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  1. Buy one of these. Screw it on an exterior hose bib, preferable the closest one to the water main. Open the valve, make sure it's not leaking or add some teflon tape. (Can stretch out a plastic grocery bag if you dont have the tape) Leave it overnight. The next day take notice of the red arrow. That will tell you the max pressure. Max pressure should be between 45- 80 psi. Too much higher than that and you could have some leaks. You can possibly adjust your water pressure valve if you have one. Check you pressure first, then come back or hit youtube.
  2. Well. Reading this last page during my lunch break at a nice park was clearly a mistake. Must be my allergies. :clearsthroat:
  3. Just so everyone is clear, I politely asked @Joe 8ryant and his mods to delete this thread. It has nothing to do with the large majority of people disagreeing with me. This is something that they have never had even the slightest problem with in the past. Fair enough, just like it isn't my personal car, I should know that this isn't my personal board. Thats my fault, I guess. It sure has felt like home for what, 15 plus years? I gotta be honest, I'm more blindsided by you denying my request than work telling everyone theyve been tracking them for two months without our knowledge. Seems wrong to me. It's your board and I can't be mad I guess. Not being a smart aleck when I say this, thank you tolerating me over the years, I haven't always been the model citizen. THis isn't a threat, and frankyl not many are going to miss me too badly, Im no EvilGrin72 or McGarnicle or the countless other awesome posters of the years but I don't think I can stay here anymore after this. Love you guys.
  4. The Heavyweight division is the best its been since the late 90s. I know two people who watch UFC. I know dozens of people not including my family who still get together to watch boxing. Most people have a pretty low opinion of UFC and their fans. There is a reason Conor agreed to get his ### kicked by Floyd Mayweather. Between the two they earned between 300-400 million. Also, young people aren't sports fans like older folks.
  5. Boxing still makes BOATLOADS more than UFC. I couldn't believe it either.
  6. One of those losses he finished with a torn ACL after dominating early. I don;t think he was knocked out, he just couldn't get up. Ill take a hungry Tyson over anyone.... ever. Ive always contended that if you let Tyson wail on Ali like Frazier did Ali would have never gotten up.
  7. Phone yes, not my personal truck which is just a Newer llifted Nissan Frontier. (they’ve been making the same model for 15 years) Besides, you can rip out the tracking crap on your personal stuff. My three other vehicles are souped up/rebuilt 1997 Tahoe, 1983 motorcycle (cafe racer styled) and 1972 Datsun 240z I’m currently working on. Can’t work on new cars.
  8. It's ok, we can disagree. You guys are cool with work monitoring you when youre off the clock. Knowing every move you make. Obviously people can't be driving reckless, running dope or working a side business with the company car, which is already not allowed. Already working on the new job, in the meantime Ill adjust, wont use the car when im off. I also wont answer the phone, nor work after hours or weekends anymore.
  9. Pretty sure that thread was where we found out about the guy who uses the wash clothes to wipe.
  10. I forgot the audience I was speaking to. I’m looking forward to seeing your tears when Trump wins again and I don’t even like the dude.
  11. I’m outraged And all tracking and monitoring whether it’s work related or not this isnt exclusive to my job this is Alexis in your house, this is when you get in your car your GPS telling you where you’re going before you’ve even figured it out at all tracking and monitoring whether it’s work related or not this is an exclusive to my job this is Alex is in your house this is when you get in your car your GPS telling you where you’re going before you’ve even figured it out. I get it, you guys are more than happy to give up your liberties and freedoms because it’s convenient for you. I think youre absolute morons and I’m sure you think the same of me. It’s cool it’s a matter of what you believe in. Excuse the grammar and the misspellings. Are used voice to text because I’m eating my lunch and I really don’t feel like reading the responses that are totally cool with the big brother invading your entire life.Don’t have much to say to you people and we fundamentally disagree at our core
  12. Principal of it bud. Nothing to hide. I already have a job lined up.