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  1. Cappy, you’re smarmy in 90% of your posts. Are you not aware of this? It’s your FBG identity. I wasn’t talking down to anyone. I did crap on Sony and made the statement that I don’t see why anyone would want to buy a PS5.
  2. I care because I want more people on here to have the same system I do so we can all play together. Can you please be less smarmy going forward?
  3. I have no idea why people are even interested in the PS5. Xbox already has the superior online service and now they have a far superior machine and it’s not even close. Sony is still the master of lies and propaganda. Lol at their computer sims, advertising multi platform games as if they’re exclusive and fake screenshots have been their method of success for a decade.
  4. There’s a Netflix documentary about him that was great.
  5. This is an old question but I got headaches and a super weird neck soreness with cialis. Viagra I get no side effects. Never tried anything else.
  6. Read the entire thread this morning..... Super weird that so many of you don’t like marathon sex. I’ve never understood this. I enjoy the act more than the ending. I can get the ending anytime I want by myself. The act is what I obsess over 24 hours a day. Why would I want to get that over with quickly? 10 minutes later I’m already obsessing over the next time. Why do so many of you want to buy without asking your doctor? Money or are you really capable of being embarrassed post 40 years old?
  7. While I agree with most of what you posted. Washington’s DL is LOADED and far superior than Philly’s. I still think Zeke get stuffed.
  8. Same here EXCEPT.... My doctor only prescribed me 6 100 mg generic version.... Two questions: 1)My health insurance is REDONKULOUSLY good. ($2 for ALL prescriptions, $28,000 surgery only cost me my $10 co-pay) Should I ask for the “real” viagra? 2) My doc only prescribed me 6 100mg per month. He said that insurance companies don’t like paying for extra and they don’t expect you to have sex every day. I told him that’s awfully presumptuous of them but figured he was telling me the truth. Was he? Because if he lied to me I have a serious problem with that.
  9. I posted a new thread but moved it to here... I have zero shame sharing this. If you’re having issues and it’s effecting your sex life, don’t walk, RUN to your doctor. TL/DR - LOOK AT ME, I HAVE SEX!!! Ask your doc for viagra. Full version: I’m 43, in pretty good shape. Ive never had a problem rising to the occasion but Id say a couple of years ago I noticed I wasn’t always on top of my game. Most of the time yes, but occasionally I would need “help” several times to get back into the game. I even noticed that when I was fully aroused, my junk wasn’t as big as it used to be by a fairly significant margin. Lol, I actually panicked a little A LOT when I noticed this. I discovered that pineapple juice, watermelon and cashews were incredibly helpful in maintaining my endurance but I would have to constantly drink/eat the stuff so I would be ready when the moment presented itself. Another issue is that since we have two teenage girls, the only time we can have teh sechs is very early in the morning before the kids get up. This meant I would have to go downstairs a few times during the night or at least an hour or so before to gulp down a large glass of pineapple juice and a fistful of cashews. Not the end of the world but kind of a pain, fairly expensive, and I later learned, not nearly as effective. So a few weeks ago a buddy of mine who was having the same issues gave me a few of his viagra 100 mg. A week later we dropped the kids off at their cousins house for a week.... LIFE CHANGING. My wife and I had a very good sex life before but this has rewound the clock back to when we had an apartment together. We've had the house to ourselves before but this was insane. I won’t go into graphic detail but I will just say we went at it all week except for one day to rest. I’m taking 3-5 time a day, sometimes only a 5 minute shower in-between. I regained my full size and the wife was (uncharacteristically,) doling out dots of every color without me even having to ask! I made an appointment the following Monday with my doctor. ETA-Provided you have good insurance, call your doctor tomorrow. I promise you will thank me.
  10. There isn’t a rebuild. Lol, you guys are worse than the media. HYPERBOLE!!!!!!! The Cowboys have been decimated by injuries with the most significant being Dak. Next year they’ll get a last place schedule and win 11+ games. The NFL is a complete joke of a product now.
  11. I’m just waiting in hopes they go after Fitz. It seems to make so much sense but from what I’ve read they Cowboys aren’t interested. Maybe we’ll tank. If so put everyone on IR and play all the backups and young guys so they get experience. :pipedream: