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  1. Afternoon folks, I’m looking to see if any of you have used a service to list your home on the MLS? There seem to be a lot of sites that do this but some seem a little shady and/or only list in 1 or a limited MLS. ETA- Wife and I both had our real estate licenses years ago and her father who is an active agent (in another state) is around to help us as well so we’re covered with everything except for first hand experience with a MLS listing service.
  2. I heard men were allowed to be men in here. Anna. Pass me a 🍺
  3. Only a loser scumbag pretends to get hurt. If he wants a contract he should stand firm but he shouldn't be a ##### about it. I have been saying this is all BS from the start. Saying Zeke should absolutely get a new contract is absurd. He has been a stud and worthy of his first round selection and the nearly 25 million dollar fully guaranteed contract that came with it. He also has his own parking spot next to Roger Goodell's. He's missed 6 games and the cloud that followed the team that season. Did Jerry pay for those lawyers to fight that battle? I don't believe he will hold out. I do believe he will get an extension. When that contract runs out he will either take a team friendly deal to stay or take his talents to the Raiders.
  4. Hey now, he was old, slow and washed up before he retired! With that said - "Old Reliable" was never a burner, never broke a lot of tackles (until the last few years weirdly enough) but always manages to get open. He's got good hands and runs great routs. He'll be a good TE till he retires again, just not the guy he once was.
  5. So...the combination of speed and power?....Earl Campbell and super Early Jerome Bettis are the only two comparable guys I can think of. Anyone else? Jim Brown? ETA - Marshawn Lynch... (Also... I was having a senior moment and couldn't think of his name so I googled "Skittles Seattle RB".)
  6. Meh. He’s a one trick pony. A helluva one trick pony but he’s limited.
  7. I’ll wait to hear more. Zeke already gets paid a decent wage for a guy who is always in Roger Goodells crosshairs. Don’t forget all those lawyers fees the Joneses spent.
  8. Really? I’ll have to check em out. Pretty sure we still have a 3DS laying around someplace
  9. Lol, I also thought a few of the guys he mauled might have something bad to say about him too.
  10. I’m as high on Dak as anyone but I think he’s making a mistake. He’s not wrong but it would be in his best interest to not necessarily take a hometown discount, but just take less than the max. I dont see the Cowboys paying him the max. I believe they’ll cave a little but I suspect they’ll get Dak lower than his demands. For me- Give more guaranteed money and less max money. Guarantee the whole damn thing if it means you could possibly get him anywhere close to sub 30 annually.