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  1. An abuse of power? Wtf???? It’s their HOF.
  2. Been reading up on how PVP matchmaking works and it’s kinda stupid. It’s based on level and weapon level. So even if you pick up and drop a high powered weapon it remembers and “holds it against you” putting you into a tier to face higher level invaders. So there some balance issues to building a pvp character. If you want to be a real jerk you basically run through the whole game at a low level without picking up any strong weapons or upgrading them, get the high level spells and you’re OP going againt low level toons. I may have to re roll my pvp character as I picked up too many strong weapons. I noticed a dramatic drop in co-op signs once o upgraded to a fire longsword. I’m not going to do the jerk route and not pick up any weapons but I will only pick up and upgrade weapons I plan to use. So just the ballers side sword and a club.
  3. If he wants to play for a team it’s a gamble. On one hand it could lure a team in to entice him by giving him more money to stay out of retirement.. The downside is teams will likely question his desire to play.
  4. The dude has been looking out for his health ever since he got ran down and got his leg broke. That’s why he always got caught from behind,, he always feared that same injury (and he’s slow). A lot of these guys are retiring younger. He seems to be a pretty smart guy and he has some other opportunities off the field.
  5. I see it this way Hurns Williams Beasley Gallup Austin Thompson on the bubble Noah Brown Lance Lenoire Practice squad KD Cannon McKay or Cedric Wilson
  6. Did you forget Tavon Austin or are you counting him as a running back?
  7. If it makes you feel any better I probably win one out of 10 invasions and I’ve been playing this game faithfully for what, 6 to 8 years?
  8. It’s not super complicated but that’s because I know it now....
  9. You guys should know that the soft level cap is 40 on each ability. So any point you put in over 40 will get you significantly less return. Forgot to mention as well that you should for the most part either pick strength or dexterity, not both. IMO the easiest build for PVE is a strength build of 40 strength,, endurance, vitality and what’s left into INT or faith.That will give you a pure strength build that can wear heavy armor and tank bosses while having a little bit of flexibility with some ranged magic. The PVP level cap Is about 120 to 125. Most people design their bills with that in mind. The new hip thing to do because the way matchmaking works with the remastered version is for very low level characters to suicide run to super difficult areas of the game to get the higher level spells and then just murder the noobs and other low level players.This will likely be patched out somehow someway or adjusted
  10. Yeah, that’s probably it. I just typed up that whole thing for worm on my iPhone with a broken screen and a combination of voice to text. It took forever. I’m so sick and tired of my voice to text doubling up what I say and then having to go back to erase it. So tedious.Yeah, that’s probably it. I just typed up that whole thing for worm on my iPhone with a broken screen and a combination of voice to text. It took forever. I’m so sick and tired of my voice to text doubling up what I say and then having to go back to erase it. So tedious. Seee! WTF Does voice to text do that all the time
  11. Also for you guys that are having a lot of trouble with this admittedly hard game, figuring out how old the summons work can really turn this hard game to comically easy. In case I love you new guys are reading and don’t know, you have to be human to summon others to help and the local boss should be alive. Another tip is when you get invaded and you have a lot of souls that you don’t want to lose, if you’re not confident you’re going to beat your invader, hightail it back as close you can to the bonfire. That way if you die you’ll be able to recover your souls not far from the bonfire.
  12. I’m gonna leave out a few things that I normally do in the beginning and just keep it easy for you: 1)From firelink make a few suicide runs into the graveyard to get all the items there. 2)Work your way up to the undead burg to the first bonfire. Get yourself about $5000 and buy yourself a heater shield, large club, short bow nd about 50-100 arrows from the undead merchant. (The heater shield has 100% physical damage resistance, the large club will allow you to one shot most enemies and you’ll use the bow and arrow to get your next weapon that will get you through the first 1/4 of the game.) 3) Farm this area a bit until you can Kill the first boss at the top of the Underberg Berg. (Taurus Deamon) 4) talk to the Knight Solitar to get your stone to summon others for help when you need it. When you run across that bridge a dragon is going to light your ### on fire so hurry up, stay to the right and after he hit you with the first thing a fire you’ll be able to dive down those stairs. Kick the ladder down and rest at the bonfire. 5)Go back up the ladder poke your head out until the dragon breeze fire kills everybody on the bridge there are you 550 souls each time. Rinse and repeat unit you Get your strength to 16 and our Dex to 12. 6) Go back up the ladder but this time don’t go up to the steps of the Dragon. Go underneath the bridge to the dragon, on the right side and use your bow to hit the Dragon’s tail. It might take anywhere between 15 to 20 arrows but eventually you will Knock his tail off, Gaining you the Drake sword. 7)With this weapon you will be able to get quite far before you find another weapon you like. It doesn’t matter how hard your weapon hits, it’s more about how comfortable you are with its movest. That will get you a fast start. Keep pushing your endurance and strength up words towards 40. Sprinkle in some vitality and you’ll be good to go. Other Early weapons to consider are the longsword, Claymore (which can be found on the bridge where the Dragon is) and if you get really lucky, you’ll get one of the black Knights weapons when you kill one of them. (A lot of people roll characters of beginning, hurry up and get to the black knight at the bottom of the stairs near the end of the first boss in the undead Berg and try to get one of their weapons. If they don’t get one they start a new character and do it again.) Good luck big worm!
  13. Link doesn’t work for me. Didn’t you and I both have this problem recently where our links weren’t working?
  14. How far did you make it last time and what kind of build did you do then?