually agree with that one more than the Clay Matthews hit.
  10. This team is good, the coaching is not.
  11. The Dline has been o th field all day long they’re exhausted.
  12. Shoot me in the face