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  1. Thanks everyone. I'm the proud owner of a new truck and I couldn't have done it w/o several of you. Everything went smooth until the salesman broke my heated seat button within 5 seconds of getting into my truck to show me all the features. It still works but the button is just recessed. It's obviously under warranty but the dealership is 45 minutes from my house. I guess I'll just wait till I need an oil change which is free for the first 3 years.
  2. I also have a have a few solid gold Michael Jordan cards. Its good to see how down everyone is on this stuff. That's exactly the kind of thinking that allows these things to be thrown away and increases the value down the road.
  3. From what I understand the best way to determine the price of the vehicle is using TrueCar. in my brief experience it seems to be really angry with the trucks I've been dealing with.
  4. OK guys. Onto the financing Im making a purchase today .... I have $5000 to put down, should I tell them to run my credit and give me their rates before letting them know that? Does my $5000 down give them incentive to drop the out the door price a little bit more? I'm hoping these are my last two questions, thank you all very very much. I can't stress that enough FYI, my two standing offers are: Automatic: $27,157 manual $28,500
  5. I have tons of late 70s, 80s and 90s football cards. I also have a bunch of unopened starting lineup Cowboys figures which immediately were worth nothing once McFarland came out with his. They're still all in a Tupperware in my basement in hopes that since they're worth nothing for so long that everybody trashes theirs and they become rare.
  6. Such as? Trucks aren't cheap. I could certainly buy a used truck but the only trucks im seeing for less than $20k are 2 doors and have 50k+ miles. The 4 door versions are $23k ish and have 30-100k miles. Tacomas could be considered a better truck but are more expensive than Frontiers. I also don't like the ride in Tacomas and the cabin is cramped.
  7. I spoke to the lady in our office who buys all the vehicles for my company and she said to contact the dealer I wish to use, don't tell them about the truck I've already worked out and ask them to preapprove me for $x before going to the dealer. That way they can't try to make their money off me on the backend since they aren't making a killing on the saw of the truck.
  8. Grrrr.... what's the play here fellas? I have a written offer for $27,157.64 from the dealer across the street. I didn't even have to haggle with them, this was their first offer. Business is business but I'm almost inclined to go with them on principal alone. That's how much I value not being jerked around. The cheaper offer ($26,900) thrown out there by another dealer wants me to come in to sign for the vehicle before they have it transferred to their store. It's possible he's just telling me what I want to hear then raising the price while I'm there.... Im not signing anything until I see the truck. What's the move here?
  9. I like it and it's practical. Plus trucks>>>> cars. I doubt I'll ever own another car besides a 66 Mustang.
  10. Lol, I just spent 4 days negotiating a pickup truck and then looked at cars I can buy for the same price.... Jesus Christ. Unfortunatly I'm not sure it's a good look when I show up to job estimates..... or is it?!? How do I not buy that car?!?!?
  11. Correct. This is absolutely the truck I want. Whats kinda weird is I think the guy that I've got the bottom dollar price with is going to have the very truck delivered from the other dealer who I initially started bargaining with who won't go below $29,850.
  12. Best offer so far is $26,900. Im happy with that... now onto the financing... They want me to send a copy of my photo ID and yada yada yada so they can do the financing before I come in, anything wrong with that? What other dirty underhanded tricks are they going to try to pull with me?
  13. Yes, that is what I'm finding to be true. Some people want to play ball and others don't. So far I haven't given them a hard date of when I'm going to buy because I thought that would lower my leverage. That is a thought though. I've basically got it down to two dealers, both will start at $25k plus tags, title and taxes. Now it's just how much they will charge me for tags title and taxes. If I'm honest with myself I really do want that manual transmission over the automatic.
  14. My last message: I've received two offers of $25k+tax/tags/title. The only thing your truck has over the other two trucks is the manual transmission that I personally like, but nobody else does or can't drive those anymore. Tags ~$135 (I'll round up to $165) Title ~$100 (I'll round up to $150) $25,000 + $165 +$150 x .06 = $1,518.78 How's $26,834 out the door?
  15. How do I know what is or isn't reasonable? I want a deal but I also don't want to be an unreasonable crazy man that they will just blow off.