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  1. I read today that you guys are rumored to be involved in a trade for AJ Green.
  2. After brushing up on the situation and listening to a few podcasts I’m cool with paying him somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-22 million a year. I would guarantee most or all of it so you could potentially get him at a lower base. Im not cool with the highest paid defensive player in the league money. I like him but he is not Mack. BTW, lol at me.... when I read your post that said “Mack money” I didn’t think of Khalil, I thought of Mack as in the rap slang term.
  3. Do you have a link to this? I’ve tried googling but I can’t find anything that says this
  4. I know. I think the man deserves to get paid and very well, I don’t think you should be the highest paid defensive player in the league.
  5. I'd tell him to pass that ish over here. Im with you. I can't deal with crazy.
  6. They almost always drag out negotiations until a deadline. Its not uncommon for them to sign guys the very last day possible.
  7. Whats "top market value"? Highest at his position? Highest defensive player in the league? What?
  8. I'd be lying if I knew the market well enough to answer completely. The ideal situation would be to give him a deal at 2-5 million dollars a year under the going rate, but fully guaranteed to offset the lower base salary. If thats not somehting hes not willing to listen to Id be willing to pay him fair market rate but if he wants some type of highest paid defensive player nonsense I'd be ok to looking into trading him. I just know the Cowboys have to be carful here. For one, they need him. For two, if they dont pay him they run the risk of not only losing him, his production, his leadership, but also the confidence of the guys in the locker room. If youre gonna preach for these guys to act a certain way and play at a high level, you gotta pay when its time to pay.
  9. I’m not sure what the confusion is. Pay the man. He deserves it. He has shown that he’s capable of working hard, being productive and being a leader. He is a core guy, homegrown.
  10. Im pretty sure we’re coworkers. -Daily morning basecamp -update another software with every call and email sent to client -Wednesday meetings on what we’re doing -Friday conference calls -I’ll also receive at least one direct one-on-one call from the boss each week We spend more time documenting and meeting about what each person is doing that it’s almost impossible to get into any rhythm to actually get some work done. Its exhausting. -
  11. Who is gonna rush the passer ? I can’t even fathom why anyone would want to get rid of our defensive leader, best defensive player and the only guy on the Dline that doesn’t smoke weed.
  12. Yeah we were never in the ballpark with him. Good. Draft a safety.