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  1. Went to see this last Monday. About 20 minutes in I had a sorta epiphany about these new run of Star Wars.... These movies all have incredible visuals and hyper creative worlds. The sets, settings and characters are all so well done. The story might not be exactly how everyone wants them to go but you really gotta be an ####### to say they suck. Sure, they don’t live up to the original 3 from my youth but in all honesty, what does? Sports don’t. Video games are better than they’ve ever been but I’d still rather play an old NES game over the majority of what’s out today. These movies are a lot of fun and I enjoy them. It’s really that simple. The rest of the population can ##### and moan while I enjoy my popcorn and lightsabers.
  2. Yes/no. I was kinda rambling but essentially I meant that as much as I want to look in the mirror and see a full 6 pack- for that to happen I personally have to get too lean. Im 5’8” 188 lbs To get a full 6 -pack showing I need to get my weight down to about 160 and while I would be strong at that weight, I would get pushed around in basketball/flag football. Again, I was sorta rambling.
  3. I had abs as a kid/very early 20s but the closest Ive ever come since is a pretty defined 4-1/2 pack. To get true abs would require me to lose too much weight. I play a lot of basketball still and there’s a fine line between being thin and agile but also getting pushed around on the courts. Point is, and I guess I’m just rambling now but abs look great and all but you really have to get rail thin.
  4. My friends daughter gets all of her tuition paid because she’s “homeless”. It’s ducking ridiculous. So if you’re a colossal cheapskate and have no shame, that’s an option.
  5. The other nice thing about the trades is many of them still offer a pension plan. If you get in early you can make more money than you would almost anywhere else and you can retire early with great pay and full benefits.
  6. I agree that that is the worst likely scenario. Hell, even Arron Hernandez went in w/o incident but I’m not so sure AB can control his emotions enough to go without causing some kind of scene. Given his impulsiveness, nothing is off the table. Talking all that #### to the cops a few weeks ago isn’t going to help him if the cops feel like he isn’t cooperating.
  7. I think things are about to go from bad to worse. He’s got himself booted from the game he loves. He’s given his babies mommas enough to take away his kids and now he’s going to get arrested. The police might be trying to talk him into turning himself in peacefully because given his behavior, if they attempt to bring him in forcibly, he may not go willingly.
  8. Age of Kings II was the best RTS game I played and liked. English Longbowmen FTW
  9. I think a lot of it has to do with not caring as much.
  10. Reminds me of the Rocket Ismail Bomb game. I was there and how I remember it and how I described it to people was that right after Aikman fakes the handoff, the entire stadium was dead silent. Like, drop a pin silent. This is what it sounded like
  11. Forgot what I was going to say
  12. Fixed. Yeah, I guess it felt like more cause the episodes are longer than most series.
  13. The first two episodes have been phenomenal, best Dracula ever territory but am the 3rd episode in it appear to be falling off the rails, hard.
  14. At least two former patriots were interviewed in the doc, both guys who played with him. Im sure they tried to talk to anyone and everyone that knew something. Would you wanna put yourself on camera talking about a psychopath? Might just say the wrong thing and have one of his paranoid maniac friends after you.
  15. I think her lawyers got them to agree to give her immunity prior to her testimony and she played them. She might be just as much as a sociopath as he was. I’d be terrified if I was the dude she’s with now. Also, she’s not remotely hot enough to risk it.