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  1. I’m more concerned with the defense which has been flat out pitiful for 6 straight weeks. As far as our QB for the next 10 years is concerned....Dak was getting slaughtered yesterday. Missing both tackles, 2/3 out of his best receivers. It’s week 6. Cowboys lose to the Eagles and we can start to panic.
  2. He’s missing both tackles and his best WR. Most guys would struggle in this spot. Hell, most guys would have already been carted off. Refs blew another call there to prevent an easy TD.
  3. Zeke got stoned. Likely for the second time today.
  4. Series count? If so I nominate Series: Chernobyl Who?: Everyone!
  5. All my stuff is Stihl for two reasons. Stihl is tough as nails And I only need one fuel mix.
  6. The first one was one of the worst games I’ve ever played. Not sure why it ever deserved a sequel.
  7. Maybe from rubbing against the counter doing dishes?
  8. I leave my keys and my wallet in my car. Use the fingerprint keypad entry thing. I leave my car running with the AC on in the summer and the heat on in the winter if I’m just going inside a store for a few minutes. Not unlike dark FBGs theme, Its life changing.